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Scratch Day

Scratch Day for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Viker located at Viker Ltd 200 Union Street London SE1 0LX. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Gambling with Cash Payouts) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Scratch day app is not working at last 2 days. The earn money in this app is not easy it takes time at minimum nearly 3 months.it show error is something wrong
first I'm not sure whether this app really payout, second it's not working. it says ""SOMETHING WENT WRONG Its not you it's us. close the app and reopen app to try again""
Apps open problem,when i open this app sometimes it’s show me "something went wrong" "it's not you it’s us? Please reopen and try again. I told developers that please fix the problem.
As in all your games they quit paying before you can get to the 20.00 cash out! It would take 20 years to get 5000000 coins. And you can forget a jackpot!
I am playing Scratch Day for more than 8-10 months but every time I play the app lags oftenly,I had dropped several mails to Viker but they aren't responding, piggy bank issue as whenever I brake them the video button isn't working&I am unable to get the desired tokens. If you think that you will get to match all the 3 symbols&win any real money than you seriously need to meet any psychiatrist coz you will not win real money by scratching&matching, only you can win by redeeming tokens
Coins have stopped! How are we to reach any goal? Please go back to the previous mode. This is very disappointing. Well you may have made some changes but I will wait and watch to see if it's for better.
AVOID - COMPLETE CON. I played this every day for months and eventually got enough tokens to get Β£5. I requested it by PayPal and 6 months later, still no money! I contacted them, they said I wasn't on the list of winners! No, I didn't win, I requested the tokens that had taken me a long time to build up! I did exactly the same thing on spin day and no payout there either! My balance has gone down on both but they haven't paid me my money. Totally unacceptable. Save your time and avoid!
Game won't even load up keeps saying "it not you it us" every single time don't know what going on hope they sort this, it won't even connect to Facebook anymore, I miss playing this game it use to be great
AVOID AVOID AVOID Tons of advertising and waist of time!!!Avoid!!!Just to update after my review Viker stop even give me 100 coins on every single scratch card!!! Viker you are funny!!!Why you be come so smart to do this to people who is honest about your nonsense games. Wish you all the best and you can keep those Β£6.55 which I had in my account πŸ˜‰ I hope you feel more REACH WITH IT!!!
I have 4,892,090 coins already near to cash out. Now, they set all the cards to zero. So very dissappointed.
!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE !!! Target is 5,000,000 coins for $10 payout.. you'll keep getting around 1500 coins more frequently but once you cross 3,000,000 coins, you only get between 0-100 coins & 0 coins more frequently and you'll have to play it for more 5-6 months continuously without missing a single game to reach 5,000,000 coins to get the $10 payout. Felt good at the beginning but it's a waste of time. Its nothing but a scheme. Please DO NOT download this game !!!
I started to play this app since mid of July 2020, until September 2020 I had win $8.25. But at this half mth. my balance only increased to $8.75, and tokens rewards always been $0. Only watching Ad, why the app always stuck.
fun game buy seem to be on same money for ages no change on same money win coins no win aint haven't had a win at all
I'm seeing way too many five star ratings for an app that has given me nothing but zeroes for a couple of months. I find this HIGHLY suspect!! Don't you?
Hi viker..please fix my scratch day game I can't log in with my Facebook after I reinstalled it πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»i miss my game collection token so much oo...please help..😭😭😭
Almost a month stuck at 9.40 and today stopped giving coins. Ads popping up like crazy even without tapping the cards and this things it's happening even with scratch royale and the others games. Last time I contacted them the answer was "it's a chance-based game, good luck and have fun". Ok, chance-based game mean you get 20 cards to scratch, at least you get 3 or 5 cards with the lowest reward, that's mean chance-based game, not getting zero on whole sets of every day. Fix it please.
Got my payment. Thanks..... Edit: this is the 4th times I received payment since March 2020. This app is really gooooooood.....!
When i start it gives 1000, 2000 and 3000 coins but now when i scratch it gives zero coins. Really time wasting app.
There's a problem when you log in with facebook.It says the app is still in developement and i need permission from a dev to log in.
It took a looooong time to get enough tokens to cash out $5. I only cashed out twice in the three or so years I've had the app. But now, it seems they have abandoned their own app. All scratch cards have 0 tokens. No updates on Facebook since November. Don't download.
Per day 0.10€ cent (Per 10 days 1€) ( per month 3€) Per 10 months 10€ (Per 2 years maybe 25€) i am a jobless everyday i playing this game Completely but not complete 10€ yet
Dropped to 2 stars. I've been on this app maybe 18 months and have had a payout in the past, BUT recently you don't get any tokens whatsoever on the cards. Ads every 2 cards makes this a very very slow and frustrating process. Please award tokens on the cards if we are watching the ads you get paid for!
Not fun like before as way more ads and no points. Lucky Day is way better. That was not the point I was really making, do you not check your games, you expect people to watch the ads and all your scratch cards are zero. So you get no rewards so don't give me a bs reply and say its luck based
Many Problems this app like all Vikar apps Spin day, Scratch day, Scratch Royal before time 2017 much better than time worst condition before time this vikar apps every 2-3 months pay 5Β£ but today time I am playing long time i think 6-8 months play game but not pay because coins and tokens very few amount give us for gaming players people's
Used to be OK but like other similar apps they've greatly reduced enjoabolity by way of stopping wins. I've nto scratched a single winning card in a week. The longer you play the worse it becomes too. Where you would once scratch every card for about 100 tokens, still taking forever to reach the required 5m for payout, but actually getting there, now there is little point trying.
The point is, you keep watching videos basically for free. Sometimes they drop you some coins for that, which are near to nothing really. At the beginning you could earn like up to 0.50€ per day, now im stuck with 8€ for more than a week.
Bugs seems to fixed. Waiting for my 3rd Β£5.00 to arrive. I don't think you'll win big but a bit of patience and you will get a reward, as long as they pay? I have received my Β£5.00, Thank you. Just received another Β£5.00. 05/10/2020, Thank you.
Just started will update once I see if its a great game or just like the others where you receive cash quickly in the beginning and then when you are close to a cash out it don't happen. Will update review later on I n game play. Still at a 3 for right now Just started playing again ....will update soon.
I love it only one problem my friend scratching the cards sometimes glitch but you out did your self from your google play store Developer and google play game Developer
App opens but won't go past checking for updates. Not sure why as it always worked fine until the other day. Hope this is a glitch as I like playing this.
You never reache 10$ minimum cash out 10$, I using scorch day more than 1 years but my $ 8.95, I think fake app
I remember why I quit playing this horrible game to begin with. I decided to play again today and ,All the cards that I scratched,was the grand total of "0" that is so messed up. You are never going to win anything playing this game.
I have play this game for less than 2 months now, I collected €10.05. I requested cash out last week. Today, 11/09/2020 I received my pay into my paypal account.. it's real. Its coll and real, though you got to be patient with lots of ads.
Fun time waster. With the possibility of a payout! Don't expect it too soon, may take a year or more at a regular pace.
Used to play this often but dont bother now, 45 out of 50 cards come up with 0 tokens this game has become like all others.
So far so good only just start playing we will see when I try and cash out when I've got the correct amount if I ever get that high
Every card i scratch is worth 0 tokens. I thought maybe i needed to update the app, but that wasn't it. There's no point in playing.
This games legitimate it always pays when you hit 5,0000,000 coins , I've had several payouts just wish I could get the last 5p for Β£10 as been playing over a year but still a great game.
For the moment very bad, been playing the past 5 month, blocked on 9 euro, I can't recommend this game because me, myself can't move on, still on 9 euro, and more getting zero on every scratch ever since I left review...... please go and read all the review of COINTIPLY not even one negative, I guarantee you..
Worst ever App.... It's fake app not use This App.... I Am using more than one year from 9$... But It's Not reached 10 $... Poor app don't use it....
I enjoy the game. Always 5 stars for viker because they pay their winners. Most of my games are games of viker.
Viker disappointed me, After playing for almost a month and reached about Β£9.10 they just blocked me from accessing the app. I just uninstall the app and reinstalled it and I tried to login with my Facebook account but they couldn't allowed me to login.
Absolutely ridiculous how it just constantly glitches, scratch one card if I'm lucky and it just freezes and throws me out, tried everything to fix. If I could give zero stars I would
I wrote previously to say Viker are the leader in scratch games. Since then I have had to drop a star simply because the game is sooo slow ! It takes me nearly 50 minutes to play one set. It cuts out, plays adverts 2 or 3 in a row and I have to come out of the game because it sticks on grey until I reconnect. Other Viker games are smooth and quick. Why is scratch day like this ? Update. Getting my points building up and here it comes....'its not you its us'. Fed up
It really pays me for about Β£70 .. thank you Viker :) | Update (11/1/2020): I have to update my reviews with this paying game, for now, there is something bug on the game it didn't gives coins since last month and until now, and it keeps on saying 'Keep on playing Better luck next time' - please fix. Thank you!
Can't login to facebook error.. But almost I redeemed 5$ then next day this app got lost connection with facebook login.. Reinstall facebook and this game.. Still have that problem.. Pls fix thanks! If fixed, I will update this review...