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Sculpt people

Sculpt people for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SDP Games located at 52 rue Descartes . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but at the 2nd 1, I pressed on a item what needed a AD, it said AD not available. But when I pressed next it came up with a AD
Don't download. Just a wastage of space. I downloaded this long side 5 more games. It took 30 minutes to download this and 5 minutes for the other games. Tryed opening this 3 times, waited for 25 minutes every time. It didn't open. Other games worked perfectly, but this one didn't. It wasn't a network issue. Worst game I ever came across.
To be honest I really hate all the ads cause every time you do something, AD! and then when there's something that you need to watch an ad to get it, says "ad not available" If there weren't so much ads I'd probably like it better.
It was super awesome but I'm still playing I just said rate US and I read it to five stars that's how much I love it it's awesome incredible πŸ€©πŸ™‚
So so I've been wanting to download this game for a while. It's a very strange game after I played it. I followed all the directions in the face so turned out really weird and it's strange. But I don't understand everybody's comments about the ads like I don't have airplane mode on or anything and it's fine so yeah this is really strange game but I don't have a problem with anything except for the facial things. So, I might be doing something wrong but Idk, IMA uninstall but you do you... πŸ™‚
This game is so nice and it helps for us to make some people with clay but why I gave it 4 stars because are every creation there are ads.Ads is the issue for me and other then this all are good πŸ‘πŸ». Well done and good job who created this πŸ‘πŸ».Just don't keep too many ads and thank you for helping in creative ideas.I like this game so much,the development which created this is famous and I think this creation app 'Sculpt people' will help so many people for creating their own ideas and Thanks
It's a very different game. Means it's about sculpting. So I like this game very much 5 stars for this!!!!!
BLEH... This app has too many ads! When I click " no thanks, I don't want to double the money, " bam. Ad. What's the point?!?!?!? also, this game shouldn't be called " sculpt people, " it should be called " sculpt nightmares. "
So, the game is very good, but like other games, to many ads. I'm not ready to watch 2 ads after I placed a eye. This is my prediction. You don't have to vote on this either. The reason why this is three stars is because, I can't just turn my wifi off to remove ads, If I could, it would be 4! Please don't hate on this.
Perfect for us people who love sculpting LITERAL NIGHTMARES that will haunt the dreams of our petty mortal servants and manipulate them into doing our bidding! The perfect game for aspiring evil masterminds like me! πŸ‘ΉπŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄ (note to non-creepy mortals: some of us weirdos actually like watching ads. Don't judge us k?) Ahahehehaha... see you in your dreams tonight...
I had never ever ever had a game with so much ads and I get it ads pay u money and stuff but still not every 10 to 5 seconds like Jesus so that why I rated a 1 star I should rated -1 because its so bad but they don't have that so a 1 is good...so please of the love of all things that are good stop putting ads in your games please Thats all thanks and have a good day
It's just too much like you can't even get into the game before being disrupted so it's pretty pointless they pretty much just make these games for money and not for quality so as soon as that happens and I can't even get into the game good and I'm getting ads ??? I just uninstall and move on
I love this game but it's full of ads when you open the prize you need to watch a ad. But I still like it.
I love messing up their faces and not doing what they asked because why not, but there are way to many ads it would be alot more fun without or less of them. (Sorry if my grammar is a bit wrong I'm not that good at that kind of thing also I'm not good at wording things so I hope you understand what I'm trying to say)
This game is fun but it has SO MANY ADDS it gives you adds every 30 seconds it also very laggy and the picture are fake its quiet fun and you can play it when your bord idk it has to many adds tho of their wasn't so many adds I would like it a little better. I recommend this app if your bord and you have nothing better to do, this is why I rated this game two stars
I got an ad that was showing someone being creative with their sculpture but when I downloaded it I was extremely disappointed to see that the app did everything for you. The ads are also a bit over the top. I regret wasting my time downloading this.
its fun but then after a sepcific level it repeats the same scultp and the customers only want sirprises 3 stars for me.
Way to many advertising in the game it makes it so its really unpleasant to play I'm definitely deleting this game and never playing it again
I love the simplicity of this game, and the way its played, but there is one major problem with it. The amount of ads is outstanding, do you really need to advertise this many things? Any time you're done sculpting one stage of a level, boom, ad, ten seconds later, BOOM ad, ten seconds later, surprise,surprise BOOOOOM AD!
Well, see i played this on my sisters tablet, honestly really fun with no Wi-Fi but, when I tried to download it on my tablet it didn't download. Also, I agree with alot of the other people, to much ads with Wi-Fi.
Most useless game I have ever seen. Game does everything automatically. You just touch the screen and the head is sculpted. The only thing you can control is the color sprays and depth of eye holes. I just played the game for 2 minutes and I had to watch 7 ads. So if you don't like sculpting and like watching adds, this game is for you.
The add shows you being able to really sculpt people and make them unique. As an artist I got excited. When I opened the app I saw all you do is move your finger back and forth and it does evrething for you.
Hey ya'll ! Dont give it a bad review just for the amount of ads. Play with airplane modeπŸ˜‰! Enjoy you ad free game! :) BTW, Its a pretty cool game I enjoy playing (for now).
Ok this game is fun but i gave it a 2 because i dont know if its just me but when i click on a thing that you need to have an add for it says add not available please fix that and i will play again.
There are soooooo many ads but also to get some of the stuff in the game you have to watch vids to get and lose points but also the pics are not that good compared to the sculpture
This is an excellent game! People may say things like there are too many ads and its glitchy when for me it isnt.All u have to do is turn off ur WI-FI and BOOM no ads!Plz download this game! Thanks for making this game. I appreciate it.
It has way too many forceful ads and the sculpting isn't what I expected. It makes the face almost exactly how it's supposed but I guess that's all it gets on mobile. It's fun but gets boring quick.
Way too many adds. There's litterally an add after everything you do. Imagine right... you have to put in two eyes and two ears and there's an add after every single one
Well....really satisfying and nice. I do not experience ads like others complain about, which is good. But will you tell me why IT ALWAYS SAYS ADS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SOME MINER PARTS OF THE PERSON OR VIP's . Please fix that and I will give you 1,000000000 stars. πŸ‘ ( And stay safe from covid 19) 😷
I thought it would be a game where you can actually sculpt by yourself, but no, you make a ball by yourself and the rest is pretty much done for you.
Worst game ever that I have played.there are so many problems.1.idk why there are so many ads there are ads in middle when I'm sculpting and also when I click no thanks when the gift comes again an ad bam why need of downloading.2.this should be called as making you sculpt not sculpting people.thats it pls reduce the ad I recommend to delete the game I just now downloaded like 3 min ago.have a nice day πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I love the game you don't need data to play but when a vip customers come you need data to help them but the game is nice but when you're sculpture needs a body you have to be online
I love the game because you can sculpt in the game and you can put there eyes in and there ears in and there hair in too and I loved it ❀ β™₯
I don't think it is a good game but it is an ok game. I rated it 2 stars because I don't like how it shows you how to mold the person. I would rather mold it myself instead of having to follow the computer telling me what to do. I am not trying to complain about the ad's but the ad's are very long and it can sometimes drive my attention somewhere else instead of having our focus on the game. Which can drive my attention to want to do something else because the game get's boring after a while.
It was okay but everytime i would get a VIP it wouldn't let me play it. It would always say ad not available
Idk why people say there's to many adds 😐 you can just skip it and the game doesn't do anything .,. Plus it's super fun when I have nothing to do I think you should download this.