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Score! Match - PvP Soccer

Score! Match - PvP Soccer for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game. It's fantastic and i love the fact that every player has it unique style of play. My only concern is having to match someone in arena 3 with another in arena 10 in league competitions. I mean it does'nt make sense, arena 3 won't stand a chance. Maybe you should consider that area.
It has become one of my favorite games I have ever played.. The idea, the animation are really very good. The key is not to make a bad move. Different player types make this game mora interesting and entertaining.. I am loving it.. 😍
Bug! Last update introduced a bug... Now at launch the splash screen progress stops at 50% and the load does not complete. I bought a package to reward the developers for their efforts, now I regret it... I want my money back!!
If there was a 0 star rating,I would have gladly chosen it.This game is really annoying,I wonder if my opponent really exists,because whenever my players have the ball,the easily lose possession but when my opponent has the ball,whenever I activate a player then it stops running to pass the ball,that doesn't happen to me.Also I taught games were to be controlled by the player, but here lies the case the game strictly instructs you to play the ball to a particular place even if no one was there😡
Addicting! can still improve on some aspects.... The game is very harsh on new comers especially in tournaments, it takes a lot of time to level up your players and even if u make it to infinity arena, you'll always get thrashed by teams with maxed out players; can introduce some basic tactics like high/deep defensive line, narrow/wide team width and high pressing etc.
Very bad referee and in a certain point of time the players are not running properly with respect to the other matches or player level... Also AGAINST SOME SPECIAL PLAYER you will definitely loose as your player will not perform, the opposition will tackle you multiple time badly in real football it will be a red card but if you simple tackle the oppotion it will be foul or a penalty
When i downloaded at first the game was awesome then at some point i uninstalled it and dowmloaded it again now it has become awful to play because anytime i want to play a match and it loads if the loading reaches 71%_74% it goes to home screen and anytime i clicked on it in the minimized space it starts all over again and when it loads it will still do the same thing.
Had this game for months with no issues, even went as far as to order the season pass to improve my squad and the game glitches out/wouldn't load up. I tried an uninstall/reinstall as I thought it would pick up the fact I'd linked my Facebook to the game...nope it started me from scratch. I naively took it on the chin and even thought a hard reset plus a new season pass would make the game easier....game has now stopped loading again! £10 lighter and furious...sort it out please!
Excellent game. But everything has a room for improvement, I have been playing this game for a really long time and I just want one thing that we can be able to exit a match in between anytime we want without having to forcefully close the app and then restart.
If you want to destroy your phone, you're at the right place. The game is dedicated to people who are feeling like they would destroy their phones. It works 💯/💯. Connection problems and full of ads after every match. Try loosing in the event's final . Without arguing you'll finally destroy your phone. In a match you'll see connection problems, thinking that the opponent has disconnected you find that you disconnected in an unknown way and then you'll destroy both your phone and the WI-FI🤣
This game is good but I don't like the fact that it is 2 minutes for each game and only 2 goals to win. Please can you make the match 5-10 minutes and that it should not be 2 goals. Also, can we customise our other players not only the captain of our team?
I think we should be allowed to make friends without facebook login by sending them request : also exchange cards with players. It will help in making game more social. Introduction of seasons reduced our goal packages as we can earn only one in a day : instead you can set the daily special rewards over winning 4 goal Packages or 5. Otherwise game is quite good and enjoyable.
What a load of rubbish. Got the makings of a good game but when you are on a counter attack, it'll make you pass backwards and lose the ball or you might have 2 players ahead, one unmarked and one with two defenders marking him and it'll inevitably make you go for the marked one and you end up losing the ball. It won't let you choose another direction to play. It's so frustrating when the opposition seem to always play to an attacker in space yet I don't get a choice but to lose the bloody ball.
The game is really awesome!! It's everything I love about football, makes you get the feel of a manager but you still get to play. And the idea that it's multiplayer completes the package. If only we could add other players we come across to our friend list and they were a league positioning, the best in the arena ranked. And also why are we forced to watch an ad after a match without getting a reward 😭😭 Sorry it's lengthy, just summarizing.. really awesome game. I've always loved FTG!!
Now bad. After the recent update, the game loads to 50% and then stops. Says bad connection with Internet, but the Internet in the house is fine, I've even stood beside the router and still no change. Please fix, or refund money spent on app is only fair cause if we can't play, we can't use the items we paid for...
*Update Sept 20, 2020* The last update fixed a lot of the problems. No more red box in my goal. Also, it looks like they addressed the crowd not sounding as excited. They sound a lot better now. There's another update & I'm about to do the update. Hopefully this update fixes a few bugs in the game.
Been playing this for a while now and can't find a better football game, which is no surprise. This game is absolutely amazing and recommend to anyone, but especially football fans who are bored during lockdown. A real time killer and helps u get through lockdown fast!
I hate the fact that the updates are so frequent with little and unimportant changes, and you're still forced to update or you can't access the game.. Then the player and formation should be based on game performances not just winning cards. And it feels at times that the game has already decided who wins or loses, that's when you'd be seeing your players in the opponents box pass back to someone in the midfield and make unnecessary runs
Uncontrollable players as if the game decided when you can or can't win. There's no creative play at hand. There are situations where players take the dumbest decision just to put you in the worst position possible. The defending is useless because it happens always 2-3 seconds after your input. Don't bother downloading, it'll frustrate you more than anything else...
I have a few suggestion :- 1) let ur opponents also be ur friends, so that u could use their player. I have no friends on my list to use on my team. 2) add another game mode with increase in time of the match to 3-5mins or first to 3-5 goals respectively, with an added half time to change ur stratergy and substitute (20sec). This will make it a very engaging and manager style driven game which it already is. 3) And please remove the predecided match winning algorithm. Its really frustrating.
Firstly the A.I. with players is total rubbish to the point that you get so frustrated you will end up throwing your device. There is a suspicion of games being rigged to slow advancement. Whatever your formation, how good your players are, it seems that the A.I. instructs them to kick balls into touch, miss easy goal opportunities, or react slowly making tackling easier for your opponent. It also says alot when the makers don't reply to the feedback left on here.Don't waste any money on this.
Great online game, one of the best game of all time. Facebook friends players should not be allowed to be used in events, Crossing a ball to a hammer or bulldozer is the greatest chance to score, it's by far better than having a penalty. There should be option to call goalkeeper out. Game sometimes hang while playing even when there is data connection, please fix it.
The movement of the player and their dribbling is not in our control. Because of this you will have to face many mistakes which would be done automatically. This will frustrate you very badly . The only motive behind this game is to earn money by taking the gamer at that situation where he has no other option than to purchase the needs.
This one of best game i have played. But the system is simply PAY TO WIN !! Many skills type of players didnt showup in free battelebas or the winning box brown , blue and even gold !! the system is totally unfair. For example im now level 8 and only one new player showed up !! Also why we cant control the time of pass or shot , why im supposed to wait tell i lost the ball !
We need new things whenever there is an update. Let us have a little more control, like stopping a player that is running from being tackled and for us to be able to Change direction of pass.
its the best game I have ever seen. some say that it has glitches and lags and the game is not opening, but its not like that if you have a better internet connection then you can play the game very smoothly. I'm giving 4 stars bcoz of some players who are leaving the game in between. This option should not be there. It them just lose our mood to play the game. I would only request to the people who leave the game to do not do so. Otherwise the game is perfect!
Cheat match. Not depend on your skills . The player move as what the developer want . For example make save pass with no body near my player, the player run and run until cut . Other example player come from behind and broke my player legs , with no fault no yellow card no red card nothing . And many many other abnormal things you will explore it while playing. لا انصح احد ان يلعبها اطلاقا . بالمختصر لن تفوز على مهاراتك و لا تخطيطك . من يريدونه ان يفوز سيفوز . ناهيك عن كمية الغباء إلالكتروني.
There is no perfect way to tackle in order to prevent crossing the ball to a hammer or bulldozer, which makes the game frustrating. There should be option to call goalkeeper out when a ball want to be cross into the box. Or there should be option to move players to stay closer stay a bit from opponents player to prevent crossing the ball
When I started playing this game I was really enjoying it until I reached the arena 9, everything changed.. over 3 months now I'm still in arena 9, I began to wonder if the opponents were real human being. To be frank.. this game will frustrate you more than anything else😪. This game deserves 5 star but I'm giving it 3 because of the high level of frustration.
it's been good but it's been rather horrible. players are never going in the right direction as their motion says they will, players with good height don't know what jumping is, players don't know how to dribble most of the time and most of the good passes you put in are never received cos of bad movement. and for some reason every one of my good tackels end up fouls but the opposition make horrible tackles and they don't get one foul
Horrible match making, im in Arena 10 (legend) and once I competed for your new tournament im getting matched with level 10 players EVERYTIME and mind you every single one of my players are level 7 and it's IMPOSSIBLE to win games that way. A level 10 hammer scores from a corner every single time and there's nothing I can do about it. Game used to be fun but now its all about money.
I struggle to understand the mechanism behind the game. You get perfect positions to play through balls and play passes to find the options are not there for what are genuine opportunities. This means that it becomes frustrating as the game feels as if a winner is picked prior to it starting. I end up just closing the game down after 4 or more blatant good plays are reduced to pathetic fails due to some weird decision making of the players on the field.
This used to be the best game ever. With the updates came a lot of issues. First was logging in to the game, then that was sorted. Now the game lags and constantly complains about connection problems and my internet is 100%, keeps pausing and when it resumes sometimes you can't catch up, doesn't give you enough time to make a pass. Please fix the issue with connection and the lagging.
Similar to previous posts. The update on the 7th of Jan left the game unusable. Stays at 50% loaded then says slow Internet. Before this i enjoyed this game and would have given it a much higher rating. I could uninstall and reinstall but similar to other users am not going to do this and lose my place.
After updating to new version, I can't to connect to my account. In the older version, the game was very lagy and frizzing. My phone is Samsung A50s and it's hardware is enough poweful and my Internet connection is OK. in this time my problem is no connecting to my account. My account have 7900 played matches.please help me to resolve this problem.
Good upto a certain point. Dont expect to contend at the top unless your gonna spend cash. The need to spend to contend and use of "facebook friends" players ruin this game. I've seen players with 2 trophies have full teams of 10star players. Then it gets boring as it just becomes opposition throwing in crosses for bulldozers, commanders or hammers. Impossible to defend against and pretty monotonous. Also, the scripting is ridiculous.
Awful pay to win, at first I was winning very consistently with some strategy, but now... When I get the ball, sometimes I can go for the entire field and not get a chance to do anything, god knows which direction it will let me kick in if I do manage to kick before the other player uses their pay to win super speed to get the ball from me first. But when they get the ball they can pass almost as soon as they get it. They can pass it to some guy on the other side of the field and then run all the way to my goal and kick it in without me having any way whatsoever to stop them. I can't get anywhere near that, because my guys are always right on top of my opponents instead of being in a somewhat useful position, which only adds to the pay to win advantage they already have. I also wish soccer games wouldn't do that stupid penalty kick part in a tie, I'd rather continue playing to break a tie instead of losing to nothing but pure luck after barely tying up the game versus a pay to win. Can't believe good games get ruined by stupid stuff like this instead of just making the game bearable without dumb lootboxes and OP stat advantages.
This game and score hero are the two games by which i got interest in football. To be frank at first i hate football. This is really a very good game,unlike score hero as i lost my account in it after playing 602 levels and I couldn't retrieve it. I would have given this game 5star if it had not been too tough and i am unable to shoot the ball perfectly. And also its hard to shoot. Fix this problem guys 😔
I gave this app 3 stars. Not taking anything away from it. Its a great game but i hate the fact that i have to always update the game after not playing for a while. U guys have to make it useable to play without having the mandatory update... U making us less interested in playing. Because when we see the update screen, we just leave and rather play something else. So please think about us too😉
I don't think the people who developed the game have actually played football. Legitimate tackles given as fouls, teams that put the ball out of play given throw ins and, there seems to be a need to give at least one penalty a game. The competition's are a joke where you never get to play teams at the same level as you, and, are always drawn against teams at least two levels higher. As you have to use gems to enter, it's just a way of the developers making money. Has so much potential
Was at infinite level, game stopped loading. Uninstalled and reinstalled thought it would start from my level as it was connected to my facebook but now I am back to zero. Unbelievable, I got robbed. Please fix and get me to my infinite level and give me all my players back. Correction - they fixed it with update. Thanks 👍
Great idea. Ruined by FIFA style scripted games. Result is decided before kick off. I wouldn't waste your time. Every time you get promoted they offer you a micro transaction. If you buy it you go on a win streak, if you don't buy it you'll go on a losing streak. During games A.I very intricately decide what will happen. Will be forced to make stupid passes backward instead of easy passes/shots forward. Wingers will run around until they're tackled instead of crossing to a free man in the box.
Very addictive game, but sometimes it only gives you a direction that is totally unrealistic. Good game. Down to 2 stars from 5 as the game will no longer load on my Huawei P30 Pro. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, losing all my game save in the process!! It played for a little while then it started again. Please sort it out.
Dont waste your time, i wish I could give it negative star.. since I rated it low it slowed down alot .. it's all pre decided fake play Play if you like Pre decided games, no matter how you play it will slow down your player or your player will move back even if you pick them to go for ball and also wierd penalties will be given. Waste and they will make you pay
This last update made the game trash. Unnecessary movement additions . The players hold the ball unnecessarily and when off the ball they don't create space to receive passes. The last update was a bad one. I used to like the game
The game is awesome especially when u are playing a league promotion with someone. But it discouraged u when u lost to another person it hurt especially when u lost in a final and the person win. And again when u are about to get a league promotion and ur rival win you u lost lot of things like: star, money etc. And the thing I like about it again ppl from all over the world play with u n it feel great. The game have plenty league put the one I like to play is the cup season challenge it's great
It's great for the first 8 divisions, then turns into a 'pay to play' game. That striker who used to make darting runs? Well now he stands still! Your reliable goalkeeper? Ooops, now he'll fall over for no reason! Your Hammer that was good in the air? Now he gets vertigo! Oh but wait, all this magically reverses when you buy a something from their store shock horror amazement. You'll win games again... Until they decide you don't anymore. It's a shame, the game play can be pretty good.
Never ever played any game so long, just out of words. Every football player, fan or just if you are in love in football game, try it! Fantastic peace of gameplay art, with easy playing mechanism, always in line with same skill opponents and you can play it any time you want. No money needed to keep your satisfaction at top level, all the time. 50 stars if possible :)
Frustrating rigged game. This is the most annoying frustrating game I have ever played. The occasional time you win its great but after you've lost 20 games in a row it can grind you down. It feels like it's already decided you've lost before the game kicks off due to some of the decisions throughout the game. I've never been more stressed out and angry playing a game in my life. So frustrating it unreal.
I think the footballing side of this is pretty solid - you have to recognise it's not as free flowing as FIFA or other fully immersive football games, but I've really enjoyed playing it. However, since the last update it's unplayable. I get messages every game talking of poor internet connection for my opponent, and it seems to be running at double speed for me now, making me play in a rush. Sadly unplayable.
After 7/1/21 upgrade, is impossible to play the game! During startup, It stucks at 50% with a "low internet connection" message (which is not true, btw). Yesterday I reinstalled it (losing my 7-month progress), managed to start playing, but today I had the same problem... Is anybody else experiencing the same?
The game is good and gameplay is decent with a good graphics..... I hope you can add "edit team number" option, it would be very helpful. The event matches system is not good at all.... Assuming that you have a lvl 7-team you would face an opponent with a max.lvl-team, this totally unfair, I hope you can add team strength or something like that so Matching the opponents would depend on how many strength points you and your opponent have and the match would be satisfactory for both sides.
Please add a training option such as penalty, free kick, that we can improve our skill. And also add a fetcher , such as worldcup, euro cup. And add yellow, red cards for better Fair play. All over i like this game Very much. Thanks.....
Stupid - I used to like this game, but a lot of my friends players have now been removed, and I still have a level 8 on my team which is struggling to battle past a level 2-3, where's the logic in that?? I pass the ball and my players run off the pitch with it, and I slide tackle and clearly win the ball but they are awarded from it, but if it happens to me they score! 😂 This game needs fixing!!
Have you ever seen a game full of ads? Here you are ads are the master in the game. After every match a short ad comes and the game restarts again🙄. I'm tired of connection problems as if the opponent is playing with his/her WiFi. How comes that the game is full of connection problems and after a connection problem there is a slow motion in the game🤨. This is the best and worst game i have ever played
This isn't that good of a game because, the players are uncontrollable over what they do for example I set a player to tackle the opposition and he gives away a terrible free kick. if the developers could fix that then this would be a better game but it still needs overall improvement.
Need a referee, yellow/red cards. AND PLEASE REMOVE THE 😘 EMOJI! WHY IS THIS EVEN AN OPTION???? WHY NOT REPLACE IT WITH 💩. Besides that, fun to play despite the inconsistent fouls. Also must be given option of playing at least 180-360. I was clean through on goal and HAD to pass it wide to a player offside.. And give more options to spend "bux" in the shop. And provide training mode. Allow us to change squad players names/numbers. Do this and you will have the best football game for phones.
Good game but the admins want money. To get gems and bux you have to use real money. To get a new player from the game store you need a lot of gems which the needs money. I'm also tired of connection problems in each sec of the game . To enter the events you have to use a lot of gems. This game needs serious fixing
Not to many options to guide the active player. AI is controlling the direction of movment, which it is not always the one you wold like to move. As well, active player it is moving on himself, when you would like him to stop or to move to other direction. Main recomandetion it is to give more freedom on user control for movment direction and passing. However it is a good game
The game is getting worse after each update🤦‍♂️ I have played this game for a long time and now im in arena 10 i have never seen such a bad update. This new update is a mess full of bugs, i just shoot a free kick in the penalty box😂. The idea of the game is good but in the hands of the worst possible producer.
This game is good but I don't like the fact that it is 2 minutes for each game and only 2 goals to win. Please can you make the match 5-10 minutes and that it should not be 2 goals. Also, can we customise our other players not only the captain of our team? Lastly, can there be offline mode that you can use without data
Very additive game, although i can't give it more than 2 stars. And i'm being generous. The game itself is amusing but the script present in some games and above all in the matchups ruin it. It is not possible that a player have to match oppenents way stronger only because they are in the same arena. I have about 2200 stars (players at lvl. 6) and i regularly have to play against players who have just be downgraded from infinity arena with players at lvl 9 and 10. Absolutely shame. Not smart.
This game is definitely addictive and fun to play, however, there are definitly some glitches. If you are new to this game winning % will be as high as 80-90%. Whereas, once you start playing game more feequently your winning % goea down to 47-48%. This can happen with any formation and having best team on your side. If you are ok to see 8-10 consecutive losses and that too with best stats of your team players then go ahead and download the game. Probability of losses increses @ infinity level.
This game keeps you pushing your limit. It engages you to test your patience. You're never sure of winning. You can lose to a weaker opponent likewise you can defeat a very strong opponent. The key is you cannot make a false move. Play right, you can win straightaway. This is the game that's been on my phone for the longest time. Love this game ❤️❤️❤️
This game @#$*ing sucks. It makes you lose when it wants and the same for winning. This game had great potential and it sucks. They need to fix a lot of things. They need to implement a pass and shoot button, and when you press it your guy stops running and gives you a chance to do whichever one you press. Do you know how annoying it is when I see my player run 30 yards AND get caught up to by a level one player. Like seriously! I would have chosen to pass a lot sooner.
Its actually a good game this is my favourite game. I rate it four because of events, the event schedule is like 2-6 and 5-infinity most of the time I've seen that 5-infinity level are only played by level 9,10 & 11 players and i am level 7 when i play 5-11 league i never won even once so please update the game and add 5-9 league so i can give it 5 stars.
There is a major bug. After you uninstall the game and when on again installation, signing in with the id does not saves our previous progress in the game. Moreover the game is not responding after I signed in the game. It is making me hate the game. Worst football game I ever played.
The game is really fun! I have been playing for years! An idea would be to add live standings of real players in every country all around the world, and where we can climb the world leader boards. Otherwise, I have already reached the final league infinity level, and I'm just lingering there. The tournament matches are fun and all but it goes too fast. This game would be crazy fun with an Ultimate Team mode too.
This game is not worth it on the long run. I've been playing this game kind of on and off since 2017 and since then they have not fixed a single one of the main problems that make this game unfair, unbalanced and, since recently, pay to win. For YEARS the matchmaking has been terrible, you can have a level 7 team and be matched against someone with fully maxed players, or a team with a level 6 captain and nine level 10 players borrowed from Facebook. Unfair game and wouldn't recommend.
It's pretty obvious that the producers of that game do not really understand football. The tactical behavior like offside is far away from being realistic, as well as other movements. Sometimes players run off field with the ball without being attacked. Anyway a fun game to play.
The game is very good, exciting and even addictive. I really enjoy playing it. However, there are some points that you might consider in your next update: * consider omitting the first to score two goals wins because this kills the match especially when there is a possibility to add more goals hence the match becomes more competitive *consider adding the feature of substituting players and changing of tactics during the match for more realistic experience Having said that,I really love the game
You know the AI controls most of the game, its frustrating when you make a great cross and your players take steps back and loses the possession, you know you'll lose if all your tackles get fouled and opponents make every tackle successfully. No use of defenders: as they always run away from ball when you're about to concede a goal. P.S. Some matches will be in your favour and the opponent can't help it, no matter how good they plays
The only problem I have with the game is on (Cup matches) where they make you play against top players who already have high ratings or on a higher level than yours...which is frustrating because you spend a lot of time trying to make as many (GEMS) as you can, only for you to be knocked out, not winning even a single match :-( Other than that it is a wonderful game....ohh n please "score match team" let us make our own formations.
Very fun game but it so happens that the game decides to let the other player win at the very last minute. The players seem to dumb down and not protect the opponent at all. So in summary sometimes the game let's the other person win.
I find the game fun, but there are so many different things that they need to fix, firstly the offside rule I've played so many games and when I've been penalized for an offside and my opponent hasn't been penalized for the same offside, it irritates me. Secondly I believe it should be a rule that if it's 1 all they should allow at least an extra minute for either team to score the winning goal.
This game is good in for footballers player level up to increase level .it have many kits and boots . The player not seeing the youtube videos. If we create the not seeing socre match videos . 50m downloads but they seeing only 2k views . So only this game is not developed like freefire 500m downloads . But I like this game is nice. That 24 hours after arena pack is very useful. The player I like GOSSENS the best speed player .i came from legend player. The game better then any football game ..
Good idea bad programing! It´s additive, I admit, the online idea is very interesting, but the game in general is very frustrating. Sometimes the players seem not to move, and others they run like the wind. There are players which run the whole field only to be blocked without giving the player any options. It makes me remember the FIFA system, but much worse!!! Defending is, really, a proof to your capacity to not destroy your phone. It´s simple stupid! Sometimes we have direct passing lines, but we only can pass backwards (guys, this is not rugby!!!). Penalties is just god damn luck, there is no technic what so ever in the process! Not to speak the days that you can´t win a single game, no matter the adversary quality, and the other days (less quantity of course) in which we win every game… Every time you get promoted, they offer you a micro transaction. If you buy it you go on a win streak, if you don't buy it, you'll go on a losing streak. In general, yeah, we can play it, but overall, it needs much more work in the programming department!
WHY A LEVEL 5 arena Player Compete With Level Infinity.This Is Not A fair Game Because The one with Infinity Level Has Good And Super Players While He has Enough Experience And If By mistake The Level 5 Player Gets the Shot He Can't Make it into Goal Because The Goalkeeper Is Maxed... This Same Thing Happened with me...So Pls Fix this Problem and Also Increase The No. of Goals And Time + Give Extra Time And Substitute Players...
This game starts on well. After the first levels when you get top level, you gonna see same thing always. 3 5 2 or 532 formation, all tall players, long balls and headers, also there is a script preventing you on winning. Suddenly your players do whatever they want. It is pay to win until you are maxed. After that is all about who the game chooses to win.
Simple but challenging, never feel bored to play it. Try to make more features, like changing (appearance, name, number) of other players like the team captain. This will make this game even more interesting.