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Scratch Off Lottery Scratchers

Scratch Off Lottery Scratchers for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by SHOCKTECH located at No.7, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game only wish would have to being able to cover what you have won not shore we're to go on the game to find out but all in all great game good graphics and real fun
This game is fun and yes it is a game, I played this back in middle school. It's so sad to see people thinking this is real way to earn millions, like go get a job.
Fun game! Not a game you cash out on but its still a fun app to experience. If people read the description, it clearly says it does not reward real money prizes. 👍
Cost too much money for every day or every year try at a fortune but that's all in a day's work or in a lifetime of fun. ..with or without probabilities or chances there still is a thought , and too win slot for reals would be excellent.¡
I love this app, I really do. It's so great to kill time and release some stress. There's just one small bothering thing: the icons for the dice, ace, blackjack, and some other, cards, are kind of all over the place 😅 if they were aligned properly that'd make it a lot more fun.
You do not win real money with this game as people think. It does say in the about game section. I like scratch card games they are great for passing the time. Great selection of cards.
just downloaded the app so far so good just hope to win real money but they definitely need to explain the winning directions a lot better otherwise just like a regular scratch ticket at the store except it's obvious that online tickets off of ads and people win so much less money than on real tickets if I do get it when I'll be the first one to post it but if you're feels like an app just for ads Duff 800 people in my group will complain to the highest person
I like this game . Other scratch games i tried you tap one and they all erase after that. This one is SO FUN like a real scratcher .
this is not a "win real money" app. the reviews on here are clearly written by the people behind the app to get more people to install it. Which is wrong in so many ways. but anyway....its not real money so if thats what you are looking for, keep looking.
Its okay. Intrusive ads are present, banner ads that cause your screen to fluctuate for some reason, and of course free will options to watch ads for goodies.
Great entertainment and fun to play after you get the hang of it thx. After two weeks of absolute craziness an the amount of cash generated by this app I'm so excited to find out if it's truly for real. Estimated funds to be from 3,000 to 4,000$ will update soon cash you later thx.
Hard to scratch certain games and there's a cheaters spot that actually doesn't cheat and not sure the point of it
There is a glitch in the game! It skips so you will only get loser tickets. At first the odds in getting a winning ticket is 2 to 1 but then it becomes 5 to 1. Meaning you'll get 5 losers then a winner such a RIPOFF. Just like the fake games. I'm very disappointed!
Ok guys every review is complaining about no cash out...they would be correct but this game never claimed to pay out...its just a game people and it clearly states that if you actually read about the app
I thought this game said you could win real money but it tells you nothing after you download it. Hope this isn't wasting my time with false advertising
This game is fun and it doesnt have that many ads. normal scratch games suck because they have to many ads
The scratch offs are fun, it sucks that the amount you win there's no way to cash out to get any of it, that's why I'm only rating this as a two star.
Its kinda Annoying. It takes hours to scratch all tickets. Plus how are you supposed to get the $$ money off here?
Its a cool game to play , you get to see a lot of new cards , you can play for hours and hours haveing lots of fun after card after card ,its so much fun you just dont want to Stop the game you just want to keep going on and on for hours i like the game and all it has to give and more because its lot of fun at what hour you want to do it . then where every you want to play You can do it and have a lots of fun and you could ask a friend to play whit you and mack it more fun ,everybody fun.
I absolutely hated the app, but I gave it 4 stars because it does exactly what it says...scratch off fake scratch off cards. It does function well and the app isn't buggy so I guess if this is what you're looking for it will perform as expected
I would have gave 5 stars but we will see if it paids out cash to paypal. Then I will change my 2 stars to a 5 star rating thankz
So far this is a fun game, it gives you the exciting feeling of playing the real scratcher games you buy at the store😁. So either way i give it a 4 star grade.😁still dont see any payouts.once you meet certain winning amounts it doesnt go any higher for the amounts to clear the level.almost done the 7-11-21 game. We'll see. Ill let you know.
I m playing with this game 4days. Now running Good app.while if I get real money in this app.that time I will say how much surety in this app
Very relaxing! With all that we have to deal with today, just lay back relax clear your mind and "GO4IT" tryit
Its fun and real ,I love the rush i have playing ,Thankyou for takeing my mind off others and enjoy my time .
I just Downloaded this game today how do I collect the real money not just the tokens or coins also how do I contact them to collect the real money
EDIT- I have won. But can NOT cash out. Wrote , have not received any response at all. I downloaded the other apps that this app claims you'll get rewarded coins, I NEVER RECIEVED REWARD THEY PROMISED BY DOWNLOADING THEM! And now, I can find NO WAY TO CASH OUT EITHER! I solo loved the game, but really starting to believe that this app is Not Legit. Im going to give about 36 hours for customer service so I may cash out. But Not holding my breath. If I get paid I'll change my review rating back .
Great app, hours of fun. But do you get paid out on the scratch cards that your winning? Remains to be seen. Update: stuck at 93% won't move on, won loads on these cards but won't pay out! Yet another scam! So disappointed. Update: Definitely a scam, they have no intention of paying us anything! Don't waste your time, their Chinese!
I think this game is a scam honestly youd say the same thing once you've played it for a while , load of .......
Just started playing. Easy to earn coins. Not sure when or how to cash out?? Hopefully i can figure it out oht and i aint wasting my time!
What's the point of advertising real money when you play games this is more of a condom than it is a real game when the ad advertised real money this is more of a scam than it is to earn any money whatsoever on these games it's lucky you win to play the game and pay money you have paid your money and ask for a withdrawal they do not end up giving you nothing but grief thinking that you are a winner but you're not really a winner they're the winner because you put money into it and you cannot tak
Not sure if this app has a cash out ive never gotten an option or chance to but i guess its good to give the kids if they bored when out an about
Love so far. I am a scratch off addict. This is right up my alley without having to spend real money!!
still playing and winning big I'm starting to really seriously love this game come on in and play with me adding on. Took a break come and still have the touch I love this game
WHat going on with this game? IS this gamw for fun or what, because you can not post false advertising when thinking that you can get away with it. Either give us the money that been awarded to us or change the title, because all i see is false advertisments, so please give us more information, i suggest the money. THank you
This scratcher game is so cool under 10 minutes and already I got a big win. I will rate it 5 stars when I cash out
I won and the game didn't pay me it froze saying the game is a scam I even screen shot the winning sad its fake a waste of time it doesn't pay
So far so good I'll give it 4 stars just because it's not a hassle to get cards.will see if it actually pays money.in my next rating
The only experience I have seen is that the cards are good and I just got a big win on the scratch card. It gave me cash winnings but I don't see how much I have win. It says I won $2000. But i can't see it. But if I won that amount then where is my prize money as I want it to transfer to my PayPal account. But you haven't done that. I think though s website is a con and if I you can't give me what I have won then I will make a full complaint to the trading standards
I hope this game pays we waste so much time with false ads ...i think they the ppl that make these games should have to answer too theFTC an FCC when someone wins an they dont live up too their words..
This is a fake game, you can't win anything. Free games like this will never give you free money winnings.
Do not put games on this on the ads if y'all are not going to pay any money whatsoever that is false advertisement they are some games out there that might payout y'all should be ashamed of yourself God wouldn't like stuff like that y'all are doing to other people getting their hopes up for games to be able to have money to buy food and stuff for their children this is all a faults make things right do what's right for the people of America
Amazing and people shouldn't say that they want real money because it is a simulator not the real thing
I play this morning, and come back little later to play and all of my earnings are gone! If not fixed soon, I will delete this game! David Smith
3 stars for now, I just started playing. I like the bingo & crossword scratches & the amount of adds are reasonable. Cards are small & more settings needed, u should make it so the crossword and bingo cards can be individually scratched one by one and option to turn off the highlighted letters. You want us to spend money but I see no customer appreciation draws for free cards, reward money and even bonuses of real money of daily, weekly or monthly draws. Room for improvement, but good start. Jm
Entertaining thus far. Hope it doesn't turn into those energy draining waste of time non pay out trash games.
The game does what it promises. A large amount of variety in cards with different games to fit various tastes. The key part for me is how very generous it is with free cards (they start you with like 50) and wins for more cards are common. There are very few ads and you can skip most of them, the ones you cant arent videos. They have paid content but i see no need for it. The main screen is a bit ugly and i turned off the music. They obvuously dont give real money, just as the description warns.
A ton of different scratchers but will take forever to get a payout, if at all. Tickets are realistic though. But I got bored.
Enjoy passing time with the crossword scratcherz but the "coin" pointer isnt very accurate and sometimes freezes up kind of gets frustrating I'm trying to scratch out certain letters or numbers
Omg!!!! This game is SO FUNNN & it saves you soooo much REAL MONEYY, that you wouldn't even miss buying real scratch offs. Download is quick and easy and the graphics are super clear and colorful. PLAY TODAYYYY!! and stop wasting your hard earned money on scratch offs that'll never really pay you.
Just started playing, I hope it doesnt play like my other cash games. First Ive been hoping to cashout on my two word games. I ve been playing over three weeks with both games at forty-eight dollars-I have to play twenty games to get 10 or 20 cents.I need help from someone. Plinko' and Panda smash also have been cheating me and not paying me'Panda smash delete my 91dollars on a 100dollar cashout.Change the game to the 50 dollar c-o. and gave me 33dollars. lucky push to my three green 7,monies-
Really well created app, it helps me most of the time to not buy real scratchies. Won't ruin the Experience for you but definitely recommend if you enjoy real scratch tickets. If you put your phone on a flat surface and scratch, the "ticket bits" stay on the ticket but fall if you tilt your phone. Awesome addition!
Not true just coins no real money and after three free ticket you can,t play no more not real scratchoff
Do not think it is right that every 10 cards, I'm having to watch an ad to get more cards. Should be able to play the game with no interruptions of ads all the time. Need to fix game where it's continuous play and not interruptions after a certain number of cards.
Haven't seen any money yet except the twenty dollars that I can't collect yet. I have played at least a thousand scratchers this is a fun game but where is the cash?
I am honestly not playing the game just for the money. This is legit fun! Better than the real scratch games. I recommend this to people who just want a casual game for fun!
Enjoying this game its fun and yoh can win good money. Try it Ok try this game. Ads are not in your face every few minutes, rewards are brilliant and good FUN. Getting better and better. If you are reading this STOP and start PLAYING. Still playing and winning oh my oh my. Love it play play play its GREAT. But do they pay rewards ????
Just like real scratchers. Gives the feeling of the real deal of playing. Enjoyable and fun to play. Have not won anything yet but I love playing these cards.
Won't cash out and way too many adds and if you do win anything it's nothin to be able to cash out and next time you login you lose iur progress
A fun game, but false advertising. It says you can win real money, but so far I've "won" thousands of dollars, and it adds them to my coin balance but there is no real cash outs, or no instructions on how to cash out if you actually can. If you're going to advertise that we can win real money, then pay it out!!
It's fun to past the time but you I would like to win real prizes or even a gift card .with all the complaining I see about it being misleading ...it really not, says clearly in different places; "Only for entertainment purposes and could not win real money from this game."
I'm writing this review I'm only giving it a one because I fear that you get real cash that was the whole point of me downloading this game and I have told other people about the game. Just don't want to believe write me back and tell me it's just a host and I will delete the game and I will tell everyone else I have told also to delete the game
Downloaded app and after playing for a while, an error message popped up on my phone that said "Failed to get list from Microsoft account". I'm not tech savvy so I'm not sure if it's even related, but since I had never seen that error message ever in the past. I cleared the cache and storage, force stopped the app and uninstalled.
It all bs I wish I didn't have to give a star but you have to give a star just to be able people know that this game is totally fake no real cast
If you earn money, its entirely unclear. These 5 stars claim they did but yo...read the description. Liars! The shop only gives me options to buy more useless scratchers....stupid.
GUYS, YOU NEED TO READ THE DISCLAIMER ON HERE ● If you win, you could BET to get DOUBLE prize! ● Scratch tickets can be easy saved or shared to your friends. ● Scratch card can be zoom in / zoom out. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Only for entertainment purpose and could not win real money from this game. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ This game is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only.■Success at this game does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling■
Very fun and easy game.. Ive had no issues so far and i love lottery scratch off tickets so im giving this game a 5 star rating but if it doesnt pay out like it promises ill drop to a 1 star and delete this game period. Ive played all these so called money making apps and they have all been as fake as a 2 dollar bill and its not right to have people like myself thinking that we are going to actually make some money until it gets almost tims for these scam artists 2 payout and they never do!!
Love playing this game as its just like real scratch cards but I will give it 5 stars when I know how to cash out.