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Sandiego Inc.

Sandiego Inc. for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Think Tesla Studios. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A really good old school experience. Brings back memories of being a child, using the old school computers to play classic gaming educational titles from the late 1980s. Keep up the good work!
Tutorial assumed I had prior experience with the inspiration for this game, and does not track how to find the information you want for the warrant aside from saying "check data". That said, this is a lovely little trip down memory lane. Play it!
Exactly as I remembered Carmen Sandiego. Really an awesome game and brings back great memories. Keep up the good work, looking forward to future improvements and updates.
A bit of light fun. It would be nice if there was a purchase option to get rid of the ads peddling obnoxious garbage though.
I really enjoy to play this game, its sooo smart and interesting. (actually for me, I google a lot of thing but huh it's still interesting) but I gave you 4, bc it's a little desire:) can you please add Russian? it will be more easier and cool
I like it, good fun like the game it's based on. Shame that it requires an internet connection to play though.
pretty awesome can get a little repetitive tho but i really appreciate that you only play ads at the begining of missions instead of spamming them at me every 5 seconds
This was a fun game on the Amiga computer, and just as much fun on my tablet. Great nostalgic game, 5 stars all the way.
Not the worst mobile game I've played. It was fairly easy. Not much to it other than "here's a thing, find the person," follow a string of clues, and done. It took me on average a minute to solve each one. Maybe I'm just that smart, but odds are better that this is just a grindy, time killer. A difficulty modifier would be nice. Maybe more locations, some curveballs, even some customization options would be good. For sure more than just five options on the warrant would better.
Enjoying playing with my daughter, who became interested in Carmen Sandiego through Netflix. Very similar to the games I played as a kid! My one request is that the developer provide an option to pay a few bucks to remove ads because I don't like letting her play games with ads in them by herself.
You almost have it just like "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?". There are some typos that need fixing. Also, it would be nice if the clock was not in military time. I think it would throw some people off.
Good game! Simple and definitely worth a download as it's free, deleted it after a few days as it's not for much replayability, but still good.
It's very similar to the old computer games. However, I don't think it's possible to catch Carmen Sandiego. I wonder if this is a copyright issue.
Kind of hollow. It's just a remake of Carmen San Diego, but nothing else, even inferior as a remake. I wish that there was more you could have done with the concept. As a free game it's cool for replaying a classic, but no ambition to be found here.
Lovely! But it need some improvements to make the game more fun. Keep the good work and make new features!
So basic. Graphics are like Windows DOS. you can solve a case in less than 5 minutes. Nowhere near the original game. How this git the Editor's choice i will never know.
I like the game, even though it's not quite as good as the real "Carmen Sandiego". Maybe the proper version will turn up someday, but until then this version will do very nicely. I had "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" when I was a young girl, but I didn't get very far with it because at that time I didn't have access to the Internet, the game didn't have a database and my family didn't know much about the clues the informants provided, but I suddenly got the urge to play it again.
I really enjoyed it at first. It took me back to the old pc game using 5in floppy disks. I gave it a 3 rating because there isn't any promotions after Legend, which you reach pretty quickly. I think you should rethink the promotion scale. Why isn't Carmen on the list of crooks?
Excellent remake of the Broderbund original. Might be too faithful to appeal to the current generation, though. Would be good if they greatly expanded the list of countries and clues, maybe in an advanced level.
Controls don't work. Friends and I were excited to revisit this blast from the past but buttons just wouldn't respond to touch sometimes so impossible to play.
I did everything by the book, clues, locations, everything. Had the warrant filled out and couldn't get to the last country to arrest him! I could really only travel to a handful of places, none of which were where I'd been or needed to go. great game 👌
Started the tutorial but every button I clicked said it wasnt the right place and just kept counting days/time. The search button just led me to people that didnt want to talk in every city i went to. I have no idea what I did wrong or what I am supposed to do. Very frustrating!
doesn't let you finish the warrant. once you land in the right place, you have to immediately turn on the warrant even if you only have two of five things, or you immediately lose. you can't contribute y searching to find more information to finish the warrant.
This game is perfect for those who LOVE mysterys. If someone says that they can not do anything cause there are so many adds they can not do anything, they are WRONG-! 80% of the time it is for a hint. Download this app!
Old school game.. Reminds us of Where in the world... But please add an option to mute sound.. 😃 The noise is sometimes annoying
Downloaded and would not connect. Kept saying check internet connection. Connection was fine... Disappointed couldn't even get in game. Update: they said the software fixed it and they lied. I downloaded the latest update if the game... Still not working.
Way too easy. You only need clues from 3 people to figure out who anyone is. Also, the writing is kind of mediocre
Seams like a good game. Only issue I've found is that it needs to be online to get cases. Would be nice if you could set it to download them in advance for when you're offline.
Very reminiscent of the old game series. very nostalgic. fun to play. I am also glad to have a game that is more content based as opposed to just graphic design.
The game is fun at first but starts to get boring quickly. The location clues can be a little difficult but the suspect's description clues are very easy. I wish they would expand the writer and painter profiles because the clues get repetitive. I think all this needs are more challenging clues or a way to increase the difficulty levels.
Samsung Galaxy S9+...great game so far. Something small, but why not add a comma after Sandiego in the title to make it Sandiego, Inc.? That's the proper way to write it.
I love this game..its super cool..you can enjoy as well as learn about different places in this game.. you should definitely try it out cause i personally love it
Fun game and filled with nostalgia. I can't wait for more missions and locations. I just wish the plane would go to locations taking shorter routes. You don't go east from Las Vegas to Tokyo. You go west.
Carmen San Diego like game, very simple and not in any way a modern improvement. Was okay, but inaccurate/buggy. On my 2nd game, clues for favorite author included Lord of the Rings reference and Middle Earth. Author? NOT Tolkien, but Shakespeare according to warrant. Otherwise a simple game that challenges your knowledge of locations around the world, authors, and painters.
A challenging detective game. If you're not familiar with landmarks, authors, and painters then you're up for some difficulty at the start. But as you solve around 5 cases, it gets a bit predictable and boring. More countries and more warrant characteristics would be nice for the game to have replayability. More skills as the player levels up would also make progress more interesting.
Great game. DEFINITELY takes you back to when computer games were just coming out. Totally old school It would be great if more Carmen Sandiego games were available (ie: Where in Time). Can't wait to see what's next 💖🕊️
It was super fun until a new player somehow cheated and got twice as many points in less a day than I built up over 2 months...seriously, I just saw this player advance 500,000 points in the time it took me to finish 3 missions for 10,000! That's not physically possible...I'm not sure how, but they're cheating to get to #1 place ahead of long-time players in less than 24 hours.
Easy and boring. I played for minutes and became an investigator. Clues are repetitive and obvious. If you are bored, this is for you.
I had a bad experience. It's probably easier than I think. I have to be over thinking it but I can't bother with it... it could be more simple if I'm being honest without dumbing it down.
It's an awesome recreation of the original Carmen Sandiego games. I was a geography geek in middle school and found the original game challenging. This game is pretty easy and I know I've lost a lot of my geography knowledge since 7th grade, so I hope the developers continue to expand the game to make it more challenging. It would be cool if there eventually was a easy mode and hard mode...the original game had gumshoe level, detective level, etc. That way us adults can be challenged too!
This game is obviously reminiscent of the Carmen Sandiego games from the 90s. The reviews mentioning that you immediately lose if yiu dont issue the warrant are correct. There doesn't seem to be that much variety in gameplay.
You reach the final destination before receiving all the clues for the warrant, which means you either have to guess the rest or watch the videos to get a hint. You get some of the clues if you go to the wrong destinstion, but than you're stuck.