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rymdkapsel for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by grapefrukt games located at Möllevångsgatan 33A 214 20 Malmö. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The pathing/resource management of the minions are horrible! The minions tend to duplicate the resources they get all the time! You'll end up losing your mind on how stupid the minions move! I wish i could get a refund because of this. The game also takes forever to finish and there is no way to speed up the game if you finish early and are just waiting for the waves.
IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN I would give this zero stars if I could. The minions aren't smart enough to prioritize tasks. So I have 5 minions busy doing something and 1 idle (asleep). I try to assign the idle minion, but instead 1 of the busy ones drops what they're doing and walks all the way across the station to do it. So I get attacked and all the minions are walking from one side to the other crossing in the middle and getting killed. Instead of defending from the room they were adjacent to.
Fun game but gets boring around level 13 when I have all my resources and weapons up and running. I do like the last levels #26 to 28 when they come at you quick but it was so slow in-between 13 to 26 that I went to cook food while waiting. Maybe you can provide a speed up button in future upgrades?
Very spacial. S P A C I A L. I thought it would be FUN. Looks like fun with its pretty colors, etc. But apparently I am not S P A C I A L. Sigh. Lol.
The core concept here is awesome. I'd love to see a sequel with a bit more longevity. It would be nice if the UI was a bit more minimal. Perhaps the costs for each room type could be omitted but appear onscreen as you drag one onto the map?
Very quick to learn and will hook you! The core of the challenge is the limitations of the room shapes, which you can workaround by building and cancelling and is just too tempting to avoid. It does seem to violate the spirit of the game though. Maybe being able to swap the next brick but limiting cancel? Also reactors and gardens seem limited reason to make more than one or two early on. Garden/Kitchen/Quarters path finding seems buggy, if they are spaced out the workers aren't efficient.
Best game ever! I bought play pass specifically for this game alone, i had it on my old phone but lost the account so i HAD to play this on my majestic S21U display once again! No matter what i play i always come back to play this once more! I love every game that this developer makes, next up im gonna be addicted to holedown!
What the hell is this? The tutorial makes the game unplayable! I don't have a clue as what I should be doing...
Its an average game. It's a good idea, but just not for me. I find it very annoying that the workers are stupid. If I'm constructing something they take more supplies than needed and they lose the extra once completed.
The concept and realisation are good and enjoyable, but some things need improving. The first minutes of game are tedious, it's just soo sloooow. Any chances of adding an option to speed up the time? The other thing - I just died ca 22 wave because I accidentally deployed all my... kapsels? to research instead of defending. I realised that seconds too late and over 60 minutes of gameplay were lost. I realise that adding an option to save manually would spoil all the fun, but maybe doing something to make the interface clearer...?
Could be better. There's a distinct point where you know you've lost because you can't produce enough to keep up with the enemies, and unfortunately it's far too early.
Interesting idea, crude execution. TLDR: Its a 5min game stretched into a paid 45min format. - There are only 2 levels but they are effectively identical. - The AI is incredibly slow and the game has no way to modify the timescale. - The AI task management produces alot of redundancies, its normal to see half of your workers deliver the same resource to a building that only needs 1. This is very painful to watch when they move so slow. - There is little to no diversity in gameplay/strategy.
Boring game with no replayability. This game presents interesting ideas & gameplay, but falls short on any in depth look. The tetris system feels obtuse at best, almost as if it was tacked onto the game because it lacked unique features. The normal gameplay is hugely unoptimised, your minions are very dumb. I could overlook this but alas the game only has one level and that's it. It was quite easy to beat and then what? Play again? The game doesn't have anything to build on to want to play.
The UI is extremely obtrusive and I'm not sure if it has got much replayability, but it's certainly interesting for a little while.
Very nice. The tetris piece approach is a bit annoying, but it works relatively well. The game is fun but hard enough. I do wish there was something you could get between games, for a sense of progress, but I guess this would go against the minimalist style.
Somehow can't get a refund, but don't waste your money on it. It'd a short unfinished game with a good idea. You're essentially playing a demo. Can't believe I paid money for this.
So happy I found this gem again and I must say this is still one of the best and most innovative blends of strategy and puzzle elements ever put together on any platform. I remember it being good but not this good. 98/100
Overall it's ok but there are certainly better games that are similar. There is an exploit where you can cancel a build and you can switch pieces which just ruins the point of the game. "Imagine a strategy game where you dont have to worry about selecting units" i feel like the main challenge in this game is having to constantly switch jobs for your units. The game is quite short and doesn't have much replayability. This feels like a game that is still in it's pre-release stage.
It's an amazing game and definitely worth a buy. I just wish it had more content or maps it's kind of dry.
Great game honestly. I've seen the basic idea before and the addition of tetromino pieces is a nice addition. One thing I'd love to see is more content though. After a couple of games already I felt like I've seen everything. First milestone, give us endless mode with map expanding, maybe research rooms as an alternative of monoliths, or maybe dead rooms scattered around the map... The potential definitely is there and I hope the game expands as it's currently an awesome prototype.
The most pure RTS I have experienced. Challenging and engaging, utterly absorbs my attention for up to 40 minutes (not sure what wave that was, but I did not survive it).
Very good game overall. Repetitive after a time. Would be improved with the ability to speed game play, but a very good overall game
I love this game, it's difficult enough to be challenging, easy enough to pick up, it's so simple, the sound is beautiful, great game.
Had it on psvita...constantly checked for it on Google play. Stumbled upon it just recently, and I couldn't be happier. Its the perfect mobile game. Well with the price. I promise. Five stars all day.
Great game to chill, build a nice infrastructure, and pass the time. Be warned though, if you don't make good defenses everyone will die. There's a no enemies mode for just building.
Super simple and fun, I just wish there was an endless mode where you can keep expanding and finding more materials. Or at least have a variety of different levels. I finished the game once and I feel like there's no reason to keep playing since it'll just be repetitive now
Artistic simplicity of the design and beautiful musical ambiance gives great background to its adictive macromanagement of a game. Build, expand and survive waves of enemies whilst branching paths to the monoliths! I really hope developers will expand upon the concept and deliver a sequel!
It's a very well designed game, pretty fun but I think after 3-4 games there's nothing new to do and replayability suffers as a result. There's achievements which can contribute somewhat, as well as additional difficulties but the gameplay stays pretty much the same as when you first start playing