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Sandbox Experimental

Sandbox Experimental for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MadnessGames located at [email protected] . The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Players suck, the level of constant hacking is absurd, while it's fun on your own server... It commonly goes south way too quickly to be any fun
Haha. Nice try but bugatti is slow on game and lambo is more faster =,= i dont wanna buy a bugatti it will waste my money and agera is slow too maybe change the speed
It's actually the same developer who created Simple Sandbox 2 and maybe this was the prototype for Simple Sandbox?
I have a issue, when i download the hacked version of the game (ultimate money and everythink unlocked) i can't save my world.
Perfect game but those stupid adds keep on messing my tablet there are no ladders in this game I put 11 stars cuz this game is pretty game much good the only thing I like about it it has then tank lol xd I we'll never stop playing this game I love it 😍😍😍😘
It was fun but it lags and sometimes I cannot place anymore items and it gets annoying so you should please fix this because it is bad but not the game also please add animals and characters that you dont play as
The game is practically abandoned the game Is basically dead, the game is full of trolls the vehicle do a full 480 when you drive and do a slight turn and the tanks option has only one tank... -_-
Perfect game but those stupid adds keep on messing my tablet there are no ladders in this game I put 11 stars cuz this game is pretty game much good the only thing I like about it it has the tank lol xd I we'll never stop playing this game I love it 😍😍😍😘
Lovely but I like when the other stuff wws there like there was a lot of fif things and when it wasnt impossible too ger a tank plz make it lile it was before
The game is interesting even by itself. One thing I don't like is that you can't kick anyone off the servers that you have made. I think I would rate this 4 stars only because you can't kick anyone. other than that its an 5 star game
Sandbox experimental by madness games new updates AIRPLANE ✈️ and bike and car and tank is buy player skins for 50000 dollars for the v_144 in the Multiplayer Online and Single player offline New maps sandmountain Sandcastle green map battle ground snowmountain Desert Airport School class room City Tokyo map updates Like and subscribe Sandcastle Military now from the helicopter pilot project new updates deathmach DM inferno Survival(Test) s Sandcastle and free mode and private mode updates
Trash too many ads when people kill you it sucks sooooo bad I recommend do not install if u hate ads
Stop showing me so many ads thats y im scared to play this game it used to be my favorit game now i hate it i cant die one time without an ad pls take them off pls
I am taking back my 4 stars I gave u cuz it wont let me play the game when I press play it kicks me out saying sandbox experimentle has stopped >: (
I like this game but, all of the skins are robots, so pls add humans And pls add more tanks, you just have a tank that looks like a Sherman tank. So pls add more cars, that's all we need
Im so good to see the stuff i cant wait for an update can you put some crash cars and also make a working remotecontrol toy car I Love
It was so awesome because when I build bases the look amazing graphics were okay you should work on the bike control though
The game is pretty cool but for the next update, can you add mobs or animals like a T-Rex, and pls add writable signs also to make your name colorful and big, pls add a colored text and name also a size text and name like this: ' name ' then for the color command, name it like this: ' name' and last, pls addwearable stuff for free like a hat, a crown, and glasses. Be sure its free 😊
It wouldn't let me download but I'm back:) I wish you added mobs, ragdolls, more skins, and more maps:):):):):)
This is a great game i like how you can make a housr its a little like another game but better i lovw this game i play with my friends there is one glitch and what happens when you make a big door sometimes it will get stuck and you cant move it or open it or delete it thats the only thing but over all of that its my favorite game amd i recommend it
I love it, but I can't figure out how to get the cars you have in the shop, they say "in case". What does that mean and how can you get them? Thank you
It's fun to troll people with Bombs when they build house on castle funny go kill! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
I am getting mad every time I click on a map to play it with my brother it dont work it just kicks me out and every time I click on a thing like multiplayer a add pops up I am also mad that we have to buy a thing just to get read of all the adds can you please fix all this and make a update that will get read of all the adds I love this game but it is making me want to get read of it please fix my game and get read of the adds
love this game but u cant kick people tht are anoying which is a pronlem and for some reason my game just went like "oh hey lets destoy his game play bye messing up his thing to look around" and ye tht also needs to be fixed but most of all this game is amazing
i would give it a five star but they shoud add a setting for pc bacuase im playing on a cromebook thats a samsung and i have to click the handels to move like i said this game is very fun
Asks for way too many permissions (access to contacts, making and receiving phone calls, images, location, etc.) and then crashes and won't run. Great app!
This game is like sandbox 3d wow amazing the graphics is like on call of duty Wow❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀😊😊😊😊😊
I'm really really mad bc this game I played this with my sister and my older brother it was really fun but 3 years later I decided to play it again and for like a 4 Minutes I found it as soon as I download it it won't let me play bc when I press the app it just does the same thing
Everyone should play this it's a fun little game like here's an example like if your waiting for your pizza just pull out your phone and play this game
It's boring you need to update it a little bit you can add the sea and boots and house or everything and then there's going to be a war i just cannot wait for the next update
Its not so good. If you build, you save the game. When you exit it doesnt work. And also, add in an undo button. Thanks.
I give this one star I never give 1 star but it keeps crashing after getting on for a minet and then it close app please fix this as soon as you can I want to play without crash please.
Really fun game to play and it just wastes away time. Love it so much. One option to change is the ad to respawn it gets really annoying pls fix :)
When i played this game yesterday it worked now everytime i go into singleplayer or try to join a server it crashes the game please fix and i will rate 5
It was cool, but the save function doesn't work anymore, so please fix it, now its 3 stars, otherwise would be 4
It's good game but it keeps on kiking me out I don't like that it only works on my phone not my I pad plus fix that this is my game
I played the game in 2016 it was pretty cool i got everything from ads and i loved the game. Now this game is much worse because there are no great updates and also there are much ads so i will give 3 stars because it was best game in 2016
It is cool but sometimes when I enter multi-player I get disconnected just to get an ad to pop up pls fix this
It's great you can have fun , make friends and have alot of epic battles it's something that I always wanted
fix the kick opshin cuaes i made a no kill sever and they killed so i tryed to kick them but i didint
This Apps why did chat with you somewhere love you ur you seisne you on + or - only back or push or anything you have game it update you have careful dhere wepons or roket or bombs you can click acitve the bombs and boom! You or friendly guy you have hold and i,m near of object you coninbyins trow and 1.bomb that bomb every click active it explode when put homb over 2bombs you died click to restart
Hello i wanted to report this bug um if a player goes in a car if you shoot in the spot were they got in the car it shoots them in the car pls fix this bug, Plz.
Its a good game but you can't save the levels i tried clicking the save button to save my levels then i went to load leves and there not there. Fix the saving method!
This is fun game cuz there's the items and cars and helicopters amd plane its so fun download this ks super fun it's for free now have fun
I used to love this game. Now it's just a shameless cash grab. I would pay cash rn to play it again one last time in 2015. Now it's horrible. It's sad to watch your favorite game go down the drain. I spent hundreds of hours. I baught every thing. I even got made like 50 fake google accounts to give this game 5 stars. You can still fix it. Even though I hate it now. The game it used to be was a legend. Wich is why I'm giving it 5 stars.
it is a very good game. my only problem is when i go multiplayer, it closes the game and im back at the home screen. please fix this
i do was get a tank here or diamodes you watch or for diamonds i rate the game or watch for get money of Really good and having a good time with your app and it was so good sandbox Experimental games you play or my rate the game please let me know what is the best game thats good morning my beautiful wife and subscribe if your YouTuber played or medicine and I'll be there me and my phone is how to get rate the 500 i like this game is Cool or get a app stored and i had a app welp i was cool to se
This game is great and if the game kicks you out when you press play just clear the cache and it will work.
I like this! Although I am having trouble loading the Sand_Mountains and Snow_Mountains default maps. I suppose it is just cuz of my device tho :/
Great game in 2016!! But now it wont even let you past the fake loading screen before it says "sandbox experimental has stopped" im uninstalling and switch to simple sandbox 2.
add some tanks thats all thats wrong everything else is absolutely 100% perfect oh also add a working portal gun and something were we can make a house.
i love this one but all my stuff is gone and i cant join sertant maps and i dont have the cute cars that say i have them all ready i hope u can fix this and i love this game!!!!!
It keeps kicking me out when I try to play a world it dose this to me and my brother all we ant to do is play together plz fix this
I can't even play because of crashes please fix this I'll give higher Stars I can still play it just very hard for it to work
I love it but I HATE when it wants me to watch a add when I die I don't like that but it is still a good game
Creator Creator can you make a funny stuff can you please stuffed with shrimp enough in this game can you play Five Nights at Freddy's stuff in your Game Trader please everybody life for now everybody love phone app creator everybody's love Five Nights at Freddy's I need to decide something like that
It's madness game he made simple sandbox 1 and simple sandbox 2 amazing of this game and I have trap bomb and you chat of your friends so. I like it so good luck
This game is great, but the ads could be managed bett instead of having to watch one every time you die, making pvp servers annoying. Also a toll like a weld tool to attach two or more things together to be one object would be cool!
Since this team of games were in 2016. Madnees games LLC made this team of developers to do. Physics work,modeling,RTX frequency so I give it 5 stars. Since ssb2 middle ages (half beta) is the newest game (2020 dec 30) i think. The game has been played by the Russians and the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Since 2016 madness games LLC the dev team made more content
Its amazing i love playing this game with my neighbour therefore its amazing but can you make someone get kicked out i mean when i tried to kick someone it doesnt work so hopefully you will fix that soon
i used to love playing this about 2 years ago, but now i cant even go on servers without it kicking me from the entire game. i cant kick people who are disrespectful or mean to me or others. but literally overall, the games great besides these few things
I wanna try this dwonloading in cellphone and i create the games Surival test its so good how learn you kill zombies and rate more stars and so good all choices are good than you think bad games and getting mad
Love the game. Hate the update you added. It causes the game to crash for just about everyone if they make a game save. Gotta fix that man. Like as soon as possible I'd suggest. Cause if not people are just gonna stop playing your game.