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SCP: Breach 2D

SCP: Breach 2D for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Intelligent cat located at Belarus, Brest. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it but there's a bug that after you get out from the Tesla gate line. But the Tesla gate is still active. So fix that please.dude when is the update.
It's good but I buyed the guard and I got killed I don't know wear the suit or weapon was and whenever I try to restart the round it still continues my last game plz fix it but don't get me wrong I love SCP foundation so don't ruin it
Please add scp 001 to it cause I think it would be epic . And fix a few bugs .even if it is a 2d version it's very fun. Keep the good work on.you can make many updates of it and don't forget to add scp 3008,scp 5643 to it.
Fun, somewhat difficult game with pretty much all the sound effects from its 3d counterpart. The controls take a bit to get used to but after a while I was invested.
I never played this game before but so far so good, I think this game is the best. I am a fan of the SCP Foundation. Can you add more scp like, SCP 682, 999, 035 etc. But I love how the game looks like and the images too. I hope I don't die soon, but you guys are going great! Keep it up with these awesome game(s)!
Annoying game. In SCP anything may kill, you may have to learn all the dangers by deaths. But in this game you may die even though you knew the dangers, often opening a door causes instant death, I think it's a bug, this game contains a tonn of bugs.
I think this game is really good but even if I can't beat it because I'm very bad at an SCP games but really I don't know how to beat it but I do say this is the best because first of all it's is very scary and still can be hard on easy.
Amazing quality for a mobile scp game. Controls may take a bit to get used to but a great overall experience. 5/5
This game was amazing and fun but there were a lot of problems like researchers would sink into the ground and when I got enough points to get guard class it only let me play class D saying continue and also the class D cannot shoot there P90s but other than that it's really fun
Game needs a lot of work, but it's a good idea. I'm glad developers are still putting time into this game and I hope to see it improve.
It was great, I was trapped between 106 and 173, and ran passed a tesla gate, 106 died, and I died to 173. I did have A level 3 card so it was great, loved it! Although 173's chambers were very close and the NTF move too slow. 173 killed everyone instantly before I even got to it. EDIT: Add commands, I would love to play as/play around with SCPs! I love this game!
Can the devs fix fhis issue where when the player like me starts up the game it conctantly crashes. I believe that this game has a lot potential. Pls fix this bug, I want to play it again without this glitch!
The reason why I rate this four stars is that this is always freezing and scp 173 only moves when you blink now not saying he should move when your looking at him but make it so that he moves when you're looking away and blinking although I hate that its freezing its still a pretty good game
Good game but bad level design. I had to watch a tutorial to understand where i should go. The map should be rewamped. Otherwise it is a good game.
I found a bug in the game when you play as the guard at normal there's scp 173,106 doesn't appear anywhere and the invisible scp only stays on the place where the coffee machine is and when i play as a d class and started with the guards when i got to 173 chamber the two d class are standing still and you can't see 173 and the two d class are duplicated the other one 2 dclass is standing and the duplicate 2 dclass are dead and im stuck in 173 chamber and when i play as guardTheTeslaIsStillActiv
This game really had potential and I'm gonna list the problems I had 1 - There is no indication of when 106 is gonna show up and getting out is basically a guess 2 - Getting a key card is difficult for no reason 3 - Tesla gates are hard to dodge in this game 4 - Double the 1st problem
The game is fun, but there is very very little instruction on how to use certain objects, what some objects are, et cetera. And what's the point in having a gun? I can't kill a any SCP, or even a D boy that is shooting at me (as a guard), let alone MTF. Cool game don't get me wrong, but these are things that bugged me.
I dont see what people like about this game. It had the potential to be good and then wasnt i cant make it 2 minutes into it before dieing on easy and no scps are near me.
I had this game before, I reinstalled it hoping to see what was new and I am shocked, pleased and disappointed, respectively in that order. Shocked I was because there are new SCPs and new mechanics added to the game. I was very pleased to see that but as I progressed I saw that there are some bugs in the game and I was quite disappointed. I replayed it several times but the bugs just kept reappearing. I hope that gets fixed in a future update.
Eh. It's good but the fact that you need to win to get more roles is horrible.you can't pass peanut so u can't win. Either make escaping SCPS Easyer on easy mode or add the roles for free! If u want a challenge, sure! If you wana have an easy game then don't bother
Ok this games better now but still its pretty hard anyway jts been i proved with is good but can you add more roles and a role to be an scp anyway thx for improving the game
It's a very good game, I get scared from most SCP games and that one is funnier and less scary, I would really suggest that game.
No joke, it's the only game I have ever rated 5 stars. Everything is pretty cool, but it would be awesome if you added SCP-914(Cannot upgrade with level 3 or higher. Very fine setting with level 1/2 key card gives a MasterCard or an omni card) and SCP-294(coins and MasterCards, too.) Oh, and please add an alpha warhead, thanks. Anyways, please download this.
For i play it but i never have a good idea but i am now scared but i am seeing scp 340 ;-; i am sad but i think why i am scared
The First Time I played this it was great, I was a bit confused on These Scp so I had to go on YouTube and Learned about them. It was interesting to play. Also look forward to play more of these :)
This is the best SCP game I've seen for mobile, but SCP-145 is 106, but also can you fix the bug where I press the walk button but I don't move, but overall this is a reeeally good game
I like this pixelated horror SCP breach game, found the cuddle monster, Eric's toy, the Jaded ring, the plauge doctor, 3d specs, the shy guy and mostly the statue 173. I only reached a little cause it's too scary, which makes it challenging, forgot 008, oops.
This Game Is So Fun! I Hope You Keep Releasing The New Exciting Updates And Add Multiplayer Mode. Thanks!
should add a few console commands that more SCP and mobile task force the straight blowback closed bolt 850 to 1100 rounds per mintue and add muzzle flash with the flash hider equipped on the straight blowback closed bolt
This game is really good but a bit to short and there's only 1 ending for 2D game I think it should be just a bit better
This game is so good but sometimes the game was stoped and lagging and my progress not saved,but its ok for me because i love this game and pls update New SCP, Scp-966,and chaos insurgent to rescue the class- d im so excited for update
It was bit of a pain, trying to figure what I'm even supposed to do, but the gameplay is alright. I have not finished a single story line.
I love the game, but when I got enough points to become a guard, I was stuck as a class d and I got really frustrated with this so plz fix it. You should also add a multiplayer mode and finish the mtf aswell as add the chaos insurgency which you can become that role once you escape the facility or get 5 points. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
The game is good but there i want npc to wander and can u add chaos and like if your mtf or chaos u have a squad and they go around the building say your sticant and find mtf they help u like in d bois u find chaos they help u i just want to AI do things and add more weapons and can there be signs helping players? Edit this game is so broken it keeps spawning me in as a gaurd why cant there be a new game button
Hi I love this game and its keeps getting better every update but i surely recommend adding a new gamemode that allows the players to be a SCP and their mission is too eliminate all of humanity and also i agree with the persons that said saves should be free this would indeed increase the players enjoyment of the game i hope you will add the new gamemode!! :)
Really good just needs more work but still really good. Would not recommend for people without more knowledge about SCP
This is a good game but I turned into half d class half guard after Becoming guard so please fix that bug but when will scientist and MTF come out
The game is very good... however, you can't restart, at least from my experience. This is very frustrating, I get enough points to play as a gard, IM STUCK AS A D-CLASS! i kill myself, BUT I GOT A CHECKPONT. SO I CANT RESET! I'm a gard but I want to be a scientist. TO BAD! that's my only issue, pls fix this.
It's a fun and interesting for a mobile game so I enjoyed it, my only request is the add a few more scps
Got cornered by 049, had researcher fall trough ground and not spawn later, cannot always save. I saved and the save worked for one turn. The Class-D with a gun will not attack "guard" or be attacked by anything else. Don't understand the walkie talkie researcher acquired thing. Please make a tutorial. Also, can't find keycard. Reply to me when it's finished, but it's still fun, and to people that can toletate small bugs it's great. Also it freezes when I die sometimes.
I kept crashing every 5-7 minutes of playing. I hope it will be fixed in the future and it was a good game, better than the 3D version because 2D is less scary
Let me explain my rating. Graphics are good. I love pixels and this style. But the way that the legs dont bend and some designs are hard to see. Gameplay is ok but needs fixing. Many times glitches occur. Once I got a seed that was impossible due to no keycard at the start. And I once was instantly killed when going through a door from god knows what. That obviosly is unfair. Controls are bad. Sprinting is difficult and I think using an item shoud be reversed, hold to drop, tap to use. Great Game
I really enjoy playing this game but I ran into some issues. I was trying to get away from 096, I did get away from it but later on 096 just phased through the floor and killed me. I don't know if that is an error or its suppose to be like that. The second problem was with the tesla gates. I ran through a tesla gate to get to heavy containment and the sound of the tesla gate wouldn't stop. I had to sit and listen to the sound of that bloody gate for 20 minuets. I couldn't hear what was going on. Other wise that I think the game looks pretty good. I don't really like how 096 looks but I know its hard to make a tall skinny child outta pixels. Thats just my opinion. Sorry for the long paragraphs, but I really do enjoy this game. Its fun to play on the bus ride home.
Not bad i Like it just like the orginal game but the ads if there are of add butten and online gameing system this would make great game
I love the game its my fav but theres only one problem, i hope they add raids and more guards, also it need more scp and pls make class d shoot and please make a sandbox and multiplayer game as well as a map and unit creator
game is a good concept. what really drags it down is the saving and loading of saves. another issue is 049 and 106 you cant run around him like you can is scp cb. also there is no auditory or visual way to tell if 966 is nearby. i did not even realise he was in the game at first and thought i was randomly dieing. 173 will sometimes seize up and not move. lastly is that there are just random items laying on the ground nightvision keycards and even some scps.
I love this game don't get me wrong but I don't like that the site you choose has The Old Man (SCP-106) he is annoying and I don't know what to do when I get in his "pocket demintion" except wait and die. so I erge you to get rid of 106 and replace him with another cause Keter is a pain to avoid and Euclid is a little easier but hard if you place the SCP somewhere random each load.
make a update were you can play with other people and i haven't went to one of the endings. And the game is awesome and can you make it where you can find key cards easier. I kinda wanna have you play as scps and kill the npcs but it's up to you.
The game is very fun but I kinda want like an update like there's an online multiplayer and offline multiplayer just to play with ur friends and have fun.
Alrighty developers add some sort of Online modes.Also make there be some purchaseable things and remove ads.Great game though.Add more teams say....C.I.Make more maps.I think this could be turned into the best game.
Deleted my review from 2018 to type this one. Game massively improved since then (addition of a save mechanic was a game changer). I DO LOVE IT, but wanna point some things out to the dev. Still some bugs, like having a companion with a gun who doesn't really... do anything. There is also a glitch where scientist companions stay seated and fall through the floor, as well as an audio glitch when dying that is the 173 "close encounter" sound. I love it and want more! The ads don't bother me!
I love the game its my fav but theres only one problem, i hope they add raids and more guards, also it need more scp and pls make class d shoot, thank you and i love the game but pls update the game🌟🌟🌟🌟
The game has no end, there is no point in getting a high enough keycard when you still need to talk to 079 when you don't know where it is. Guns can't reload and have 10 ammo (also, person who said guns are useless and have no effect, you have to use the gun when you're close enough to the target) and updates are very slow (I've been waiting for the MTF update for over half a year). For now, I wouldn't recommend this game. I still enjoy it time to time, but it's getting a bit boring.
I did'nt defeat anything but I still love this game I would like the developers to add the 05 council for the players th choose
Good game vut sometimes scp 79 glitchs and you cant talk to him and he keep talking through the loudspeakers even though im standing in front of him. Other than that, good game
This is a great game, although there are some bugs this game is great otherwise. As a suggestion I think it would be great to add chaos insurgency after the mtf update is complete. Other than that this game is amazing keep up the good work 😁
It is so good so far but the glitch on the scientist(s) is that they're falling on the floor while following you, and the D-class that have guns yes they fire at you when you're guard or anything except when you're one of them but my problem for them is that when I encounter an MTF or even an SCP they don't fire their guns... Would also request on the next update finnaly have the MTF and Chaos Insurgency and maybe having this game an online multiplayer mode.
This game is like SCP breach beta. Except it's kind of weird. I've only seen SCP-173 and SCP 106. And more scp's but that doesn't matter. Please download this game.(to get scared out of your pants). Secure contain protect am I right hehe.
It was fun and challenging but there are a number of bugs like when you die as a guard and dont go back to your save you can continue but instead of becoming a guard again you become a d-class
Love the added characters please added tge mtf and keep up the good work and maybe we can play as the scps hey also 079 cotaiment cell does not spawn
Love the game but the problem is that some scps dont work, like scp 096, when you look at its face its suppose to chace you and kill you. and thw other scp thats a coffin, in the original game if you wear night goggles and go there your suppose to see blood, dead bodies, etc. and why do you guys still have the santa hat? This game couls do with a few updates.
I am only giving this 3 stars because the saves are annoying. This would be a 5 star game if there were infinite saves on easy mode and the saving system wasnt you having to pay to save.
Incredible game and graphic design, however the problems I get is the lag in heavy containment and SCP rooms being far too close so you can die easier. 4 of 5 is the best for this version until the updates make the game more fair, plus I would love a site building option for online co-op & multiplayer, and maybe new SCP's than just the original CB game ones.
Scp is the best game get this game it is so fun and I have been a fan of scp Very fun a little ads but GREAT GAME! And plz add SCP-035 Thanks you have a nice day stay safe :)
All in all a good game, though there are a few bugs. When I die as an scp guard, half the time when I click to play again, the game skips everything, and I spawn in a random area with no gear or armor. Other than that, great game.
There are so many bugs in this game. Can you add SCP 939 please. And can you add a save button on the top right corner on safe mode please.
The game is great but when you bring the night vision goggles to the coffin scp, you don't die when your suppose to die (read scp wiki for more information about the coffin scp). Also when I put on scp 178, the 3d glasses, you don't see the scp creatures (also see wiki). Finally there kind of no use for the gas mask in scp 1123's room, not scp 1499, that gas mask has a use, maybe add a place where there is a gas leak. Besides all that, great game and keep up the good work.
The game is good but not great and it has some good potential make the game have a save point without paying or watching adds also add more items and SCP and fix some big issues