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Secret High School Season 1: Vampire Love Story

Secret High School Season 1: Vampire Love Story for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Beauty Salon Games located at 2254 Still Street Scott NY 12345 US. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Okay, the story is kind of clichΓ© but I'm fine with a little clichΓ© and don't have a problem with it. So many ads and trying to pay every steps is a pain. I'm fine with a couple ads but to much can be disruptive. Either then that, I think the graphic and art is nice! My opinion.
I like this app so so much but I don't know why I like this app but once I played this game I always want to play this game I don't want to leave this app but my all level are finished and this app have only 6 chap and season please make this chap and season long because I want to play this game for long plz plz make this chap long and keep going beauty salon game
I really like this game honestly I could play it all day every chapter it gets more interesting I love it πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’œ oh and I meant to give it four stars but I accidentally put on and also I clicked on watch a video to get this level for free but it just said adds are not available there is a problem and I gave it some time and I tried again but it would not work so if you could fix that salon games but it is still a great game
I give this game 3 stars because when you play at chapter 2 you have to fix the ring and you can't do the other side because it zooms but anyway nice game love the drama but please fix this problem that's why I deleted it please please please fix the problem you have been saying at other comments you will fix the problem but you never so please
I love the game but please stop zooming in the game cause It's so annoying especially in level 2 the masquerade ball😑😠
I never seen a game like this. I love this game too much πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’—.The graphics and the story, there are many characters in this game, the game is getting interesting part by part and in season 2 the story is getting some where else new new characters ,new new twist I really love 😍 this game very much. I really thank you for a such a wonderful game. All games in beauty salon game I like it. πŸ‘‹
It's amazing make more of these I have all of them I'm still trying to get through the maze it's really hard thot but it's a really long game and I love it oh and make everything Free some people want everything to be free so yeah 😁😁😁😁 it's amazing to play that's why I gave it five stars case it's a great game for kids to play so make sure to play this
I cant do chapter two because I cant fix the ring. It zooms in and makes it even more harder to polish and stuff. PLZ FIX THAT!!
I love this game but the is only one problem the making of the ring I wish u can fix this otherwise the game is awesome
I really really love 😍 this game it's dope but! 😒 The problem is because of the screen size it ain't reach at the edge part to fix...This happens in part 2 (mask ball) level 2 when you fix the ring and, part 6 (library mistery) level 2 when you take out some books from the bag but you can't when you reached at the edge.... Pleaseeeeeee fix this think so people can play it..... Please fix it πŸ™ good luck though...
Love fun and deciding on what I want for the characters puts me in the best mood for the rest of the day/night.
Will get a 5 star when it corrects the in game problem with it's inability to repair the ring in season 2.
Awesome game for the first levels but the second sucks when making the ring you cant get to the last part of it and you get stuck I uninstalled fix it and I will install it again☹️
So many people have written about the problem of screen size in second stage but these people are not taking it seriously I would recommend to all who are thinking to install it they have not cured a single problem . Plz don't imstall it
Love it so much it amazing and interesting feel so lucky to choose this one instead of the rest .Opening a new level with ads is never a problem with me since I am always online but is a big problem for others since their not
It is great but please if you can,let the game be able to rotate cause my πŸ“± isn't that big so pls let it be able to rotate even if you can't do it,pls do not let the material increase (especially chapter2 level 2) in order for me to finish🏁 some levels and also readπŸ“– the story but apart from that the game is actually greatπŸ‘Œ
My problem is in chapter 1 it kept fast forwarding so I didn't get the part but still give it 5 stars
This game is very bad ☹️ until you wait for the another one of the game it has stayed several months ago 😭 and this game has a little levels advise this other game to have a lot of levels and their still show us like we are babies .πŸ‘ŽπŸ™…πŸ˜‘ okay 😊 correct the mistake but if you correct it people will love it.
This game is the best but the only reason i gave this 4 stars its buecuase that there's always ads loding thats why fix it right away or else i'm going to tell everybody not to ever play this game!!!!!😠😠😠
I hate it cause sometimes I couldn't make the ring just because my 'screen is too small' pls fix this. I really like it but because of this its the worst game ever so I'm uninstalling it
Really fun to play but pls fix the part where u make the new ring, I can't fix it because of the screen was too big! Now I can't go any further...πŸ˜’
I love this game but can you please make a other game that you do not need to pay for any at levels can you just make it to be like you can just do the levels and you can never stop doing the levels and you can go back to them and do it again πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
It is super fun but the only problem here is that on number two you can't the screen cannot reach the the space for the hammer so that's the only problem please fix it good luck I hope you like it.
Please fix the problem I was very excited to play the series but I can't get across season 2 level 2 I tried the ad option but it's not working please fix as soon as possible
It's a very amazing gme...I luv it But thres one problem...at the secnd book whn u hve to mke a new rng for Bella...the screen is nt big enough for the tools to slide to the side to fix the rng...so nw I cnt go further...so cn u plz fix it
I really love this game but, when I've reach level 2, part 2 it ain't workin' I can't fix the ring cuz' of the screen size. Many people had complain bout' this too please fix this thing cuz we all love this interesting game....
I love this game , the problem is that I cannot complete season 2 chapter 2 at the masquerade ball because I can't acomplish fixing the ring , the same situation as in season 5 of ashley's story because of the zoom thing I can't get out all of her books on the table ! Please can you fix it ! I really want to accomplish the game
Loved the game but when chapter 2 episode 2/1 i cant fix the ring cuz my phone is to small.... Plzzzzzz fix this ive been playing this game for years i liked it but pls smaller the screen Pls reply to me when its fixed TT
Love this game so much it makes me fall in love with a boy name felix "prince felix of denmark. This game is a love game which is right for me to play.i am looking forward to play this game to end of all season that is their.love Bella smile. She is beautiful , sweet, loving, kind , wonderful , smart and she had crush on a boy . secret high crush a good game ever to being play by me Jenellfrancis . I love all your game and when I say all I mean all of them. If you do get this please wonder
Ive been playing this for a long time, but i switched my phone to Samsung A51 with a new acc, in the second level of Masquerade Ball, i cant finish the level coz when i try to use the tools, i cant reach it bcoz it zooms a bit to the ring and my phone is not that wide than my previous phone, pls fix it
It is fun to play and I love bella but some time the game didn't do the last things so l give 4 star 1 star star for that I and my sister play it
Um, Developer, I noticed something is missing in the Level 5 of Episode one. The scene where Bella's fangs came out and also the scene where she ran away from the date. Please fix it
The ring level on chapter two is impossible on a smaller device, you can't get the tools to the far right of the screen.
Everything was okey at the first ep, but I'm stuck at the level 2 ep 2 because I can't reach the right side of the ring. I hope you can fix this ASAP, I really want to enjoy this story
Guys if you are seeing this in 2020 the game has gotten so bad. Like you cant even pass a level without purchase.
I like the game but every time i do one level the other you half to buy so i get past the first level but then you have to buy the other one.πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜žπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜€πŸ˜€On part to level two and all the other level twos are the same.
I would give 5 stars but there is one problem on season 2 i had to fix bella a new ring but i couldn't get to the edge it kept going back to the table thing please fix this other then this the game is great 😊
I like this game but the problem is the when i download it its very very very slow like the slow mode
I like the game. Its ok, I guess. But when I reach chter 2 theres an ad but it says ad has a problem loading. I had to uninstall it. But great job with the game. Im still gonna rate it 5 strs
I love the game it,s the worst thing in this game is that when i want to get something by ads it keeps telling the ads are not able to load right try again later . I mean it,s it,s so annoying I gave three stars to this game because of this whoever has published this game please fix this problemβ€πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ€―πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜‘🀬πŸ₯΅
Hi i really like this game cause it's a love story and i think that it is great and all and there only short ads so i really really love this game
I just downloaded the today and am already stuck at level 2 it so annoying pls fix and upgrade the game i can't fix the ring but so far it an amazing game😍😍😍
It's a pretty interesting game, but I had some problem with the season 2 with the ring. Please fix this problem it will be really helpful by not zooming it when we want to fix the ring. Anything than that the game is pretty great.
NEW Review: I changed from 3 to 2 stars, because they lied about fixing issues. I love this game & it's a shame that people can only parsley play it. If this game isnt fixed soon, I will be rating it as only 1 star & telling people not to waste their time on it. Also, when I re-installed this game I had to start from scratch. That sucks! Still cant fix ring in 2nd chapter (had to skip) & still cant get last item out of Ashley's bag in library in chapter 6, (too far to the right I guess)?!!
I'm giving it 4 stars because on chapter 2 when I'm fixing the ring I can't get the tools to fix the right side of the ring please fix this I really want to finish the game
I really like this game a lot but I just can't wait for all of the Seasons to come out and now that I've lost my phone I can't blow my phone I can only play on my mom's phone
I had this game for a long time and it is fun but when I want to download it back it doesn't load can you please fix that?
My problem is chapter two the masquerade party when you need to make the sun protection ring when you need to hammer and add holes it's always zooming in and I can't reach it so I never complete the level so please stop the zooming in so I can play it, But still 5 stars😁
I like this game but I'm giving it 4 Stars because I can't finish the ring cuz the screen gets tiny when I pick up the tool and I can't go where I need to go on the second chapter.
I love this game but please fix the problem in Chapter 2 : Masquerade Ball.😒😒 I really want to playπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜Ÿβ˜ΉοΈπŸ˜“πŸ˜“. If you will fix the problem then I will be happy to give 5 stars⭐✨ You are telling us that we will fix the problem but you are not😒😒😠😑 Please please fix the game as soon as possible.
It's a good game but I'm honestly stuck on level 2 in ep 2 because it wont let me interact with the ring on the right side, the screen isn't big enough for my finger to slide across so its getting quite irritating. If you could make it easier to do that it's great
The game is really good bt I'm stuck at chapter 2 since I can't reach the right side of the ring. Can you please fix this problem asap
I really love this game but every time I play it in on episode it gets stuck where is say beauty salon games and when I exit the game the music keeps playing other that that I love this game
It is very bad game because this game is everything lock and unlock this level show the ad and I don't like this game and many more resons that I am not like this gane so I give this app 2 star thankyou
This game is fantastic but I am giving it 4 stars because when I have this game in my mobile , it takes most of my storage and I am not able to play other games. Otherwise, I will recommend everyone who are seeing this review to download this game and I promise you will really enjoy playing it and the game developers , I request you to keep making games like this. I really enjoy playing it
It is a really good game but i was stuck on #2 on season 2 because when i was fixing the ring i realized that the screen is not big enough but if u have small fingers maybe u can pass #2 and i will uninstall this sorry and i would recomend for 3 or under children to play this but with their parents guidance because they might do it in real lifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and pls stay at home because of the virus always wear a mask stay safe everyoneβ˜ΊπŸ€—
I cant get to level 3 bc i have to watch ads and its not working if there is no adds i would give it 5/5
this game is so fun but there's one thing I wish you would change could you make sure to make the little things brighter so I don't keep clicking on the same one
This is the mosttttt lovely game I ever seen before ....and your company gives all of the feedback ans please gave me a ans.....this is my wish
It says it HAS to have access to my things and it's been doing weird things and shows a lot of ads I'll wait till that gets fixed and maybe I'll play again
This is a very amazing game But iam giving only four stars cuz there are so many ads☹️☹️. We have to watch ads to unlock levels Sometimes the ads are not available 😑😐. Other than that this is a vary addictive game and loved itπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°.I love the characters and story line of this game
Love the story and the game but there are too many ads we have to watch ads to unlock levels which i don't like that's why i am giving it four stars but this game is amazing like i don't play girls ganes this much but i love this game i can't stop playing
Chapter 1 is fun but chapter 2 is a little bit annoying because you can do three things so can you please please please fix that and because of this I uninstalled the game
This game is awesome but please don't zoom in when trying to fix the ring πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ please, please, please, stop zooming in please, please, please 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Really it makes impossible to go to the next level 😭😭
I was very excited to play this game I crossed level 1 easily but when I reached level 2 the ring part I could not make it I could not go to the end of the ring.plzz fix this
I really love this game BUT I have a complaintπŸ˜… you see when you have to make a new ring It doesn't let's do the ones on the bottom can you please fix that
I like this map overall just on the second one of the second book I can't do the ring and make it knew because it zooms in to close I can't do it but I like everything else about it.
I have a questions the first episode there is a ring that I need to fix I try to used a hammer but the side of my phone won't fit so i try it many time but still won't fit will you mix it make the episode Screen a little bigger.?
I love this app because I can have all the chapters and and game more information about Bella and Zach
I love the game in all but if I had a complaint there is too many adds and I wish we didn't have to pay for it but all in all it still a fun game
Im sorry , but when i was so exited to play the next level at the ball i had to watch an ad. , and when i pressed to watch an ad. the game told me that there is an ad. problem and to try later and when i did the game told me the same thing , i love this game so much , so tht's why i suggest to fix this problem and fast , ( Thank You ) πŸ’–
This game us awesome I love it. But the one thing i would change is that when you make the ring you cant reach all of the parts of the ring to make it.
I had this game before and it is amazing and fun to play it is transforming a vampire teen girl into a beautiful woman and it has different lipsticks and much more
I love this and the ads in this are super short witch I love seeing that there so many I love the game(I'm telling the truth not some spokesperson)😍😍😍
This game seems really fun and I want to play it but once you get to book 2 the ring level you can't reach on the right side of the screen so you can't finish the level to continue the story, some reviews replied to says the issue was fixed but I'm still not able to reach the full ring with the tools to complete the level.
So Awesome app I love it, And i like vampires tooo And the graphics are really great And am Raven, Am sister if lily Baira and I like that game so many preety characters That vampire game soo hot and greatest Soo plz feedback mee I want feed back but don't worry if u don't want to give then it's ok but am lying am not sister of lily baira heheheh hahaha am funny little πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜ that game Awesome πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Wonderful but you can less MB's to download the game like At least 69 MB's please. And the game should be offline please.
This game I love it but the reason why i give it 3 stars i because every time i try to take a library book it glitches and it does not fit in the screen handsome of the items are locked so please can you fix your game I want to play it more often
I love this game but in second stage i Can't play for the screen size please fix it fast i want to finish the game 😭😭
I love this game but i cant fix the ring on the second one because of the screen pls fix this because my did not get fixed someone pls help
I've never seen a game this one and it's just so fun I I accidentally deleted it so now I have to download it again and that's why I'm here again but I meant to give this a five stars but I accidentally pressed four so if you could fix that some way can you help me oh and that was all my story but I love this game I never seen the game this one it is so fun I just spelled vampire because I accidentally deleted it so I had to download it again and if you can help me please help me πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜Έ
It's a great app but I am at book 2 and it says I have to pay or watch a ad but it says ads have a problem you need to fix that
This game is sooooo great but from chapter 2 level two the ad isn't working it says after isn't pls try again so plsssssssss fix it
I really love this game tbh. But when you go to chapter 2.2.. Where you have to make a new ring.. I can't make it because it keeps zooming . I hope you can fix this.
I love this game but i cant fix the New sunlight ring because im on a phone and its on the edge if u fix this please do