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Save Cat

Save Cat for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fastone Games located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Waste of time. Advertisement was not even in the game. Too easy and glad it was free otherwise I would get my money back. When you advertise a game, people see that and think "oh I want to try that" and then you can't even attempt to try it because it's not even in the game????? Terrible advertising leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.
The game kept freezing so I couldn't even get past the first level where you're supposed to draw a box!!! The box then turns into a ball that does who knows what as the game wouldn't move beyond that point despite repeated attempts and force closing .......uninstalled!
This game was really cute! But there was a problem.. Every time i press on something to watch with a ad it says "ad not ready!" Please fix that.
i have played this game on another device, i like that it gives you instructions, and has cool scenes. there are only 2 problems: problem #1: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE REST OF THE STORY! if its part free then it should be completely free. problem #2: the ads. but i dont care too much about ads. but its a great game after all
To be honest, this game is pointless because there is about no way to play it normally, i say this because you have to use at least ten hints if you ever want to get through a level, plus how am i supposed to know to draw a near perfect boot shape over a large gap? how am i supposed to draw AT ALL with its constent ads? to be honest i think ONE star is pushing it. this game sucks, would not recommend.
Very cute cat lover here you nailed it when it comes this sort of atventure/math/doddler type game it really is a breath of fresh air .people keep your mind moving is what ssd's someone's mother mother must of said when they where young in development is not boring and if you do happen to get stuck there is a way out and you were lazy there is not an app around every color. Thanks for a great game. I would just say negative I wish there was a little color that's all
Do you like ads? Then this game is for you! Wow sometimes they even interrupt ads to have a new ad. Very slow paced game. Fun for a bit but not the frenetic fun I was looking for... especially since there were ads galore. There would be an ad to ad then ad ad would ad the ad ad ad ad ad billboard!
fun at first, but at level 56, i couldnt figure it out, so i got the hint, and the hint didnt work. i tried everthing i could think of and so did my friends, and nothing worked out. i have spent 3 days now trying to get past it, and i cant. i had to delete it because it was taking up space, but i didnt want to, bc the rest of the app was awesome.
It was so bad experience playing this game because the same thing is coming again and that she wants to eat cookie with diffrent angle amd you have to draw something like that which pushes the cookie and she eats it is so boring that I uninstalled the game. I don't reccomend the game.
Depressing start! I know it's a game but it's a serious problem dumping pets. Please don't get a animal if your not serious about responsibility. Uh games alright. Repeats itself and can be slow and glitchy. Not terrible if you having a sleepless night and wanna blob!
It's so boring and when I was in the game I would do what it wanted me to do but I would get it wrong so i would click the hint, watch the video, and see that what I had would work. The commercials, for this game is nothing like what the actual game looks like. All in all it sucked and needs some major work.
It's kinda time passing, but pretty boring. The graphics are horrible, and it's waayy too easy. Basically finished it all in 3 minutes. It's majorly copied off of other games, but it's not even close to being as good as others. All in all, you shouldn't download it, unless you want to make fun of the company. Which I'd do. πŸ™ƒ
Very clever and well executed, I would play this game more except the reward, on the very difficult ones, do not make it worth the effort, would be so much better if you got a cool reward: funny saying, cute joke, interesting picture/fact, or something, when you finally figure out how to save the cat
ui elements will constantly get in your way, im not sure how many times its made me watch an ad for the hint I never wanted. because I have a case for my phone trying to get the game to draw near the edges is a nightmare and most of the time it doesnt detect movement so I get a circle auto popped in there for me, maybe have a button to stamp circles and another for drawing shapes. upgrade the ui, make it easier to play for phones with cases or its a waste of time.
A bit ad-happy (I'd gladly pay $2.99 to banish all the interstitial ads) but otherwise fun. Have beaten all 216 levels, only needed the hints two or three times. Suggestions: 1. make the hints only give HINTS, not full solutions; 2. implement the game mode shown in the ad, where the dog comes after the cat (and licks it, because ew, dog slobber!); 3. chocolate is bad for cats! replace all the cookies with sardine/tuna cans; 4. make a custom level editor! i want to make my own levels!
the game is very glitched. the cat is all over the screen, said screen is flashing, everything is pretty glitched. however what little i could play seemed to be intresting and fun. if you can fix the game I'll definitely give it another try.
I LOVE cats! I even have one myself. When I saw the ad for the game I immediately installed it. I love this game soooo much! My experience was great! Don't listen to those people who say the game is "boring", "too many ads",ect. Who ever does not like this game can go to with the bad guys. Absolutely 5 starsπŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«
The game is similar to a few others on the app market. I enjoyed playing it but I completed it so quickly. I found that the levels are similar to each other that they become uncreative and repetitive. There are also so little amount of levels that it leaves you hanging with a message there is more to supposedly come and so i uninstall it as there is nothing else to do. I also found that the game allows free help solve for ALL the levels, it should really earned and locked. Way to make a game not fun by making answers so easily accessible not that I had to use them. Professional games make them locked. Just saying. I would say this game is cute though a copy cat of other games. It has potential. Not worth revisiting to see if future levels come out in the distant future. P.s the controls can malfunction with drawing around the rocket and sometimes drawing in general for shapes lag and malfunction. Have patience with it and hold down for a few seconds. It will eventually draw there.
It isn't bad game though... Well, of course the ads annoying... Maybe for some people that just too dumb or just prefer a game like ML... I'm not suggested this game to you since you'll end up giving bad rating and reviews... This game just an enjoying and lil bit brainy to play... Just like puzzle... Solve the problems first before go to the next one... It doesn't need scores or stars to proceed... You just need to solved it to go... It does has clues... But after I play above 100 chapters... The clues just need video ads... And you can ask again and again for it... Well, it's good. Not that bad or too great...
This is a great game overall! Yes there are a decent amount of ads, but minus that, and this will be a good game. They are trying to make money too, and I bet if you had a game, you would also put ads to make money. What's the point of making a game when you're earning nothing?
Artistic Fun, Doodle Art, Addictive & Creative, and best of all?!?! Anyone can play it!!! The problem is putting it down after you've started a game. So get out there and challenge someone you know and see who can save the most cats!!! "meow... meow." Live Well & Love More friends!!!
My game was really glitchy and made my phone turn all the way off and wouldn't turn back on until about 15 minutes. I got to play for a little bit and it was actually a good game.I hope if I download it later it won't be glitchy.
i hate it its s rip off and to many adds why did they make this game if it's going to be like this thing they should have deleted it in the first place don't download this it's a total rip-off and you'll not like it when she get it so I decided not to don't like it's not you not fun either so I'm done playing with this game so if you read this this is a waste of time so don't read this comment because I'm just saying this because I want to and I just want to say it's trashed because I walked to a
this is the most engaging mobile game I've played in a while, it stayed on my phone for ~a week! I wasn't too bothered by the ads, I've definitely seen worse. however, level 132 pushed me to the brink -- after trying it a few times, I watched an ad to get a hint, and the hint didn't work. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I got another hint, which also didn't work. so... I'm deleting it but yeah! it's a fun game if you're into this type of puzzle game, and satisfied my attention span
This app is cute but problematic, for one the ads are obnoxious. Like I get ad revenue, but it seems I spend more time watching, than playing. It's like you pass a level you watch an ad. you restart the level, you have to watch an ad. And then there are levels where they're so precise that you need to use the hint to pass it. Even after knowing how to do it on certain levels its still impossible without the time freeze the hint gives you. And to get the hint you have to watch more ads.
game somehow manages to mess up making lines that match the user input. on top of that, the game likes to move the "watch video to get a hint" button to the CENTER OF YOUR SCREEN, THE PLACE THAT YOU NEED TO DRAW. PLEASE remove this. its very frustrating when I need to put something there but the game decides that showing me this hint button is more important.
Whenever I try to make a drawing it glitches and moves to a side a bit and its annoying! I do not recommend it. And when I make a drawing, it never accepts it. Please do not get the app. And it is laggy for me, if that makes sense.
It was nice game but was also difficult to beat the dog . I really love animals . They are very cute . But in this game all things are expensive and when we complete one level that time we only get $24 only that made me feel bad . We cant draw on red glass that was also bad means this game was neither good nor bad gyes . It is for only entertainment . Also for time pass . As lockdown is going on i prefer to play animal games . I know variety of animals games . They are intresting time pass games
i love this game. it helps know what to do and makes you think very carefully. i wanted to see more levels and parts of the story. the story is very touching. if you can continue doing that with some bonus levels it would be awesome. there is a downside, there is no challenge like the one on the ad. if you add that then i would continue playing. i am giving it 4 stars for now. please do that so it won't be fauls avertisment.
For what it is I see no flaws, yes there are ads but one has to delusion to believe a free game wouldn't have them and I'm not sure what level I'm on but I have yet to spend any real money on it yet. I have found quite enjoyable and thought provoking to this point
The game is challenging which is good and fun! I love story behind it and the dog you later find (sorry if I spoiled it). I love the cute little accessories that you can buy. I can't wait untill they update the game!
Best game I have ever played. And I recament this game to all. "Save cat" means we have to draw a stone and save the cat for her mission to rescue. And she meets different types of characters. Really interesting!
I love this app. The reason why I love it is because, it's awesome that it's like a life of a cat and we try to save the cat from getting attacked by wild fish or dogs. I knew it was a wild fish until the sign of it popped up. Anyways this my option on the game. 5 stars. You're welcome and thank you for reading this!
the game is a simple physics game, it is fun, I've played all currently released levels, but there's way too many ads. You get one in between levels, and every other time you refresh, which is annoying if you only made a small mistake. Also when you finish a level, it'll display an ad watching option but will make you wait a few seconds for the next option, that's annoying. I also wish there was more level variety, swapping between features every few levels instead of a big block of the same.
This is a really fun game. However, couple of things. A lot, probably about half of the levels make me feel like the game developers have run out of ideas, like grasping for straws almost. Secondly, this game has such an issue generating ads for things such as hints and coins. I get so many ads between levels but when wanting to do a scratch off, get coins, or get hints for a level I'm stuck on, it will tell me ads arent ready, right after I already had 2 ads. Please fix. Highly irritating.
It's a cute game with a little challenge. I like that the ads aren't forced on you and don't overwhelm you. I like that it's a casual calm game and it's definitely fun and charming. I'm only a few levels in, so I'll have to keep playing and see if any of these opinions change.
What did you really expect when downloading this game? The further you go, the more ads they will want to force upon you. Sometimes ads play after a level, a lot of the time you have to go back to level select to avoid an ad preventing you from continuing. Why would you want to though? Every one of these games are so simplistic, boring, and lack any sort of character. There is no substance here. Go download a clicking game if you're so bored. These games are knock-off cash grabs. Don't download!
3 stars would have given a five if not for the repetitive ads .I don't mind watching ads for hints but when it's the same ad over and over and over and over and over yeah you're getting it over and over and over just for those that wasn't getting it . It sucks all the joy, joy feels of the game and makes you wanna thrash the phone within an inch of its life! Get better or heck different ads and I'll tell 2 friends and they'll tell 2 friends and so on and so on and soon your everyones friend 😜
I really like this game except for the fact that it has too many advertisements! It gets very anoyying especialy when I continusly get the same one over and over again. 30 second ads with every other level is annoying! Please fix.
It's like hello cats except their videos actually work. I want to use a hint or spin the wheel but it always says and I quote "ads are not ready" I even cleared cache and started over and the same thing happens. Fix this and I'll give a higher rating.
Why the review question will ask about scary? This game make me feel wonderful and suspicion, and horror does not exist at all.....so the horror element really does not matter with this game! hope that the game can play more category , and the style is more carefully designed...
I think it a is a bad game and should be more like the add but if u like to waist your time go ahead donlowed it. PS it's exactly like hello cat's bad game but the outfits are ok but just completely unlike the add this is 100 percent a overall really bad game also I deleted it the week after I donladed because it was waisting storage and boring ver very boring
It was quick to finish, the ads male or seem like the game would be different so I was very disappointed with that. There's a very annoying hint button, when I'm trying to perfect what I'm doing, the hint button pops up in the middle of the scene and co can't finish what I was trying to make, this resulting in having to restart it again. Very annoying. Don't download the game
I thought it'd be a fun game. I saw a review saying how glitchy it was and it sure was entirely glitchy for me. It could give myself or anyone a headache. I'm not sure if it would be glitchy for everyone.
Its an ok game over all. I think that it should snap to the basic shapes your trying to make. But what got me is how many ads there were after the first "stage"
My game was glitchy too. AND I'M SCARED OF GLITCHES. I tried to play it anyways, though. And that was BEFORE I was afraid of GLITCHES. REALLY BAD GAMEPLAY. DO NOT RECOMMEND. WAIT, I CAN OVERCOME GLITCHES IN THIS GAME!!! REDOWNLOADING!!!!! Great storyline! :D Nevermind. My new tablet makes it go away. Better core processor. Great game! Would recommend a sign-in. Like said, new tablet. Old one's broken.