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Safe Zone!

Safe Zone! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Forever Tiger located at Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kow loon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun zombie game. Grinding isn't too tedious if U upgrade right. I restart from the begining from time to time. I gave 4 stars because I had to make a purchase to keep the sound from going out after ads or upgrades.
Good game. I enjoyed playing it. Ads are such a pain in the a** so i have to pay for no ads just $2. Not bad at all.
Cool, a zombie shooter that plays like a space shooter! Starts off without a back story, which is fine for a simple time killer. Basically what you do is move around and kill zombies. Not much variety in these zombies. You beat a level you get to watch a 45 second ad. After that ad you are forced to watch or play a demo of that game. No biggie, right? That would be the case, but each level is 30 sec.! I'm no mathematician, but I think I'm getting conned. Dont bother. Scam.
Never worked frozen on loading screen. Why download a broken game. Forget the artist but first cut is the deepest. No reason to update it never played. Uninstalled date of the review. Only updated the review because it could be playable. No reason to try it again. Honestly the money you spend on this game could help a charity. If your so self important that you buy anything in any game means your a D!€k.
Fun little action title but you get SO many more goodies from watching ads than shooting zombies that I didn't feel like I actually had to play the game to get anything. Burned out fast.
fantastic game. very fun and addictive.Kinda like a zombie shooter mixed with a space shooter(i guess). Again the game is very fun, has a good selection of weapons(some are dropped, or you can watch an ad for one every 5mish), and pretty satisfying. EDIT: VVVV Thank you for the response it's much appreciated! I hadn't noticed the "no-ads" option, but thank you for your suggestion and I went ahead and bought it.
Good game shame about the ads. Look at your inventory? Need to watch an ad. Complete a level? Need to watch an ad. I know developers need to make money but this ridiculous. Leave a rating? I'm a little surprised that I can do that without watching an ad first. Would have been 5 stars but I'm not watching 5 ads to do that
Excellent with some minor problems. They give you challenges for critters and speedy zombies, but they do not exist in the game anymore. When you try to change the challenge, the game blocks you from doing so by stating that it cannot connect to the internet, which is not true. Otherwise, this game is fun and addictive. :-) same problems as of 9/19/2020. Now it is 10/23/2020 and the internet connection/ nonexistent critters and speedy zombies still exist. Q: DOES THE DEVELOPER READ THIS?
Update is glitched, some zombies cannot be killed, I'm at level 12 and finished it twice and cant advance to level 13. It is now 8 months later 10-27-2020 and nothing has changed, im about to uninstall. Cannot complete some things because those zombies do not exist anymore. Get it together safe zone!!!!!!!!
Seemed like it would be a good game, but wont go past the playside screen. I have downloaded it twice, and restarted my phone twice and still no change. Oh well, not gonna waste more time trying to get it to work. And looking at reviews and dev responses are automated. Guess they, like a lot of other game companies, don't care about game quality or customer service.
This is a game deserves a better rating. There are a lot of nuances to the game that make game play fun! It's a vertical scrolling shooter with a progress bar. Decent drops. Randomly generated enemies (not boring for farming). Scenery adds complexity. Controls are tight. 500+ levels. My complaint is small weapon icons. I can't tell shot gun from rifle. All in all, great gaming experience!!
Game looks really cool which is why I'm disappointed it won't go past the Play Side white and blue screen. I'll happily change my rating if you fix this. Samsung S9+. I have the latest androis version and it's doing the same thing. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted phone... everything. And it sucks because I really want to play this game. So far not impressed...
Little concerned with the ads where you get rewards, they flash at you but it doesn't load saying no internet yet I have a strong connection at home or I have a strong signal for data. It's frustrating for some players who likes to collects the rewards and they can't collect it. 3/2/2021 It's crashing now while I'm playing. I'm concerned.
Unplayable with the frequency of ads lately. Uninstalled what was an enjoyable game when the only times ads popped up was if you wanted to open a box early or continue a game after dying. Now its every other game and you have to sit through a 30 second ad. The same ads, over and over! 'Developers' seem more interested in ad revenue that creating enjoyable game experiences these days! Google adsense is killing off content slowly but surely.
Uninstalled. Have been playing since this game came out but the new update wiped out my progress, most of my money, and my purchases. It's stuck at Level 328 and nothing I do raises my progress bar. I've collected several weapons that are 330 but can't use them because I can't advance! No matter what you do, you can't progress.
Edit: The daily reward box gives the error "can't open box check your internet," but the game has no problem showing ads after the levels. Also to continue after dieing you can watch an ad, buif you choose not to, you still have to watch an ad. What you see is what you get. Literally 5 seconds after opening I was playing what I saw in the ad. No city to build or annoying tutorial. Straight into action. Ad makers should take a lesson from this game.
Sound goes mute after leveling up or applying upgrades. 3 stars for now, but if you fix the issue,I'll give 5 star rating.
New player here. Just want to say it's not bad so far. I'm sure eventually it gets very challenging but for right now I'm enjoying watching some ads for a little extra cash in game and upgrading my character. I haven't yet purchased a new character but probably after I post this I'll watch some ads to do so 😂. Now I'm just flippin talking just to talk because the game sent me here lol. Good evening. Merry Crimas 🤗
Ehh.. Very so-so. All in all feels like the devs neglected QA completely. Don't recommend the game at this stage. Most things are functional, but the game lacks a lot of polish. There's also a lot of missing UI and features, for instance, the only time you can sell or remove a weapon from your inventory is when you pick it up. There's a thrash can icon in the inventory panel, but pressing it just hides a bunch of the main UI and doesn't actually allow you to remove things.
Should include bazooka and all other explosive weapon. More fun. But quite fun and hard in this game.
The sound is always going in and out the money does not add up and i cant open the boxs all this happend after the update. Can you guys please fix this ongoing problem
It's a good game can play it for hours but I can't stand the fact I die a lot from the acid tanks no matter what I do as soon a I kill one there goes one of my life bars if I kill two of them in the same stage it's game over. I can move away from all of the attacks but there is no sign of the acid tanks attack to dodge out of the way. Sometimes if I kill one and keep running in a straight line I'm fine but as soon as I try to move/dodge there went a life bar.
Finally y'all gt it right well played. Plays better but still having problems with the video that don't like to run, when it shows the play video it makes a sound and no video to get the guns and ammo is the same way, my golden guns are 7500 the ones from the crates are way lower than whatnm shooting. That needs a fix,
This game was fun but not so much anymore since the latest update you can no longer equip more powerful guns as it will not upgrade the weapons can you sort it out getting bored now any chance of an update any time soon
Gave it five stars. Its simple, neverending fun. Difficulty increases as you advance levels and so do rewards. There is no pay wall on this game so thay is very much appreciated. (Thanks developers!) I do wish there would be more attractive options to pay for. Yes there are ads, but I dont feel they get in the way of gameplay. (Thanks again!) Over all, its a simple time killer thats fun to play. Need more games like this.
Good concept, great zombie game. Though I would minus 1 star because the clicking in the menu part is laggy. Also the sound will be gone when I click the upgrades.
The experience bar is not moving ,seems to be stuck. I'm at level 208 player , but it's not moving up anymore. Also the money seems to have stopped working as well. So I'm just playing for nothing as it's not going to the next level. Can you fix this.
Not much difficulty to the app. The ads were a bit bothersome with some showing up when you're navigating the menu, but those were skippable. The problem i had was that I got a blue Vector at lv 5 and been blowing through the main game. Not only that, I've made no upgrade in Headshot nor Damage just to see if those 2 were required. They're not.
Don't risk installing this game, you can't trust it. I've been playing this game for months & it was a great game (in fact without ever being asked to rate this game, I had been meaning to rate it with 5 stars), but it's just been updated / changed. Now I've lost all my weapons, progress & I'm back @ beginning again except I don't seem to be earning any money, even if I was, I have no desire to start again, play to get back to where I was & risk losing it all again, am uninstalling.
Guys if you are reading this great game, awesome time killer. However with the reset it gave me a legendary gun, and kept all my cash on level 1. What I enjoyed most about the older version is the grind of trying to find a better weapon. Guess I'll have to wait and see when I get back up to lvl 2520. 5 stars for the original just not sure about the new one yet.
Controls are simple, graphics after good, and I did do the starter pack to support developer. Didn't see a lot of ads like some of the reviews I made it to 35 before I bought that starter pack. Currently level 145 and still going strong would definitely recommend giving this a shot.
This game has a ton of potential. Great time killer and a good concept. One thing that would make it a serious contender for an app game of the year. The progression becomes EXTREMELY repetitive. Just one or two different play styles more would be cool. Right now it's just the standard line-em-up and mow-em-down with your guy and a vehicle. Maybe something like a legitimate boss fight (not just the elite) where you are standing still and having to dodge attacks while tearing at him. Justathought
All the people saying they lost the progressi can understand that I had the game maxed out I had the nightmare skin and a bunch of guns but I think restarting a game you already played and maxed out gives you another purpose to play it and level up
Gameplay itself is boring and repetitive, controls can be a pain since you can be touching top of the screen and dude will start shooting/moving while hes at the bottom. It only doesnt play ads while you are actually playing a level, which takes maybe 20 seconds. You'll spend more time watching ads than playing this game, literally. Also, the app doesnt hibernate itself. I woke up to a near dead phone while ads were running on this app, which I did not prompt and had assumed I closed it.
Honest review So far im finding the game ok. Graphics are mediocre but can be easily overlooked. Gameplay is ok but i havnt yet reached a difficulty wall forcing me to replay previosly completed levels to get stronger. The game the load up time is quite slow and lags a bit during gameplay making controls unresponsive at times. Ads tend to cause a crash forcing a restart of the app, this can be resolved by turing your wifi/data off but then you cannot make use of the ad rewards offered by the app.
There are a lot of bugs I would like to be addressed in future updates, overall it's a good game though. The one thing that really bothers me is the game can automatically load ads every once in a while but when I try to watch one intentionally it says connection error, so the game can load ads but not the ones that I want to load.
Can't progress in the game any further can't unlock the next level I go back and redo all the other levels and that still doesn't work game is glitchy as well shooting at zombies and they won't die because my bullets just keep going right through them and the zombies will just be running in place not moving and I can just walk right through the zombies when I first found the game it was absolutely awesome loved it and now the new update and it's absolutely garbage👎 so please fix thank you
I'm having the same glitch as a few people have described on here. Started out awesome and then with the last update I lost all my progression which at first I thought was okay because I was given a rare assault rifle but now I'm back up to level 13 and I cannot progress anymore and some zombies glitch and you cannot kill them but they can hurt you. Plus I cannot level up anymore and I am unable to earn money. This was my go to game but unless these problems are fixed I will be uninstalling.
Every single ad reward system is broken (besides the trial legendary weapon one And even THAT freezes from time to time.) It's a fun game, though. I just wish there was a save data to cloud system because I deleted the game and it restarted my progress.
Have enjoyed the game since installing. However, I'm having the same issue as others in that I am not gaining any experience or cash since the reset. I don't want to get rid of this game, please fix these issues. Update- Since it still hasn't been fixed, or even acknowledged, I've dropped my rating. If something doesn't happen soon I'll be uninstalling. Problem happened when you changed the game. Doesn't level up or get cash. Could you fix this soon?
Game looks really cool which is why I'm disappointed it won't go past the Play Side white and blue screen. I'll happily change my rating if you fix this. Samsung J7. I have the latest issue and it's doing the same thing. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted phone... everything. And it sucks because I really want to play this game. Problem fixed fun game. Nice devs!
Good fun. Huge problem though: I'm at rank 189 with 120bn of cash. Suddenly I got set back to the first stages and the higher stages are locked again. So I am constantly oneshoting all enemys and would have to advance through all the stages again. How can I fix this?
Here's a game where if you want to be spammed with advertisements it's all up your alley. Just changing menus you are required to watch a commercial. How about the fact that says unlock a chest watch commercial and then it says no ads available check your internet connection. Here's a game where you can't even kill the enemies because you can't move over far enough on the edge of the screen to shoot them yet they can hurt you. This is an amazingly horrible game.
tru to watch an ad for a reward, "not connected to the internet", even though i have hi speed wi fi, I finish a level an AD PLAYS, AUTO JUST FINE, (no reward), 20 second level, 30 second ad w/no reward, get your stuff together devos
Fun game just wish you could actually watch ads to get weapons but it always says unavailable and check your connection no matter what... One of the only flaws is on the elite boss level... You can kill the boss but if you die you lose the chest from the boss and he is dead and gone when you try again and you lose the chest for good... But all in all a decent game and a good time killer
Ad video not currently available Please check your internet connection. How is that when ads pop up after ever game. Google link to spend cash works very well.
I love this game for its simplicity and the graphics, sounds. I just love everything about it, including the ads
This game all though tight in a close lane path direction has real potential. The automatic machine gun riffle is right on point and the heavy Machine Gun mounted on a armored vehicle is Good! Bye! Baby!. I would like to see a wider and larger version of this Game & I'm 64 years of age so I know the kids would also. 5 star's for zombie die! ( safe zone game )
Game concept decent for casual play. Largest complaint is ads are over intrusive. I expect ads for free to play. But to play an ad after every level which takes less than a min to complete; which is on top of the typical ads for optionary gear etc? Way to much. I'm not spending 90% of my game time watching ads. Reduce the ads (aka greed) and I'll reinstall.
Too much ads. Can't kill some zombies. Can't go to level 13. Time to uninstall. Know of a similar game?
Downloaded game yesterday, played a few times, very enjoyable. Unfortunately, had to uninstall as sound keeps going. If fixed I will download again.
Unless you're willing to spend $3 to remove the ads you're gonna be spending half your playtime watching ads to revive, finish a level, unlock a crate, just about everything. Then it'll show an ad just because the game feels like it. Your weapons will either be overpowered, do *barely* enough damage to kill zombies, or be so weak that you might as well not bother. Lvl up upgrades honestly feel like they don't do anything - just for show.
Loooove this game completed level 12 its showing a level 13 but its still locked or even if the lock itself is gone it is still faded and wont let me enter..is it still being made and also are there additional levels coming...hope so!!!!
Ok I played this game to level 16 and I have to say I've seen better games created by 3rd graders. The graphics are ok the controls are simplistic but the upgrades all cost 4.99 or more. If your looking towards this game and think you'd like it, play it but don't waste your hard earned cash on up grades because you can kill all the zombies without it.
Played this game couple of years back. Seems like the games has been streamlined, feature removed. The glitch with the ads sux. Not the same game, very disappointing!!!!
Uninstalled. Have been playing since this game came out but the new update wiped out my progress, most of my money, and my purchases. Glitchy as well. Zombies you can't shoot but can kill you. No matter what you do, you can't progress. Get to a certain level and you can't progress any further. Ad reward system is broken. Junk.
I enjoy the game, but frequently get an error when trying to open boxes, "REWARDED AD NOT AVAILABLE! PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION". I'll get this second after being shown an ad and it make upwards of 30 minutes before being able to get rewards. Even them, it's only after multiple restarts of the app. I really want to rate this higher, but this problem is a major aggravation.