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Save them all - drawing puzzle

Save them all - drawing puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FTY LLC. located at 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-20-5 6F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! I'd consider paying the 3.99 to remove ads and support the game if it didn't seem like the ad placements were so greedy... Update: so I used free play credits to pay for 3.99 ad removal and it only removes some ads, not all. What a scam but no real money lost.
Okayish game LITTERED.. ABSOLUTELY LITTERED with ads. After every single level you beat (which at most may take you 10-15 seconds) you have to watch an ad. You also have an option to watch an ad for 3x coin rewards.. which is ironic.. because 3x coin reward or not, it forces you to watch an ad. Attempting to play on airplane mode causes game to fail. Terrible devs, aware people can hardly play the game due to ads.. used that awareness to eliminate the one work around that made it playable. GG
Fun concept. The levels are finished within seconds; maybe a minute. Unfortunately, it genuinely feels as if this is an app for advertising. One spends more time in ads than the game. It's a forced showing every other level and whenever you hit home. You'll also find ads to gain more coins and new characters.
Force to use internet for a cheap quality game to watch ads every second you spend in this app. If you put your app in online games section bring the quality up then .
Terrible game. So many ads. Freezes really easily. Broke the game on my phone after level 16. Do not install.
Nice game something new in this but one issue while playing sometimes it gets slow or just freezes in the middle of the game except this bakee sab tek lalantop👍👍👍👌👌👌
Interesting concept but the level did not get any harder. Its obvious they made it this way to keep you watching ads. Took 10 seconds for a game and another 30 seconds for the ads. Waste of time!
This is a really fun game to play but it the problem is with the ads, it literally shows at least 1 ad within every 10 secs, too disgusting. A good fun game but the ads ruin everything
Ads every single stage. Way too easy, not fun in any way whatsoever. This is just one of those apps that have been created for ad revenue. Rubbish. Don't get it!
It's a fun, funny and helps you think, however there are way too many commercials. I won't keep this game for that reason.
The game is fun, the ads were not! I paid for the ad free version, and now the whole game crashes after every few new levels.... I uninstalled, and reinstalled thinking it would refresh the gameplay. Still crashing like crazy! Uninstalling again. Not going to reinstall this time.
Game invests more in ads than making it more fun to the users. As what other reviewers said here, you can't skip from the ads because the game would require you to be always on the internet in order to play it and ads would keep on pestering you even when you're in-game.
requiring internet to play the game so people can't avoid ads is a dick move. fun game, but 1 star because of that.
NOT CHALLENGING! I nonstop get ads for games like these promising "puzzles" accompanied by a video of an inbecile that can't solve the most basic problem. This one looked a little more promising than the average game, but the challenge presented never appears in the game. It's the same exact puzzles repeated over and over again! Everytime something new appears, the game literally outlines how to solve it. No challenge, no option to not have guidence, COUNTLESS ads!!! Keep looking.
Fun game but too many ads. If you turn off mobile data to not get ads it hits you with a message that annoys you until your able to turn on you data so they can steal your info and continue to bombard you with useless ads that repeat. Dont download this app from these snakes that have been raised by peasants. Its only greed they are after. You can tell by the lame graphics they put no effort into wanting to make something great. Just fucntional enough to make money off you.
Worst app ever! Game is pretty fun but the amount of ads is unstandable... Just come on... So you'll understand, every round takes about 5-40 seconds and after each round there's ads for 40-60 seconds... With double ads that offer you to waste some time untill you wait for "X" button to appear. I really have lots of bad things to say about this company. Never installing ANY of their games.
Ugh...liked the concept, played a few levels...ads...okay I'll pay and support. Still prompted with action to watch ads for more coins before I'm allowed to hit the next button. Same when you don't want to watch an ad to unlock a character, you're sitting there waiting for the tiny text to fade in so you can get on with the game. Kind of a bad user experience for someone who paid. Otherwise, 4 stars.
Really bad, and even bye mobile game standards this is really bad the levels are broken, they don't take no for an answer when you don't wanna watch an ad, and the charachter models are ugly I'm pretty sure the dev just learned how to code on from those codding educatinal games and figured thats enough to make a game, while making everything spaghetti code, not a good time waster, and not a good game at all
Hopeless game. Its nt offline game it required internet connection though the game is not 8nternet based game. Hopless game.
I can't open the game. As soon as I do it says "connection error please try again in a place with stable network." I tried with WiFi and with 4G and no luck. Help fix my issue.
would have given 5 star but the annoyings ads after each step make me uninstall this game just after 5 min of installing and playing
I love the game but now it will not come on it clams my internet does not work but all my other apps work so it's the game.
OHMYGOSH 🥵🥴! This game is so addictive 😍 I just want to SAVE THEM ALL 😫 it's challenging and sooo fun! I was so surprised when a simple shape, like a triangle or a letter "S" saved my character. The only time (so far) that I upgraded myself was because she looks like me. 😆 and the ad was only 10 seconds! Awesome!
Kinda fun, needs more to protect from besides the same old thing over and over again other than that good
Got to level 140, and the game completely locked up. It played very slowly for many levels until it wouldn't move anymore. I tried everything and finally uninstalled and reinstalled and lost all my progress when all that progress wasn't saved. I now have to start all over with level 1, no fun!!!! Please fix this! People the ads make the games free. The ads is how the get paid to offer the game for free. If you don't want ads then buy the games for your phones.
this game is nothing but ads, can't turn off network to bypass ads either. the developer of this game is a clown. two ads between every single level? no thanks, get a real job. this game probably took all of. weekend to develop too depending on their experience with unity.
I love the game, it's a great concept. I really wish I could actually play it. But the devs have added some of the most obnoxious intrusive ads I've ever seen between every single level. And made it so you can't play offline. They RUINED what could have been a masterpiece through sheer greed. So disappointing. 😥
Ads, ads and more ads. This is nothing more then a shameless money grab hiding in a simple puzzle game. Did I mention all the ads. On the bottom during the levels, bigger one in the next level screen and of course the full take over my screen watch this ad ever other level. I spent more time watching the ads then actually playing the levels
There should be an ethical standard for game designers, where for every minute of gameplay a small percent of that time should be made up of ads, and no more. I don't know what that number should be, but I guarantee you that it should not be above 60%. There are ads EVERYWHERE! Don't be fooled, this isn't a game of skill. Every stage is extremely easy and can usually be completed in a few seconds. I played through over 35 stages, and not one was difficult. This isn't a game, it's a massive AD
level 140 is glitched. Every single option either slows the sword guys to a crawl and they run across the whole screen in slow.motion, or they walk thru barrier, or the barriers i draw explode. only time it doesn't slow down is when i don't put anything on there and just let my character die. I put up with all the ads because the game makes you think and its fun but not being able to pass a level because of a glitch is BS. Uninstall.
I really liked the idea of the game... t was extremely easy... after level 160 it resets again to level 1 but it says 161 and level 2 says 162... so I'm guessing the ran out of imagination or are working on new ones, idk, so they just recycle the levels...anywaysss... fun game! SOLID 5/7
A really fun concept, marred by broken physics. Drawn objects will just pop out of place for seemingly no reason. Bad guys clip through solid walls. Tons of stuttering & freezing. It suffers from problems that "Brain it On" never had. If this game was written by a child, then bravo. If an adult made it, they should have patched it by now. Most of the time, the challenge isn't the puzzle itself, but figuring out how to draw something that won't freak the game out. Addictive, but infuriating.
so... many ads. Feels like I'm spending more time watching than playing. my hands feel num from all the vibrations as well, wouldn't recommend.
Wanted to try this out for a bit but I can't even fully load in. The game keeps telling me to check my connection and try to find a more stable connection. I personally might have enjoyed this but I'll never know now since I can't even connect to try it out...
I was having a time of my life until the game started glitching out and started repeating levels at level 154. if you failed the level normally it would just start you over at the same level but at level 154 it started changing the level after failing to other levels I've already completed. even after I succeeding the following levels would be once I have already completed.
Game is kinda interesting. If you are not playing a level you are looking at an ad. But that's not enough - finish the level and you get another ad. Play level, close game, reopen game, play next level. Takes about 7 seconds, or you can wait 30 seconds to play again...
Has potential. There's a couple of tweaks that could make it better. The higher in level I got, the more it lagged. I'm now on 179. After struggling through the last 10-15 levels, I can no longer play. It is too frozen. It surprisingly adds to the challenge when the people can force their way through the block. However, around 172, the people were actually going around the block- in 3D! One was going behind, the other went in front. I have a screenshot. But it made it almost impossible to win.
Great concept, good artwork, good sound, decent gameplay. My only complaint is the game has crashed or froze when I was being rewarded with new characters thus losing them before the process was completed. I am currently stuck on stage 140 because the game keeps freezing thus stopping me from completing this level or moving forward.
Absolutely ridiculous amount of ads. You can't even bypass the "new" characters unless you watch ads. Don't install this game unless you enjoy ads. You will watch the same amount of ads as you play the game, if not more.
TOOOOO MANY ADS!!!!! Like ridiculously many, every few seconds you get forced to watch some ad video. Don't get to play the game cause after every attempt an ad loads. Oh, and you can't play offline at all. Waste of time.
Way too many unskippable ads for a game you should be able to play offline, and cant do that either. Played through 13 levels before i had enough and uninstalled
I've seen people complaining about the ads. My advise is to never play any mobile phone games then and go play PS4. Remember, whatever is free, you're the product, not the other way around. it only becomes the product after you pay to eliminate the ads, this being said, let's be honest here, this game is funny and super fun to play and you should appreciate the efforts it was put by the developers so you can physically interact with the environment of the game. I loved it.
Do 2 levels in 15 seconds, 1+ minute of ads. Ads in between levels, ads for bonus rewards. 15 levels and watched more ads between levels than I played.
It takes about 5 second to complete a level then about another 5 to get to the next level. You get an ad every other level. So you get an ad every 15 seconds. Thats 4 ads per minute. Absolutely ridiculous! 1 star 4 u!
Saw an ad for this game and it was hilarious. I thought it looked fun. Then I saw all the bad reviews. Damn....this is not a game this is and advertisement central on your phone.....I can understand you are a free game but seriously the amount of ads after one level is ridiculous...don't play this game. Waste of a download
Super lame. Nothing but a over simplified time waster and far too many commercials for greedy developers
This app is designed to be pushed by ads. Can't even enjoy playing it without all the ads. Can't even put my device in airplane mode to get rid of them.
The game is mildly interesting but there is literally an add after every level. Sometimes two adds a level. For some reason this game thinks I will actually pay them money to stop the ads. Wow. It is interesting but not that interesting that I would pay money for no ads. The fix is so easy, instead of an ad or two every level you make it every 3 levels or something, then it is less annoying, but get your money for this badly made game I guess
Wont even open. Apparently mobile data isnt good enough for this game. I need a stable wifi. I live in the boons, no wifi available. My data has always been great for everything.
neat and interesting game. forced ads after 1 and or 2 levels and ads to get stupid characters not to mention the large banner ads as well. this was not made to entertain people but just to farm money from people during a time when everyone is struggling just to pay bills and feed their families.
I like this game a lot but it said i needed stable network connection even though everything was fine as a I had to reinstall it
SCAM. Don't bother trying to buy the free ads version. It's a SCAM for $3.99. Even if you pay to remove them every 2-3 levels you are offered a new character for watching an ad BUT THERE IS NO WAY TO GET PAST WITHOUT ACCEPTING THE CHARACTER SO YOU WATCH ADS EVERY 2-3 LEVELS even after paying $3.99 to not watch ads. SCAM.
Wish I could give less stars but oh well game sucks you can't play it on airplane mode and you get an ad every couple levels
There's only so many "one more" levels I could give to this game hoping it might actually be worth keeping. Nope. Everything you see right up to the first ad after a couple levels is about what you can expect in difficulty. It's boring.
Too many adds!!! Play 1 lvl takes 3 seconds then a 30 second add. Unlock a character. Then watch 2 adds in a row.
Just a game for ads. Do not play. For the makers I would suggest actually making a game worth playing that doesn't involve a bunch if ads to fill your pockets
There is already in game ads between every screen, but every 2 levels no matter what, you will get an ad, I've kept track of this for about 30 games straight, and even if you get offered a reward for watching an ad, if you decline it, boom you get an ad anyways without any reward. Could have been a decent game
Utter garbage full of adds and constant lock ups and crashes don't waste your download on this fail of a game
Good idea poorly executed. You cannot play this game offline. There is no limit to the ammount you can draw and you can teleport hazards away by drawing over them. You are forced an advertisement every 3 rounds or so. levels start to loop after about 10 or so, assets look like babbys first blender, the win animation looks store bought, the music is a 5 second loop, but those first 10 rounds were fun.
The amount of advertising is ridiculous, every stage is a advertising, game is not vad but is abusive 😒
You know this is game isn't free I spend as much time playing as I do watching ads! One ad after ever three plays, an ad on every scene or pop-up. Untill you play 5 levels then it's a full 30 second video WITH SOUND! Talk about running the moment, just sell the game at this point cause it's not worth 3(.)99 a month to remove the ads. Ps it's Facebook ads and tap the triangle report ads, inappropriate too many or inturpeted.
Everyone's talking about ads so I'll talk about the game play. It's fun, but there are far too many levels that rely on drawing the platform perfectly under the ugly character's feet or else they tip over and die. Even if you've figured out the solution, it becomes a frustrating game of painstaking precision instead of wits.
Draw lines to protect the toon from incoming threats and falling down. ADnoyance is inappropriately excessive but can be cut down by deactivating wifi after game started.Game will freeze up more and more the longer you play.
I give it 3 stars because they force you to watch ads even though you don't take the bonus. The ads are longer than the game play
I played this game for like 10 minutes and I've seen somewhere around 10 ads in the meantime. I apologize for being blunt but this game is horrible. Straight off the bat I get tons of ad to watch, and to add to that, this game would not even let me play offline. That is such a cheap move by the developers. And secondly, the graphics are utterly stupid. The only thing I enjoyed about this game was the cringy meme material emote the guy does after a victory ✌🤣
Extremely repetitive, way too many ads. Seriously, every two levels. The animations are pretty funny but it's rarely increases in how challenging it is. Most levels are solved with one line of a swipe.
Dont get me wrong the music is a bop lol, but every 2 levels is another set of ads. To put it in perspective, a level lasts about 10-30 seconds. Airplane mode just makes it so you get a message telling you to connect to the internet, not allowing you to play the game without a bombardment of ads. I really hope this creator goes bankrupt.
too many ads, average 1.5 game per ads, sometimes give you b2b ads, dun game but the ads frequency kills it
You know, spamming ads literally whenever I touch something is real evil. Plus not allowing the game to work with no internet is even worse.
My first 5 minutes of playing amounted to 1 minute of actual game-time and 4 minutes of watching ads.
This is not an offline game. You have to be connected to the internet to play, and the reason is because of the ad push. It's insane. I don't mind an occasional ad, but when the ad after every level is longer than the level, you're watching ads more.
Really cool, challenging game but WAY too many adverts, I uninstalled after level 5 after having to watch 5x 30 second adverts....... not worth it
6 levels, 4 ads. Ad every 2 levels and viewing an ad willingly doesn't bypass this. Namely, viewing the 'bonus' ad didn't save me from the ad at the end of 2nd level.
Ads every two levels. Ads last longer than the play time of the levels. Every ~6 levels it tries to force you to watch an extra advertisement, to gain an extra skin, on top of the ad that you'll need to watch to start the next level. At level 49, it starts to repeat itself. I played through level 75 before I gave up. Took an entire 45 minutes of my life. 30 of those minutes watching ads or restarting the game (if you restart the game, you can pick up on the next level, without watching an ad
Very fun and unique concept but the amount of ads kills it for me. After every 2 levels there is an ad. At times, you'll get the chance to unlock a character by watching an ad. If you do that in between those two levels it turns into an ad after EVERY level. I don't mind ads but each level takes less time to play than the time it takes to watch the ad. So you essentially spend more time watching ads than actually playing! I'll try for a bit more but I don't see this staying long on my phone.
I actually enjoy the game itself; It fits it's simple description for the draw and escape game. It is very minimalist. The advertisements are waaaay too much and the coin counter is inaccurate. If the free version is faulty, why in the world would I pay $3.99 for an ad-free version? I like where the game is going but there are way too many faults.
Typically when I seen the ad for again that I want to play I turn off Wi-Fi and play the game with no issues of ads interrupting the gameplay. However this game does not allow for that, you need a internet connection to play the game so you can get bombarded with ads.
Loved it until it completely stopped working. Graphics might be overloading my phone - not sure...but the load time and response time became ridiculous after about level 150. Too many ads but I just ignored them and did something else for 30 seconds between each level.
Ads taking up half of the screen and an ad after every level. On top of that the game freezes during almost every single ad.
To many ads, pop-ups that never goes away, constant freezing after ads, and closes itself out. I've had this game installed for 10 minutes, and I've already lost patience with it. Uninstalling, I do not recommend wasting your time downloading.
Poor physics mar an otherwise cute game. No point in trying to master it. Even if you do everything correctly, your creations will wiggle themselves loose, and bad guys will clip right through your structures. Ridiculous and frustrating after a while.
With many drawing puzzle games on the market dont waste your time with this one. The ads are innumerable, every 2 levels, I played this game for 10 minutes and 6 of those were spent watching ads. Deleting it immediately.
The concept is fine. The interface is a bit touchy .. doesn't always recognize the screen touches. The extra avatars offered are just plain stupid- looking
Dont download! It has so many ads and if you try and turn off your wifi to avoid them, it womt even let you play the game! Dont download!
It's just worse than the 500 other games with identical concepts. 80% of the time, the drawings glitch out and stuff just starts teleporting all over the place. There were like 7 different puzzles in the first 50 levels. I have unlimited data, so idc about the no offline, but I could see how that would negatively affect other people. Google asked me if this is a minimalist puzzle game with this review. I said yes because they made the minimum amount of game necessary to still get ad revenue.
ADD-WARE Can't play in airplane mode... Ad every other level. This is just a game to pay the developers in ad revenue. 10/10 Dont waste your [email protected]&king time.!
A forced ad after every 2 levels!! It had potential to be a good game but this just ruined my exprience. Uninstalled after only 10 minutes of playing.
Complete trash, ads make it almost impossible to play. Even when you loae signal due to being under ground via subway your blocked by a dialog box you can't close until you reatablish internet connection. Obvious money pit, if you want to make money make a product worth money. Honestly wish i could leave -1 stars. Like i want a refund, you should be payed to play this game.
It's a cheap "unity asset flip" grade game, don't expect anything at all regarding its quality Where it crosses the line is when it offers u to watch an ad to unlock a new character They type out "if u loose it, it may be gone forever". What it does is reinforce "fear of missing out" to make you feel like you must watch an ad to not miss out 🤑 The fact they abuse this psychological effect by blatantly projecting it to the screen is disgusting and reason enough for my bad review.
Had fun for a while. Got to level 125 decided to time it after I draw it took 36 minutes for the game decided that my answer worked and that was after I had to redo the level over and over again now level 126 is doing the same thing.
The most ads I've seen of any cheap piece of garbage game so far. It's too easy to test your intelligence, the graphics are horrid to look at, the game play would be monotonous if it wasn't interrupted by constant ads.... in between every single stage, its antagonizing. Don't think of playing offline either, it doesn't work. Move on. Worth while entertainment isn't here, this is a worthless, compassionless pile of ads, with micro transactions to boot!
Game doesn't load. It just says connection error and it won't load. At first I thought there might be something wrong with my connection but after checking other apps and my wifi connection, I realized it was a problem with the app. I tried to fix it and I even tried to uninstall and reinstall but this game just isn't worth downloading.
I played 20 stages, during which I had 23 ads, additionally only 6 were skippable ads. This means in the 20 minutes I played this game because most of the levels are the exact same solution, I had 1/4th the time staring at unskippable ads. Beyond that, game is both poorly optimized and laughable strategy game at best. Wouldn't download anything by this "game maker"
My biggest problem with the app is sometimes when I'm trying to draw, nothing happens and I'm having to rub the screen really hard to get it to register. That totally ruins the game since drawing is the whole point.
Might be fun if you're a small child. I'm a sucker for games with horrible ratings so I had to give it a try. I use Blokada 5S on Android so I don't get ads, I suggest everyone do the same if you play these types of games. I'm giving this game a single star because it's not even a game, it's clearly lazily put together and you can cheese your way through every level by drawing an infinite line around the character. Maybe a kid would find enjoyment in this, but not if you're over the age of 8.
Seemed good but then started to lag horribly the higher level you get. I have a note 9 and should easily handle these low graphics and gameplay, but it doesn't.
The game doesn't require Internet but refuses to let me play it when I turn on aeroplane mode Which makes no sense .it's basically an offline game there's no online interaction why does the game require Internet. It doesn't have to be connected to Internet it's just so I can watch ads.
Levels are very repetitive, you usually solve them in less than 15 seconds - the ones that take longer than this are just annoying and badly designed. Every other level, you have to watch an ad. Graphics are hideous. You keep on playing, until you get tired of the same old things, and then you uninstall it. Got to Stage 78, and that was it for me.
0 stars!!!! The game won't even connect! Every app in my mobile phone connects EXCEPT THIS ONE! Uninstalled immediately!!! Fix it and people will stay interested or just get rid of this stupid app!! It's a waste of people's time! And please don't mind that one star. I had to rate because it wouldn't let me comment without at least a one star rating. Don't get too excited about it! ha😁😁😁😁
Hey its a pretty cool game, fun concept and to play... Buuuut... There are incessant and intrusive ads. Covering the screen, auto forwarding, and did I mention constant? Usually its fine, an ad for a moderate amount of play time. But they are always there, and after every level. On most apps you could just play offline so that the ads couldn't load. However this game requires an internet connection! So you can't avoid them, or play without wifi if you don't have access for some reason.
Kept me entertained for about 5 minutes, after that it's just too simple and dull. The game is basically copy past trash with the levels that don't get harder, and its required to watch an ad ever level to progress Fun tip for you guys: put your phone on airplane mode to stop ads from popping up Note: this game requires you to have an internet connection and forces you to watch ads at the end of each level This makes it so that the people who made this game are getting paid for the ads you see
Holy fudge, its just one big add with a little bit of game. This is probably the worst app i have ever downloaded. I think I'm gonna set my DVR to record a bunch of stuff and fast forward through the show to just watch the commercials. Maybe I'll even make my own app that is 100% adds, that would be the only way to have more adds than this trash app
I found this game from an ad and clicked it because the concept seemed interesting. It's the actual game interesting? No clue. Other reviewers have commented on the number of ads but I figured I'd try it anyways. I honestly uninstalled the app before playing a single level because it wanted me to watch an ad before even getting to play the game once. Plus, the devs have it coded so the old airplane mode trick doesn't work because the app requires an internet connection in order to play!
The game is nice, but it sucks that you cannot play it without internet connection. After completing 3 stages you are bombarded with ads which is really frustrating. I uninstalled the game after only completing 10 stages. This game could have been a winner but the ads is a complete turn off. Its a thumbs down from me guys
The game was mildly fun, but is a resource hog. At first I thought it was the advertisements, and paid the $4 to opt out of them. There aren't very many worst ways to waste my money. I have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of space on my phone, which clearly are not enough. The game often moves so slowly that you have to wonder if it's frozen and restarting the game, or even my phone, doesn't always help, and NEVER for long.
I've made it to almost level 180 and now it freezes up and crashes. I've cleared the cache, cleaned the memory, and restarted the phone. Nothing helps. Now I can't even get it to load- it keeps crashing. Contacted the developer - received a reply that it would be fixed with this update- Still doesn't work AND I lost my progress. Had to start all over WASTE OF MONEY
Concept is ok. Game is easy, lot of bug, lot of ads. Additionally most of the ads skip my muted phone and plays sound very loud. This game is a garbage.
decent concept, poor execution. Ads apon ads apon ads. theres less advertising on commercial breaks. Ingame currency has ZERO use, every few levels you "unlock" a new character that "if you don't get now it may be gone forever " so you have to watch a 30 second ad for that. Don't want the character? To bad no way around the ad. Beat two levels doing literally nothing and most can be beat drawing a box around your character.
Play time to ad ratio is rediculace. I understand making money but you watch ads more than you play the game
Hmmm! I wonder why this has such a low rating? I averaged about 60 secounds of game play (2) plays, for every 60 sec. of ads, " I timed it"!! all while a large banner ad takes up the bottom of your screen. It is possible to have ads on these free games without slamming the player with ridiculus amount of ads. Im uninstalling, I'll never know if the game gets challenging or not, because this type of greedy advertisement frustrates me to no end. Dont waste your time.