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Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game

Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I Absolutely LOVED this game! I am an honest person. I have spent alot of real money on this game. The App freezes up several times a day. I have contacted the support team and had several conversations about this issue and the fact that i have lost out on 100s of diamonds and tickets!! In the end, after 3 days of communicating back and forth, they only credited me 10 diamonds!! Yes, only TEN DIAMONDS!! They refuse to give more!Even after i sent several screenshots to show it freezes up!!
I wish there was a time limit. Sometimes the opponent's word comes one hour later. Now I'm bored waiting for the word, so I'm writing this review. Then, as I have actually read before, you have situations like your opponent has all the good letters (including the high score) and you are stuck with 4 Es, 2 Us and 1 I. Good luck with that! It's pretty frustrating. Playing on the board has never been as irritating as I've already felt after 2 days playing on this app 🙄
My phone has limited resources so having it now launch Google Play from the in-game ads is probably going to lead me to uninstall it. I've already missed calls because the game is so resource intensive it sometimes won't even let me answer an incoming call. Battery drain is way up too. This is in the last few weeks, prior to that it wasn't nearly as bad.
Horrible. Too many ads. You are playing and it take you to an ad without notice. Too many things going on on the game. I think they should clean it up and make it more simpls, less stuff to do( its not only the game, its 50 different things going on) and no ads or at least only few. Very difficult to understand what the points are for except buying help.
Ads are excessive, to the point an ad appears every time you play a word. Also, I'm not sure if it's just my luck but, when playing against the computer, drawing tiles from the bag almost always gives me vowels. It is difficult to make words with just vowels. The game is far better when switched to Classic Mode. In the other mode the level ups are intrusive and unnecessary. Redeeming qualities are of course the game itself, Scrabble is a timeless board game. That is why I gave three stars.
It takes some time to find your way around the interface, there's a great deal going on. There are too many pop up ads. It overwhelms the processor and freezes the device. It doesn't scroll swiftly, you'll find your self accidentally having pressed something you didn't want. After getting through all that, it's fun. Would be great if iy didn't require Facebook to create and maintain an account.
The game is completely unresponsive as of late. The home screen can be accessed, but as soon as I get into any mode the game slows down to a point that is unplayable. In the past the game used to freeze only when the arena standings would pop up. It seems that a lot of temp data is stored locally which may contribute to how the game plays. Aside from these issues, there are way, way too many pop up ads.
The game is a lot of fun until the ads start. I don't like how they cut into your game with the treasure chest "bonuses" and try to force you to play other games. When this happens you can't get back to scrabble without exiting the app altogether. It would be 5 star without all the gimmicks.
Just wanted basic scrabble, even ad supported. But it's like it's programed for children by a slot machine / pokies manufacturer. All these silly gifts, notifications, coins, alerts and distractions, etc. The game itself was fine, even the bots impersonating people, but with all the other detritus in the game I had to uninstall. 😩
You took a decent app and destroyed it with your greed. I was ok with the amount of ads a year or so ago when I first started...but now? Even playing the single player Adventures game there is an Ad after EACH TURN! Good luck making it thru to the end of ONE GAME without the app freezing up. Terrible marketing/management decision-making by this team. Whatever fixes you tried with your last several updates have failed miserably.
The basics work. Why complicate it? There are too many things going on, too many packages and too many message and notifications that can't be cleared. The interface needs to be cleaned up to make it more playable. Update: somehow worse. Adverts crash the app so you have to reload. This that added to the new "word search" and other inane games makes this one of the worst apps I've ever used.
The Classic mode is not very classic, it's a hastily thrown together version to appease players who don't like Scrabble Go. It's glitchy, missing key features such as a dictionary, teacher, and multiplayer capability, it's also a haven for scammers. Lock down your privacy settings when you download the app. They've improved the visibility of the blank tiles on the board which is nice. Update: Even though I am hidden from searches and visible only to friends, strangers now send game requests.
Good but the amount of ads are annoying, you have to subscribe to get rid of them instead of a one off fee. Battery usage is high, even in the background. Too many animations dragging things out longer and then another ad. It's fun but probably won't be installed long due to the above.
I used to love the Scrabble app. Now they have replaced it with Scrabble Go, and it's awful. Mechanics work fine, but the constant ads, and the "diamond rewards" - I don't want your stupid diamonds, I just want to play Scrabble. There are a million pop ups and flashy distractions. Save yourself and get a Scrabble board from the thrift store instead.
Great game! My only negative comment is the ability to message the other players. I am constantly being messaged by men with "canned" sayings. I don't want to message anyone, or engage anyone in conversation while playing this game. I am just wanting to kill some time during the pandemic. How can I stop people from messaging me?
Pros: Game, dictionary etc are excellent. Cons: really irritating chests and rewards (no idea what the all mean - no explanations) and constant invitations to play with random strangers some of whose motives are dubious (no way of switching this off). Very annoying for typical Scrabble player. Adverts I can understand, but all this other rubbish? However, I still play!
I love Scrabble, it's a classic word game with simple straightforward gameplay. This app isn't. It's awful... too busy, too many power ups, the ridiculous ability to cheat, way too many adverts. The "classic" version isn't much better - although it does take away most of the stupid unnecessary "improvements". When you finally get to the game, it's actually pretty good, but all the extras absolutely ruin it. Just give us a simple uncomplicated version of Scrabble as God intended. Please!!!
TOO MANY ADS!!!! One play detonates 2 ads?? To get a reward also you have to watch an ad then if you want the whole reward you have to watch a second ad! ANY movement! Whether to press the back button! An Ad! Next player..an AD! Ive even had a game download without my permission while simply trying to close the stupid ad..where i continued on scrabble unaware that it downloaded!!! This has not happened once, but 3 times!! Same game same add! I have considered dumping this app a hundred times!
Zero stars should be an option. Soooo many ads it's nearly unplayable!! It's as if the developers are trying to see how many ads they can throw at people. Now your ads are opening the play store without touching a thing. Atrocious!!! I now play this game for 30 min and lose about 50% of my battery. You really should hire a new company to code for you because the current devs have no limit to what they're throwing at people. AVOID THIS GAME!!!!!!!☠
Love Scrabble. This version, not so much. An ad after each play is ridiculous. Every time I open the app I have to refuse notifications. And it would be nice if I could play a whole game in real time like I used to when playing Scrabble on line. There was a two minute timer that the opponent could extend. It was great.
The most annoying and inconvenient version of scrabble I have ever seen. First of all why the hell am I required to have facebook just to play with other people? Secondly, the amount of pop-ups is ridiculous. This app drains your battery way too fast and the navigation within the app is downright terrible and no where near intuitive. Who made this garbage?
I play in classic mode which gets rid of all the noise (challenges and gems etc) but the ads are still after every turn. It's very difficult to find someone specific unless they choose a unique name but once found it's a great game to play with family & friends. Major downside is that it's easy to cheat (trying random tiles until a word hits). Also, I can't get past the intro screen at the moment and the Known Issues page on the website hasn't been updated in 2 weeks. There goes my win streak!
The ads are BEYOND obnoxious! No sooner than do I play a word or two, an ad pops up! SERIOUSLY?!?!? This is HIGHLY ANNOYING! Especially while my mom and I or my bff and I play. (My bff is currently bedridden due to a severe back injury.) Aside from that and the cost can be outrageous when you're on Disability and only get $803/mo., it's been awesome. I'll up my rating to 5🌟 when there's less ads and much farer prices that I along with other people can actually afford.
Originally gave 5 stars. But your continual extended times of your adverts...grrr! You were able to delete these after 5 or 10 seconds if you weren't interested but now we get the full 30 seconds without being able to remove them and you keep repeating the same bloody advert (Mistplay) all the time. I appreciate you reky on these adverts to generate your income but I think you've a tad too far. Game is not so enjoyable now.
Don't bother downloading this game. The game lags, all I see is a rotating square for ages. I've lost so many rewards because of this and can't play games. Lost my rank in a tournament because I can't access the arena page. Just opened the app and the arena area is blank. Can't access my tiles either It's been like this for about 3 weeks.
Waaaaaayyy too many ads. Multiple game modes make it so there's always something to do. This game is great for wasting time. Only problem is, is that there are way too many ads. In between every round there's an ad. Every action you take results in another ad. I get that the game needs revenue but seriously if you even *blink* the game shoves another ad down your throat.
Too many commercials. Too many level ups. Too many distractions. And the worst insult of all is that I lost 2 games. The Stop icon shouldn't mean stop the games one us playing in currently and since there is no real way to exit out of the info guide that is a ridiculous button to put in the info bar, just stupid. This is confusing as hell. As I was happily playing along, my FIRST TIME, what the heck? I thought I would peek at stats and info shot the game. And yes! I'm mad as a hornet!!!!!!!!!!
So many intrusive ads and there's no way to default them to play muted even when they say they are muted. They also interupt the song I'm listening to on spotify. No other app does this. I would gladly buy the app to go ad free, but the only option is a monthly subscription. The strategy is obviously to annoy you so much that you buy the subscription and forget to ever cancel it. Also many real words are not allowed to be played and I am frequently told I'm out of time when I'm not.
This app isn't as good as it once was. My husband and I play together, and it used to be so easy to play turns back and forth but now there are gems, rewards and word searches, etc that I'm not interested in and you can't skip them or ex out of them. The ads I can understand since the app is free but all of the extra stuff gets old. We simply want to play scrabble, not open treasure chests and win gems. On the plus side it is free!
4/10/21 came back after 3 months. Ads seemed to be less frequent, shorter. For the past 5 or so days, every ad is a video that you can't skip. The video is 20-25 sec, you get kicked to app store, get back to game which is really a continuation of the add for another 3-5 seconds. Totally ridiculous and still no way to permanently delete ads. Awful.
Horrendous! The previous version was so much better. Please simplify this........updated April 6th.... after playing with the new app for a couple of weeks, I have adjusted and it is not as bad as I originally thought. Though I preferred the Simplicity of the original version, and I have no interest in playing some of the other varieties of games associated with this app, you can just play an old fashioned game of Scrabble if that is all you want. * I originally rated this app just one star.
To whom this may concern, I am having some issues with the new Scrabble Go app, it has been a very good game to play with friends, but unfortunately now the game has issues. When ever I go into the game, it just keeps freezing up, i can't even play along with my friends who play it, I have however uninstalled it & reinstalled it several time to see if it would un-freeze but to no avail it didn't make any difference, I tried to find the Scrabble Go team on F/B but couldn't find them. Help plz.
Your ads after every God damn word, makes this damn game unplayable. Impossible to enjoy the back n forth, if I am forced to watch that non stop. There's no incentive to even pay. It just removes ads. I was on my stationary bike and listening to music on my Bluetooth soundbar. I loaded up scrabble, and boom an ad plays, stopping the music and blasting some screaming candy crush bs...over and over and over...until frustration sets in
While I love the game, I'm getting really frustrated at the app freezing up, especially during tournaments, affecting my scores. I have to restart my phone way too often when playing this game. And I don't like men challenging me only to resign from the game when I tell them I'm not intetested in chatting. There are dating apps for that.
Forced Ads In Google Play and More! After every 2 plays an ad pops up, plus they have random forced second screens opening Google play, and then sometimes back to a 6 second ad after that. Almost a full min of ads. They also push purchasing day passes or playing with others or turning on notifications. It has gotten worse over the last few weeks. I simply wanted a digital scrabble game. Pro: I like the scrabble twist of "adventure challenges." But they limit 3 fails or buy more lives.
Fun to play but beware of the chat! Too many guys on there trying to scam people on there. If you refuse to chat they forfeit the game. Google "scrabble go scam" aka Romance Scammers. It is so bad that almost ever request to play is a guy running a scam, or pretending to be interested in you. After they chat with you they want you to go to WhatsApp with them. Don't do it. It is a shame you have to disable the chat function to play a game of scrabble because people are there trying to scam you.
Please fix this game. I have been playing scrabble for awhile and really enjoyed until the past week or so. Game keeps freezing and you have to start over by reloading the game. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled and still same issues. Would have rated a 5 in the past. Now 2 stars is pushing it.
Used to be a good game. Way too many glitches now. I thought it was trying to get me to pay to play it,but after reading the reviews, people that pay still have the same issues. Very sad. After the last update I can't even get it to load. I've contacted them several times and only gets worse. I'm done with it. Used to be so much fun to play! The more you report issues with the game the worse it gets! Why can't you just leave things alone and let people enjoy playing the game???!!!
Someone used the phrase, "Don't expect a flow" when reviewing this game. Nothing explains it better. Ads are more tedious than usual, which are ones that restart if you accidentally close the app or just force you to watch it all the way through after getting two points from a single match. Like, I didn't choose an ad for a reward, so why is it not optional to AT LEAST skip it.
I get a headache every time I open the app. It pretty much vomits ridiculous amounts of "flashy" stimuli at you every second you're on the app. There are rewards and diamonds and chests and all kinds of nonsense I don't care about. I just want to play scrabble! The "match me" match ups do not appear to be at my level. Please bring back the old version!
Enjoying the game enormously, but there are two snags: (1) There is a huge amount of time wasted waiting for animations to finish, especially the 'rewards' feature, it would be nice to have an option to switch these off, and (2) The app itself is a serious battery power gobbler, even on a phone optimised for gaming. (3) Scrabble should be a family-friendly game, but the adverts appearing during play include sexy dating apps and sex-themed games which should definitely not be seen by children.
This game would be my favorite on my phone were it not for the ludicrous amount of wholly too invasive ads. I don't need any ad to ever take me directly to the app store without clicking on it. Based solely on gameplay. This would rate between four and five stars. Based on the ever-intrusive ads. Its rates a negative two stars. Leaving the average to be one star. Stop being so greedy and make this game desirable to play again.
Fun but a bloated and clunky app. It's fun, and it's great to play with friends and strangers from around the world, but the app has too much going on. It takes forever to load, it often freezes my phone, the game doesn't update in real time, annoying breaks in games to "level up" are intrusive and far too time consuming, and I had to uninstall because a pop up message froze on the screen and couldn't be closed preventing me from accessing any other part of the app.
Way too much going on and stuff on the screen. Difficult to navigate between current games and mini games and competitions. App frequently freezes and needs restarting. No help feature to get info about games you have to play and go through the tutorial. App wouldn't let me out of a mini game that I didn't want to play, had to close the app. I like that you can get and earn "customized" tiles and the chat feature is ok. It's not the worst social app but it needs to be simpler and not cluttered.
what you expect from a scrabble game, but the app doesnt stay long on the background so when returning from a lomg ad, the app basically stopped running and requires us to reopen it again. Plus the animations made the game slow eventhough im using a beefy phone. Theres also too much going on, i just wanna play scrabble with my friends damn it i dont want everything else.
Used to be FANTASTIC! It includes both typical Scrabble play and various mini games (which can absolutely be ignored). BUT the last 3-4 updates introduced ads after EVERY single played word: very frustrating as they're highly repetitive and frequently force you to wait through a full ad AND 15 seconds of "try it!" before you can finally move on. Game has also started freezing/crashing a LOT. Thanks to that what SHOULD be a 5 star game loses 2 stars.
Too much happening on each page. There are too many things to click on at once and way too many menus. Not only that, but their dictionary is inaccurate. Scrabble says it uses the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but wouldn't let me play the word 'Asia' I made sure none of the adjacent tiles were touching and did a double take to make sure I didnt accidentally put in an extra tile. I had to stop my game to look up if asia was a word in the dictionary (I already knew it was but I wanted to make sure)
I enjoy the app for playing Scrabble. The ads are obnoxious and getting worse. As well as the silly jewels and treasures that you win. I literally do not care about that. The incessant ads are making the app glitchy. Some players are actually bots disguised as people. Something about the app us getting increasingly fishy. I might look elsewhere. Too bad.
The game itself is fine. Works well etc. However, it seems to be a meet up place for middle aged to senior men. They all start out polite, how are you etc but within a few exchanges, they want you to go on WhatsApp or hangouts. Some of us would just like to play Scrabble! I seriously have turned down, at least, 15 to 20 men. It's not a dating app.
Absolutely addicted to scrabble in any way or form. My only issue is, when ads pop up and all I get is a leaf of a page at the bottom of the screen and then the screen goes black and I to have restart the game. Will rerate if this problem is solved. **UPDATE**. Its now every ad!! Fix this issue now plz!!
infuriating how easily it selects & starts a match with someone/anyone/ai that i have zero intention of playing against - or starts one of the alternate types of games... all while i'm *having* to scroll left or right to find, select & continue the one or two maybe two games already in progress with my *actual* friends. seems like a "glitch" that's deliberate. (sure would be nice if my personal, active games were front & center but that doesn't force a browse, does it...) LG Stylo 4/Android 9
Can't even play anymore. It just fails EVERY TIME. Play a word, watch an ad,.....then nothing. Have to close out, reopen, reload, just for same problem to happen all over again... This is 100% of the time now, for the past 2 months. Big waste of time trying to play. Used to love this game, but now, it is all kinds of messed up. Time to uninstall and find a new game.
Way too many ads. Many ads send you directly to websites because there is no close X...and you are getting paid for those clicks! Very buggy. Games freeze, screens do not work correctly, crashes several times a day, cuz of the ads mostly. You can purchase an ad free option, but it's only for 8 hours. Also, wish the developers would do something about the players who constantly resign games. Men are using this app as a way to meet women and then resign if you dont respond to messages.
I love the game and the different tiles but there's something fishy about this game and I'm thinking of uninstalling it because of this. FIRST, I feel like I'm playing BOT members that aren't real people and SECOND, I think this is an app that harbors slot of online predators as I get alot of requests to go to other apps like WhatsApp. Be cautious and watch your children and teens!
Honestly, game was great for months, but lately it's been freezing a lot! Multiple times in a row. Can't get the free ticket cause the ad fails to load, can't enter tournaments, it freezes, then I lose the free entry, and get zero points. Can't return to a match without it freezing multiple times. I guess it's time to move on, cause I've sent the error reports and left feedback and the errors and freezing up continue.
I just started playing this Scrabble Go app in late October. As I love the game of Scrabble but my experience is many sore losers that abandon the game and refuse to take their turn for weeks. Also there are too many ads. If I decide to stay I will have to pay $7.99 per month to remove the annoying ads. I am still undecided if I should join the club or not. Also there are tournaments but I have yet to enter any yet.
Too many adds, literally each time I make a play I get an add (or two) and I have to wait from 5 to 10 seconds to skip it, sometimes they don't even have a visible close button, I have to keep smashing the back button of my phone, but some adds block that and I have to actually press their tiny close button that it's not always on the same place. Also what's up with people using it to try to hook up? Disgusting
Very frustrating. This app is constantly freezing, or booting me out. There is just too much going on. I love the games, but it's difficult to complete the challenges when it freezes. Seems I can't play the games for more that 5 minutes without getting the boot! I'm seriously considering deleting this app.
The core game is good but the screen is very cluttered with other nonsense, mini games etc. Far too many ads, I'm now getting them almost every turn and many are 30sec long. I'm not not paying £8 a month to remove them as I feel this is excessive. Has also frozen several times with only a forced stop resolving the issue. It could have been so much better. Shame.
This game is in danger of committing suicide. First, it takes an age to load (and if you're a regular player, you'll have to load it many times in a day). Then there are the mindnumbing ads (duration, frequency, pathetic products). These have always been very annoying, but recently the developer seems to have forgotten that people play scrabble for fun. Instead, you will be submerged by lengthy ads, & now double ads!! Why not charge $15 a year to go ad free? There's probably a million who'd pay!
Had the app for a year as something to do over lockdown. Would have more stars initially but overall app is increasingly disappointing: nonstop ads, ads that have no way to exit and requires restart, ads that are demeaning to women and not appropriate for kids, and starting games for people automatically. Lastly, there are no consequences for men who are explicit and abusive in the chat. Scrabble says they look into it but the outcome is private...the creepy men are still playing, not banned.
Obvious that many (if not all) of the "people" that I play are not real. Looking at their stats was my first clue, as they all joined in Aug 2019 and all have about the same # of wins, streaks, etc. At least if you are going to make bots to play people, change it up a little and make it less obvious. The ads are ridiculous. I love the game Scrabble itself, but this needs to be redone. Too much going on here.
I just want to play scrabble - against the computer or maybe online. I don't want to open chests, play for "fun" customised letter tiles(!) or compete in leagues. This game is so overburdened with stupid stuff in glaring colours that I'm struggling to find the right places to tap. PLEASE give us the old app back. Just scrabble, nothing else.
I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I love the various types of games. There's so much to play and the puzzles beyond scrabble are fun. I hate the implementation of ads. There's so many! I could cope if they all had the same format, but these fullscreen ads all have the 'X' in different places. I find the interface too cluttered, bright and confusing. There's too much going on and it makes it difficult to navigate. The animations for rewards are too long and frequent. Get rid!
Still not the traditional game enthusiasts want. We aren't interested in fancy tiles or gems - we want the original features the game used to have. Why is it so hard now to check whether a possible word is valid? Where's the moves history for the current game? Why does a cartoon woman frown at us when we choose to exit the game? The ads have got longer and more intrusive - certainly more annoying than in the old app; and now it keeps crashing out while I think about a move.
Ads pop up after every turn. It continuously disturbs the game and spoils all the interest of continuing the play. Update 04/09 : if it was possible I would have given a negative rating. Pathetic interface, no option of going back, multiple ads after every turn. You better improve the interface if you still want people to use it.
PROS: It's Scrabble (if you play Classic). Side games are cool if you can afford them. CONS: Continual ads & pop-ups! Ads to play games and get rewards, even after you pay for the Club to remove ads. Bait & switch! Pop-ups EVERYWHERE. Every 3-4 times you choose something, a pop-up occurs instead! Never-ending nags to turn on notifications & invite friends. Useless support reps. Glitches that cost you game currency. Tedious animations between actions. If you play, you'll HATE Scopely, I promise.
Ads are horrendous! Ads after almost every play. If this game offered a one time price to remove ads I'd do it in a heartbeat and give the game 5 stars. Offering a price to remove ads for a day or 2 is ridiculous and I wouldn't pay for that. Please give an option to remove ads permanately. I think a lot of players would appreciate and pay for that option. I know I would. The game is pretty much unbearable due to ads. Would be a fun game without them.
I can't find a way to close the app, so I can use my phone as a phone. I had to reboot to get the app to close! Add that to the unnecessary points, jewels, arena comps, frequent adverts and more, and it seems like the app has taken control of my phone. I used to login on my laptop, via Facebook, but the link suddenly disappeared for some unknown reason. When it was Scrabble Mattel, this nonsense just didn't happen. I awarded one star, as there's option for 0 stars or less.
I used to really enjoy this, but the number of ads is absolutely absurd. There is an ad every single time I play a turn. It's ridiculous. There's no way to remove them either. Not necessary and honestly makes me not want to play. There's ads to cover costs, but this is absurd. Even an ad bar at the bottom is far better than a pop up ad after every single turn.
So overall, I really enjoy this game. So many different games to play within the game. However, with this last update, each time I open the app, I can see the game and most times I can play my move but then my screen goes black and nothing happens. I then have close the app and go back to it. This doesn't really work most times. Please fix this issue.
Love how you can select the words on the board and it provides the definition. App fades to black before proceeding with ads, very considerate. Although, I really wish there was a minimal version of this app because it's very colorful. And about unlocking the tile skins thing, why can't users just level up and only access designs then? Apart from how it takes a number of games to unlock tile skins, it's somehow kind of pointless bc the skins disappear on the board when tiles are played.
This game was working great for months, and then suddenly on July 30th, 2020, it would no longer load. It would start to open and get to a certain point and that was it. I force stopped the app, uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted my phone, and nothing worked. This is a bummer because my sister and I played long distance every night! EDIT: I ordered a SD card so that I could hopefully free up space on my phone and make the game work more consistently. Nope!
I used to enjoy and love this game!! Now all I can do is get annoyed and aggravated at the amount of rewards I miss out on due to ads not being able to load! What's the point of watching videos to receive rewards if there are no ads or of the videos don't even play? The game keeps failing.. Me having to wait in order to play duels due to the game acting up as if it's my Wi-Fi connection. FIX IT FOR GOD'S SAKE. The suggestions are never added to the updates either!!!
Overall I really like it. The challenges are great as they give variety. There is a lot going on but in my opinion that makes it more interesting and fun to play. There are a lot of ads but you can 'x' out of them fairly quickly and they make the game free so I can live with them. My biggest annoyance is 50% of the time the videos you can watch to get an extra prize do not load. Definitely needs fixing. And the game does freeze on occasion. But great game. Best word game by far
There's way too many intrusive ads. I can't stand it when they come on with audio when I'm listening to something, the audio on the ads should be off by default. Also, there are way too many men only on there to meet women and not play the game, just chat and when we don't want to chat and give our WhatsApp or Hangouts info. they resign the game. Maybe ban them when we report them so that we can play without the harassment and waste of time when they aren't actually players of the game.
Has the option to show you the best word for last play. I didn't have a "R" last turn. It uses the letters from what you have in your hand right now and not what was from the last turn. Also all my games are against bots. Like how in the world are you gonna make a play right after me every single time I'm online. WITH ALL 5 MATCHES. THE ONLY MATCHES I'VE PLAYED! SMH!!!
I love that the game lights up the acceptable Scrabble words and combinations. I enjoy playing the game. I play a lot of 20+ and quite a few 30+ words, but I can't seem to improve my average point score. I wish there weren't so many distractions like all of the rewards, bells and whistles, and invitations to click on other games and gambling. It's too much. I just want to play Scrabble. I don't even know what the earned rewards mean, except for the diamonds, which I need.
Such a pity that an excellent game is spoiled by frequent crashes, blank screens and interminable adverts. After the first few games the adverts intrude after every other word placement. Alternative games try to interrupt and install. Other interruptions are for rewards and other in-game benefits for which there appears to be no explanation available and which are therefore difficult to understand. Games are taking three or four times as long as necessary to play, often due these interruptions
I like the game, but there's multiple problems that need fixing. 1) Way too many ads and no way to remove them. 2) Too many things going on, as others have said, and more things seem to keep getting added. 3) Bots. You don't realise it at first, but after a while, it's obvious that a lot of the 'people' you're playing aren't real, and this is really annoying. I had to give my friend code out on Reddit just to get some actual interaction, and a decent game!