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SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Garusoft Development Inc. located at Onjukumachi Onjukudai217-14 Isumi-gun Chiba Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Extreme Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the game I ever seen after please add clothes store , daily needs , some watch ⌚⌚ on the to where at hand , please add some wallpaper , skateboard , rollercoaster , toy shop , games club ,party , some more clothes , cinema , some places and items -- please add these also store shopping , photo frame , wall clock , and multiplayer also , please please please in the next update ! Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye see you in the next update....!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!
I love this game very much! It is very fun and entertaining. There are a few things I would love to added to the game though. Height sliders! And sliders for the breasts, waists, bums, thighs, and other limbs. And multiplayer so we would be able to add people and play with friends! Great game, I really recommend Sakura School Simulator!
I really love the game but i also have some suggestions. Could you add a school bus to the game, and it will stop at bus stops for the students. Another one is when you turn kid size, when you turn into a child could you make it when we can stay that size even when we're changing clothes? Also to add more comfortable clothes without heels? I would really appreciate it.
I really love this game sooo mucchhh but can I have a favor? can you open the all building and houses and can you add some studio seesaw add many kids nursery some cute stuff like gaming set mansion with a beautiful bedroom and walk in closet
Out of the school sims for mobile i like this one the best, as far as i can see the controls are better than most. I would like to see more development and work on this. I haven't found any weapons aside from guns and i think there should be more, i also have a very hard time figuring out what class im meant to be in since the classes are all labeled in jappanese i think, it is a bit confusing.
While playing, I believe I have been seeing some glitches. Whenever I defeat the tax office boss when I go to the tax office the boss seems to come back alive again sitting in his chair in his office. It only worked one time when I got the gold bars behind the bookshelf and I do not understand why he is coming back to life.
Quite a fun game to play but would be more fun if there were more places to go and mor e varieties of vehicles. There aren't many civilian type people in the game so would be more fun to have more walk around. If you could add to the already existing buildings like the hospital and other buildings would be better. Public transport would make a great addition eg buses and trains.
Wow!! This is a great game!really fun game And cute place but can you add big hottel and even the people to go to hottel and really enjoyed it.some add more mall?add some gasoline station? add some more of places and can you update to become a beautiful world?can you add people to the office? And add the flowers in the play ground to become a beautiful?please update them to a nice World?
This is an amazingly fun game! For you're next update, you could add a long sleeved sailor fuku and stockings that are colorable.
it was awsome to play but i had so much promblems when i started the game and i played it for 15 mins the game will crash!! but my memory is fine!! idk why this happend but still in 8 days it didnt crash anymore :D but im still wondering if you could put 100+ max students cause idk but i still need it.
First of all I really really like this game its been like an year now and I don't have any complaints. I really suggest you to make more outfits, hairstyles, more places etc. And also add more things in the beach. I love all your monthly upatades. Rest of all it's really an AMAZING GAME!!!! ☺️
It was, very fun so many things to do! I play everyday and I love it! Best game I have ever played, there are so glitches but, they will fix that. Anyway, I recommend you play this game, if you DON'T like it then DON'T play it, anyways it's a perfect game for people who, like fun, funny, etc. Games anyway hope you like it!
I love this game it's really good honestly I do it is but I think of a few things should be added first up I think that we should be able to have more horses than just as a castle and maybe we can even be able to give animals love potions and they should be out of the school bus and the teacher should be able to send you to detention if you're bad the little kids should have a kindergarten to go to instead of those other little kids will they already have a kindergarten but I think those two kid
I love this game but the reason why I didn't put 5 stars is because people kept saying there was a big city near the farm. I think......? So I went to go check it out and there was no big city so I checked outher peoples videos and they had the same thing so I thought hey maybe I need an update on the game so I tried to get an update but said I don't need one so I wondering if people just made that if they did could you make one plz it's ok if ya don't
Seriously, I love this game. But the reason that it's four stars, that when I opened the app, all the stuff I had done was gone, and everytime I tried to do it, it would glitch out, then when I played a new game, there was an error and I sent it to the developer. Then when I played as the boy, all the stuff I had done disappeared again. I tried to do chara edit but it didn't work. When I changed....I saw the headless glitch. When I saw it, I screamed like someone broke into my house.
This game gives fear. There were skulls. Moving statue, All the ghost tunnels. stumped head, broken head. This a really scary game! Don't forget the ghosts are removed later on the uninstall. I got goosebumps!
This is really amazing simultaor app.I recommend to download. There are so many missions and places to explore.With new updates it is becoming super game. I gave 4 stars because in upcoming updates I want that it should be multiplayer too, then the game will be more enjoyable and everyone will love it. I will also give it 5/5 🌟 stars ............... this is best simultaor game I have ever Played it have almost everything !!
Real great game, though best worked features would make it a little more entertaining. Sometimes , i faint everyone who saw me killing someone, then some minutes later the cops are called. If someone gets to see you , you could be able to detect who saw you more simply. It feels a little empty sometimes, a little bit more content, or a guide on how to get some achievements would be cool, i pretty much don't know where to search most things there.
Hi developer! This game is Great! I spent hours of endless playthrough with this game! But if you may, please add more features like having a kid with your lover! That would be so great to have a child with your soulmate... add more NPC's and more varieties of Cars,Weapons! And can you also change that setting where you cant save Some NPC friends, lover. And the female/Male characters should have their own sets of activities and interactions with others.
The amount of work done here deserves respect. I won't say it's a great game, as this is technically just a life simulator where you can stage almost just anything. The shading needs more work done though, and animations are... fine. Physics are good either ways. The lack of goals in the app makes it fun to play.
I LOVE this game! It's so much fun to play and build things! But it would be cool that there would be wings for the character to wear. And more horses. And maybe some more secret places. And please add like a mermaid costume and long hair for MEN like ponytails and etc Overall This game is FIRE!!!!
This game is amazing! Best sim ever! I adore it! A few requests: 1. Add multiplayer mode to play online. 2. Add a train station (to be more like Japan!) 3. Add more NPC's outside school. Have them work too! 4. Be able to go in every house. 5: Full apartment building (can go in every room) I hope these could become part of game one day ^β€’^ Great job Developers! Keep up the work i love it!
I love this game so much~ I think the things you update in the game are so fun, and the control you get as a player is nice. I do have one suggestion, I think It would be really nice to have more events or interactive things at the school, or another suggestion is to have jobs for the character, or at least some way to make money from a job or errand, but other than that just keep doing what your doing because this game is always fun to play, so thanks for making it! I enjoy it a lot~ (*ゝωб*)b
This is probably one of the best apps with this kind of game style I've ever seen. Kudos to the creators, this is amazing!!!! Though, in recent updates, I think it would be a good idea to add the baby model in as it's own playable character rather than it being just a clothing item by itself. Just a suggestion though. Keep up the good work!
This is the best schoolgirl simulator by far I found on the play store. I love everything about this game smooth gameplay/control and the graphics are very nice. There is one thing I like for you to add can you maybe add zombies if you think it won't slow down the game other than that this is one awesome game keep up the good work..
Keep up with the great updates! I love your game. :3 (Edit) I have an idea. I kinda got it from Bijuu Mike. But it would be awesome if you could do something like multiplayer or where people can visit your town, so people could build their own stuff and other players could enjoy it as well. I know putting the stuff like that in the game takes time. So I appreciate the updates! :3 (Edit 2) Can you add a few new weapons? Like a knife, sword or perhaps an axe?
This game is amazing! It's all free! You just watch one add for 3-4 accessories. It has a lot of places and you can even make your own place(just be creative). Though I want the developer to fix bugs and add more characters also I wish I could date all characters in the game, pls remove the "items are full" on some NPCs except for the bride and groom. Don't worry about the adds because the developer also needs income for making such a great game that's free.
You are "this" close to being an "open world-anime-life simulator". Just expand the map, add more places, more character customization, more hairstyles, more body types, realistic needs. Etc. Keep up the good work dev team!
I am totally obsessed! When I don't have Internet I go on this and have fun! I also found a way to get all the outfits and didnt even have to watch the adds!! I have lots of fun role playing!! The top of my screen doesn't work but I just pretend... Ya know? 5 stars for definite!!!
I really like this game, but it's a little boring later on, I think it 's better to wear office clothes and do office missions. If other clothes are the same, it would be nice to have a mission related to him.I really like this game. It makes me feel like I was studying in Japan. In the end, I got bored playing it, but this game is very good.
This app is so fun!!! The reason i rated it five stars is its really fun to play with! You can even make a house too or everything! And there are some pepole there too! And you can turn off the enemy, teacher, boys, Girls, passerby! And you can buy different stuff! I just wish it can do a duetπŸ˜„
I love this game 😘😍. This is an independent game . I have some sugestions for you - 1. You should add malls , zoo , trains , airplanes , wild animals , swing in park and item props , clock , small electric car , lock and unlock main doors of houses , we can go in all houses of the town , add some more rooms in palace , we can change hairstyle when game is on and the last we can change clothes in every house . I know that I told you so many things to add but please add some things from this
I really like the new update and I will look forward for the next update, I suggest that instead of the jetpack it will be wings because it will look cute if the jetpack is wings. It will be awesome if We can change the hairstyle anytime and also you add a day like Monday to Sunday and also the other classes in the third floor I hope you can improve it and a book we can read or hold. outside the school.
This game is good. I have some ideas: Make your character a bit short instead of being tall, Make the players bag a bit small, Add a school bus, Last but not least is you can go into of all the houses. I hope you can add those things. I know its alot but i think they should be added. I hope these things get added! Hope you see my review! Bye!!
Out of all the school simulator games I've ever played, this one takes the cake. The controls are smooth, the graphics are high quality, and there's so many ways to customize the characters. My favorite parts are the map layout and the missons. Although, I can't seem to beat the robber bears mission. But that doesn't matter. This game gets a five star rating from me.
Here's a suggestion for the npcs, maybe if you're dating an NPC and get caught cheating then they should react to them being cheated by being mad, or sad and possibly avoiding your character for cheating or maybe breaking up with your character (and you can get back with them by giving them gifts or ect) but the basic functions of the npcs are kind of boring since they don't react to even being cheated (plus maybe adding a multiplayer would be nice)
This game is the best simulation game ever i have played . But i want to suggest you a number of things you can add to this game like : You can add a mall, a bank , a spa and at last a cherry blossom garden. I know i have request many things but at least you can add just a few of them. All through the game is really amazing. It should have the award of the best game in the world, A big thanks.. to Gaursoft Development. Just this was i have to say and at last i want to say plz install the game.
Huge bug. I was playing it when I suddenly turned into normal character. My character had the Alice dress, light yellow pigtails and blue eyes with devil horns and wings. It turned into the normal main character, when I was tapping on Chara edit, the box didn't pop up, the enemy went away through the wall, I couldn't move, changing characters turned into lag and when I tried to change my hairstyle and then the man's hairstyle box appears. Fix it please
Super amazing i love it very very very much you can make your own story amazing game ! But please can you add so house that we can go inside please make some 10 different houses that can go inside and please add some costumes and can you also change the talk and just type the words that you like to say and please add some character thatwe can controlTHANK YOU AND SORRY IF THIS IS TO LONG IAM SO SORRY FOR THE REQUEST AND HOPE YOU MAKE THIS πŸ˜…πŸ˜… AND I HOPE YOU'LL BE OKAY WITH IT STAY STRONG😘😘😘
I really like this game!!! They have smooth and awesome graphics. The best simulator game i ever played. But I suggested to have more new features. Add ons. Ahhaha okay. I want to have a hair saloon ,I want to change manually the NPCs uniform like, when I change mine to uniform A (the new uniform) I also wanted my classamates the whole school to have the same as me. And when I put a prop. I wished that it will also be saved hAHAHA , somehow, I LOVED THIS SIMULATOR!!
I really like the game....but I think it should be multipayer and we could control all the players even those who r computerised.......I really appreciate and enjoy the new update....love the game πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’“β™₯️
It is a great game!I absolutely love it!,but i have some ideas: 1.For there to be a primary school,the place can have no events and the little girl and little boy can go there 2.For the people to not go to school on Saturday and Sunday. 3.For you to do jobs to increase your money(Tax worker, maid at palace, etc.) 4.For there to be skin colour,it would really help. 5.For there to be more shops It is ok if they are hard to code in,these are just suggestions.
i like this game but please add new character, or new clothes like costume for girl, boy, little boy and little girl. i also would love if there's new place like shopping mall.and new accessories.and how to ged married and had a child.i hope i dont ask too much, thank you Hi again, sorry but i hope you can add some bts character please? i like this game but the character not many, thank you. Thank you for update this game. I hope you can keep updating this game.
Mr/Miss Developer can please fix a bug in the (empty house) placed between amusement park and next to factory. Eg: when my character ( Girl ) sits and gets up from the red sofa she suddenly jumps. I tried to make it smooth but can't. It becomes laggy. Overall the whole house that I mentioned is wonderful. Please help me with the small bug please.
This app is really fun.This are my suggestions.(1.The hair styles can be change while playing a game.)(2.Add mall, market, update school,and more fun places to visit.)(3.Little boy and girl can change their hair styles.)(4.Little girl should has her own house.)(5.Add some more decorations.)(6.I want more foods.)(7.Add more playgrounds.)(8.Can have a party.)(9.Add more space for items 200 are really small.)(10.Add more people please.)I really want more people please.
An underrated game! Awesome, you can do whatever you want, but I suggest you add more things and realistic behaviour. Also, please reduce the ad amount a little, like not having to watch one before starting a game. Please make the cops more realistic, like having to find you before they attack, and not immediately attack, try and arrest you first. Thanks for making this great masterpiece!
Its amazing! I wonder how i cna get the enemies to be my friends..but can you add this pls pls please!!!! Add an airport and there we players can travel around the world! That'll be so fun!! There will be an airplane..you know why! And add maps so thats where were gonna travel! Make sure its far from the other maps! Like the main map im in! Thanks for making it its better than ever!
Best app ever!!!!I really like it!!!!but can you at more places like an airport and haunted house, multiplayer, customize house,item,wall, people and animals,made how many characters as much as you can,add a waterfall and a water park,voice chat,make some jobs like walking your friends pet or a pizza job and more job to earn money pls! It will be fun! I know this is a japanese app,but I really like it!!!you should change Sakura school simulator to Sakura world simulator!
This game is cool and I love it! But, I have a slight suggestion for this game...You seem updating more on the outside or town more than the school itself, that's why it's named as Sakura 'School Simulator'. Like, add a backpack, since it's more suitable for a student than a handcarry one. Also, transportation like bus stop...student needs transportation tho. Plus, school uniforms, like putting a unifor setup on the settings where ALL student can wear not just the player itself. Thank you!
Hi!! i really love this game.. this is the best simulator game ever.. but can you please add GPS on? so we can go to anywhere using car without confused of the way. its going to be super cool . thanks!! edit : and i hope you can make " Shopping Mall " someday! sorry if i do many suggest. i do it because this is the best simulator game ever!!
I really love this game!! I've never been bored of it! It's really fun! But I have some suggestions maybe for the next update? 1.)add more characters 2.)can you add a npc kids 3.)add some playable animals 4.)add some tasks so you can friend the Cat God 5.) multiplayer.
This is an amazing game! But i wish we could play as npcs and that we could go into every houseβ˜† because i would like other houses to live in and that ypu could go skieing in the winter and ice skating and sleding! And that it does not pit you back to the title or it will just save where the humans are because i like to put people in different places like in the convinience store so yeah i just hope that you would be able to save the humans position with an extra saver maybe but its a 10/10!β˜†
The best game I've ever played and seen but it would be even more great if these things I suggest 1)maid outfit I know maid outfit is kinda like disturbing but trust me it will be good 2) I really want a maid cafe so the player can do a part time job and earn money 3)more option of AI you can play! 4)very common suggestion but I really wish there is a multiplayer mode last but not least I have a problem to update this game I had to uninstall and it made me really sad but that's the ideas I gave
A great Simulator game of all time! The graphics were so good and also the softness of the game was such a mood!! I love this game so much! i hope the developer of this app would add some buildings like malls, grocery and pharmacy. I hope a lot of building will be opening on the next update. Thankyou for giving us the best simulator app!
I really enjoyed playing with this game, and about the school it would be perfect if there's a lesson, quizzes, more students, we can play with them, and graduation, and some new people like the Queen and the King in the palace and if you know Naruto shipuden can you add some costume of it that's all I know its too much but hope you can do it and really likes the game
Its a very very excellent game ever i had never seen a very excellent simulation i am not saying that other simulations are not good but this simulation is the best!πŸ₯°! It will not make u bored ever! It looks real it have everything what we want in real life and its a very good thing u can also make things by yourself its very good too😍! It has everything i like its all updates! They add very excellent things i got very happy when its next update comes! Plz everyone try this game its fabulous😘
Best one out of the other highschool simulators on the play store. I can't wait for all the updates you guys have for us. It's fun, I wish for us to be able to have more accessories and items to decorate in any place. More clothing, if we can change the uniform for all the students, more places, watch TV, ect
This game is Amazing I just wish that we could enter all the houses/buildings,have airports with airplanes/harbors with ships,prom,map(the radar wasn't enough lol),Malls with a lot of stuff that you can buy,unlimited items so that we can add more details on something that we create,events like concerts etc, rain,some tourist spots, works that we could earn money from,All the animals?,and just make it like what japan looked like so that we're just like visiting japan in the game:)
This is a very amazing game!! I love it's all products!! I'm in love with this game!! It's all dresses are fabulous of both girl nd boy!! I love the school bcoz at school there are many activities to do like swimming,racing, horse riding nd many more!! Firstly I download school girls simulator but when I saw the game I forgot about the school simulator game! I love the game nd that's true! But I have a request that please give a dress of saree! I literally want to see the girl in saree! Please!!
The best game ever, It has good graphics and it looks so real but it needs just a little bit of improvement, more people. There should be more cars, busy roads and buildings or houses you can choose to go in or out and also more people, even more jobs. This update is very cool, I like it but there is a problem it gliches 😟 please fix it and put more people and let it be possible to type words and they will respond that without you typing it for them.
It's really not that bad if we play the game with much more of stuffs like adding a true wedding and then your lover become a husband/wife. Then you should add more pets like cats,dogs,hamsters,etc. The game is really impressive but perhaps you need to add more things that will not make us bored if we play the game again for a few hours. GOOD GAME
This game is really good! And I also love how the game would update from time to time. Keep up the good work! But, if you could add more things in the game like clothes for the girl to be a bit casual like just shoes, t-shirts, and pants, it would be nice.
i like this game but please add new character, or new clothes like costume for girl, boy, little boy and little girl. i also would love if there's new place like shopping mall, cloth shop, street shop and airport. i also had a problem with this game, when i start to play this game, it was like glitch and i cant play it, i hope you can fix the glitch and bugs, thank you, fighting! 😁
Omg I really like this game because we can build a house 🏑 and that really cool but I always accident in the water but I can go back it can also be not with jetpet invisible too I love it so much but I always like there X Close app,Wait😟 then I close but when I go back in it then my phone net go not good anymore but I really like your app and I wanna give you five stars 🀠
Wow,This game is great good graphics good content and a enjoying game. And here is my sugestions while playing the game i would like to change my hair but i cant. My second one is i like to change the other peoples(NPC) eye style and color. My third one is, i cant change the person(NPC SCHOOL STUDENT) Hair style i liked to change there hair styles. my last one I wanted to extend the propslt frm 300 to 1,000, i know it will be finished at the future updates. and i wish all the 3 will be true. Ty
this app is amazing but the reason why I gave it four Stars is because, you should make them, Notice Body's, new weapons Blood, that is going to make more sense to the game. And you should add a nurse on the nurse's office. But this game has the perfect quality of all the games I've seen, (my opinion)lol . And you should add more Hairs, Clothes,new restaurants, houses,and let us in buildings, Btw I still love this game hope you add all of these stuffπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š
I wish this game was available on the Microsoft store. But other than a few things this game is the best game ever. Some things you could put in future updates are, BMW cars and Mercedes Benz, a car dealership with a lot of sports cars, SUV , family cars,you can choose whether you want to be a student or an adult, and be able to watch tv, read books, cook on the stove, wash dishes buy/select actual houses with garages and pools in the backyard. Be able to work, have different cities, etc.
I just want a lot of updates, a lot of cars, people, house that you can visit on Halloween can do tricks or treats and I like when you type a words for example "what you are doing, how are you," he will answer your question like "yes I am ok, how are you" like those, and add a plane and can cook, shopping and most of all i want a open car, jeep, buses, e-trike, cuddling dogs, swimming pool. And I really like this game.
Honestly, this is the best simulator I have ever played. Although there may be a lot of things I would want to add, this game is like, the best. I would really enjoy it if it had a multiplayer option, so that I could play with my friends. The game also has a few bugs and glitches that sometimes disrupt my playing. I would also like it if one of my lovers see my character kiss someone else, they would get jealous.
Best simulator game, I really appreciate your improvements within the game!!, but can you add a fast food restaurant, mall, gift shop & an arcade, I also want a feature to be implemented and it is, entering the NPC's house, It's your wish whether you will add this or not because I know this a big feature & will take a lot of time but please change the school routine because there are many classes on the third floor & they aren't used, but anyways thanks for making such an interesting game (α΅”α΄₯α΅”)
I like this game. I just want to think to be updated in this game. 1) Save option should work on everything not just a few things. 2) Can customize people permanently. 3) Can enter every house. If you can do some of this suggestion. This game will become more interesting. πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘
This game is halarious. It's a bad game bit that's what makes it good πŸ˜‚. The Graphics are bad but what did you expect? This game can get you hours of fun just messing around just to see how much you can break it. Trust me download this game and have fun with how stupidly great it is! -VK the guy who has nothing better to do than write Google reviews
This game is AMAZING. I love it. I highly suggest the download. Though I have some suggestions, if possible, a multiplayer mode would be nice, and maybe walkthroughs for some of the missions. But those are just nitpicking. It's a great game. Keep up the good work!
Overall quite a good game but they could make it so if u kiss infront another person they will realise it? And they can also add more clothes and allow you to change the characters hair while playing and not just on the main page. They could also improve the graphics a little even though its already pretty high quality. And maybe they can also change it so that you can customize the characters age too. And maybe add a school for little children? The game is good though, Keep it up game makers!
luv this game! but i have a suggestion here. 1.bus,taxi,more motorcycles, trucks, aeroplane,train and boat. 2.jobs,like pilot, taxi driver, artist, ceo. 3.parents for boy and girl and the boy can propose the girl and get married and have their own family. 4.BTS concert. you can just add a few of them because i know i asked so much,i will give you 5 stars if you put some of them.and what app do you used to make this game? because i wanted to make my own game..... 😁
The games is almost perfect. I recommend that you should do something so that we can save ALL the data after playing and also make new weapons that when u equipped a guardian will appear and follow u around and protects you and also attacks when you want to, and I forgot, you should add stars and moon at night so that the view at the lake or the beach will be perfect. (I HOPE DEVS. WILL NOTICEπŸ™‚)
Good and fun game a few bugs though but that's fine.wish there was more no human outfits like mermaid or lizard.not sure if possible but it would be a great addition!!!Main glitches are getting stuck in rocks/walls and outfits breaking.pls consider the non human outfits they would be a great addition for role players like me and many other players 😊 also I love the fact that it's single player so you don't have random people joining your game when your doing something. Also being NPC's.
This game has an overwhelming amount of things to do. Do not compare this to Yandere Simulator just because it uses the Aoi, Taichi, and Satomi assets. This game is a LITERAL CITY! There are tons of costumes with unique abilities, different hair styles, all sorts of accessories, there are children, babies, and UTTER CHAOS! Give it a download. You won't regret it.
This game is just so amazing that I almost have this game for five years , really and this game never got boring , but umm this is just my suggestion that can you also allow us to go to other house and also like we can choose the characters size and also can you add a bit more new dresses it will be more fun . This is just my suggestion , Thank you , Bye !! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I like this game so much also can you add more updates can you add a maid dress and also more places and weapons,and clothes. And add giant potion and a shrink bottle too and grab a npc without carrying them but with hands? can you add a stomp sound when a character is a giant? And also can you add giant poses,some furry ears and a tail and add a book for item so the characters can read and don't forget to add first person mode too Also keep up the good work Garusoft!πŸ˜„
This is the best game ever! I have never been bored of it! I would give it a 6 star rate if it was possible! There are so many places to explore and so many things to do! There are loads of fun missions! I would never in my life complain about this game! I don't mind if it has a couple of glitches! I really like the idea of a Cat God, but I also wish that the Cat God could become your friend! Instead of that, it is the best, most amazing game ever, and I definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the update, but I thought you would have fixed this by now:Why do we have a different ballet outfit from every girl in the game, Our own character has the ballet costume of the boys, It is so unfair,plus the boys in our class don't even sit down, they are literally above their chairs. I don't know when I started finding glitches in this game. And how about completing all the under constructions inthe game, or did you just put them to give people hope of something being in those places. Mall
For me this is the best game ever!I've never felt boring when I started playing this game, thanks to the creator of this game coz you create the best game πŸ’―,but I want my girl player to be in a relationship with the leader of Yakuza office Himawari but when they sees me they're always attack me😭 please do something about it and I hope they will never attack my player again,I'm begging you...πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜
My sister and I enjoyed this game very much.....we make makebelief stories and play together. My sister even knows some tricks and hacks even though she is five years younger than me...lol....but its a pretty nice game for kids and adults alike.....you can name your players and save your game too....good job......... (edit) After the most recent update....the game glitched and I couldnt place any more objects....rather than that....its still good
Hello ,this game is just amazing,i just wanna say that there's many things in game which we can't use like school medical fitness classes ,dance class, lockers and also ship .if u made mall or small shop it would be more better . I'm not going to delete this app my whole life . Also if there's station in the game.the game become more interesting .πŸ’œπŸ˜Š
I love this game, it has so many things to do but I have a few suggestions. 1. Surfing, I love this idea because I'm a huge fan of Surfing and it would be awesome if other NPCs swim in the water.2. Prom, in high-school it would be awesome to have a prom night I got this idea from the party dress. 3. More Places, I think for me that their should be a city or other places to go and you should also have an airport so then you could travel to other places in Japan.
this game is fun to play and you can build up a story of a school girl and other charcters. one of the downsides is that its very laggy on my laptop maybe thats just me but still it gets annoying and there a lot of ads that are not that big of a deal but still. and i really hate being chased around and getting attacked by people and the police will chase you now matter if you teleport to another spot they will get you and it gets me frustraded by this. the game is fun and good to play!
Hi. This game is reallllllly good. However, I would have given it 5 stars IF it had blood, and that you could get married and more houses and neighbours and That they could talk I know they can talk but like you know? Like causal conversations and you could write what you want and LET THEM answer it without you putting it for them and also that the hospital works like a REAL HOSPITAL. Get what I mean? But overall This game is fantastic. You should download it its really good. Thank you. πŸ˜€ BYE.
I greatly enjoy this game. After waiting years upon years for another game with a similar premise to update I have finally found a game I find much much superior. Congratulations on creating a solid game much better then the comparisons. What other have you make up for in your creativity in multiple playable characters and customizable design. Kudos to you. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Their should be baby dress for little girl and little boy and some more winter clothes for all characters and can you please add some other things in it like a school bus stop some family and more other kids with dress and in castle there should be more guards and a family hotel and some family and kids and in palace can you please add a prince and princess with their kids in palace and can you add a shopping mall please do πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
5 star for this. Im very excited in every updates and GARUSOFT always surprise me. But i have some recommendations: Some malls where you can do some parlor, window shopping or something like that. You can place pink ring like where you can change clothes on wherever you want and some new appliance for house decorations and new missions. Sorry for being demanding, but please in your next update we can be able to interact with the jet girl, shes so mysterious πŸ˜…
This game is so cool and awesome. I can say that this game is one of the best games I played. So for giving a review, I'll also give some of my suggestions (though I know some of you wouldn't mind). I think it's a good idea to have a mall there where the character can go shopping or whatsoever and some jobs for the characters so they can earn money (though we can also have money from the tasks). I think it's also a good idea to have clubs there (I mean join the clubs there). 5 stars for this.
Very perfect, what else can I say? The graphics are 5/5, gameplay 5/5, controls are easy to learn and a 5/5. I totally recommend this its a very good kind of school simulation game, you can build houses or any idea you have in mind, for real though, download it very fun. Overall this is a very good game, and its been on my phone for almost a year now.
I LOVE THIS GAME VERY MUCH😍😍😍. But I just wished that I can go on a big boat,go other places,a dress shop and new more updates.
This game has a lot of features, stuff, and things you can do like making your own houses, creating stories and more but it is kinda lonely HAHAHAH. I really want an online version or rooms but I'm afraid that it will affect the future updates, whereas it will be more laggy and unplayable, I really love those events, rides and more, but just imagining that you're doing everything on your own makes me feel lonelier in my life to the fullest.I suggest to add more things NPC's could do on their own
Ok oh my goodness this is the best anime game I could find.I was trying to find a game that was close to yandere simulator. Coodose to this amazing game. To the amazing graphics. One problem with it though is that you need to be able to go to other places. There are not alot of places in this game but you can still have fun. The clothes and the hair are have so many graphics and the stories and youtube videos you can make are absolutely amazing and awesome. Thanks for making it.
I absolutely love this game! I love the new update I experienced some bugs and glitches but it's fine though I have suggestions, I wish there were more things to do in school because after players are done doing the missions that's connected to school there's nothing else to do in that place anymore and I wish there's like a clothing shop, NPC's with more personality and a part-time job that makes us work and not just watch ads and a mall I also wish that we could report stuff to the police
I absolutely love this game! You can do anything you want and the missions are awesome but I gave it 4 stars because we can't go inside the houses I wish they weren't just decorations also can you add a mall where we can explore and buy stuff? Also I wish you can add like when you have a lover you can propose and like a wedding starts after that but that aside what I really like you to add is a Multiplayer thingy where you can interact with other players and not just NPC's you'll get the idea🀧
My friend recommended this game to me. And gosh, it was almost perfect! It has a smooth graphics and high quality! And the hair is so smooth! But I wan't you to fix something. It's about the sitting position because sometimes if I seat in my chair, and low down my head, it will look like that my head was floating. And the hair. It is too glossy. Everything was okay! This is cool and i still wan't to recommend the running with the graphics. Fix it. Overall. It is good
it's working just fine 3 hours ago. theres this bug it won't load anything, it does load the map and people but your character change into deafult character and if i tried to call someone theres no one on my call list, if i go talk with people my screen froze. my money, my weapons and my popularity is still the same but i still can't do anything besides running around the map.
Very hilarious and entertaining. I have a few suggestions for some new features though. For starters, could an online multiplayer mode be added? There could also be some more jobs/ways to make money. There could also be more activities in the school. I always crash when I'm driving cos the vehicles are kind of difficult to drive but these are just suggestions. I know I'm asking for a lot. The game is awesome
Simply, game good. Just came here for suggestions. 1. Add a police commander that is able to command police so I could make a war against the police and yakuzas easier 2. Can you add a ocean to explore? Maybe more islands? There should be a toggle to on and off it to save more storage 3. I know you're probably thinking about it already but yeah, multiplayer. I hope you see this and add my suggestions!
I love this game a lot. I've been playing it for about a year now. In my opinion I think y'all should add a mall, zoo, ski area, trains, airplanes. More characters to talk to. I would like to see all the house be open so we can explore them. Also would be cool if we can marry are lover.
I ABSULUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!! I've been playing this games for months and not ever even thinking about getting tired of it. When I get older this will be one of my favorite childhood games. But I wish there was more stuff you could do. I want some of the males to be able to wear some of the female clothes. Like Alas and the wonderland. And I wish you could give animals stuff. Because I would like to give animals a love potion. I think that would be funny. And be able to change the skin color.😊
I love this game! It's the best school simulator!! The world are big and full of secrets, many missions and there are many things I can do. Please add more characters that I can control, add more missions and please let us report someone to the police. I don't have any problems to the graphics and controls, sometimes there are glitches but they're just funny to look at. By the way, thank you for creating this wonderful game!
I love it.πŸ₯³πŸ€© But add more faces and costumes. Pls add hairstyles. Add more, longer ponytails. Graphics are cool, especially the bashing of the cars. Good game after all. Could we also be able to keep changes made from the Chara Edit menu? I really would appreciate that! By the way, the monthly updates are really cool. I hope you're consistent with that! Owing two updates now🀧πŸ₯Ί
The game is great! Giving many options and other stuff to do that most games don't offer. The quality, the gameplay, the characters, customization all of it is great! You can make your own story. But how about giving it another option? For example to let the players play together visit each others world (like minecraft, among us, Sky: children of the light etc) Giving friends/players the ability to play with each other, wouldn't that be great? And maybe "story modes". Thanks for your hardwork
This is the best game i ever played. Its so fun. There's so many different mission to complete. I enjoyed this game so much☺️. There's so much thing to do . The cars are so cool. When it gets to games i didnt know what games to choose cause those games are so boring to me . But when i found this game i immediately love it . Its just so cool and fun☺️☺️. But there's one problem the place that the girl sit was kinda akward cause she was serounded by boys. I think she should sit among the girls
Uhm This game is really awesome! I really loved playing the game,but I also kinda want more props in the item menu, and I also want that there's an option that you can change the uniforms in different varieties,like thesame as yandere simulator and school girls simulator? And the outfits.I also want them to be customizeble like you can change the shoes ,the shirt,the pants, like into anything, I'm just not satisfied the way the girls outfit is.I also want it like the outfits todays generation:>
Everything about this game is perfect, the quality is great, the gameplay itself is amazing. In the last update they had house props to place down, and when you did, you can't use the house itself as the door doesn't open, I was wondering if in the next update you could use the house, and the bulidings, if so that would be great.
This game is excellent choice but I suggest you to add the following 1.)Add more poses,2.)Add more items,3.)Add more beautiful places,4.)Add a event like graduation, Party etc. and the NPC's will coming there,5.)Short the party dress,6.)Add a zombie can turn on\off,7.)Add more clothes,8.)Can choose a NPC to play,9.)Add a MERMAID costume,10.)Add a slide in the beach.....please update all of this i really enjoying this game...πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ€—
πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Thank you for making such a good game. My younger brother plays it during his freetime and It's so addictive. Please never put in-app purchases in this game. So good on its own , but I love the new update. And also about chara edit , when people say skin colour they mean brown complexion, green complexion and that . But what you put as colour change is just not the right one . I really wish brown skin colour was added.
I love the game its fun but the only thing I would wish u would add is maybe a night club where side characters actually go. Being able to get married would be nice. Also I think that there should be parents in each house of the characters you can play i feel as though it would add great to any role playing. Last thing I would like to see in the next update would be actual beds in the prop section rather the futons. It would be cool if we were able to dance with other characters.
This is a great game and never gets old!! The only thing I want to be added is family relationships, family gameplay and for more cars, more houses, more interactions!! And its weird that the baby walks on two legs i think the baby should crawl instead! I also want an option to get married, and have kids, not the dirty tho!! Good game 5 stars πŸŒπŸ‘Œ
This game really never disappoints meπŸ’• This game is just so fun, I'm looking forward for more good updates😌 Uhmm, I just want to add some things here, I wish this game can be multiplayer if that's possibleπŸ˜… and add more jobs besides being mechanic in Repair shop. But anyway this is really a good game😊😊 To the creator, "U nice keep going!" haha Im an ARMY I just remember that line but whatever good job to the creator!! πŸ‘
I don't play games much but I really love this one. Whenever I'm bored, I play it and it's good to consume my extra time. I made 20+ girlfriends without worry. You can date whoever you want without using love potion and you can also drive a car. It's like your own world unless you commit a crime like killing someone. You can buy the outfits by watching ads too. They're totally free which is another good thing. Totally recommended!
Like this game so realistic GAME EVER This is So nice ,Grapics and all that i really reccomended it my suggest is multiplayer mode like have a room 50 minimum of players(maybe) and others have a code like some private room i wish i can play with just mobile data..Theres an online mode and offline mode Fix Other bug More Clothes etc. In sakura car shop..Add some motors that will be cool and Some design of beach bec.The Sand Is plain Yeah i have more suggestion..please noyice this! -axcel
Out of all the life simulators out there this game was the only game that I've enjoyed playing, the only life simulator that has a radar, proper character status, camera effects and props, adjustable weather(good for roleplay making), easy- to-control- joystick, has creative graphics(most places are really Japanese), and a very stable game.
Nice games.... But could you add more supermarket..... And if you aim gun at the seller they will give us money and then have wanted level like gta v please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™..... And we can find job to do like office restaurant and more...... And make the map bigger i hope you can add that all thank you...... And its better to play it with friendsplease make it..... I want to play with my friends