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Score! Hero 2022

Score! Hero 2022 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The graphics are quality and great that theres more teams with their real badges and kits, but why is it so hard? Its like the players are brain dead, turning into opposition players, not protecting the ball, dribbling the ball off the pitch. Its so close to being a really amazing game, but it's only a good game at the minute. I prefer the first game purely for the gameplay, but hopefully this is an issue that gets resolved to make this game a great one. Also can we please watch ads to get cash?
Passing is impossible opponent comes from nowhere to tackle from behind. My players doesent touch the ball if ball hit opponent and came un front of them they just watch opponent takes the ball. The keeper making impossible saves even when he has no time to react every time keeper goes in right direction. Make it a bit realistic.
Please can you remove the hearts or improve the AI and also why cant I restart the game from the beginning. Any ways back to the AI, why do I lose hearts for my teammates poor touches or them just running it out of play. Once again please remove hearts or improve the AI system on this game. On the positive side, this game is really good. I do sometimes feel in some aspects the original is better but overall it's a good game just pls remove the hearts or improve the AI because its frustrating
Okay, this game is good and all but my god it's unaccurate, when you recieve the ball for a header the opponent jumps while our team does nothing, when you kick the ball the opponent is WAY FASTER than you are, plus, you send a cross or a pass and the opponent touches it, YOU WON'T RUN FOR IT, NO MATTER IF YOU CAN LITTERALLY GET IT AND THEY KICK RIGHT THROUGH YOU L
Although the game takes a few nics and pics from the older Score Hero games, it still sucks that we need Health Hearts to resume were we picked off, plus it makes us start again if we get one ounce of it wrong, the Game is graphically good it does sometimes lag on my phone even though no other game does, it could do with some improvement though.
The graphics and animations are fine, but the player AI and the goalkeepers are ridiculous. My teammates don't move to get the ball and when you pass to them they immediately lose it because they just run into people. Passing is impossible and yet it's the most prominent part of the game. When you're supposed to pass or shoot as well, there's either a player with the world's best reflexes standing half a centimeter in front of you or if you're shooting the goalkeeper saves literally everything.
The graphics are awful and the game play is rubbish everytime i shoot the ball to my team mate somehow the person behind manages to get it. Also in score hero 1 you get to watch videos for cash and for some reason it's dissapered this makes it harder to edit your character because it costs so much and also makes the game play hard as you can't rewind. This game needs alot of updates to make it better for now its hardly worth 3 stars. Please make this game better it has a lot of potential. ⭐⭐⭐
Changed my opinion on the game and somehow I hate it even more. It's honestly dreadful, the player mechanics are appalling they move awkwardly and loose the ball numerous amount of times which the player can't control and loose lives over. The ai on the other team have so much better movement than your own players. It's a copy n paste game from the first one with little better graphics n liscenses for clubs. So Lazy from the developers they haven't fixed any issues. Not worth the download
Score hero 1 was awesome. What is the point of Score hero 2. The controls and everything is just the same. The players are more idiots now. They don't know when to run for a ball. The keeper is more skilled now who can defend the ball going into every corner. In the first game, we could think of many ways of playing. But in score hero 2, if we don't pass the ball as the developers want us to pass, the defence will intercept like the Flash!
I really love the concept and I have completed the first game but I'm really sick of all the BS that occurs because of the game's weird physics and mechanics for example if the ball is saved by the GK and it falls to one of my players he should continue and not reset the level and if I pass the ball to a teammate he shouldn't just run aimlessly until he is dispossessed. There are also other instances where a player is through on goal or has a chance to pass it forwards but decides to pass back
Improved visuals fail to make up for goalies who save everything, opposition players who are better than prime Ramos, team mates with a worse touch than Lukaku, who can't chase a rebound if their life depends on it and the removal of watching ads for in-game dollars. The result of which meaning you can be stuck on levels for days, draining hearts as you slowly lose interest in the game.
Great game with amazing New Updates and easier to use. 5 stars will only be given if they can better the smoothness of the game and maybe slow motion when kickin the ball past the Goalkeeper or passing close ballls that were almost lost. It would be cool, I wish I could put 4.5 because the kits are finally licensed does it include DLS 21 too or its just for SH2
The first Score Hero was pretty good but still could be improved and her it is. This one is fresh, fun and so many new features. I love how you can actually see player names now on the kits, you can choose what team you start your journey at. The sound quality is also way better.
The game concept and all are well good same as score hero 1 but the resolution is much low than score hero all they have made the game more bad in score hero 2 , the health ❤️ frustrates me the most although we loses all time it reduces but even if we do correct passes the player makes mistakes in taking the ball and the health gets reduced ....this often makes me frustrated if this health was not there I would have given this game 4 stars but this game totally made me disappointed ☹️ .........
The game is basically the same as the previous one the only stuff added better graphics & better news posters about your player also new league sponsors.Now I can't even enjoy the game that much because they didn't fix the problems we had in the previous one & made some of the stuff worse for eg literally ur player or teammates don't run or move when u pass if the defense touches the ball by a thread u lose even if u end up getting the ball back,&your stupid ai makes it is hard to pass levels
Horrendous experience. Defending and goalkeepers are so inconsistent. One time, they are no issue. Another time, they are Maldinis and Yashines. Game needs several changes. This is somehow more frustrating than the first one.
Substantially worse than original. Same poor physics with almost all the bugs/irritations that the original already has plus some more. Much better graphic and more realistic feel are the only reasons why the game isn't a complete fiasco. Still easy to score from 25+ meters and sometimes completely impossible to score 1-on-1. If your player is free to run alone at goal, but the game decides he should pass the ball, you can't do anything about it (like in original). Sometimes if your player is going 1-on-1 it will stop too soon and at the position from where keeper can't be beaten at all (like in original). Keepers will still save almost every penalty if it's not shot close to posts, they never choose wrong side (unrealistic like in original). Unrealistic close range keeper saves like in original. Boring, repetitive levels and the same gameplay like in the original, nothing new at all. To complete 3 stars, sometimes you need to score with the payer that runs towards its own goal (like in original). Ridiculously expensive in game currency with no ad video credits. Game cuts off as soon as defender touches the ball even if it's still in your possession (new irritation). Bug with 0 minutes still happening (like in original). Now the defenders can tackle which makes levels much harder, but the logic when they tackle and when they let you just go pass them is ridiculous (brand new irritation). Absolutely no new features in this sequel.
Trash.... just is.... why should I lose hearts if a player loses the ball. Like there is no re-bounds. Players do not go to the ball once they need to get it. Because they just leave It. And then if my player controllers it and their player come out of nowhere moving like the Bundesliga logo..... then the scenario is over because they tapped my player. If it us a light tap. You lose hearts. Even when your team grabs it straight after... Because of sponsors everything is pay now and no ad.
I dont think I have ever written a review for an app or even given any less than 3 stars. But compared to the original Score hero this game is terrible. I've been stuck on the same level for the past 2 days because the AI in this game is beyond stupid and the defenders make tackles that are impossible to make. Your team mates will blatanly turn into defenders and then proceed to lose the ball. Due to this the game is not very enjoyable and Ill most likely delete in if this is not fixed.
The animations and storylines are awesome. But the players are lame and ridiculous. If I pass the ball to them, they either dribble it so the opponent catch it or they just let it go. The goalkeepers are also unrealistic. When he's out of position, players should've scored a goal but instead the goalie glides and suddenly saved it. I'm currently stuck in a level because of this. Please fix the AI and this game will be great.
Nowhere near as good as the first one. Ball mechanics seem off and not smooth at all making some levels feel like you're battling against the coding rather than your own skill. The licensing shouldn't be the only positive.
This would be one of the best games on Google play if you sorted out the gameplay! The graphics are stunning don't get me wrong but it just feels like it's a step down from the first score hero in terms of dynamics and the overall movement of the game! I would of just used the same script 😕
No videos for free rewind, they want you to buy!!! everything! Some will, I won't. Game play is frustrating, getting tackled one minute, play the same ball again and you don't. Graphics are superb but you can keep it!! I refuse to pay for the basics, I get they want to make money, but look at the advertising on the game. They make plenty. Greed is death on all levels and you've just killed this!!
What's wrong with this version of score hero Score hero 1 is far better than this What pisses me off the most is that energy stuff once it's finished u can't play the game again WHY!!!! The graphics is a lil better than score hero 1 tho But the rate at which my players get dispossessed is alarming if I don't pass the ball the way the Director asked me I will get dispossessed immediately WHY!!!!! PLS FIX THIS STUFFS IMMEDIATELY😠
I loved the first score hero but this is just terrible! They have made it too difficult, you expect some difficult levels but not the majority. The opposition are always faster, the keeper is world class and when you pass the ball and the opposition slides in from nowhere and touches the ball with a toe, your player receives the pass but it is deemed as a tackle and you lose. There also seems no way to watch ads for free money, meaning you are soon down to zero money with no chance of rewinds!
The game is actually very good. The graphics and including original teams was a good move. But I am still unhappy for the goalkeeper being very good. There are many bug fixes to be made for this game. It lags a bit which I think would be solved in the time to come.
games good overall but i hate that when the defender makes slight contact that you lose the ball and have to restart and you can no longer watch adds to rewind unlike the previous game, and the ai defenders reach very unrealistic challenges and sometimes i just want to smash my phone, very annoying.
Worse than the first one, really who designs your games that don't work. Highlite a player and pass into space and he goes for the ball, no he just stands and watches opponent take the ball. Pathetic. So badly want to tell you what I really think of the person who designed tgis game, but I can't swear on this platform. No response from developers shows how much they care.
Its practically extortion for the amount they charge for only 1 day of unlimited energy. I know you have to make money but id much rather have to sit through an ad every once in a while then have this stupid energy system. Plus nothing has changed from last game. Goalie is still prime Casillas and even their strikers can tackle like Maldini.
Absolute pile of rubbish.... Defenders tackle you from a mile away, players seem to love turning into defenders before they have the ball under control, if your lucky enough to get to score a first goal and you miss your next you have to start over again. There really isn't any sense to the game. Poor poor poor
Would be so much better if games and moves weren't clearly scripted!! You have to play the specific passes that the game has set in place in advance or it is impossible to succeed. Either it'll make your player and he will miscontrol it terribly, OR the defender will be faster than a Ferrari and leap higher than Ronaldo to head it away. Even if your player gets tackled but retains the ball the move is ended! Overall, a brilliant idea, poorly executed. Basically the same game as number 1.
It seems like my team is 50 ovr and opposition is 130 ovr. Even if the opposition get the slightest of touches your attack is over even if you get the ball back according to the rules of the game. One of the worst experiences. The screen is like some 30 year old game. The players and the ball is glowing for some reason. Fix these things.
Way worse than the original version, it just better graphics. If the defender gets a touch on the ball it shouldn't stop, only when it has been kicked off the field. Also when the goalkeeper saves it, it should carry on with play until it is cleared. Also needs better movement. At the moment when someone is clean through on goal they will either, shoot from way to far out, pass the ball back to players behind them or dribble to the side and have an awful angle to shoot from.
Glad to see some things never change in terms of dead teammates and player movements (I'm not gonna glorify it by saying AI) and superhuman opposition and keeper. Also boosters seriously?. What are u candy crush but it's football? 🤣. Keep up the amazing work mini EA🤣👌
Okay the graphics are really good and I love that there are training and infinite levels but please please just make the Ai of the team mate's more good if you pass it to a player and there is a opponent next to him or even a mile away he will take it or kick it through the player or make a tackle that is impossible to do. this is very VERY close to be a beautiful and enjoyable game but make the Ai more smart PLEASE
Score hero 1 is way way better. In score hero 2 if the opponent even skims the ball with his foot you have to start over. And the players are just stupider they give the ball to the opponent's in one level the player runs a way from the ball when it's kicked to him.
No much control while passing ... Even if it's a sure pass... opposite team defenders will be superhumans. I uninstalled the game and again re installed.... Now after playing I feel like giving 0 or -ve star 🌟 if it was there. Super human opposition and below average team for us. I don't know what stupidity is this. Again editing my review before uninstalling the game.... Very disappointing
To be honest i really like the game's concept, but its just so frustrating how the players are so brain dead sometimes. You pass it to them safely only for them to run toward the opponent mindlessly and get tackled, losing all my progress. It's just so infuriating how all my hardwork can easily be undone by just one stupid player not knowing how to dribble. Sometimes my player also gives up fighting for the ball even though there is still a chance to reclaim it. Pls just improve the player AI.
The game is pretty much good but the mechanism of game is trash. You pass the ball safely correctly to the player then still the defender comes and intercepts it. There is no point of that. We are not controlling the AI. The player should dribble and go past through them. Even sometimes when they lose ball there is a chance to get that ball fight for that ball but they give up and my energy is wasted. There are many levels where I had to waste all my 5 hearts due to the brain dead player of AI
Great to see licensed teams and graphics are much better but goalkeepers are still too good (though it is better than before) and teammates are clueless. They literally cannot maintain possession if their lives depended on it and the opposition just always make insane tackles. It is so frustrating leading to WAY too many hearts of energy being used as some levels are literally impossible. ENERGY. I HATE IT. I know it prevents players progressing quick but it needs to have a decrease in cooldown.