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SCP: Site-19

SCP: Site-19 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by 5upreme located at USA / New York. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is so slow! If you tap, it takes the game's a few seconds to do the thing you want. Also, I didn't play the game after that.
It's cool but graphic are low and some guns are not seen like rpg,machine gun,turent pls make sure these weapons seen
This game is stupid u can't even join a server don't download it's a waste!! I'm mad cause the game actually looks fun😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 you have succeeded if u wanted this to be a endles waiting simulator
Can use some fine tuning. Maybe add round based gamemode like Secret Labratory. I just ran around with SCP 173 and 049 as a Dclass and was enjoyable!
This game needs to get a update for bug fixes because hwn ever i join a server it loads to 20 percent and then kick me out to home screen please fix this
Terrible it crashes every time I play This game suks I don't like it booooooo It sucks >:( Make it stop crashing mid game Every time one bug is fixed two more aperar It sucks Booooo M Fix it it won't eavean download tell me when u fix it this game has potential :)pleas reply now or else I do something about it myself plz fix randomly crashing. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ΎπŸ—―πŸ’’πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΊπŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ If u fix it I give five stars great game the game is broken
i love this game....but can you make SCP SECRET LAB game on mobile...its pretty good though..but when u make a scp secret lab do a oldest version....
There are very many bugs and need to balance the game. I may be new but i saw many bugs. Just play once and see it yourself.
This game is good but the reason why I gained it 3 stars has begun 457 every time I join the server he just spawn straps the chaos spawn with his passive ability so get rid of them or just Makin on that server
I dont get it it wont let me play when i join a server it says that server is full and not just one its all and it wont let me make a server
Its super fun and great but i wish we could make our own servers pick what mode and region it is that would be really great for my opinion. By the way why cant i see scp chamberz anymore
It is good game I have played it before but now it says that the game has stopped so please fix this issue.
This game was so good but ummm yes FPS ERROR i dont like.fps error please fixed the all glichs then he game was cool and better
It looks cool didn't get to play it because the loading takes forever or i have 20 ping when my wifi is fine
There are actually a lot of bugs in this game. When I first joined the server, it said I already joined but I can't play. Hope someone can fix this as soon as possible
The game is good at all(only on the lobby) but when on the gameplay or starting to join a server everything seems normal and when you join the game loads perfectly but that one problem that the developers don't fix even after all the demands they still haven't fix it I don't even need to tell you it's the (stuck at 100% loading screen) they don't want to fix that and hope they do so this will be 5 stars rated
Can you fix the UI layout bug because I modified the UI and some buttons disappeared when playing in a server Update: all of the rooms (except for the top floor where the road is) are dark, very dark
This is a great game and one of my favriote mobile games you no what would make it a cooler experience adding ungoc serpents hand and gru group divison and more scps but theres just some problems in the game i cant joins any servers sometimes and when you try to pick up items somtimes you cant pick it up and you cant run inside 914 in time the hitboxes in the game are ok another problem is when your scp 280 you cant barley catch players and sometimes gaurds and mtf spawn kill class d personnel.
Thanks for bringing my comment back up I'll give it 2 stars now I'll give it 5 stars if you remove the pay to win boxes And probably every one else also plz fix the controls or rehall the entire game without loot boxes
I can't play the game at all, no matter how many times I press "play" it doesn't want to work. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please tell me right now. I would love to enjoy this game but I can't.
This Game Really Needs To Get Fixed But The Problem Is That If I Pick Up A Gun Or Weapon It Keeps Me Facing Down And I Cant Look Up Again Its Really Annoying It Crashes About Every 30 Seconds I Cant Play This Game At All PLS FIX IT!!!!!
It's really a fun game! I love this game, because it have all of my expectations in it. I'm really grateful that this game exists. As a Mobile Player, I really enjoyed it, it's fun to play with friends! It reduced my boredom. I recommend you to play this game, if you'd like to.
Love the game. Tons of bugs have been fixed and a whole lot was added. But whenever i try and join a server it kicks me out of the app
it is nice but Only problem is that it works now not last time and please put all the SCPs and key card until omni level And I have 2 SCP games the another one Is SCP CB test it out it does not need login just play but cannot pick roles
Nice job making the game but every time I get disconnected after the alpha Warhead explodes fix that in the game!
The game is great so far, but it definitely needs a lot of work... I do sometimes have trouble getting in servers, sometimes items in that storage area dissappear and i cant pick them up, and i have issues with the inventory system but overall the game is fun, good luck with it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
This game have alot of potential i would've rated it 5 stars but there is alot of bugs and glitches hope you fix it and the graphics needs some improvement and the game crashes alot i hope you see my message .thanks
Would you please make an offline mode where you can Play with bots and like make your own settings Other than that it's pretty good
It's a pretty good game but when I have a weapon I cannot look around anymore, fix this bug and this game is great!
I hate this game every time i put in my username i cant go to the next screen if you fix it i will put a 5 star review
I used to love Chamberz But this game wont let me sign up I type a password and A username but it still does not work please fix your game Please and thank you.
I have been a loyal player for a long time. Waiting until the dev fixes everything so I can play. I have tried and it still wont work. It's just a bad game. I don't reccomend it, if you want a multiplayer SCP game go play SCP Seceret Labratory on steam, it's free and easy to play. This game has decreased in quality and so has the developers love towards it.
This game is the worst game I've ever played.I can't even join on the servers because the game says I have weak internet connection but I have a strong internet connection,and even if I join a server it goes back to the Main Menu.And It is is all black when i join a server and i can't see anything.Please fix this problem as soon as possible before I uninstall this game
Okay great game has everything thing u expect but the elevator r missing instead for blue teleport which is great it mean there will be there soon updates regularly to stop bug but 173 moves without stop when u look at him and could u add 096, 939 and more gun instead of scar ar 15 and glock, more gun plz then the game would be like the PC version of the game
Awful, don't download this game! - I couldn't open any doors, the controls are really awkward to use, the map isn't the same as the original SCP Game, when looking around it takes for ever to make a full turn, and the animations look weird.
While i like the game play how everwhen i got near this coffin thing it flashso scary and creepy images.
I press join on all servers possible and its just stuck not doing anything, i really want to play this game so please fix it...
I can't get in the game with this new update because I have to log in but I tried several times and I still can't get in
Man i love the game play but not only that when die you still have ur stuff and thats cool i can't wait to do more stuff like thisπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™
Alright here we go now startedi know this i see however did you know SCP096 it was realy crazy and SCP106 remember that in evertech sandbox i love this isnt this a bug the Game is a bug or what i saw siren head in this game but i am bot higher level for siren head or i dont know that big thing SCP but i saw the name SCP939 and i know that i know SCP XXXX was it scary huh am i scared nope well BRUH BYE
Entrance Zone is a complete and utter mess. it resembles more of a maze than an actual functioning facility not to mention it's just a bunch of repeating rooms glued together
the fact that this update has many things including elevators now, this makes it better than chamberz. Also the bug which after being close in 012, i can see my severed hands. Thats normal. BUT the thing is the time i respawn as the same role(or any other even scps) it just cut my hands out of nowhere. Even being 173 kills me with the severed hands. Fix this and a 5 star rating Trust me. I belive this is now fixed so i will do a temporary 5 star. If fixed, it will become permanant
In my opinion I really love this game.I would give it 5 starts though if we had some more enemy teams like the horizon initiative or the serpents hand or even possiblaly the church of the broken god
So good i see a helicopter in the end of the game i go to the helicopter and I drive the helicopter 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁
I like where this game is going and so far it seems like the dev or devs are working hard to make this game work properly hope your staying safe out there and keep doing what you're doing and turn this into the next scp secret laboratory
The graphics sucks and whenever I pick up a gun I can't move my camera or my pov, the Ci and the mtf classes, I can't use them even I can use it ! Fix it, I also uninstalled it so yea this game sucks go to SCP CB at least it's better
This new update is by far the best. Majority if things are fixed like the ai as they no longer exist. The registration regave me back my progress. The new scp 939 is very cool as well as the new features. However 106 does still fall out the map if he teleports on the ground. But that's no big deal really. As well the new area of chambers is very neat and cool. Overall I'm very pleased with this update and how they've fixed majority of the previous issues. This game is gonna go far.
I was able to start this game after about the 10th intall. It a bit choppy and hard to control but it also runs surprisingly well for a mobile game. I only played for a bit and the only bugs I encountered was whenever I wanted to type something, the keyboard never showed up. This has room for potential and I hope to see it grow
the game is alot more better because they added scp 682!!! i cant wait to play the new biggest update and this game is free to play but bugs are the elevator dosent work the game kicks you you cant pick up guns sometimes and when i shoot it takes so long because its so laggy but over all good game!!! i recommend installing it its your choice ignore the bad reviews its just laggy and you just dont watch his streams he said low down graphics and it low down lag thank you for creating this
I would do a 5 but heres the thing there isn't that much scps and the fact their cant be more then 1 or 2 CI/MTF. The doors too like whats up with that is the map not finnished yet or what but so far its good hell actually so good that ima probably change it to a 5 star maybe but if You could add npcs like bot guards that would be epic anyway thanks for seeing my post if you do see it good luck and i wish the best this game will be famous.
This game is bad! I can't join a server!!! WASTE MY TIME!!!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!! 😑😠😑😠😑😠🀬🀬🀬
When i try to enter a server it loads and then fails unexpectidly kicking me out of the game to my home screen i hope this problem gets fixed a soon as posible
I used to play it a lot back then hell i was in one of the video if i remember right but I'm trying to log in yet i keep crashing when i try to open the app for some odd reason
This is a great game dont get it wrong could you please make it to where i cant see a black screen when i join the server. Thanks!
This game froze my phone to the point where I couldn't cut it off or close the app I had to wait like 30 to 45 minutes before my phone was unfrozen
This is the best team because I can't even play the game it won't let me sign in doesn't matter how many times I put my username or password or my email it doesn't let me get in I am having a really bad day you're the worst game ever I thought this game, make me happy but just made me even work
The scp health is so many and gun damage is so tiny and why is the blast shelter only in heavy containment and graphics also the elevator bug
The game is great but there's a lot of glitches and bugs the game is great overall could you maybe add 096 but take your time on this game to make it perfect
It's horrible. I cannot play it. I'm stuck in the login screen Even though I press login it doesn't work. Fix this problem or I'll uninstall it
Everyone, please stop saying this has bug and etc, the developer is working hard on it, wait and we all will see. This was made in dec, 2019 so of course it would have bug, just wait.
This sucks when you play it. It jast turned black untill it will lag boooo fix it so you have so much rate like 5 rates
I can't play a game on this when I join a game it crashes straight away its so annoying please fix this if your listening this
Keeps kicking me while I have good internet it is ERROR is the an scp that does that or no I am going to delete this game I will never play this game if this isn't fixed
I went to sign in with the username 'soggyteabag' and it puts up a message reading "Soggyteabag is already exists". That would tell you to choose another name but it did not care and logged me on anyway... I got into a server, frames were alright so I spawned in s a scientist and I walk just a few meters before the game crashes, game needs quite the fix up
Everytime I try to enter it automatically exits out of the game pls fix this bug so I could peacefully play the game
The game is Ok. I have a feeling this game gonna be great in future. Still has some bugs. Unable to grab stuffs (sometimes), can't respawn after die by piano sheet stufd, elevator door (close and open repeat) and respawn with previous weapon (flashlight or tablet). Still need some improvements like level maps elevator (it connect to every zone and it make game too easy), upgrading keycard, need more keycard level, accurate warhead countdown (delay after counted) etc. Overall the game is good.
Fix your game I can't even drop my weapon even though I keep pressing the drop button it's so annoying I can't even pickup the other weopons because of this
I like it but I don't want sign in and password of it I want to play it but it's like SCP containment breach. and I can't sign in
Good game but sometimes as scp 173 and 049 you cant damage or kill and sometimes you cant see forever please fix
It got great gun mechanics graphics arnt the best but are still okay. Some of the things that do bother me is why did they add scp 280 an scp that most people don't even know about? You could have added scp 939 ( the red dog things ) or maybe you could have put scp 096 ( the shy guy ) or scp 106 ( the one who can go through doors ) and if you do keep scp 280 can you please make it so he can't fly around like a spectator can ( please just make it so it can't go through walls ) still a great game!
It is soo nice but the problem is , when I update my software ware , it didn't say anything then when I open the game , it kick me always. Plz fix this problem
The game is very fun. However, i have encountered an issue: i dont know what causes it, but i lose all my progress on my account, i have made multiple accounts afterwards, and it still occured. What can I do? Would you know the exact issue?
The game does not work entering a sever doesn't work not going to delete looking forward to improvement.
Everytime i try to join a game, it keeps crashing and logging me out and i checked mt internet and it was fine. Please fix this for godsakes because im close to uninstalling.
Alright I got the update, and nothing has changed for me. The map is still completely black and the only things lighting up are the doors and windows, as well as the EZ. I also lost all of my progress and the maps are bugging out. Help us
I HATE THE NEW UPDATE u cant pick a scp anymore and if you press the POV u cant undo it i hate this updateπŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•
Its a good game but if you buy a scp pack use it then if you close out the game you will lose it. It NEEDS to let you keep it i lost 5$ because of it.
Fun but my serious problem is the servers are never populated, every server is almost empty and the maximum ive seen is 4. Great game but I'm wondering where are all the other players?
Hey, can you fix this bug? This is scp 999 bug when you die in front scp 999, you will be respawn and you will get scp 999 effect:immortal please fix this bug
I absolutely love this game! ...When I could play it. I downloaded this game a few months ago, and it went smoothly. Occasionally I would get kicked off the server for no reason, but I forgave those small glitches. Now I can't even play the game! It just loads to one hundred percent and stays that way, or I can't even get to the loading screen. It just freezes and continues to play sombre piano. I really did love this game, so I would love it if you fixed the kinks and glitches. Thank you!
This is a legendary game because the amount of work that went in was amazing however yes the game could still use more upgrades like simplifying the Interface and the the options menu its a tad unformal however its still awesome the way it is and i look forward to enjoying new SCP's and content so keep on doing your amazing hard work 5upreme it is an excellent game no matter what
The best game but the only reason why I think it going freeze cuz my other device frozen so I waited and waited until it unfreeze and it did so am scared to download it on my phone and other thing add a nuke and fix the freeze error and how did it happen I download it then press play then it frozen so I restart my phone so let see if it does and to much adds I get disconnected when. I watch the adds and I do love the game ok bye and Pls make a nuke BOOM FROZEN ITS NOT FROZEN
It has some potential but first you need to fix some bugs: 1. I can't log in, i need to go into settings and clear data for it to allow me to create a new account and log in. 2. In the "Today" part of the main menu it says that i am on version 2.39c bn55, but i updated the game and in the settings it says i have version 2.39f bn 56,also all the bugs you said you'll fix are fixed. 3. The "Friends and Guilds" tab doesn't work since the new update 2.39f bn56. Please fix the bugs!
Horrible! If I even make it into a sever it's way to glitchy to choose a class! Heck I can't even scroll down!
I very much hope that this game is going to be updated, because it's laggy. I enyoy the gameplay because its fun. Sooo yeah when it's not laggy I will make it 5 stars!
It does not tell you how to play and the scps are very confusing to play I think you need to add a control option
I can't even move is this game just give me a black screen if I can play nothing works at all I can't move I can't play I can't do anything these creators need to stop creating games like this it's freaking stupid it's not even a game
I really enjoy the game and it isnt too taxing on my phone. The only problem I have is that there is a bug where alot of the map will become dark with there being no way to see anything. It might be my phone but I'm not sure.
Good enough for a phone SCP game but I rate it 4 stars because the servers are not stable and the maps are really funny and weird, it's randomly generated but sometimes the places takes glitch example=I entered armory with level 3 access but after I entered the armory it took me to armory but with a control room door which need level 5 access and the armory door that I entered from suddenly disappeared like I have 106 ability, please fix the map more πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™please. But still this game is good.
Slow to join I waited 30 mins to join but this game sucks slow join I can join but wonder me join don't install this game and also tells me I joined but I'm not. stupid game
This game never lets me even press play every time I press play it doesn't do anything doesn't start the game so can you please fix it.
It's a good game but FIX IT It says "DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE GAME" then it crashes Please fix it it's my favourite game but I can't play it I've played it for 3 years non stop please fix it so I can play it again
Horrible. I am a huge fan of SCPs so when I found this game I thought it would be good but it was not it let in but it would not let me join any servers and when there was a join button sometimes when I clicked on it it dissapeared
It is a great game and it is a goos combination of SCP CB and SCP SL. I would like to point out a bug If this bug is fixed I will update this review. The bug is that SCP-914 does not work. See SCP-914 won't work because when you put a item into it and it does not destroy the item, the item won't be transferred into the output booth and will still be inside the input booth and will not upgrade the item. The item will still be in the input booth and not destroyed.
I like the idea of the game, but... All i get is a spinning loader whenever i try to join servers. It says im connected and my ping is lower than 100 for most, but it wont load me into the games. I played with all my settings as to avoid lag and try to connect but i just cant get into servers with plenty of room for players. Please fix this for an updated review. Also i cant figure out how to change my name for default.
Good game also tip if download freezes turn off connection and turn it on again it will return and it won't be freezedπŸ‘
this game is great. its like SCP containment breach roleplay. it has keybored support for chromebook :D
This is a very good game and I hope the developer(s) can continue development. There is one problem though, as you have to manually open the chat to text, and then it tells me that I have to be level 40 to use the chat.
The game is really fun and great, I am really impressed on all the new things added into here. The shadows and new rooms are really appealing. I cannot wait for any more upcoming updates you may have on this game. All 10/10 for me
Cool game but there is alot of bug like if you pick an weapons and use it your camera can't move if you fix this I would play this game everyday
Does not work I deleted half my apps to clear space (didn't work) I deleted and reinstalled it (didn't work) I went into it's storage (didn't work) I tried everything and it won't work It stays on the loading screen then crashes after 30 seconds Would be 5 stars if I could actually play it maybe even did a YouTube vid on it but it won't work :/
The game is really fun and great, however, it seems I am having trouble with SCP XXXX. It tells me that I need over 5000 shots total to unlock skin pack 1 and scp xxxx, but here I am at 5134, and I got the skin pack, but not SCP XXXX, please fix this. Other than that, this game is great.
This game is nearly unplayable. As SCP-173, while I could move; while I was capable of terminating subjects, I unable of doing that.
It looks really great I wish I could join i server but I could not even join a single one. Please fix this.
I cant even load into the servers im very disappointed you should of made it look like secret lab the graphics are bad and a always get lost in it its a shame because I like scp games.
Good game. However.. there's no indication of players in a server so you have to join them just to reconfirm, the GUI setting for the controls are sometimes not working so I can't put the fire button to the left side, and SCP 280: The Shadow Monster sometimes keeps flying through walls, you should make a vent system instead of 280 no cllipping through walls and it's very glitchy. So please do fix this ASAP. Overall there are no problems that affect the gameplay.
The games Really Fun and Kinda Addictive...the only Problem here is sometimes I can't Move After I pick up a Weapon but I can Play it well if I restart my Phone,I think it's About the Device maybe.... Overall the Game is Cool😎 keep it up!! BTW Can you Please Enable Voice Chat on the General Server so it will be more fun,Tnx
When I clicked the main menu button and left a loud noise just A HUGE noise was made and it had made me very scared and afraid to play this ever again so I will delete it for now until the loud noise is removed.
Ok I'm able to play now but when I die then it says the game stopped and it would freeze at random otherwise absolutely amazing😁
This Game Sucks I Cant Join Servers Its Always Backing The Game And Before The Game Just Back You Will Heard A Voice Like An Kid Screaming Like *Errrrrrrrr* Then It Will Automatic Backs The Game I Will Never Install This Game Again So Ugly And Have A Bug 😑😑
The game is very good cause it is exactly like a containment breach but their are alot of bugs but I dont mind cause it's a mobile game and their are glitches but the dev fixed alot of them
Great game just have a problem when youre a d-class you need to wait for someone who have level 1 keycard just so you can get out i suggest that d-class have can hack level 1 keycard doors and when your level increases you can hack higher doors thanks great game again hype for the next update 😁😁😁
This game is in a very raw stage, much work needs to be put in before it can even be remotely considered complete. I enjoy the game very much, that being said there are bugs that need to be fixed and changes that should be made. Looking forward to seeing where this game goes! Good luck to the developer πŸ’ͺ (edit: The game force closes as soon as I start it very upset I can no longer play)
The problem with the game is the camera keeps getting stuck and unable to move. But I can still walk. The camera makes everything way annoying because it can't move. Can you fix that error please. By the way the game is fun. Keep it up!!πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜ŽπŸ™
Please fix this problem is I put attachments on Guns But when I'm playing a sever it was not showing my attachment on my gun
This game has a lot of potential, I would suggest there should be an option to make private servers to play with your friends only, and have AI for other classes or SCP. I know it sounds too much to ask, but I think it'll be really fun to have it that way
I cant play the game because I cant connect to games because they take forever to start, could you make like a ai mode of gameplay? thanks i could play now
I bet that this game is good, but my gameplay was bad all servers ive joined had no pkayers in it. I couldn't do anything. I dont know about other people if they have experience in the game, but my experience was bad, and boring. I kept waiting for players to join but nobody joined. I deleted the game because of that but i bet this game is wonderful!
Can you fix the UI layout bug because I modified the UI and some buttons disappeared when playing in a server
You have to give it your password and access to your account to play the game don't install it will try to hack you
My favourite game scp but some bugs and very slow loading please fix this problem.. Because I am waiting you....
Can you make the start is log in and always done to main menu?. I very hate that because that will be cooldowning
It is a fantastic game and the updates are all based on peoples opinions so the game is made from choices i also love the simplicity and uniquenes that this game has. I only wish that some bugs would be fixxed like one where the weapon switching mechanic disappears after playing as an scp and the nuke could be turned off. And i also wish 096 event had 096
The..game...ruined...anyways...what. the...hell...the play button has been ruined and i cant play..idk how u can play this but...nothing i just got another games to play :|
This game is quite good. The only bug here was the keyboard never showed up when i really want to type something. You have a potential, Supreme. I wan't this game to see it as a success.
Why cant I move my camera when I pick up a weapon it just freeze my camera and I cant do anything Ive been eliminated so many times now
it was fun befor the login ipdate but all of my progress has been wiped so i cant play as some thing and do some events please fix it...
Loading takes a long time and sometimes I can't join servers there is nobody there anyway. It seems it's a dead game.
Let me play it now it's keep crashing everytime when I join a server or becoming something FIX IT NOW!
Cool game i always play this when my school is done. This is th e best game i've ever played in my life.and the scp's are updated(but the scp's are few)
It's nice but I can't play with 173 as it's blocked in a different zone. It needs bugs to be fixed and also I need 939 to be free
Horrible I can't even play. It takes forever to load into the main menu and when trying to get into a server the game just crashes. I'm playing on a Samsung galaxy A01 and it still doesn't work.
great game to play the only reason im rating it 4 stars is because the map is to big but its a compeate repaca of the scp cb map i love this game so mutch
I LOVE SCP BUT I LOVE LONG is there a long day to download I want to be a Gart I don't want to be a prison because I don't love. Prisoner because if I the Gart if I RUN the gart kill me so BYE
I give it 2 stars becaise I didnt get to play the game because there is no back button. It says you might wanna customize the setrings but once you go into settings you cannot get out of settings because there is no back button. Until they fix that, please dont download this game. It is a waste pf time.
Please fix the Server button I kept Pressing it over and Over but nothing works, it's like it's frozen. I've been playing this game for more than a month. I love it😁 But PLEASE fix the Bugs. Thx
Great game scp 173 needs more health because if there is more than two people there you are dead as long as they have ar15's but either way id say maybe 5k hp for him would be good
Every time I press one of the servers it says that I've joined and the there are like 12/20 players in the erver but it keeps loading and won't even let me play...
I hate the new update it got ride of the scps I loved being the scp and the bots are not good take them out plz
This game is generally good But the biggest problem of this game Is the login Problem! The login section doesn't work at all! if you suddenly press the log out button in settings or tap on your nick name section while the game is loading or even if your data connetion disconnects for a while , you will be logged out and lose your entire progress and you will not be able to reclam it! Game will always add numbers to your nickname and resets you as new player! It reseted me six times until now!
The reason why I gave his game one review because I watched the video and it never let me play only lets you to do is lie from walls this game sucks
This is not good, when you get into a server you just see a frozen image of a room, can't do nothing, no moving no actions, just nothing,please fix it
Great game but I keep being kicked off my account and not allowing me to log back in if this is fixed this would be a 5 stars
It's really a fun game! I love this game, because it have all of my expectations in it. I'm really grateful that this game exists. As a Mobile Player, I really enjoyed it, it's fun to play with friends! It makes me not bored. I recommend you to play this game, if you'd like to, because it's one of the best Multiplayer game!
Its a good game but its hard to join a server every time i try to join it says .server full. And the worst problem every sever is full!! 1 star
Really cool app but it's not really cool because I played in it's not really fun because they only have like maybe like four maybe five scps it's not really fun you can be a d class but not really cool
Its ok but needs better graphics and better game play and better guns. Plus all the good scps need money to use.
Just give it five star 1 star is for not lag 2 is you cant speak 3 you cant be a scp 4 graphics good 5 enjoyable but ther problem graphics of like class d and scp guard is like trash like if ther walking ther feet is not moving so plss fixx
Really good game but, whenever I pick up a gun my screen glitches. I then cannot move my screen. Is it just me?
I was really excited to finally come across this game until all these glitches and little bugs it will not even let me stay connected for a full game always logs me out or disconnects me and I even restart my game from the very beginning I am highly disappointed in the quality and how you wanted people to play and you barely even have enough server room for everyone that wants to you all need to get this game fixed majorly
I can't log in for some reason I put my last name I don't even know my password and I can't join anything I don't want that
Not a bad game I must say. There are some gliches like 457. His passive ability is so annoying. but a good game nonetheless.
Hmm...well first it needs the classic SCPS and nutnut (scp-173) can move when looked at..(edit) I deleted then reinstalled later and it wont work! 😀 (edit,) nevermind lol sorry
This game is trash if i start the game im stuck at the black screen foreve it wont start its been a long time to start its 1:19 PM now iv been waiting
This game is so boring it takes forever to get on a server you can die so easily and sometimes when you try to pick up your stuff you can't and when I accidentally deleted all my data everything was gone please put a restore data in settings also when I got to 9:14 and I put my key card in it was still level one 914 is just useless and waste of time
Not the best, I Couldn't join any servers and it said I was connected after an hour and a half of waiting, then to discover I Still Couldn't Join 😠 please fix this, other than that, the graphics were epic!! I'd love to see what this game could become but for now I'm deleting it...
Lots of bugs, there is a bug where you can glitch out the through the roof with Scp 280. There is also that I can't duplicate ammo or upgrade keycards in Scp 914 by that I mean the keycards stays in the intake without upgrading, I know there's a 50% chance but I've tried it many times and still doesn't work. Sometimes I get stuck through doors. I can't escape most of the as the scientist or D-class because of 914 being buggy and also sometimes when I spawn my gun just drops on ground (as Mtf,CI)
It's a great game, but I wish there were more SCP's to play as, it would be amazing and cute if you could play as 999. But that's my opinion. There's only one down fall and it's not just me, the game sometimes brings you back to level 0. Please fix that bug.
It looks fun and probably is!...... if I could play it. Yeah this game doesn't work to well evry time I try to join a server it just loads and loads. I want to play it and I know some people can but it has a chance not to work though.
Horrible it takes forever to load into a game just from the main menu and when I finally do it will only go to 20 then crash and when I try a second time it does the same thing, I've been trying for hours and it wont let me play the game at all, if you fix this I will redo my review but for now it is horrible.
There is a glitch where i cant kill other players, i encountered this glitch as 049 an scp that takes one hit to kill a player and i could not kill them
It's a great game that's fun. the graphics could be better other than that it's fun and fairly easy to understand. All in all I love this game
The account bug has been fixed. SCP-457 is incredibly overpowered because of his passive ability. It can kill you anywhere.
Needs more servers... The main us server is always full and the rest are russian also adding gamepad functions would be awesome
I heard it was good so 3 stars but always colseing when i join pls fix that. and when i choose a role it does not spawn me
Bug Fixes: i let the game crash then restart a few times and got into a lobby Bug fixes 2: Black screen... Reset my lobbys and rejoined and no black screen
Why is everything randomized? At least add ability to choose what will you be. I'm ok with random maps but why can't I choose what will I be? Just make that players can choose what will they be but it should be a secret to other players. So if somebody chooses to be an MTF other players should not know that and same things for other roles.
The Christmas update could have more but didn't like more snow and more decoration but they did the best thay code. Now time to find coins
I like the game it's pretty good its like SCP SL but for mobile and If you want good Graphics just increase it in the settings
I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THE GAME WANTS ME TO PLAY IT I HAVENT EVEN GONE INTO THE GAME. So I try to type my nickname THE KEY BORD IS NO COMING UP. Please fix this. And it keeps kicking me out of the game fix this to make this a five star
I played the game but after play the site 19 the game will crash always plz fix this game the game dont let me join server plz fix it i rewiev 5 hope its fixed all dont forget to pit all rooms thx good luck
It was a good game but whenever i join its stuck at the blavk loafing screen its stuck at 100% it wont let me play and the game registers me as dead even though i just joined please fix it i really love this game
It's a great game if your an scp fan. It's a cool idea that needs to be refined. Also since the new update I cant open the game it just shuts down without loading anything.
I am tryimg to join an lobby and anything! It just does nothing. I would of done 4-5 but please fix this.
It is a great game and it is a goos combination of SCP CB and SCP SL. I would like to point out a few bugs. If these bugs are fixed I will update this review. The bugs are that SCP-914 does not work and sometimes I can't really pick items up. See SCP-914 won't work for some reason, like it won't upgrade the item in the input booth and won't take the item from the input booth into the output booth. And sometimes I won't be able to see an item's name.