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Scooter Freestyle Extreme 3D

Scooter Freestyle Extreme 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by EnJen Games located at Flydedokken 19, 3. 2 2450 Copenhagen SV Denmark. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
too many ads all the updates are just milking money for the developers, they never fix the way you float on top of the ramps the graphics are terrible and some tricks are just to easy like the barspin,1440 and the tailwip, i hate the way you have to hold the bunny hop button to do a bigger one, grinds are way way to hard! listen dont agree with me i dont care this is my opinion
really fun game but can you add more tricks like inward, kickless ,mac flip and more . super good game must download
The game just flows perfectly I've been playing this game a lot during qurintine since I can't get to the parks enjen always crushes these games 👍👍👍😀
It was good.I gust think there should be more tricks and more maps. It is stile my type of freestyle scooter game out there.
I'm not a fan of the new tricks I mean they're cool and all it gives a new taste to the game but it is all new to me because I'm used to the tail whip being in a corner not like scooter fe3d 2
Great game great maps endless possibilities dodgie Graphics a few bugs that need fixed and to many ad Breaks it would be cool if it was online though
Its not like the other skate, biking, sports the graphics are okay not the best and i rated it a one star because its not the best game 9
I. Like. The. Game Day recipes for super bowl party in the future of our site features a little while ago but I am looking for a good time to see if we could do the same message was delivered to the next week to discuss your campaign is nice to see what area are going to be a good time to see if we can do it from your system without copying or use of the next week to see if we can do it
This game is awesome but I think thier should be more bars to choose from and put the envy reaper bars on the selection 😎😎
Fun and stuff but u need to add more tricks like umbrella inward and more scooter customizatians it would make the game 10× better
I liked this game but now i feel this pressure not to fail a trick because every time i do i get a 'ad break' wich is REALLY annoying, it wastes my time . Also please take out the leveling up system because the game was better without it, you don't need fancy things like that to make a game good so please make the game as it was originally BUT change the steering mechanics it's really tedious. Thank you.
Definitely Needs to be updated a little bit like if you do a 180 on a ramp you get stuck there but I'm not gonna lie I think the person who made this app actually died so I no for a fact that this app won't get any better soooooo ✌️
please fix bugs and why can we not add bowls to our custom maps and some time I land weird and it makes me stay there until I get unstuck and allow it so we can put stuff on top of each other and beside each other over all great game
Been playing since 2015 can u update this game and make it better i sometimes get stuck in the ramp and have to wait for 1 minute to not get stuck and can u not make the ramps so big
Pretty good game! Hours of fun! The few minutes are awkward, once you get the hang and it's gonna be REALLY fun! 😀
The game is soooooo broken, when u go up a ramp or down it u sometimes get frozen in one spot for like 10 seconds and it is really annoying. If u fix that glitch/but I would rate it a 4 out of 5
Hey SFE3 can you please make it so pegs can be optional bc the scooter industry isn't really using pegs anymore they are making decks wider then 4.7 as big as 6.66 inches wide and if the decks are wider then 4.5 there gonna have square dropouts if the deck has square dropouts please take off all the pegs please it would be absolutely amazing if you guys made this possible email me if this is unclear to you
I love this game but the older setting was much better bc now it's so hard to do tricks but before it was so much smoother and better
I put a 4 because u NEED to add a spine if u don't I'm going to go insane it would be such a good future and if u add a couple of things Aswell as a spine in the next update it will be a five star thank you.
best game ever so addicting and because it's also really a nice game as really good quality and because it also has really good tricks in the game
Nice but bad cam angles and harder to control but you get the hang of it and can make your own map and change the scooters shape and colors over all in and inter tanning
love it and i reach 12 level good game you can play it if your riding a bus or a car and its offline so goooooooood
I enjoyed this game very much but the only reson why I give the game a 4 star rating is because I think in free mode you should beable to play all the maps.
The games controls are well suited for a mobile game, in my opinion you couldn't come closer to better ones, but you must allow more customization of scooters, better optimization, and improve physics.
Its good and cool with free style but I dont like it when they like fail it creeps me out im sorry enjin games
That's very good. Just if you can put another mode that shows the tilt in the manual, what a trick we did and the score on the side to record easier the screen
This game was awesome like 2 years ago but everyone in the comments sayin add more stuff. guess what that ain't gonna happen cuz they made a second version and it's way better
I love this game its the scooter game bu far but i dont like how the maps are locked i get it gives people something to work for but i like all of them open but awesome game its one of the best i have
Fe3d waso a great game for ages but all of a sudden one morning, i woke up and saw the game updated because you have to unlock levels, i started playing and the first time i stack a video ad pops up, and every single time i would fall an ad would pop up. The thing that sucked about it was that nothing else had been updated like scooter parts, in-game bugs like floating on the ramp, no more maps or anything. The only things that were updated were the things that would milk money for the company.
The game is fine but completely inappropriate adverts are frequently being shown and are not suitable for my 8 year old grandson, who loves the game but cannot play it. Disgraceful! Now uninstalled.
This game is absolutely incredible, the graphics are on point and the controls are so great. The fact that I can push a button and truly feel like I'm there is incredible. Everytime I do a buttercup I have a small stroke cause I just can't handle how amazing this game is 10/10
Epic experience I thought I was in the real game. I could do all the tricks I couldn't do before. If the game was 10/10 I would probably would have given it a 9 outta 10. But overall I give it a 4 outta 5
it would be amazing if you added a neochrome colour to the game, apart from that i really enjoy the game.
Graphics have gone seriously down hill since I played the game last year on my old phone. The tricks menu is complicated and why are there ad breaks now? Its stupid. I am uninstalling the game. I'm disappointed
It is surprisingly very smooth and tricks gives satification to player, cuztomisation is great but more options would be even better. Would recommand to anyone
I think this game is OK but would be better if there were real tricks and I recommended for people that love scootering
I think that I like this game becues of the scooters and the tricks! Good game graphics too and I like the game its my favorite. I like all the parks and it has good jumps 4/5 stars becues it uas no good graphics
insane it's so cool it saved my life in hospital I hade ligma I nearly died before I went into sergrey I played it thanks a lot 😍
Horrible I try to play free playmode and I don't even let me turn i literally just spins and its annoying
it was a great game with a wide variety of scooter tricks. it has helped me get better at scootering in real life as well. overall i really enjoy this game
This game is a great game for having fun and passing time it takes the world of scootering to a brand new level and experience this game is one of the best games of all time!
Has good gameplay I guess but needs improving and perhaps different people to use and different scooters
When I tried to play, I had a hard time because I couldn't turn for myself, it kept turning and turning and it was annoying. It's a good game though.
Fun for eating time but the only bad thing is your boardslides on rails the sensitivity of the phone turn is like 0.000000000001
I play this game all the time it's really fun but I think the only thing you could improve on it is obviously the graphics.
good but when i buyed the insint max level and no ads I couldn't go into the shop I WANT A MILLION XP NOW
It's a good game I really like it there may be some funny glitches but if you just do a trick the glitch will go away
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! I would love a custom 1st person mode so you can adjust how high the bars are . and how far away you are like the 3rd person options but with 1st person. thanks