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Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Madbox located at 68 rue jean Jacques Rousseau Paris 75001. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This sucks 1 to many ads like slow it down ad every 30 seconds like it sucks and the game is fun until the trolled cursed level 14 I still didn't pass it so FIX IT NOW OR ILL UNINSTALL THIS STUPID GAME
This game used to be offline but now you need internet to play it because they want to show you ads I get that you need to make a living but the game now won't open without internet because of the ads
It's OK but the thing that bothers me is 1st, too much VIP pop up 2nd, on certain levels it doesn't bring the line and it doesn't launch
Love it I'm on the 7th level and when I flip back at start it says a message like I love u or u r amazing overall great game
I love the gameplay but everytime I'm trying to get all the skins there's always extra ads and then my screen turns black and I didn't even get the skins. Thats why I rate it 2 stars
Ok good game 🎮 but it is based on stick man hook it is very good and not too many adds also i like that most of the skins are free .🙂
Level 14 is hard for me but keep it going you can make best games yayayayayayy enjoy my rate also its funny all the skins
I love this game but the thing that is not fun is the ads. Play the a game but without Wi-Fi network because you will not get ads
It is a nice game but after a while of playing you cant move then you need to restart your phone this gets annoying
This was i really enjoyable game i love it especially the weiner dog skin its so funny you should download this game its so fun and turn on airplane mode to take the ads off i really recommend you play this game i never get bored of this game thank you for the best game And the grafics were really good enjoy this game
Why is it that most times I can fling my sausage with no problem, but other times it won't let me flip it at all(This happens WAY too often by the way.)? Also, why can't I click the pause button to restart when it does this? I have to manually close out the app and then open it back up again so that it resets. WHY?!?!? Please fix this issue, it's really annoying!
I really like the game, it's fun, funny, one thing i'd suggest is fixing the glitch where you change your skin, ad pops up, you can't move. please fix that- also i'd like a bottle flip skin and/or candle. i have more ideas btw but for now that's it (ik what i said but what if when you are using the pencil, the eraser would erase the pencil markings? idk) anyways, to sum it up- i love the game, keep up the good work! :D
It's a pretty good game, but after u say no thanks to the no ads, it won't let u complete ur level, please fix it.
Fun for a bit then it's just repetitive. The levels are clearly random gen and not purposefully challenging or easy
no I actually think its fun the skins are adorable and they way that you fix the ads is that you close your Internet on your phone then ads will come
This game is a lot of fun. Great stress reliever. I'm glad game developers have great imaginations to come up with cool, funny games like this one.
Get over 13 new skins land on a lot of things vines to a car blocks to rockets so much fun all for free
I put 4 stars because toooooooo many adds like every 1 level or 2 a add shows up but over all it is a fun game
I love playing this game but i wish it had no wifi or internet. Adds play every 2 fails but it's ok. This is a fun game i play everyday.
It is a great game I love it whenever I'm bored or if I feel like it I'll go onto it and flip my sausage everywhere the only glitch I encounter is one where after some ads it doesn't let me aim and flip the way you fix it is to close the app and open it again :)
I rate this game three stars because theres way to many ads and its almost impossible to flip the saugas
This game sucks every second an ad pops up and you can't even skip it!? Can't even get out of the situation... don't download this game!
Like the graphics a car like that one game called hangman where the swing from the balls but this game I have to say it's pretty good I could goes on forever that's one thing it's like a forever game that goes on forever until the end of your life anyways go go download it
It's like really fun have the no add Pat and I did it I need to get that no add pack Elsa has the money it's absolutely free
Yo this game is really fun and did you notice if you go back when you're about to flip there's something written on its arm every time?😅
ADD AFTER ADD AFTER ADD! I had 3 adds back to back because I couldn't beat a level. After 5 tries i had watched soo many adds! Good game but please cut the adds.
It's really really fun it does sic flips and it has cool skins I just really love the game its so fun I would recommend getting it
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This game us so mind nummingly borring and uninteresting. Repeating levels, hardly any new mechanics, (there weren't many to start with), way too easy. Dont even get me started on the ads.
It's very funny,I think there are little ads and a lot of the sausages are cute,I'd like to request a game mode,where you can dodge lots of stuff that throw you back,maybe the Gamemode can be call sausage dodge or something like that,but it's very cool!
There is WAY too many ads! I really want to give you a five star but you didnt earn it! Please put a little less ads then I'll give a five star!
This is a really good app but the problem is that there re kinda many ads But over all really good i hade this a long time ago really good would recommend.
This is AWSOME I love how there is tons of levels u can get premium skins by watching ad and OMG believe it or not there is hardly no ads I prefer u play this game it is a addictive game and a time KILLER PLAY THIS NOW!!!!
This game is a fun way to pass time and it's fun for a game about just flipping a sausage, but there's way too many ads for this to be enjoyable. I get one 15-30 second ad AT LEAST every several times I fail a level or after I finish two levels (which are very easy to finish). Make the ads optional or reduce the amount they appear like 10x more; then your game will be fun.
I got this game because I was in my car on the way the the beach and I was bored. I love this game, I love the silly characters and I think they're very adorable! And i think that there are TO MUCH ADS and too to much vip things and please play the game and please see the problems And can you add some new charactes? Thank you 😁💗 But I highly still recommend this game and I love love love this game.
I love it, its fun to play and whenever I'm bored I just go on it. I love flipping my lil' sausage. There are quite a few ads though.
This is just funny and so fun and plz stop the ads but keep up the good work and dont stop one more thing you did a asome job
This app is pretty good. The levels are fun but can get repetitive over time. There are a handful of ads though.
I absolutely love this game I think it is sooooo cute and like it's really entertaining. But at first I didn't really know how to flip the hot dog but after a while I got the hang of it. I say they should just keep up the good work 👍🏼
I think you developers should add more levels and places where you can flip like a bedroom or kitchen or basement, and add some more skins. That's just my opinion though.
This is absolutely Amazing I love this game so much, it's not too easy but it's not too hard either, the graphics are pretty good, it's smooth, it's easy to play, 100% Recommend
Everything is great except its laggy for people with a a lot of apps and not a lot of space nice game definitely get!
I love this game and i rlly like the dog skin bc its toung but can every skin have a toung like that 👁👄👁❤❤❤❤❤❤😁
it is a very good game i bet it would get better revews if there was less ads but other than that it is a very good game. I lowered my rating because on level 8 I can't move.