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Score! Hero

Score! Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. located at PO Box 930 Oxford OX1 9RW. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game used to be nice but THERE ARE SOME THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND.1 why does the goalie have super powers and block my shot from the closest range. 2 when it comes to headers they just stand.3 why do the players run out of play for no complete reason or they give the ball to the opposing team.4 why is the opposing team much better than my team.5 when It comes to rebounds instead of getting the ball they just stand and move around so annoying plz fix all this. But a well deserved 2 stars!!!
It's a brilliant game apart from the fact that your team is rubbish and the opposite team are amazing,you can not do a single long ball because the other team will just header and when you've done a good pass their player just blocks you from making another pass. A very frustrating game. I would put it higher if one of these problems were fixed
This game is amazing but the problem is the hearts, I don't want to have to keep waiting for hearts all the time. I'm still 14 so I don't any money to pay for hearts but other than that I'm doing good with the game.
The game seems to make the player lose unless he spends money to buy hearts and stuff . The players don't recover the ball and it only lets you play in one direction . It doesn't make you win at some point . Such a frustrating game . Used to be good earlier
I really like this game, and I finished all seasons, waiting for the new release thanks for all the efforts which has been made this game such a great solo soccer play
Ridiculous. This game used to be so so good few years ago.. Now I installed it after few years... And they changed so much. Everything now is all about getting us to spend money. They have 'lives' 'health' and if you run out you have to wait. Or you can watch some stupid videos to earn some health but only a little bit. It's all about money now. It's ridiculous. The game itself is very adicitive. But it used to way better ages ago. Don't waste your time guys. I'm definitely unnistalling.
Wow poor performance by the developers of this game first of all we have to pass in tight spaces that defenders can easily take off you which is a nuisance, second of all there's not much options on who to pass to, thirdly why cnt u ad psl(south African league nd Laliga teams? πŸ’πŸ€¨, Fourth of all it is shown that it is not created by Football lovers as it's not that creative and is stupid sometimes.i would write more but I don't have much left ps I know you won't bother to answer!!!
The game is good. But this one thing sucks. Energy refill bar should be bigger or shouldn't be there at all. This is absolutely pathetic and annoying! Kindly take this into consideration and change this.
Awesome game. Really gives nice entertainment. Not a lot of ads. Sometimes the players lose ball stupidly and they never jump. But overall really nice game and if you are a football lovef you will love this game.
This game is straight up broken. The players sometimes takes the ball and runs 30 metres and takes the ball out of bounds. Sometimes the forced passes you have to make is with a defender completely blocking your passing lanes. The players don't run to the ball if the ball is between two players. Garbage puzzle game.
This game is great and amazing and fun but my problem is that you can't play all the time and when you pass to your player the player mostly just walks away and when you want to long pass the player you pass suck at headers and jumps 3 seconds after the over player so I hope the creators fix this
The AI is so bad. You'll pass to an open player, and they will literally stand there dokng nothing while an opponent sprints in and steals the ball.
It's pretty good game but the only problem are all the things r costly n it will be good if we can play little longer if we give pass to our teams shadanly another team will get the boll n all the match will restart from the beginning n I got very😑 angry sometimes about this .There r replays but my all the cards r used all ready n I am stuck in level 21. It will good if we can play with them toβ˜ΊπŸ˜‹
I actually really like the gameplay but when you are in a match your teammates and your hero just do stupid stuff like run the ball out if play, run it straight into the opposition, lose the ball but instantly get it back and it takes a life off you and sends you straight back to the start I am quite far on in the game so it is just frustrating when it does stupid things when I just want to complete the game.
Woooow exceptional..... completed all levels (760)... a good timepass game. Need more level to develop my ideas.. eagerly waiting ❀️.. yes updated ur new version and unlocked new season. But😭😭i hv completed that too.. please upadate soon
Starts off great, then quickly becomes tedious. The story line adds a little extra to the game but not much. In order to progress you must make only the moves the game has pre-progammed. This is fine at first, but in later games, there are too many variables on each level, result is you have to buy "rewind" points to redo each part of each stage.
Firstly this game makes us pay money for coins in this game, which is very snatchy. Too many ADS! But good graphics. And couldn't you make it similar to DLS21. And make a full game not like cuted into pieces of the match. But it's a okay game to play.
Very good game but I really am not ready to play those 200-300 levels again just because I switched phones. Can't connect through Facebook because cannot find how, please help.
The Game gets worse and worse with every Update. Now the ads you dont get rewards from are must watches too, so you can't skip then. Too many Bugs and the developers are only there to collect money, not to get positive experiences for players.
So frustrating. Started well, but as you move up the levels unless you spend money there's no way of either being able rewind as much as needed to save energy, or have to wait ages for it to recover. Players don't jump, can't control the ball, only lets you play the ball in one area instead of being able to change where you may want to play it, will make you have to shoot when you could be way to far out as the keepers all seem to be able to save everything! Giving up with it now!
This is a good game but it has some fault that it give stars after justify a match.But don't give you any information about the match. After the match they give you stars like this-(one star for the corner, two star for goal with your hero three star for goal assist your hero etc).But they don't give this information to you before the match.Some time you can see that the goal Kiper of opponent team become spider man.This game was a great game few years ago not now.This game have many fault......
I mean its a good game in all. But the thing is that when ur on computer and writing a name how are u supposed to show that your done on a chrome computer/ laptop. Can u guys fix it plz cause i can't play without the name thing i finished it and all but i can't play any more can u tell me how to be able to be finished with the name. Or else im rating this a 2 or less because i can't play with out the name i'm done and it won't let me be able to be finished with the name. If so ill rate it good.
Probably one of the worst games of all time. I mean the whole idea is fine but it could be executed way better than this. A tone of bugs, glitches and more.. Its almost a joke to be honest. Not to mention the frequency of ads ruining the whole experience even more...
Amazing game like career mode good commentary you can choose a player you need a bit of your own imagination but it is a good game only request that maybe better graphics and commentary and like better gameplay when a team signs the player and post and pre match presentations and interviews and less money to remind otherwise a good game pls can you consider my suggestions
Great game, but it has a one big defect : in some situations, players do nonsensical things, but it doesn't matter, because football games from FTG are best games i ever played!
Excellent gameplay The developers truly understand how to use ads. They aren't at all intrusive, and appear only once in a while. What happens most of the time is I purposely watch ads to earn game cash and able to have do-overs on shots, but if you are good enough, you can easily go on playing for hours without having to do this. Very happy with the game.
The longer you go without spending money the harder the defenders get in turn forcing you to wait until your lives regenerate or spending money for rewinds. Typical money grab junk. Don't waste your time or money.
The game is fun, but so unrealistic at the same time it's funny. Your players will sometimes make the most braindead plays imaginable, you are just left staring in awe. To add on, in the later levels, the goalkeepers have reflexes so insane they put Neuer to shame. You can be dead infront of the goal, shoot perfectly in a corner, and the keeper will jump six feet to the right to miraculously save it, this game is heavily relied on luck, but is still so fun to play that it somehow balances out
Rigged game. At first it seems ok, the game gets you hooked. As one progresses through the seasons, the AI worsens. Opponents always win aeriel duels: my players don't even jump. Players start running outside the playing area. You have to give the ball that particular trajectory towards the goal that has been programmed, or else the goalie will save it. My players just give away the ball to the opponents. All this to force you to pay for premium features like lives, cash, etc. Nice try Fofo!
Need to be careful as game tries to trick you into in game purchases, if you click cancel it goes to try to make a purchase and you have to quickly close the app.
38 frustrating seasons done βœ”οΈ Pandemicβœ”οΈ FLAWS: πŸ‘ŽπŸΎSo many opportunities to nutmeg opponents only for the ball to get caught in their legs. πŸ‘ŽIn off the woodwork/crossbar NEVER got any freekin easier. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»Given limited options to pass or shoot, resulting in usually going back to trying to score the first of multiple goals. πŸ‘ŽπŸ½The evident brain farts in the programming! Like [email protected]#K ME! A few times a midfielder 'had no other option' than to run from half way back to his own goal line!
The idea is nice. Feels refreshing compared to other football games. But sadly a major issue with it is that it's not that player dependant. I mean, the player can do fine, but still lose just because the AI does the dumbest thing imaginable and loses the ball. I would have been fine with it if it didn't happen half of the time and there wasn't an energy system that's impacted by this problem.
It is a good game, the most irratating problem is that your team mates are brain dead, they'll run the ball out or they cant even keep the ball from a simple pass and that takes away lives πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Ridiculous! Starting stages are ok. Later on the player wouldn't run for the ball, opposition players stop exactly in front so the pass cannot be made. You developers ! If you don't know how to design the game then please stop wasting users time because it's seriously so so frustrating when we see how the upper levels are designed. It's not about money but user experience. Which will make any user absolutely mind blocking frustrated!
The game is very interesting its very sad that the heaet needs a long time recharge...and when viewing ads...only a two slash heart we get...its very sad..plz make the game a little bit easier..the graphics of this game is good ..I love it....its very interesting to play this game....I recommend this game for the ones who love football very much...and one more thing..plz decrease the time to recharge hearts....plz...πŸ™... Thank you,
It is just amazing.I played it 2years ago. Then I got 102 level. for being hard, I uninsralled it. I have download it again.. My old memories come back. Yo 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Really poor game, The goal keeper turns into spider man and save a shot from 6 yard out that is going into the top corner, The ai is invincible but The ai on your team is rubbish when they get the ball they run straight out of play or into an opponent. What is also really annoying is you have limited energy and it runs out super quickly and wants you to pay all the time for more.It makes you shoot from anywhere and when you miss it makes you start again. All the want you to do is pay real money.
This is for making something cool and mess it up the game idea was good but the logic is fake, the fact that it is scripted and you cannot take your own decision make it less football, another thing is the way players are so senseless,someone run till the ball pass the touch line you cant stop the the way they position themselves when passing, i mean it's mess there is lots of things to change otherwise the idea was good, graphics are okay
This game does not work properly. I am trying to do the same level for 4 days. The players do not respond when i kick the ball to them and they kick the ball to the opposite team. Dear developers i really need you to fix this problem. And BTW i used to like this game alot.
Nice game very addictive,I'd give five stars but I think I feel there are a few things that could have been done differently more importantly i like to play soccer in a broad screen of which i cant here,but I understand in terms of uniqueness and style.
Glitch after glitch. Players just run randomly in bad positions. You pass the ball to someone who is clear, he the runs all the way back to you and then you have to make a pass with the opponent standing right in front of you. Or, they will be running to then get randomly tackled, bad touches and the biggest thing, the keeper will make some miracle save, it reminds and you go the other way and it's the same. Designed to make you spend. Players run like GTA.
After playing this game alot and I mean ALOT it is starting to irritate me that you can see that it has not been created by anyone with a creative football eye. The movements sometimes are NOT what an intelligent or even creative footballer would do more like a child in the playground and a selfish one at that. Hopefully in months or years to come the developers will see the creativity that can be found in the game of football. Otherwise I guess I will just have to find another game. 2 stars 🌟
Okay so first things first. This is is addictive and fun to play but as you play, you keep losing and hearts and have to wait for like 18 minutes it's so frustrating, and sometimes the player just walks of the pitch for no reason And bad quality A few years ago it was wayyyyyyy better but now it's so bad I do not recommend installing this game it is so bad.
As cool as this is... it's all scripted process. You can't always pass too whoever you want, the teammate never gives effort or the opponent gets in the way too well. Have to follow what the game has designed, it's unfortunate that they have a pass radius aswell, shouldn't be. Energy goes quick, and the price of the virtual currency is worth vomiting over. All and all, great concept of game, lot of good shown work in the graphics, but just a scripted money maker over all..
Really enjoy the way the game plays, but very frustrating how the opposite team can move 2x faster in the goalie spot and make shot literally impossible. Defender always goes over back of my player...? At least make it closer in that regard to how the game is played. Should be able to play a ricochet ball every time...not just when the thinks it should be allowed. A lot of inconsistencies for me which is why i uninstalled. Hope you fix some of these
It's a great game. Nice graphics, and about the adds, if you want to take some extra life's to play a bit more, not bad.. But as soon. As you win, you don't need to watch adds for life's
Game is an alright time waster. Too many bugs though. The AI is a freaking GOD at jumping and faster than the flash. Your team just walks. Even had a player literally dribble the ball out of bounds....so dumb. If you want a frustrating headache then get this game.
Execellent game just some features need to be modified like when the ball bounces and returns to my player should continue the game.,it's like a referee with thousands of whistles.. but otherwise very good
Very good game one of the classics ever. My only downside is the goalkeeper he is literally on steroids, but apart from that very good game and I will recommend it to new people.
I can't control the outcome or position of the hero. Sometimes I make a perfect pass and my teammate dribbles into the defender and loses it. The goalkeeper saves are fast and unreal. The AI is awful and unrealistic. The gameplay is too simple and there is not a lot to do. Don't waste your time on this game.
Decent game but completely ruined by the monetisation. You either have to spend a fortune or watch hours of ads to play this game. Such a shame they had to ruin it
Shameful cash grab, would rather extort you for money than earn it through good, deserving game design. You might have fun with this game, but I guarantee you'll quickly grow more and more frustrated with it's Microtransaction system, that forces you to pay Β£3 every 24 hours to actually sit down and enjoy it if you run out of "hearts", preventing you from making a permanent purchase, used for nothing more than milking the customer, not worth your time or money.
It is a really good game, but it would be better if you dont wait many minutes just to get hearts, and the most annoying thing is when you score mamy goals and you mess up once, then you have to redo the whole thing. It would be better if we redo the part where we messed up
Awesome mobile game, really challenging too...sucks that you have to wait 5-10 mins once you're out of retries unless you pay for it, but it's actually nice cause you don't get too sucked into it.
Good points 1. Game play so far it's good. Bad points 1. If you score a goal then the opposite team either takes the ball from you or the keeper saves it, you have to start again 2. You should be able to look around the pitch instead of just what you are given. 3. Sometimes your player runs out off the pitch after 3 touches (which is annoying) and 4. It's a bit pricey but I just wait until my energy is full
Yeah could do with a better graphic's an would like to see more career option's as it is limited... Not overly fond of this game but, It is the type of game I like to play...
I would give it 5 star bc the game is so good but you only have a couple of lives and then you have to wait for the lives of the game to reload but other than that no complaint but there is to many adss
So many instances you have no control of: player running straight out of map, player stop right in front of defender making it impossible to do anything, ranges given to you - like a sudden 90Β° turn - just don't make any sense. Classic cash grab - make a game that you pay for straight away, like $10 and remove all the currency bs. Countless times i get the ball taken away with me having zero impact on the outcome or the AI just doesn't run forward to a better position, it becomes just super frus
It is good to start like most games. Drag you in. Then the rewind is full of ads. Not real goal keeping. Nor full control over players. Then the free video watch to get "cash for rewinds" doesn't even work. It is stuffed operationally. The idea is good but constantly tries to force payment. Camera doesn't come up every time for free. Only paid ones all the time. Spend TOO much time resetting to get it to work properly.
This game is good but opposition can jump ludicrously high the reaction times r unbelievably quick and sometimes its impossible to score. It is infuriating. Rewards should come at the end of a level but otherwise just slow down the oppositions reactions n jumping. Edit: now I've progressed its getting a lot harder to do the right thing I'll pass to one player and they immediately lose it or run off, please fix because this game has so much potential. EDIT2: game is impossible to play. IM DONE.
This game is so frustrating you have to wait 18 mins just for 1 heart it would be better if you didn't have to wait at all. The way the players move make the game even worse they even run the ball out. What the the heck.πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜ 
The person who made this game clearly doesn't know much about football as the players randomly run the ball out of play, the goalkeepers can jump 6ft in the air and the attackers don't jump for the ball when it is in the air. But some aspects are fun.
Great fun. Only a bit annoying having to replay from the start of each level when fail to score, but its great and you get such a triumphant feeling when finally passing a difficult level. I recommend thoroughly.
Addictive, fun, a generally great game. But slightly frustrating as your players will act very dumb when receiving the ball some times, and other times they'll be gods. They will basically never win a 50/50 header from a goal kick though so be warned, and the opponent goalkeepers can either be blind or be superhuman. It's sometimes about chance, but usually if you have the skills and brains you'll get through levels. I would recommend giving it a go as I doubt you'll regret it
Started off fun and a great concept, but gets very tedious if you don't buy the money. One mistake and you have to start from.the beginning. Gave me an hour of entertainment though!
Core gameplay is fun, with subpar graphics, bad character customization, bad story, and major gameplay issues such as no control of how hard you kick the ball, your player standing still while being passed to leading to an interception, and more. There is some enjoyment to be had but this game overall sucks balls. There are microtransactions tho so thats the important thing!
Score! Hero, is a real gem of a football game. It's really immersive and is a rare genre on offer, as an alternative, to the numerous platform based footy games. I think, what gives it an originality, compared to some of the "classics" I've dealved into(ISS and ISS2 on SNES, Pro Evo's, FIFA's, etc), is that it gives the player, those defining moments and spectacular play, that we grind out with pleasure, playing our other favourites. The graphics and gameplay is cool too. Well done.
Good game, but frustrating how long it takes to refill energy. It's trying every single time to try and make u pay. Otherwise, fun when u do have the energy full
This game is fun but the one thing i hate is that when im passing to a marked player and he's the only one to pass to and i have no choice and if i pass to him and he makes a wrong run i lose the ball and you should not have used the hearts for a person to play you should make it free to play and no use of the hearts till the the game is fine but not great.
I really like the idea of the game but I hate that after a mistake it goes back so much. After you try scoring 3 goals sometimes you make a mistake at the last one and the whole level resets πŸ˜’ Later edit: if the game doesn't want you to score, you can't score. The players are teleporting just to intercept your ball or to defend (goalkeeper). You can be sometimes 5 meter from the goal and the goalkeeper covers(teleports) every corner posibile
This game could be amazing but the more you play the more the biggest 3 problems show themselves. 1) players running out of play with the ball or straight into an opponent. Or your player is through on goal but decides you either need to shoot from 30 yards or pass backwards to a teammate 2) goalkeepers make impossible saves, most of the time this involves moving sideways or backwards before your player even kicks it. 3) not having a clue what you need to do to get 3* in a level before you start
The graphics are very good, my concerns: 1. When my player looses the ball, he can never recover it by all means even though he touches it again. 2. They easily get tired and recovering from it it's a long wait. 3. I chose and English team but am seeing valencia in the league, so I think leagues should be worked on. NB: if you can make them play real soccer normal game/match, you will get 5 stars
You need to play perfect passes every single time or the whole stage will just reset not to mention the keeper making impossible saves 9 times out of 10. The game tries to make you watch an ad or make you buy more energy very often. The game play itself is fun until the goal keeper makes another impossible save.
Fix your game I wasted all my lives on one level and still haven't beat it yet. THIS is WHY we need checkpoints. Don't know why this game has a 4.2 rating Edit: Could you please look at the bad ratings so you guys can make the game better. And again to help pass the levels I watch the videos like 100 times and now it's gone. That was my only way to freedom.
I'm loving this game but 2 issues. 1, you don't find out what your tasks are until after the first try. And no.2 is the energy bar one. If your a free user, like most of us, then you can play 'til your energy runs out an that's it. You've basically invented a way for most of us to only play your game for possibly 15 minutes at a time. It's an absurd idea to base a game around. Such a shame for a game that's the modern day equivalent of Subbuteo.
To be honest, frustrating, very frustrating. It's either really easy, or so ridiculously hard, that days can be spent trying to progress. Enjoyable, but only to a point for me. It is a shame, as the idea is great. Just to add, with it being so hap hazard, there is no way I'll be spending any money here.
Good game but being stuck in a poor team and you get to start each level when you fail...Consider including transfers in your update so that better clubs can come bid a player and we shift....Yes nod to anyone who wants to download the game..its funπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Concept of the game is simple enough to entertain you... slide finger across the screen to pass/create/shoot, but some of the science during moves & the touches players take, oh so so bad. Sometimes so bad, can't help but laugh! & it will result in just exiting the game! I take it back, further in you get, the worse it gets. Striker with back to goal, played in to feet, runs with ball all way back to goalkeeper who just tackles him & boots it away πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
Fun concept. Too many bugs or awful design choices. -"Routes" are predetermined and it's incredibly tedious to try to score any other way. Doesn't reward creativity. -If you lose the ball when you're in the later phases of the game it will force you to start way back at the start. -Your AI will often run across the entire field just to run out of bounds. -Your AI will often run straight into the opponent and lose the ball. Causing you to lose all progress. Too frustrating to play well.