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Scid on the go

Scid on the go for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Gerhard Kalab located at Feldgasse 40b 3423 W├Ârdern Austria. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used it on several devices and it is very good application. However, on my HTC Desire 816g, the import does not work for both pgn (it says couldn't open log file) and twic which can't be downloaded.Yes it is true it can only read from the main acid directory on phone storage. Please resolve this bug. But I can't download from twice as well.
Hi, I have any doubts... What's difference between study and review modes? Can I play against engine? How? Thanks for attention!
when I save resigned game then result of game is not saved it is saved as * that is result awaited please fix it
Only wish study mode would also choose variations, not only mainline. Would make it perfect for learning openings. Also would be great if you could play the entire database, and not just one game. Scid vs Pc lets you do that, and its an excellent tool.
I wanted to use this to access my opening repertoire on mobile. Unfortunately, this app does not support SCID tree mask files so this is not possible. If you just want to use it to look up games on your phone, it should work nicely though.
When I import a bunch of Pgn files into a new database, it won't save the games to the database. Initially, you see all the games, but if you open another database all the games disappear. However, if I exit the program and return, the games are still in the new database, as long as I don't change databases.
An almost perfect app. The only missing thing is the position search not available in the search header + not being able to add more lines in engine analysis output. I know some chess pros on android that use this app, it tells everything. Not a single flaw/slowdown with the whole Mega Database 2021 used in a scid si4 format, search is quicker than in ChessBase. It is really sad that this app is apparently not supported anymore ... (Chess PGN Master is not at all at the same level ...)
Perfect ever app and a pgn tool for android platform, i recommend it to all chess lovers. If three more options are added, it will be a brilliant app ever, (example) 1. A Seperate autoplay button. 2. An engine evaluiton bar. 3. an arrow during analyzing best move. Thanks and best regards
I really like it, it allows you to play chess tactical puzzles if you have them in pgn format on your phone.It also can be used for view any games in png format.The interface is simple and not laggy, i have a pgn file which contains 5000 puzzles and it dosent lag when i try to load them of when i open the game list to view them.Oh and i almost forgot, there is no limit to the amount you can load which is something that alot of other pgn viewers dont offer,they just let you view a couple of puzzles (about 20 maximum) and then ask you to upgrade the app to continue viewing
Only one thing missing in this app..there is no "arrow line" to show possible move in analysis mode. Everyone cant read it by notations only. Pls develop it.
I like it the most . Can arrows be appeared to indicate the best analyzed move..and please upgrade the engine. The best chess app.
Love this app, but now when I try and import PGN files I get a message that it was unable to open the log file and it does not import. This is not an issue for the built in TWIC downloads.
I love this app, but in order to give it a 5 star i would like this app to go to the next variation automatically when I am in study mode practicing an opening that I've downloaded in pgn format. Also many time when I am review mode it keeps jumping to study mode by itself. If these to things would change in the next update i will give it a 5 star.
Good day! I really appreciate the work of such a good chess app in the sense tjat a lot of features enables us to make a technical approach of devwloping our play through studying. However, it seems that i have a problem regarding the display of your pieces since it only lets me see letter instead of pieces. Can you do a check for this?
Scid on the go is an excellent chess app for feeding various chess openings and save them to review and learn one by one.90/100 marks. I request EDIT/CLEAR BOARD FUNCTION may be added to enable us put in puzzles as well.
Very useful app but when I tried to make a change in a game from my database I got an error. I think it is about save (not save as) method. now I am not able to add new games to my database, please fix that bug
It's significantly slower than droidfish. I'm getting 500knps here and there I consistently get 3000-3500knps with stock fish. I don't know what the problem is.
Excellent app. There is a slight possibility for improvements and this will undoubtly be the best app on any platform. 1. Simple touch controls on the board for nevigation instead of buttons would have been better. Would be much useful for left handed people too. 2. While user is Guessing the move, in case of wrong move correct move and the best move from engines perspective would make it extremely useful. Also, the score of user's actual move compared to engine and the grandmaster would be awesome. Still the app stands second to none even if compared to paid apps.
(1) Chess engine does not start on Sony Xperia Mini (2) Cannot export png file due error. Will raise rating if these bugs get fixed ;)
Too many modes! Analysis mode? waste of time. would be better to have a button on the main display to quickly start/stop engine in game review mode and game study mode. This will allow user to quickly start/stop engine, save battery power and analyse game without the long procedure to keep going in and out of analysis mode. Also option in setting to show arrow on display for engine move when analysing would be nice.
Can't search dates if there is only a year in the pgn file (1956.??.?? Doesn't work for example. The latest update says it updated to SF 11 but it did not and the engine isn't in the folder. Understand now. Maybe some better instructions in the help?
I would like autoplay to be even faster, let us say, 0,5s per move. 1s seems too slow, and I never use it although I like this feature. Also the font of the players' names is too big, gigantic, they have not enough space on the screen. Please, make the font much smaller on order for the White and the Black's names be properly displayed on the screen of a smartphone.
It's the greatest app for chess lovers.I love it so much. How can I extract my favourit games from downloaded TWIC files to a separate pgm file?? And,please give sufficient instructions for "export filtered games" feature.Thanks in Advance :)
It's really clunky when it comes to checking variations/candidate moves. It would be so much better if review and analysis modes where merged; and the engine on/off put on a toggle on the top line. It has a long way to go to get close to the PC version; ok for a free app, but the dev has done better work before.
why this app has hidden permissons such as prevent phone from sleeping, have full network access, view network connections, you can do this app without this permisson. deleted and vive le privacy and liberte
Only it should use arrows for best moves in analyze mode like droidfish. And board search should have option to search only one side(white or black) piece positions. If possible it should show players clock times for pgn files with move times.( FICS ICC FIDELIVE pgn) And should show move times chart. Wish you all best!!!
Nice app...engine thinking arrows would be helpful and engine vs engine and two engine analysis would be nice....Scid is the "Gold Standard"...
Thanks for this great app. Deserves five stars. But I restrained myself in awarding it as I could not find an option to turn off the last move highlight which is bit annoying. Kindly let me know if there is a way out to do this.
Incredibly painful to set up positions, save/load games. Extremely annoying option menu. Pratically unusable.
Best app to view PGN database. You can search positions and export filtered games. Thanks is a very little word to appreciate the developer's work.
There is no arrow show for engine analysis. Please Display arrows for engine analysis like in droidFish
Can open pgn and si4 format chess databases and use super strong uci engines like stockfish and komodo. Bravo developer.