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Scrap TD

Scrap TD for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Schrott Games located at Schrott Games Schlossweg 16 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but more updates are needed to get more people interested and make the game more interesting
I love the game but way to long to find someone and there all better and I've won a lot of games and won't get xp
Great PvP tower defense game. Very rare. You'll be hooked. The start is rough but the learning curve is fast. You start with low energy but can level it up fairly fast.
cute, quick time killer, needs more players i like this game, its fun and it feels like an even playing feild because youre faced against real players the only thing i would improve is the amount of players, its hard to find a match because very few people are online
Deleted this game. I honestly enjoyed it at first but after awhile you just can't win. The match ups are not fair. The time it takes to gain energy is ridiculous. Too bad. I was so hopeful for this game.
It's fun but I don't like the way everyone I face has more hp and higher level barrels than me. Also when going online it takes 3 minutes to even play. Furthermore it would be nice to have an offline to practice against a cpu that has an easy, medium, and hard difficultly level. Then once you have fix/ done that I will give 5 stars.
For some reason, the game doesn't want to load anymore. The loading bar fills up and then nothing happens. I've tried clearing cache, clearing all app data, and re-instaling. It used to work fine, please try to fix. Great game though aside from not loading, would be 5 stars. Edit: never mind it's working now.
So this game is AMAZING so I would like a new defense added it's called Tesla Tower 2. Other Feartures:air type cost:5 billion scrap
I think you should remove the energy because I can't waste 4 lives then wait 12 minutes for 4 lives. If you don't remove energy from the game then the app will be rated 1 star.
I Like The Concept, But There Has To Be An Offline Mode Or a Different Way To Find An Oppenent. Sometimes When You Do Find An Oppenent They Are Way More Further In The Game Than You Are. Please Add An Offline Mode. Reason Why I Loved Scrap Collecter Was Cause Of The Grind.
Decent game but if a player lets say played 1 game mkre than you can gain a massive advantge which makes the game super unfair and super annoying and no fun
I waited 2 hours for the match to start And the arena thing is broken i am not getting players in my arena i am getting players from arena 6
the games entry games are online and theres no matchmaking, you could go against someone with high tier defenses/barrels
Probably like it ok but It just takes far too long to find an opponent. Perhaps a computer option when the wait is too long would be an idea
Love the game and all of the gameplay about a 1v1 td ,and i love the emoji messages to cut all profanity from the game. great game but my openion is it needs to have more basic defence and offence to it, becouse you always start with the same pons and could mix up by doing air at begining too ,plus another thing is you could add underground cans to attack, again great game ,love the ad tokens no other game is like yours ,love to see what more is going to happen with scraptd plus try some trophy balence.
Great! A brand new thing to the Scrap Series. I think a battle game about trash cans are great and all but you cant make the strongest trash can already unlocked. Try to make the player buy it. The matchmaking is slow. But i hope it improves overtime.
I really like this game. I find it addictive. love the fact of being able to play without energy. I would suggest a possible magnet upgrade to reduce cost of defences when playing. it would mix up people's strategies a bit a potentially give lesser upgraded people a chance at beating higher level players.
Takes a VERY long time to load into matches. other than that, it is a fun game with lots of potential.
I rating this 2 for one reason, I can't go into any games! Also when I do go into games it crashes my phone almost instantly.
Hey, this game is awesome. It has emojis to get reactions. It's pretty fun and the layers make it so that people can have even gameplay, it also has great defense and has a very unique premise it keeps the style of scrap td, also the barrels are some of my favorites and being a bit biased here it still deserves the spot
The game is really fun. Unlocking barrels, leveling up, and more features is amazing. Was going to rate the game 2 stars due to time of matchmaking, but that is not the developers' fault.
I've played most if not every scrap game and I'm loving this one as much as the others 10/10 would pound people with barrels again. Welp. I just saw the energy thing pop-up.. Why
I'm a long time Scrap Player, but now just got Scrap TD. I love everything about this game. For new people, give it a few games to get into, as you need to gains some rewards. But I have to give it three stars for now, because the wait time for charges is farcical. Would be nice to use Ad Tokens to recharge energy, say like 10 ad tokens for one energy?
A lot of fun, but I ran out of energy and they allowed me to play games, but no rewards. Well, I got rewards from winning games, even though I ran out of energy. Please fix this. I saw this message when I wanted to play again, but I ran out of energy. Within seconds later, I saw this message. It read: "You're currently out of energy! You can still play, but you get no rewards. Continue?" There were two buttons and I pressed "Yes". So I played, and I was shocked after the game.
I dont know what to say. I could not experience nothing in this game, for now. I just had chance to finish first tutorial battle and then i wait about 25 min for game to find an oponent after that time i just cancled search. You have to implant compaign or something that can be done without fighting other ppl because search option does not work well now. Idk i dont know how good or bad game is, did not have a chance to see it.
I like it but you should make one like you don't vs you have to mode free play the same but solo vs is two people vs
I would love a single player campaign mode that doesn't require data so I could play anywhere anytime. but I absolutely love the basis of this game so much
The game itself is a great concept, but the limitation of 4 plays per 8 hours is pathetic. Why you would limit the amount of play is ignorant and makes me click the delete button.
Match ups are completely unbalanced. My first 3 games were against people who could place turrets right away while I had to wait. They also seemed to get continuously send mobs my way while upgrading while I had to choose either to upgrade (which is glitchy) or send mobs.
time for energy is WAY to long ... once switched i will give 5 stars .... 8 hours to be able to play 4 matches and get scrap .... i dont want to have to wait 3 days to get decent upgrades along with very small amounts added when upgraded
Good game but in the next update can you add more bots please I think one isn't enough but I do like everything else =D
its basically unfair matchmaking. i just downloaded the game and got matched with guys with level 5 barrels and 7 towers
Over all, best game ever! But, you can almost never find match. I think you should add bots that are on a similar level, but only because my team will kick me out if I can't find matches...
i think you should be able to play with bots because whenever you want to play you get decimated by someone who's being playing for a bit so please add bots
A basic tower defence game slow to get started but work past the early stage you may like it once you get going.
Fantastically balanced multi-player tower defense game. The dev is active and responsive. Great gameplay.
Absolutely HORRIBLE!! Match ups are no where near fair, you can vs someone that's been playing since game launched so there is no way you could win. 8/10 matches are overpowered against you.
Love it. Install it. To all or any devs. Please remove the energy. I love your game but I hate having to wait to play again 😭 please take it out. Also please make it so you can add friends.
Love it! It's a very fun and somewhat fair game (i.e. noobs have a chance), and the whole thing with keeping a theme through different game genres reminds me of the legendary Bloons games. I would give this 4 or 5 stars, but the low energy limit is too annoying. I generally hate games with energy (always thought it was a stupid concept), but when it's this much restricted it's not really fun. Hope to see more updates soon, hopefully with more energy so we can play the game..
Time to find opponent hasnt improved, frustrating . Bugs increased . Keep getting shown an opponent permanently that isnt there. Still suggest a computer opponent for slack times. Its be great if you could actually play