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Sakura Blade

Sakura Blade for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by sk_Mine located at Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence, Fear) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is the best game on the world i completed it in all charcters(not all the extra levels) in all difficulties it was fantastic and the story is very good and i love the gameplay too I'm waiting for the second season and i know it will be better than the first [sorry for my bad English]
I was just thinking it would be awesome if you made a game where you played as Kazekiri. Maybe a prequel about him training with the evil bois or something like that?
This game is excellent its just like Sekiro. The story is good alot of extra levels and characters! i enjoyed this too much :^) (edit: Yes Sekiro is a game title)
This is the best hack and slash game there is, but the thing that i dont really like is when you get another sword and some scrolls and you charge your sword/bow and hit an enemy it takes away some of your health so i was wondering if you could remove that(edit: your response did make sense and i just wanna say you have to get this game it really good,sure there are hard boss battels but it really good get this. This is all i have to say. Bye
i have spent soooo much time on this it is an awsome and beutiful game every new phone i get i download back this and all the bosses are easy when you figure out there patterns its just a well made game but my one concern is stupid people might not know how to face the bosses
all of your games are so repetitive and always with stickmans I played ur game about AOT it is almost the same at gameplay
Bruhh.. your game are just so good even though its 2d or stickman its still pretty good and the control is pretty good tho.
I like how it has a vague story so you have to piece together what it's about the boss fights are also very fun and over all slicing through enemies is enjoyable I also haven't found a bug
Nice game, amazing story, like stick of titan- I haven't a complaint, but I have more more things to say, with Mikage- she has a slight description, but I would think it's a good idea to give a description of the other two- now I have an image of them in my head which is why this isn't a complaint, merely a recommendation, Edit: no I meant like how they look, you said that Mikage has red hair and wears red, but didn't do that with the other two 2: okay, I'd ask a question but I only can put 500,
I would give this 5 stars, some boss fights are extremely hard, and broken. Especially Kasha on chapter 16
the game is great and i dont care that mutch about graphics. the gameplay is totally skill based which i enjoy. the bosses are nice and challenging but i have one complaint about the shura boss, i feel like its unbalanced because when you hit the shura most of the time you bounce into its sword which takes away 2 hp and the boss room barely has heal orbs. they dont even spawn that often. dont even think you can get zetsu. pls fix the boss by adding an invincibility frame after you hit the boss.
Good music, Good gameplay. Fun. There is no chests or any lootboxes or timers. It is good old campaign that can be played offline.
anyone who says this game is "trash" needs to go to hell! This game is awesome and fun and can rarely get unfair. Everything about this is polished and Need to me on the top rankings of the app store!
Honestly i wasnt expecting that much when i saw this game and chose to download it, i was thinking itd be one of those mobile games, the bad ones, the controls are simple but feel really good and the only bad part is the one ad at the top of the screen
I like it but i cant get passed the fourth currupted monster the one that jumps all over the placed i think he is a little overpowered
best game on android also one of my best games of all the time! Love it soooo much!!! The bosses, the music, the design, the characters; love all that, it's ad-free, very addictive, really fun and very awesome! 11/10
THANK U SOO MUCH FOR THIS GAME THE ENDING WAS AMAZING I WAS CRYING PLZ MAKE IT MORE LONGER IF U CAN THIS GAME THO ITS BEYOND WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the songs in the game they are verg catchy and i want to learn them on piano
Sakura blade is truely my favorite game. Love your games dude! Oh and maybe could you add more characters if possible?
I actually really like this game, but there's one small little problem. THE SECOND PHASE OF THE GOD OF EVIL IS LITERALLY WAY TOO HARD. Seriously it needs to be nerfed. I just can't figure out how to beat the thing.
The game is seriously amazing!!! I'd love to recommend it to anyone, everyone!!!! The only thing is, in the extra mode,using kazekiri, the sen attack with the one big arrow is actually better than the original one. Pls add a menu on the kinds of attacks on each character. If you can do this. I'd even make the stars 7 out of 5!!!! Simple and easy to learn!! Please also add a multiplayer mode. I'd love to see this game hit more than 500 million downloads. Keep up the excellent work.
It is a pretty good game but I would love a bigger story as it is pretty small and most people like me are done with this game in 1-2 days
the game is fun, i enjoy using it in my spare time but on the "Extra: Rush of god" level when im on 1 bar of Health and try to use a special ability of 3-5 i will die when i haven't touched the boss at all. this is infuriating especially when 4-5 are automatic hits that stop time and you don't take damage during them.
very very fun few hours but there are some definite issues that keep it from perfection enemy patterns are pretend challenging where just increasing in speed and randomness along with more fire is used instead of more complex patterns from enemies I don't mind this as its a moblie game so what do you expect but it does get a little annoyingly repetitive
Simple but very enjoyable and all the reviews are very positive You've made a great game with an interesting story and character development one of the best games so far :-)
the game is great, i just dont like the graphics. i'll visit the help board, because i know that you've told people before to do so about the graphics. still, its a great game! i've placed first on a few of the special ones, try to beat BEENIS Mondo!
I don't even know what to say about this game. It's absolutely incredible. The story, the characters, the attacks, gameplay mechanics (which, granted is seen in other games). I just love how the main characters are connected in some shape or form. And the enemies too, they're great. Absolutely fantastic. The story is, as I had implied before, is absolutely amazing. Character development. I have too much to say, and I have limited typing space. So, all in all, this game is your best, by far.
The game is amazing, and the music too! I loved the game and have rediscovered it recently, it's been a few years since I last played it and I had finished every stage on hard mode, it was hard, but the music, visuals, patterns and gameplay were so fun and addicting!! If amything I wish there were more games like this one, simple but great.
I love this game so much for last time II just soon 4 last year and last time it's gonna be awesome but I don't know what the heck is going on in I don't think but I just I don't think you've done me like that and I need some pizza rolls for not any just get from front of me to the house of the city that is the only one in my town on my life
This game is really basic but intense. I love the fact that it's not just an easy game because when you fight the bosses you have read them and remember their moves.
Its good but i keep accidentally pressing the ad at the top and when i go back it resets the whole game
This game is beautiful... the story, the music... I only wish there were more chapters and characters...
The game is very good but the ad on top breaks the gameplay, would appreciate it if you removed or moved the ad
It's a really simple, easy to learn and fun game. I love the story it tells and I love how each playable character tells it in a different way through the game. I highly recommend if you love great adventures and sad moments. It's an amazing amazing game! 😍
One of the best and most creative combat/boss mechanics I've seen from a mobile game, but I believe I've found a bug. My stage 17 is Kasha, but with only 2 scrolls and no healing. Every other Kasha playthrough I've seen has 3 scrolls and 2 heals. This makes it nearly impossible to beat. Is this purposeful?
I've got to admit, when i first saw this,I thought it was pretty bad. I've got it all wrong. My bad, whoops! This game is pretty much. The background music is awesome. Mind sharing the name of the background musics?
the best damn game i have ever played. This game was in my childhood and now as 13 i am still playing this game
i like the game a lot i just don't think im that good at this. Ik that i can skip lvls but i really like to have them all in order. I just can't get past Kasha, other than that I love the game keep it up!
im really love this game, it takes such simple rules and concepts and is able to make a great experience, its got a story, and plenty to accomplish, i HIGHLY recomend at least trying this game out, if i were to say anything needs improvement, it'd be polishing.
Amazing Game,Nice Story but..Whenever i complete "Rush Of Gods" there ain't no sakura leaf mark or Edo's leaf mark (Yes i used every character Mikage,EDO Mondo and Kazekiri (secret character) It takes so much hard work to complete Rush Of God Pls fix it.Thank You Edit:Sorry for my Grammer
really really good game but how can you play as the person with the bow BTW stick of Titan is also good and the history is clear to me and god of evil is hard I can't beat the darn thing
Wooww woooowwwww and woooooowwwww Didn't expect so much from this game and believe me it delivered much much more!! Kudos to the developers it was an amazing experience. Needs some tweaks for sure but seriously it's a wonderful game!! I appreciate the efforts. Keep updating the storyline. It's a wonderful game πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Reaaalllly good but some levels are just too hard and i wishhh that you can get a shop for swords armours and also secret powersss !! just adding that would make me very happe
I love this game!! This is one of my all time favorite mobile games!! I finally got to play the extras and bonus characters! Awesome stuff! Keep up the good work!
This is way much better than Stick of titan. Loved the main menu music, choose character in settings, and also creative attacks. Hay creator, maybe you should do the same for the game Stick of Titan. It's totally 99% best. In love with this game. So much😘. Oh and also add more characters, and maybe dragons in this game! It's more than fun.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thank yee, i know the kasha boss has to make you use the "power attack" thingy, i can now easily defeat kasha :D PS: if you want to, and if you get better at drawinf and programming and stuff like that, can you make skins? when you get your programming better and drawing, obviously is up to you.
it was good, alot like attack on titan (gona try your attack on titan game btw), you are a great dev, keep makeing great games :) edit of gratitude: i played the other game, yes, they are both enjoyable :)
I absolutely love this game the simplicity power ups design and even a good boss now and then. But sometimes the bosses are just plain unfair. Any fight with more than 1 thing on screen could very well force you to take a hit or insta kill with multiples. All the time i felt so like i was at the mercy of the A.I. Its like the cup trick and they tell you to find the ball by memory and then its just random at the end. There are no set boss attack patterns and it sucks. I felt it hard to progress.
Very fun game. A lot of challenges and cool animations. It requires you to think a little but isn't too hard to beat
purest game on the play store, dosent have many annoying ads, no unnecessary or loud sound effects, solid gameplay and great story, i dont usually review games but this game deserves it, 10/10
This game is really fun! Granted, it is a very challenging game, but it's still fun, and for a stick man-ish game, the animation is well done. Only thing is the character selection screen should be one of the first things to pop up on the screen when you first open the app. But other than that, I look forward to beating the boss!
I LOVE your game as it is very relaxing and you aren't money-thirsty and greedy. Your game has very many cool features but I believe I may have found an impossible chapter. Chapter 19 is impossible as you cannot hit their flames so I can't beat it, I hope you can respond to me. If it is not impossible please reply back and explain what to do. Thanks, I look forward to your reply. -Daniel
its been a long time since I played sakura blade and I checked the reviews and I realized that you updated it so I decided to re do EDO mondo's adventure to be number one so Il see how it plays out and maybe like sakura blade maybe you could add 1 more character or weapon to Stick of titan anyway thats it have a nice day. GOWASU!
Oh mah gawd, This game is amazing! I really want a second game of sakura blade :D please, I like the story and plots! This is my favorite game right now, Keep on the best work ever! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Please make another game with similar combat mechanics but, different story. Edit (dev response): Already played those, your games are great.
my god this is the best game ever!!! Ive loved this game from a young age and once i switch phones i forgot about it :( then i saw it and remeber how fun it was the awesome music....the story...all the charaters litteraly EVERYTHING about this games was epic I hope you guys make part 2 (maybe 3) it just feel complete once you finished it...can you add some more levels possibly? notherless awesome game and im starting to run out of space so yea love everything and the story (^u^)
It really is a nice game. I really love the characters and all the other things. It is a good game to play when you are bored. I really love this game!
i love the game so much!i even liked kazekire as my favorite character!i wish you with your team do your best at working so many things from you will be like a brand new thing!but there is a problem tho....if u play as mikage(after story is done)and you choose all power sword by the same power it will keep on crashing till you reset the game and do the whole thing again.....yea!that is all i have to say!thank you for making this game its a satesfying game! edit:i downloaded it in play store
Why sometimes when you use a certain ability on a boss it creates a yellow slash through them? Because on the ikazuchi boss when you use the second art twice it makes a yellow slash and when you use zen on him it makes a yellow slash and makes him electric...does that make the bosses mad somehow? I'm just curious
This game is friggin awesome. Please make a sequel. Oh and also maybe add a few more characters. Just saying that I loved the change in tone and style each character has. All in all though Beautiful game
this game and most of your other games like stick on titan, zoo survivor and that train one are my favourite ones but sakura blade was always the one that stuck out for me the smooth gameplay made me so surprised when I first played it a couple years ago but then I moved onto iPhone and don't use android anymore the first thing i did when u got an iPhone was search for sakura blade but i couldn't find you... could you make yourself a developer for the appstore if it's to much to ask ;-;
No comment Yes this means i loved this hame since i gave 5 stars is noice. Not nice, but noice. Is real good. I completed all lvls and extra lvls but still play it even tho ive had it since 2016 its just real good
the story and gameplay are the key for a good rpg. I amaze on how the player switch the skills and it's unique and also i love the short lines that can stand for a whole story.
One of my favorite games of all time. I didn't think that the hit boxes had an issue some are too small or too big but other than that I loved the game
Omg I just finished the game and I gotta say my top 3 games of all times they fit everything right and my soul felt so relaxed when I beat it it was a very challenging game and I es enjoyed it. Thank you very much!
Honestly one of the best game out there probably in my top ten favorite mobile games i love how its challenging and it teaches you to study bosses attack patterns and each death you know more and more i love this game good story happy and sad moments there are 3 charachters to choose from you didnt have to make 3 but you did i respect that i hope you make more games in the future thank you for making this its amazing!
Amazing gameplay, only issue i had was the zoom in whenever you're low to the ground making targets out of sight.
Loved it! This is my first time giving a five star to a game because this game deserves it. This is the best game I've ever played on playstore so far. This game is so great. Highly recommend it.
Overall, this game is quite amazing. I really love how the player rotate after hitting a monster, the story and cutscene really frightening. But, i suggest you should add some detail on the houses, tree or background cuz its 'TOO' empty. Also, i want to review stick of titan (since i played in my friend's phone). When i try to hit a titan from long distance, i ended up landed at the titan's leg and get kicked. If you still watch the anime, the final season will be release later. Just mention it.
Great story especially for a stickman game, i hate how ppl rate this low, only complaint is that if ur in a level and u accidentally leave the game, it resets to the beggining
Great game for its price even has a story and that's a lot for free game from my experience it has three characters and one is easier than the other two it is a good game you're just check it out only flies that you could have better art style but that doesn't matter that much
Hello, honestly this game is amazing. It's graphics and levels are actually original and I could play this for hours. Thanks for making this!!!!!!
Well i really like this game but right now im waiting for a new level so i can check it out. cuz i delete this app.. but i know you are focusing on stick of titan
This game... is beautiful. The controls are incredible, the gameplay is addictive, and this game has a beautiful underlying story. Best mobile game I've ever played. sk_Mine is one of the best mobile game publishers EVER.
Nice game, amazing story, like stick of titan- I haven't a complaint, and yes I just cut a lot off this review, but it serves a purpose. I have a question to ask and this is the only way I know to get a quick response, I don't want to say too much, but I will ask, how would you feel if someone were to make a Sakura Blade movie? Because I am interested in making that a reality, I sent a email over gmail asking the question, you can get back to me there so as to not let just anyone know the answer
the overall of the game is so good but pls add more characters with different effects and story and create more amazing games just like this like sword art online,naruto and etc.
best game i played yet love the roleplay i just want to change the skin it is okay its still the best game ever ill make sure to tell everyone to give a five star rating
This game really makes you feel like a powerful sword fighter from an anime, zipping and dashing through the skies while cutting down your enemies. With a simple tap, you launch Mikage through the skies, you can easily adjust and change her momentum in mid air. Bosses are incredibly unique and interesting to face, and really takes advantage of the gameplay. The story is nice to have, though it doesn't amount to much, but in some of the stages you can see the story has an impact on gameplay.
Story is so heart stinging.... The game is just GREAT!! I would rate a 10/10 if their was more 5 stars! Just one suggestion. Please add more characters. Overall awesome game. 10000/10
I really like this game! I've visited your website and understand why you keep the art simple. I see when it comes to developing we share some of the same rules of developement. I would love to help you develop simple art assets for this game, or any future projects. I would do this for free because I appreciate that you make simple games for old devices. If you are interested please let me know how to contact you. If you're not interested do not worry I understand the difficulty with art asset.
Overal a very good game that i loved playing and also al through ita just a stick game i foind it to be very heart warming. Thank you for making this game and giving my day happiness.
Love this game!!! btw when are u releasing ur next update? Edit: if u can,pls add more characters GOWASU.
This is like attack on titan but 2.0 i like this game and i'm almost done with all the levels my fevorit level is stirke 2 i play it alot i think theres only 8 more levels so i'm about to finish all of the levels Good game to feel me like is attack on titan (23 hours later) (updates i want) 1.make new main charatars 2.make the style like realistic 3.make a setting that can change weapons 4.make a setting that customiz the main charatars 5.make a setting can change the enemie color
This was so cool and the combat and so challenging and the characters are great pls can you do more about fantasy game like this game pls make dragons!! And vhange the color of the dragon please!!!!!
quite an odd game, definitely a change from the usual mobile games. only complaints I really have are the guy moves to fast for my eyes to track and the gravity makes you go off screen. don't get me wrong love this and definitely recommend it if you have the eyes for it lol 5/5
While Obviously not being it, this game closely resembles you attack on titan parody game. Unlike most mobile games, the story is really good, and the gameplay is really fun. I wish you added more levels though.
OMG best game in the world it is very very very sad and the main menu music is super sad 😒😭 and beautiful I loved it tooooo much keep on going my favourite Sk game ever thank you soooooooo much sakura blade and Sk_MINE β˜ΊπŸ˜„
This game is absolutely beautiful. The music is excellent, the story is superb, the gameplay never gets old with new mechanics and enemies nearly every chapter, there's plenty of stuff to do and it's a challenging, emotional game all the way. This isn't my first SK game, but it's certainly my favorite. If it's your first, don't let the graphics device you, while I personally love the simplistic design, I know some people like realism. It's worth it. Keep at it, you're still great after 6 years!
You have done it again. This game has everything I LOVE in games. An enticing story, great gameplay and a certain charm to it that you don't find in many games. At the moment, I'm doing a hard difficulty playthrough with Kazekiri. I do have 1 suggestion though. I know you can't really add new characters or story mode chapters but it would be cool to see more in the extra mode. Also, I just want to know, is it possible to get 100/100 enemies in Extra 3: Single Slash?
I have play this for a long time and I just keep dying but that's okay so I keep trying to try and keep trying to teach Ian get better
This is a great game. From the story to the characters to the settings doing so mutch to change the gameplay 10/10 would play again (ps hardmode is really gard for 2 of the 3 characters)
The game is great just the strory is a bit short but overall its a great game ans I would recommend giving it a try
Excellent game, the storyline, gameplay, everything else in this game are extremely good. You have created a wonderful game. GOWASU!
This is a pretty good game. However, I think it would be nice if players could stay permanently zoomed out, even when on the ground. Currently, moving towards the ground leaves you practically blind because it automatically zooms in and there is no reason for that to be the case.
The storyline was awesome, sk_mine. I still remember the time I suggested for a new character on another account and you added Kazekiri, thanks man.
This is a fun game with cool mechanics. All i ask is get rid of the add on top cause it interferes with gameplay. When you tap the ad it doesn't even paise the game plz fix
i loved it its challenging and isnt all about the story so its replayable and enjoyable at the same time. im sad that theres no part 2 or more chapters
Now, when I first saw this game, I must admit I wasn't expecting it to be that big, but oh boy, I was in for a treat. This game has it all; an amazing sound track (did you really make it yourself? It sounds like something straight out of Final Fantasy!), highly engaging and straightforward yet tricky gameplay, a great story, and even a secret charachter! That reminds me; great job on Kazekiri's design, even though he was really powerful, I still feel like he felt balanced, though I do feel like it was a food move not letting his times count. Now, as the story unfolded, I was repeatedly floored by the depth of it; her family, EDO (who you recently revealed to be named Edmond) actually having deep story ties as well as more info on the Three Emperors and even God of Evil, and the crazy twist ending that I won't dare spoil, since it's just so good! I loved this game, and feel many more people should know about it. I heard you're making a sequel, and I excitedly await it!
This game is amazing because like a few years back I was just playing this game and i was like this is not going to be fun when I start playing I'm just like this is awesome β€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
This is the only game that makes me feel sasageyo lol. The mechanics are fun and genius for mobile and it's really so satisfying when you defeat the last enemy or the boss. This is the only unique game I have ever seen in this App Store and probably any other games I have played in between platforms. Thank you for making this game, it's absolutely beautiful and fun. Lemme just ask, do you use a game engine to make this game?
I am ten year old and i liked this game to much:-) :-) :-) can you make second part please.this game is interesting great graphics and story is amazing and edo mondo character is funny and your faQ help is aaa it's telling check net but my net is ok.
If you customize your character then it's a five-star but then after this is actually a pretty good game decent
This is one of the most story driven, beautiful and challenging games out on mobile It's definitely one of my favourites and probably only comes second to fortnite
This is the best game you have ever made but it will like t even more if you added more characters to play as <=
Amazing game! Addictive and challenging. The story confuses me a bit but its still a good game. My only complaint is that when ever I accidentally press ad it crashes the game immediately.
There is only one big problem I find with this game... , During gameplay there is an ad on the top of the screen that inhibits gameplay beacause it's so easy to accidentally press on it , also when I come back to the game I get hit and so I die... A lot! Beacause this problem inhibits the gameplay so much I decided to only give 3 stars , if this is sorted I will rate 5 beacause I absolutely love this game , hats off to you Devs and creators ... Hats off to you.
This gane was really good, i played it on my old phone so i wonder if things have changed since then, anyways i have a question. is this gane based on an anime, and if it is, which one is it?
I was playing it and found every character powers Gowasu and Edo Mondo's mission to become number one and I have done that Gowasu so make this game updated Gowasu
Overall i enjoyed the game. however the camera shrinks too much while you are on the ground, making it impossible to see incoming attacks
This game oh this game i loved it since i was 8 for years and years i would play i loved it i loved it i'd play it all day and heck i'd go stay up against mom's wishes played all night to. The combat is awsome and it is so creative it tells a amazing story through stickmen of all things that being said i love the story it could be a manga! The music to i loved it as well. The only thing i wanted for a solid year was a sequal or a extra level in total i love it i loved it since i was 8 thank you
This is a perfect game for relaxing or killing time. I only skipped one level. The father... But I'm trying it again now! Highly recommend. Edit: Beat the father!! Still fun!!! Edit number 2: Thanks for reminding me! I hope to see the Bow guy again some time!!
Best offline game so far and ads are not obnoxious EDIT: Please, please, PLEASE make a sequel. It has such an unique gameplay that's hard to find elsewhere and I absolutely love that gameplay. Music, animation, story and customization is amazing too! Would most definitely try the sequel out if you created one, you got the feel for this game captured perfectly.
Possbly the most powerful game I have evered played and no even says a word. Though the story is a little confusing, the gameplay machanics are amazing... wonderful game. More... I need more of this game...
I loved stick on titan so much and I'm really happy to see another game that's similar with new features. Its much more polished and fun to play, and I hope you keep up the great work!
Thank yee, i know the kasha boss has to make you use the "power attack" thingy, i can now easily defeat kasha :D PS: if you want to, and if you get better at drawinf and programming and stuff like that, can you make skins? when you get your programming better and drawing, obviously is up to you. edit: well, a game doesn't have to have rick graphics, but it has to be where you tell everything apart, you did it well and is up to you if you can make skins, but is still a nice game with fine graphics