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ScummVM for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ScummVM. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app, i have it on my RG350 open dingux handheld too,..the controls on this version is kinda harder though. But still nice to have because i can play games on higher resolution and way faster than my handheld console.
Love the app, but I really wish they would fix the directory navigation issue. Android 8 came out over 3 years ago, after all. And the app hasn't been updated in 2.5 years...
The emulator itself is flawless and all games run great however the controls need to be optimised for mobile usage. I remember using ScummVM on my old i-Mate JASJAR Windows mobile phone and it had onscreen controls for saving game and accessing the menu. I hope the developers at ScummVM will bring them back. Pushing the F5 button on the virtual keyboard ain't that user friendly. My phone uses gesture controls so the method of pressing hold the back button doesn't work for me.
Can't access the menu when your in swipe gesture mode. Need to change the navigation button in order to do the long press. Other than that it's amazing !!!
An amazing piece of work involving years of careful emulation. If you miss old school graphic adventures and you want them to run on a tablet... this is your first port of call.
This little gem lets me play every adventure I played as a youngling. Mainly monkey island <3. Works awesome.
Always loved ScummVM, first class project with first class devs. I've lost count how many formats I've used this on over the years, & now on android it's perfect to play on the Samsung Note series using their pen as a mouse. 10/10
Brilliant app, sorting out some of the controls (setting up the left and right mouse keys) was a bit of a pain but other than that, great app. I was finally able to play Sam and Max Hit The Road, amazing game by the way. Muy bein.
This does not work. I try going another site, download a game then I cannot find it in the add game section. No instructions or anything! Very happy for the tech nerds that know how to work this stuff, but for me it is useless.
This app plays the neverhood very well except it refuses to correct the aspect ratio to 4:3 so the screen is always stretched sideways regardless of what setting I select. I'm using a galaxy A5. Fix this problem and it will be worth 5 stars hands down.
Excellent! Am able to play old favourites like Zak Mc and Maniac Mansion on my mobile phone!! Amazing
Very easy setup and stable run. Problem: no tutorial which is DIRELY needed to understand how to access the menu in-game
This is amazing! Truly a fantastic way to replay the old classics. For the handful of games I've tried so far, it works flawlessly. Super fan of these devs!
Is there anyone able to do an idiots guide (from start to finish) to get all the classic games up and running? I love the old classic "point and click" adventures but literally have no clue how to work this software.
Been using Scummvm for years and the mobile version is superb. Stuck into FOTAQ just now, point and click games are perfect for mobile gaming! Controls may seem initially a bit clunky loading up a game but it isn't a huge deal. Download, then Google "free scumm games" and find some roms, there's plenty legally available free
Don't listen to the morons complaining about this not being an "actual game" it's basically an emulation program to run all the old scumm games and it works perfectly. Honestly if you are so completely inept that you cannot download a game to use this program with than im surprised you have worked out how to place reviews here at all. Brilliant app!
God bless scummVM. Thanks to this I was able to finish may old point and clicks that I never finished in my youth. No issues running. Day of Tentacle is forever my jam.
Works great. Double tap to choose directory. Make sure to be inside the directory with the game files when you press choose.
Would be really good if it did not stretch the image to fit on my screen. Aspect ratio correction does not fix it.
Was great but latest update busted games. Cn no longer bring up the control wheel on beavis and butthead / full throttle on both control schemes. :Edit: Tried what dev said, control wheels still instantly disapear.
File selection is broken. You can't navigate into folders and if you go up in the parent folder of the main storage there's no way back, an empty list is shown.... Go to the scummvn website and download the nightly build from there until they release a decent version on the play store. Developers, maybe you can put that version on the beta channell?
Samsung Galaxy S10 review! Gameplay is amazing. I found out about this app from the youtuber named, ETAPrime. I made a mistake by calling your program an emulator on my youtube channel. I will correct that in another video. In my video I had said that ScummVM was the best thing to play on Android since it played games the most natural way possible for mobile which is point and click.
New update ruins controls for some games. I've been play the original Backyard Football on my phone, but now it's hard to control the players movement. I used to be able to drag my finger across my screen to control where they went, which gave me much more control than how it is now where I need to click multiple times on my screen to try to control where they go. This update is a downgrade. Edit to your reply: that makes it so much harder, and time consuming.
Works great. Just, how can you access the in-game menu (load, save etc) without enabling and disabling the keyboard each time? That's annoying!! (no extra buttons at bottom left, like shown in screenshots)
The new ui is terrible, where are all the control options. I can't remap the volume controls to left and right mouse presses If it's not broke why fix it?
works one day,, hangs on a white screen next day,,, dont feel like playing paranoid word games to reach support forum
The ultimate virtual machine that runs just about all of the LucasArts classics on just about any Android device! Some games are available for free from their website, and for purchase at minimal cost from vendors like GOG, Steam and Amazon. Highly configurable and all-in-all very easy to set up and get going. If you are a fan of these old LucasArts point'n'click adventure gems, you owe it to yourself to get this app and forever have your favorites in your pocket!!
This is the best way to play old Adventure games. Finally beta available from Play market. I'm using ScummVM from 2007 and never had any issues apart from app not working on phones for a long time.
Multi platform game player for some legendary childhood games of mine. Almost perfect...20 stars if it were possible.
I downloaded this game thinking it has older games only to find out theirs none at all..... doesnt even show how to get games.... delete
I know the ScummVM application is good on other platforms but this Android version is badly broken because it is impossible to navigate to any folder other than the root of the file system for installing games. The app on Google Play hasn't been updated for two years so I downloaded the Android .apk for version 2.1.1 from the ScummVM download site. Long story short, it doesn't work either on Android Pie.
Most of games supported by ScummVM are quests. In this genre originally you should use your mouse to point the cursor at objects and interact with them by clicking, and also, in some games, interact with in-game buttons, like Use, Talk, Push, Pull etc. ScummVM has 2 very different ways to treat your touchscreen moves and taps. In ScummVM Settings section, there is an option named Mouse Touchpad Mode, which you can either enable or disable. But both of modes are implemented dreadfully and buggy, which makes ScummVM completely unusable for any quest game you try to play. 1) Mouse Touchpad Mode disabled. In this mode, you can instantly click on objects and items, like in other mobile games. Your thumb and the cursor are the same. If you run ScummVM in 16:9 "widescreen stretched-faces" mode (which is default and ugly - all the objects, all screen is 33% wider than it should be, and that's as funny as faces in bent mirror), there is no problem. But if you'll switch ScummVM to native good 4:3 mode (in which any DOS game is made), you will realize the fact that now you are misclicking everything. And that's because ScummVM is showing the game in 4:3 but the area of clicking is still 16:9. So, if you need to click left area of the GAME screen, you shall actually click (tap) left area of the PHONE screen, which is actually not a part of the game screen - there's just the black strip. The more the object is left, the more left you shall click. And the more the object is right, the more right you shall click. So only center vertical area is treaten in right way. Another problem with Mouse Touchpad Mode Disabled is that you actually don't need the cursor to be shown, but it appears any place you click, which is very annoying. 2) Mouse Touchpad Mode enabled. In this mode, your phone screen works as notebook touchpad. Your finger and the cursor are not the same - you move the cursor with your finger, then you tap to interact with the object that cursor is pointing at. The problem with this mode is not as obvious as with previous mode, and it is fairly easy to get round with it, but this problem makes you very nervous to play, and especially it shows itself in game situations where you have to click with accuracy. So, imagine you want to click some in-game button. To do that, in Mouse Touchpad Mode firstly you need to drag cursor over the button. So you're touching phone screen, moving the finger, and releasing it. But you realize that you haven't moved cursor to the right position: it is not actually over the button. It's normal and happens very often when you're using mouse - you just need to move cursor a little farther, like 2 pixels higher. Now, prepare yourself for the fact: you can't do that by just moving 2 pixels to the top. The ScummVM engine won't let you move the cursor at such short distance. Your cursor will just return to original position when you release your thumb. You may try to cheat the system and move the cursor (without releasing finger), e.g, 20 pixels top then 18 pixels bottom (which in sum is 2 pixels top), but that doesn't work too. The cursor is returning to the original position again. It's like ScummVM telling you, "Do you really need to move cursor right there? It seems like there's nothing interesting..." The only workaround is to move the cursor, e.g, 20 pixels top, then to RELEASE the finger, and then to move it, e.g, 18 pixels bottom. But straight 2-pixels-move will never work. There is some hard-coded minimal moving amount, and anything less than that amount is ignored by ScummVM, returning the cursor to its original position before the moving. That makes any quest walkthrough absolutely nervous.
It works once you figure out out. Very annoying controls. Must find F5 to access menu but VERY difficult to find if you don't know where to look. Should implement an easy access button on screen in the future. Lost rating for not able to play certain games and difficult controls
An amazing Scumm Emulator, running virtually flawlessly on most devices its been ported to. I love this tool, as it allows us to play the old LucasArts adventure games, and others that used the same engine. If you have the old files still, look into this first.
Awesome app. Love the fact that I'm able to enjoy the classics on the fold 2. Thanks so much for bringing this to the platform. Just one request for future releases, please add reverse landscape as an option. Other than that I love it.
Trying to revisit the originals in game series I began as a kid (Monkey Island, Torin's Passage, etc). ScummVM lets me play all these games on the go, and so far every game has played extremely well on my phone. Interface could use a -little- more polish, but all the settings/options I could possibly need are included. Thanks for letting me experience these older titles in a convenient way!
BaSS working with non mouse intrface but it needs files to be on the root of the SD card.. Not for me with file layout.. Great system. Download if only play 1-2 games... Phone will get clogged up with unknown files. Upgraded from 1* to 4*.. Needs a little work but i hope devs listen this time!! lol
Starship Titanic 1.00.42b crashes and exits ScummVM at the beginning when the DoorBot gives you PET. The game runs fine on the PC version of ScummVM. Edit: Awww is three too low for you? Here's one more. Happy now?
The mouse pointer freezes in flight of the Amazon queen especially in the jungle and sloth island. You can click on switch apps and come back to scummvm and it starts working again. Also if you have more than one saved game it will only allow you to load the first saved game when you start the game. You can load the second saved game within the game. This was on my phone Xiaomi Note 8 Pro running Oreo.
i have a great appreciation for the scummvm team and this works flawlessly on all my digital devices. have used it on. nokias(old ones) nintendo wiis. nintendo ds. psp. u name it. ive used ScummVM on it
Hey! Your previous reply was extremely helpful, thank you so much for helping me out. However there's one last thing. Games don't seem to have their sound playing and Scummvm is asking me to pick a soundfount file. Where do I find those? Thank you!
Awesome app. There's so much adventure games to play. My favourite is the monkey island 1. Plus, it's free to play! P. S day of the tentacle is so hard
i cant seem to get it to work i download scuvmn and the games but when i try look for them its says there is no games ive only put three stars because i had to
theres no way to go to menu after starting gamez so no saves. maybe youcan map the button right, here it wont work :/
gabrielle knight 2 subtitle patch not working and the app crashing but the gameplay and audio are flawless i tried the game in dosbox the subtitle are working but the gameplay and audio are horrible
Havnt played yet just got so excited when i saw monkey island, that was the game of my childhood.... And then it wouldnt work....
It does a good job but is there a way to revert back to the old ui? The new one is really "crunchy" and zoomed in or something no matter what I do to the settings.
С удовольствием прошел на HTC Nexus 9 LTE игру ToonStruck (MS-DOS, 1996 г.).
5 stars amd a slow clap for that reply on StankP's review ;) on a serious note though thank you for the years of effort, I've had Scumm on all my devices, my Pentium3, PSP and now finally my phone. Super stoked about Ultima VIII being supported, the apk off site was crashing after logo but looks to be sorted now on final release. Has filtered graphics been removed on Android? Been scrounging around for hidden menu but found naught.
Amazing app. I now have ALL the classic Lucasarts point and click games; e.g. The Dig, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle AND The Monkey Island Games!!! What else needs to be said? They all port brilliantly and many are available FREE. Try searching "ScummVM, replayers, downloads" for a catalogue of downloads of the best point and clicks. To think i bought a PC back in the day to play these titles and now i have ALL of them on my phone!! Too Cool.
Just awesome. A chance to play the old Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games again, and in most cases the touch controls improve gameplay.
This is a fantastic piece of software, my favorite emulator. I actually bought all of the Monkey Island games or the PC but found I had a better experience playing them on ScummVM (totally legal by the way). I have used it on PC, phone & tablet and found that it performed flawlessy on all platforms. Can't rate it highly enough.
ScummVM is a brilliant app that lets you emulate PC games from mainly the 1990s. Some technical knowledge is required to make this work and you will need to copy the original game files to your device in order to run any games. I've used this a lot over the years and its performance has always been good across multiple devices.
Working pretty well, but the windows version works better. Can't play KQ7 German on this version, but can on windows. Also Full Throttle doesn't work with the mouse style controls here, just the direct touch, which makes it hard to see things and difficult to do certain things. Similar problem in the Dig, where to adjust the lenses for the light bridges only one style of controls will work, even though the other style works for most of the game.
EDIT :) it's a great way to play some of the most amazing games ever created. be careful to read the description though: with android >8 , if you navigate at top folder you are stuck there. It's a huge issue, I hope it will be fixed
!!Needs work!! When I run broken sword 1 the app doesnt have mp4 decoder and the game cut scene files wont play and error message pops up but you can still play the game but you do loose the feel of the game. Broken sword 2 or Monkey island 2 wont load at all even though the same game files work on Scummvm on my pc. It's the same with other games. Also a big glitch in the app, when setting game paths if you press go up too many times you cant get back to your files and you have to reinstall.
After playing for some time after the update.. I will say it does work good. More games great but still sad theme choices. Retro green classic dark the names are readable, but new stock main theme...trash. Glad I download a copy 2018 from your robot. Want to rip the theme from the old ver and force the new one to take it. Always BACKUP your work.
Whomever updated this app. Many thanks to you. Had an endless battle before when adding games and going too far back in the directory that I couldn't return to the root and got forever stuck. You have eliminated this pain and now I can play the classics again!!!
rubbish! monkey island doesnt come up on the menu, i used to love monkey island on pc years ago. i cant even type it in on the search because the keyboard doesnt come up on my tablet
Can't select a directory to add games etc. Will let me navigate up, but doesn't show any list of folders to choose from to drill down into a directory.
(Backyard Baseball 2003) Every device I tested the sound and anything attached to it seem very broken, including when people talk or skips over their lines, and random characters keep appearing on screen, nothing on the forums, seems to be a compatibility issue
Landscape mode supported, but it seems reverse landscape mode doesn't work. In King's Quest 5, I'm able to control the character and open the toolbar, but I can't click any buttons in the toolbar. This app also refuses to launch the DOS version of Wasteland.
this version is nice on a small screen if you have a very large screen or connect on tv its not possible to see something because too small
Every time I press "add game" and then it asks me "select directory with game data" there is a blank screen where the directory browser should be. It makes this app basically useless. I did put roms onto my device and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it doesn't help. Please fix this!