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Scrap Clicker 2

Scrap Clicker 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Schrott Games located at Schrott Games Schlossweg 16 83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the best merging games out there. Amazing and friendly community, simple and engaging game play, tons to unlock, and a lot more. Just to all the new players, it takes a lot of patience to get most of the features(final feature you can get as of now is at 2000 stars) so keep working. Dont quit and enjoy :) Note that you can see all unlockable features, good merging strategies, and all barrels in the game at the wiki. If you cant wait to see what they look like check it out.
This game is wicked fun, it is a long paced game good for passing time. You really never know when to get off of it honestly. just a small recommendation, random gold scrap cans when you click them they give you like 10 gold scrap or something along those lines.
I thoroughly enjoy this game and recommend it to everyone. It is a grind but well worth it. Still a good game but the anti-macro is super annoying and should not take effect during storms. It is not worth the magnets and happens far too often
AMAZING GAME but one thing I think should be added is a buy all button in the upgrade section so you dont have to constantly keep holding down each individual upgrade but just a suggestion also gets very fun when you get 10 stars.
This is a really good idle/merging game. You can play it entirely without an internet connection and it doesn't shove microtransactions in your face every 5 seconds. I definitely recommend this game if you like either idle games or merging games.
Sometimes you find yourself doing something so compulsively and mindlessly you have no idea why you're doing it and especially why you keep going back. Here I am, still combining these goddamn cans. It's possible this game is a curse cast upon me by a witch I unknowingly wronged. Five stars.
Really enjoy this game. I would like if you could add atleast 20 more barrels for the next update. I have these barrels in my mind: closet barrel, chair barrel, invisible barrel, matrix barrel, pillow barrel, barrel-icious (a barrel as a fruit), barrel in a barrel, upside down barrel, and some others. Ran out of ideas there. I don't even remember all the barrels. What they are called after completing the game, basically.
This game is amazing! Great way to kill time, with constant updates. I'm not really used to playing mobiles games but this great. Definitely install this game and play for a few days, You will get the concept and unlock more fun things to do on your way.
Awesome game lots of fun Idee for the a barrel would be when the next 6 barrles get put so that there are more then 420 have the 420th barrel green with a cannabis leaf on it
I've had this game since early 2018 and I have loved how the game has improved over the years. The other user are very friendly day which is one thing I love about it.
This is an awesome game! I'm hoping to see Angel and/or Demon barrels! That'll be awesome! Ooo, and maybe some Pikachu and Eevee barrels from Pokemon! Anyways, I can't wait for the next update with a lot of new barrels! AND there's no ads, I fricking love it!
Great game especially if you find a great team. Why do some people have the option to buy tokens instead of ads? I want the yellow tokens too!
Fun game. The main thing that I would reccomend adding, is a "counter/ticker" that would tell you exactly how much you're earning, each second.
Good game, but needs more updates. And also in next update, please fix the ad issue. I sometimes do not get ads and I do everything and still no ads. Also some merges dont count up. Please update!
This is an great game but there is one problem... It took he 10 minutes just to get to the 6th barrel so please make the barrels, worth more money!
Wish you would have updates. This every 2 or 3 months is frustrating. When you have 6300 stars 🌟 it takes longer to get more. Please maybe once a month would be awesome.
Simply the best merge type of game out there, nothing else comes close. Very addictive and fun, ads are minimal and non intrusive, interface is smooth, dev is cool and listens to feedback. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor and just download this.
The game is really ad to win, like you need to watch ads to actually play the game. (I never seen games like this before but ok). So dont bother to play this without an Internet connection.
At first it was fun but it quickly became pointless. Progression is only to 1024 level barrels and I am doing that over and over and restarting. Done stars to 10. Made no real difference.Only times ads are worth watching is for 100 times more scrap ( sick of seeing ad for covid app and no I didn't download it) and I have hundreds of thousands of magnets with nothing to use them for as the need for magnets is maxed. However still have to have magnet storms every 4 minutes. Boring as.... Deletin.
This game is so fun and addicting! I love how there are so much barrels! I do have an upgrade idea too. Maybe there could be an upgrade that every time you upgrade it, it would increase the chance to get one barrel tier higher when merging by 1%!
Nice game! I saw the news thing unless you already did you should add the crystal can or because it is pride Month you can make cans in the colors of all the sexualities
I'm not sure if anyone else has this issue but the brick multipliers when you reach 103 barrels don't work for me, other than that it's a pretty good game.
One of the most addictive games in the world! I LOVE it!! I'm just getting started I've only done 2 prestige levels so far so I'm not sure which types of barrels already exist in the game, but I have a few I'd like to see. Maybe some tie-dye sort of barrel would be cool. Chevron barrels, zombie barrels, biohazard barrels. I'm just thinking it'd be cool to have some off-the-wall designs. Oh and maybe Holiday themed designs (like Patriotic for 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas). Oh & maybe kittens
You should make a update about a Christmas edition and the trash cans can be presents or a Christmas tree. It's amazing but I would just like a Christmas update πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈ
I've had this game since early 2018 and I have loved how the game has improved over the years. The other user are very friendly which is the best thing I love about it.
This is the next barrel maybe you should add the "barrel barrel" where its a picture of a barrel on the front of it!
Make a greenish red barrel with white spots that gives you 5.56 billion scraps and you get it by merging 2 of the best barrels together. That's my idea.
The best in the Scrap Series, has a balanced difficulty, lots of barrels, new kinds of upgrades, and a friendly community. This is, if not all, one of the artifacts that replenished the incremental merge subgenre.
Wonderful. However I would like if there are more barrels and new features during the entire game. Thanks a lot Regards
This is a very fun game that can be played very idly, or if youre a bit competetive you can compete for merges weekly. It has lots of features you unlock as you get in, when you think youve unlocked everything youll level up your stars a few times and see a whole new feature. Expect to watch an ad every 10 minutes, but other than that theres no obtrusive ads or IAPs. Overall I definitely reccomend if youre a fan of idle/incremental games.
Nice game! You should the barrel from Minecraft cause its one of my favourite games and you should add it
Great game but thinking of the next barrel, how about circle blue but lime on the top, darker than that colour the next one. Cyan next and darker again after, and call it the land
I would love to see a Minecraft barrel next update because I really love this game and Minecraft alot
I honestly really like the game it's simple and fun, helps to pass the time as well as satisfying. I think my favorite part about this game has to be the few adds and they aren't forced on you, just there to help you progress the game faster. Overall I really like the game.
Fun until you need steel beams which fall behind literally any window and fall so fast that it's nearly impossible to get them after closing the window. If anything is going to make me quit this game it's going to be missing these beams because they are behind everything. Sooooooooooo frustrating! Edit : my concerns are addressed with things later in the game. I bumped the stars up by 1.
Downloaded and started to play the game. Got half way to 1 star and then closed the game to go bed and now the game won't open again. How can people progress if the game won't open? How do I uninstall updates on the game?
AWSOME game when I was playing it the game made me feel relaxed. But AWSOME game and I hope you make scrap clicker 3
This is truely remarkable good job on da game! Can you add dog poo barell after the blob? Umm.. add a mini game for stuff.. Idk.πŸ˜‚ i am literally speaking to my self umm........... ADd mOre sTufF iT,s kIndA BoRinG! Now about the ummm... Umm.. it's kinda lame but fun. no big bugs but try and have a verity of ads
I love this game, very time consuming and only optional ads. I think in the next update there should be like a screw or something as a barrel
This is a really fun merging game, its fun to play on my past time and everything, there really isnt anything wrong with this game, hell, it even doesnt have any of those stupid microtransactions, if anything, i would suggest adding a legendary barrel, for a fun barrel type.
Updating this game was a great idea! I hack save code! Also can you please update this game again? But still im having a problem. Teams that are created by me will kick me, the leader of the team I created when someone joins the team I created. Also there is no help button to fix my problem. Fix this and i will change my review and put my review on 5 stars.
I love this game but my phone broke a few months ago before I had a chance to get a transfer code to move my progress to my new device. Is there any other way to pick up where I left off? The only reason I haven't installed it on my new phone is that I don't want to have to start from the beginning all over again...
Really good for when im bored, i love clicker games, but this one is the best clicker :) keep up the good work.
You should call the new barrel Lego and make it look like a barrel made out of Lego, and about the game, It is the BEST game EVER, and you should be able to buy barrels with scrap, other than that SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD.
You should add a currency to the game that you can give to your teammates to help them out. It can be something like doubling their magnet production for a few minutes, or doubling scrap production. I would just like to help my friend level up faster
Best game of my life but I wish you could buy barrels and each time you buy them they get more expensive Pls add.
Fun matching game, with enough depth and expansion to keep your engagement. Fair and well done ads that don't get in the way of gameplay but can be used for an optional boost without becoming "ads to win" All in all an enjoyable casual games with a free model monitored just perfectly.
You guys should definitely add a giant can that gives a lot of coins with a 37% of getting 4 diamonds, 20% and the rest is for getting cool s. if diamonds don't exist in this game, you should add them. Got this game like 30 minutes ago, I'm pretty good I guess.
I really like this game. I have almost 6000 stars and it get harder to move up without a update. How come you don't have updates sooner.
Same and i find the storms a little interuptive and make the storms come a little longer at a time and i want the same thing as the guy before and i think he or she forgot to say how to get the shard i think mybe you can get them from like mybe gold and get gold from i donΒ΄t honestly know . other poeple you can disside i dont know you guy choose im ok with enything really. ow and mybe make it were you can upgrade the slots for more ...mybe sorry about the "mybe"s theres a lot
I loved the game until I get 10 stars. (now I have 2500 stars. lol) Its really that HARD WORK and LONG TIME to upgrade stars after 10? It sucks! 5 million Golden Scraps and 10 thousand Magnets to upgrade it just to 11? It takes forever! People have more to do than waste their entire lives with this garbage game! (that review has become a joke since when I reinstalled the game and reached 20 stars. lol)
It would be great if there was an upgrade where you can get like a 0.5 chance to instead of spawn a tier higher you can also merge and get a higher tier
I recommend adding challenges.. An example of a challenge would be "Reach 1.0q Scrap with 25% Profit" And completing a challenge gives a small boost
Not really a clicker game, this is a merge game. Need more easy way to save in the cloud, need google play achivements.
I fell like in the next update when you finish all the barrels there's this big star that pops up on the screen then says you did it merges every single barrel you still have on there and create the infinity barrel and then you complete the game when you feel like that update it's needed oh and great game by the way I like it good time passer
you should add up to 410 max barrels ;D Barrels: Molten, Number, on the barrel it 404, Paint barrel, Money barrel, Trinagle barrel?, Wood barrel. Some of those just might be on there.
Pretty fun game if you invest some time into it, though I recommend a better way of getting your account/progress back if your phone breaks
Very nicely designed with great mechanics. I want to see Legendary Scrap as another mechanic brought from the first game with a Scrap Clicker 2 style.
Great game but sometimes i do forget it beacuse geting stars is not easy but other then that the game is fun to play if you want to pass the time
It's definitely a 5 star for what the game is and I love this game any time I get bored with it I delete it and download it a CPL weeks later and have a blast playing it. You should add a competition between clans or whatever they are called would be interesting. As far as barrels to add u should add elemental barrels that are on fire or frozen etc.
I like the game, Can you add A new Magenism, Name: Golden Magic It has levels 1st level costs: x300 Stars and 90,000 Magnets, Effect: All barrels base production ^1.05 2nd level cost: x600 Stars and 360,000 magnets, Effect: All barrels base production ^1.10 And etc
Best game ever no lag and trust me I've seen alot and I mean a lot of games. Many y'all should make a sesame street style barrel?
Love the game, got over 1k stars. I think you should add a tardis barrel from Doctor Who, that would be fantastic and I know people will love that aswell
High quality game immensely wonderful graphics and a ton of barrels I recommend to add a ginormous barrel.And more slots and.when you're in the shop please do not let th magnet storm go
Well, now it's me, 2 years later... and I have finished the game 2 times. I was wondering if you could add a solar system barrel and a Science barrel, and maybe a gaming barrel? It wou,d be nice because I get bored having a lot of stars and finishing the game In like 3 minutes.
I have been playing this game for years and I love it, its one of the games i have stuck to for the longest and i recommend anyone to at least try it.
4 star overall great game and interesting features, only thing keeping me from 5 stars is that I had an almost 200 star account about a year or two ago, and I saved it but when I came back onto the save it wasn't there. Other than that I'd like to see an update to the crazy storms where you could maybe have other stuff than magnets, like steal beams and tires. Maybe you could add that to the star tree?
Great game but thinking of the next barrel, how about circle blue but lime on the top, darker than that colour the next one. Cyan next and darker again after, and call it the land. Edit 12/03/21: A very good game Edit 29/03/21: Wow, this game might even blow your own mind, it's good
They should add a nuclear barrel, dirt barrel, skinny barrel. Sorry if any of those we're already in the game :)
Ads freeze up and you dont get your reward. Really sucks having to restart the game when you use change tokens that you task out to begin with
Its great. But needs more complexity. I have a idea. Make something called a golden brick. Its made from 100m golden scrap but gives a extra 25% chance to give you one golden scrap or 5 magnets for every action you do. From texting in your guild chat to upgrading. Etc,
Lovely game. Best merger game for phones and tablets I have found this far. The way they do the ads on this one is the way all games should do them. Take note every other developer out there.
I think you should add some anime barrels like just some shapes or stickers on them. The game is great and fun, I have so many barrels! :D
Simply, WOW. This game has covered all other merge games with a blanket. This deserves more downloads. The game gets updated enough, and when gameplay gets slow the dev slaps another layer of prestige or feature right in your face. You are never done with this game, and the game is addicting. After you get the first star (1,000 golden scrap) things pick up the pace, so don't uninstall right away. In short, get this game!
This is one of the BEST mobile games I have ever played! I'm not lying! This game has a bunch of cool mechanics and one of the small features that is actually very useful is that when you upgrade the tier that the barrel spawns at, it upgrades all of the already spawned barrels! This is just one of the MANY amazing features this game has to offer.
This game is a fun game as a non not response however there are a few things I would do to get more magnets easier I would like a way of converting scrap to magnets when you prestige that would be nice
I'd like to see more and faster updates please...we exceed the latest updates pretty fast... Great way to spend your idle time and ease your stresses.
Matching the correct barrel pops up randomly even when storm is goin loosing alot of 🧲 it sucks all the time the same. Lags alot loosing all blue points
Maybe next update add a golden scrap barrel and instead of cash it gives golden scrap but they are separate version of the barrels what I mean is like you get them like the regular and you can merge but they give golden scrap instead
Pretty damn good, just waiting on the next Team Resources update, my team has over 10 thousand tokens and nowhere to spend them
5 stars. Good gameplay, no ads inferfearing with you, and this game is a little too easy. I think there should be a multicoloured barrel
Played this years ago, 2 or 3, something like that, and it's every bit as fun today, and...I hate to say it, "addictive". Puts other merge games to shame. I wish there were some way to get a permanent automerge feature, maybe not, maybe just more options for it with the ads. This is one of the very rare games that I don't mind watching ads for.
I like his game a lot but if you upgrade past your trash can it's takes awhile to fix but when you fix it the thing is expensive.
Love this game...Not a lot of ads and you can control the ones you want...Good upgrades...Finally after looking for a decent merge game,this is it... Maybe numbers on the barrels though?? Otherwis, great game!!
Good game. Lots of barrels. Wish there was a way to temporarily disabled features like the magnet storm and the chance to spawn a giant magnet.
I experienced a bug where I wouldn't get Combine tokens after the global challenge ended, so I contacted the support/developer and the issue was super quickly resolved and I got compensated. They got back to me really quick, which is always a good indication about devs caring about the game and their players. Apart from that I like a lot about this game, the grinding, the different names and designs of the barrels, the challenges and the people in clans who are supporting each other.
I don't know what happened but they took nearly all my scrapes for an upgrade that I never got I enjoy the game but it's getting boring having to make so many cans just to get a new can
This game is really good, no ads (unless you click the top right when some icon appears), perfect when you are bored.
I enjoy it but it needs music. Nothing fancy just loyalty free music Also you should allow multiple ad abilities to be active at once and the option to buy them with magnets
I don't know of you have already but maybe add a cool toxic bin with a radioactive logo an it and cool stuff like that. over all a very good game
I mean the amount of golden scrap should be lowered but it still good and the amount of scrap should be less for upgrades
Pretty good but I think u should add a new barrel called ??? And it's an triangle and can give 5% more magnets :)
I haven't finished the game yet, but I have a question; I have one prestige star and some gold scrap, but the x10 boost doesn't feel like I actually have a boost. That is when I realised that I have no clue what aspect of the game it is boosting. I looked in the menu and found no extra info, could you assist me? Thank you.
Me and my mum are addicted, the barrels have a great design and there isn't many ads, really good game
I damn love this game! The only problem i have is you should add some sound and music in it. Very cool game!
hi my name is combee and I want to tell you. That the next time you've start merging create a device so that you could use your device anytime anywhere. Well, I saw that someone collected a barrel that looked like the pokemon Petilil.
it's fine but can get boring real quick - edit: after a bit more playing and unlocking things I found out there's an entire community hidden under the first star, but it can still be sometimes boring and it's almost impossible to get high on the leaderboards without using the advertisement boosts
I really love this game and when y'all do the update the next barrel should be called energy box also y'all should add a spider and dragon trashcan
Game but some of the time I had to go to bed really early cuz I stay up at night but once I got up and went straight to this and then I play for 5 hours so please update more!!!!
Hey guys this is an awsome game ive been palying since the day after it came out. Its been fun since the start! :) There is two things i want you to add to the game is a personal stats that would very cool! And you should add a thing called "Super Bricks" You unlock them on the tree. It would cost 20 thousand fragments. When you unlock it, it takes merges to multiply your super bricks you earn. And you get them per minute. It takes 200 merges to multiply your production by 3Γ— there r upgrades to
best time killer. at first it just a simple idle/merge game. then as u advance u unlock the star system. then advance further more, u will unlock the scrapyard. then the brick. etc. thus making the game doesn't feel too repetitive. the team feature also help u advance through the game by giving u magnets. never judge this game on your first few hours of playing. play it for a few days and it will started to get addictive
Fantastic mobile incremental game! No egregious microtransactions, no obtrusive ads. Nice, clean graphics and UI. Satisfying gameplay and ad-based power ups. Hats off to the dev, thank you for this gem. Would happily support the game monetarily if given the option.
It's very addicting and I can't stop playing it. This isn't even a clicker game anymore, it's more than that. Something that you can add is maybe some guild upgrades and give daily magnets based on the level of the guild. (Best game ever)
Good game it takes time to beat but it is definitely a good game to play in tour free time or when you are bored. You should add a bee trash can!
I really like the game but you really need to update more often. It gets real boring after a month of the same thing over and over. Please update more often.
Brilliant game, not enough updates, should be updated every month, not every 3 months, unless you can't be bothered.
Very slow starting out, I've played for a few days and not unlocked 1000 golden scrap for the star to actually start playing the game properly everything is very slow to do from barrel spawn to upgrades
A simple idle game with a lot of options and opportunities for growth. Low pressure and high rewards for those active. Most amazingly it still gets regular updates and additional content years after release.
This is not a clicker game, but it is still very good. You should add "Realistic Barrel" which is a real barrel.
I like this game a lot but I think the game would be cooler with trading. You should unlock it at 10 stars because 20+ star players could just trade with 1 stars and just bump them up automatically with trading. I also think that players should only be able to trade 10 times a day so that they can't just scam other players. Overall this is a good game but one last thing. Scrott should fix the about thing like the game says its casual and single player but the game is competitive and multiplayer.
The game is fantastic. Everything is good. Game is addictive. And there is a lot of content in the game plus with the prestige system. Although I have one problem I missed a magnet storm because I was in the options and the game didn't inform me that a magnet storm was happening because of that I missed the storm
At first, it was a very fun experience, seeing as I usually like these types of games, but this one was a little different, was amazing at the start, but I started experiencing some glitches that completely ruin the match. Firstly, I noticed that sometimes I could place defense, but not barrels! Secondly, I realized it was actually sending barrels, it was just lagging! This was also happening on my opponents side. Had to give it 3 star, lost multiple games due to some glitches, and lost progress
Last 2 months ago, I got 60 stars. Suddenly, my account was disabled. But, I start my life(collecting scraps) again and got 5 stars now. I never withdraw. I repeat it again. What a wonderful game!! Kudos to devs!!!
If you like idle games then this game is for you. They did an amazing job keeping this game engaging. I have been playing for almost a month now and I still CAN'T spend money!!!!!! So refreshing! A sincere thank you for this offering.
This is a really enjoyable game. Also you should make a hexagon shaped grey bin whith at 2 thirds has a blue line
This is a great game, one thing I do advise, if you don't like the rules of a clan and getting annoyed just leave it, the grind for magnets isn't bad as long as you spend alot of time in the start to upgrade magnet production. Get to star 20 your set. Just throw on auto merger and boom, as log as you have wifi you won't have to do much, another thing I'm gonna point out is some clans are toxic, such as a top clan, don't allow talking or get kicked out first offense, get 100,000 merges one weak.
Its a pretty simple game, enough to be entertaining for most of the day. I give it a 5 star, but getting magnets is somewhat a chore, and fast merging is difficult because you can only carry 1 barrel at a time. Maybe, of it is fine, can you make it so you can carry more than 1 barrel at a time, so fast merging os a bit more easier?