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Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy

Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Corroding games located at 4/8 Finniss Street Darwin NT 0800. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Where do I start the game is one of the best that there could be at first I was confused on the controls then I got better at using them this game is worth the money. One suggestion though if you add infantry units it would make the game a whole lot more interesting P.S : Favorite Unit is the heavy artiliry.
love this game. one request for improvment thoug is more missions. im done with the missions and dont feel like doing multiplayer so all thats left to do is skirmishes. more importantly, the units get stuck in buildings. its way to easy to accidentally block in units when building buildings. and sometimes if you gather a ton of units near an area that is boxed in, they manage to force their way in, but you cant get them back out. and finally, there are some occasions where there is a path out, but unless you direct them towards it, they wont get out... leaving one unit stranded behind when you send a group to attack.
Absolutely amazing game! It is so lightweight but powerful and addicting! It gives me the feeling of Age of Empire back in the old days but we no longer need to mine the resources! All of the units are so well balanced so there's no best units!
I love the premium option of the game from crating battles to multiplayer statigy. Though I wish there was more plane's in the game!
Super fun, feels like cnc and Supreme commander. Would like transports to have a pick up and drop off patrol to ferry units across maps. Speed up some of the micro management. Awesome job. Proof that a AAA company could do the same without micro transactions. Devs like this are what keep this market alive.
The only game I've ever reviewed. The screenshots are actual screenshots not some weird playing card representation of an unrelated game. Amazing! Gameplay like a real game, not the pay to win, wait forever rubbish that pollutes mobile "gaming". If you like Red Alert, get this game. It's great.
Best RTS experience on mobile, perfectly polished and possesses all the qualities of the more complex RTS games whilst also providing a unique retro twist. It also allows you to customise the game through mods in which you are limited through your creativity. My overall verdict is to purchase the game, the enjoyment and potential is worth the generous price tag.
The unit controls take some time to get used to, and I do think the patrol function in particular needs to be addressed, but overall this is an awesome game! Highly recommend.
Very Fun!. This thing is almost or if not more than thousand time smaller than a game that I used to play (and got bored of it) and it's even entertaining!, granted it takes almost 4 hours to complete.. A Great Time Waster! (it may sounded rude but aren't all game that?. TW?, wait i get it wrong) Anyway Great Game! {no issues-except control}
Great game for casual strategy needs. The only issue I've run into is that the game will crash after a little bit if you try to create an overly large group of units and move them around the board. I've only seen it happen with 75+ units in a group. Other than that, I very much enjoy playing this game.
This is one of the best RTS game! I never bored playing this, also the game has support mods and maps, this is game worth of money.
My favorite game, just the multiplayer is spamming of air units gets a little old do a nerf on the following: amphibious jets, bombers, flying fortress there too OP, otherwise an addicting, fun, and creative if you don't have Rusted and you like PC rts, this game is very recommended. And also I'm adding to my rating the path finding system is no good and it needs to be fixed it please, also the AI isn't spamming but constant flow of weak units and the needs needs to have a strategy.
I've bought this on mobile and PC but I find the mobile controls lacking. Controller support would definitely be a big step up
Great game, reminds me of old school c&c. There's a good amount of active players on multiplayer, and it these games end up being both strategic and fun. Only problems are framerate with 10 players (usually only with a mass amount of units) that some matches last like 5 or 10 mins and others can be a 45 minute ordeal. So its better to not play when your restricted on time.
I had one main issue with this game as it always crashed on me otherwise its a perfect RTS game. The creator has fixed all of the crashing and this game is very playable now!
Was looking for a good RTS game and this was among the highest rated based by reviews and I can see why! Tried out the free version and instantly fell in love! So I bought the full version and it's my #1 favorite time killer! You have FULL control where and what buildings and troops to use! Lots of maps that can be played differently each time if you want! Lots of options for bots or players! Bang for your buck! I do wish there was some way to see the recent patch notes for updates.
Best RTS I've ever played in my life, along with the modding community as well, they make the game more timeless as it is and some of these battles can last for hours, truly one of my favorite games when it comes to strategy, keep pushing this game to the future Devs :D
True PC style RTS. Awesome music as well, just like 1999 all over again with Tiberian Sun. It's amazing how it's such a small game yet there's so much here.
Very fun little game, absolutely worth the miniscule price. About 2 times better than Red Alert. Only thing not perfect is the controls, but you get used to it. Add a hotkey for idle builder or something, idk. How do you make more than three groups though, seriously?
Really hard to beat the pros online multiplayer. Some games take way too long. Good game overall like command and conquer. Edit: Jesus Christ why is it so damn hard to get a game going sometimes!??? Server disconnected, server disconnected, kicked from the server, server disconnected...
A genuine RTS on mobile! Not a watered down cash grab like every other one I've tried. I almost can't believe it. And it has proper online multiplayer. What more could you ask for? Much respect to the developers for not following the trend. Was well worth the purchase. Thank you!
This game is awesome, i love it, i play this game and the next thing i know hours have gone by, i just finished all the missions on medium difficulty, it left me wanting more, now time to try for hard, this game is well worth it, i highly recommend it.
This game is really fun for what it is but I have had a few issues with crashing when getting into combat and would love to see the game optimized a little better for android when the game is updated to fix it I will definitely update my review but none the less the game is worth the money and is one of the better RTS games on the app store
I really like this app. The game play and concept is well executed. My only gripe is that the interface is a bit hard to deal with when you have multiple opponents and a large map. Building units and defensive structures takes too much time/interaction especially against a computer opponent that can control multiple units in multiple areas at the same time.
Plays like a classic RTS, this game is an absolute a gem. It is slick, easy to play and a challenge to master. Don't be put off by the retro look, the game does what is does exceptionally well. I keep coming back to this game and I'm looking for more from this developer.
I was looking for a starcraft like game and this is definitely the best thing I've found, I subtracted one star because it's hard to effeciently navigate everything, idk if it's the lower end graphics that make a lot of things blend or the massive amount of buildings, units, and upgrades you have to try and navigate on a phone, there is probably more to do in this game than there was in the original starcraft and that could feel intense on a PC with a keyboard and mouse.
Wish the theme wasn't mech and robot related units. However, there's nothing like it on mobile. That is, if your into starcraft type games. Edit: like others have said, leaderboards or some kind of win loss ratio would be a great addition. Thanks for reading.
Gives off command & conquer vibes, definitely worth the price. Plus there's multiplayer. Lots of unique units, originally downloaded it to kill a few minutes between things but I've found myself playing it for hours on end. Highly recommended.
The new modular spiders are way too strong and since most online games starts you out with the spider and 200k credits it's just a big spider battle and its repetitive and boring. I say limit the spiders ability to build over two of any of the same type of weapon and that would balance out the power again. You shouldnt be able to put 6 torrents on a spider maybe just 2 and then you have to select aa or cannons instead.
I'm not the type of person to write reviews, but I had to make an exception for this game. Hands down one of the best mobile games I've played, spent an unnecessary amount of hours on the first day of downloading and the lack of ads makes it that much better. Would've happily payed more, looking forward for more updates.
Great game with lots of customization but it would be better if there were custom map makers in-game and a way to rotate buildings
Amazing game. The only thing is that I find the AI too repetitive. Even on impossible they can't seem to find a way through a few T3 turrets and a couple shields. They just keep sending small groups to their demise. I'd like it more if you gave them better strategy, at least for late game.
I honestly went in with low expectations, however I was definitely proven wrong. The game play is unique and challengly fun. I would definitely recommend this to others.
The help guide isn't enough to get you going, since it doesn't touch on UI, unit types, or how you the work flow should go. If you're experienced with RTS games, maybe it's obvious, but this is a really unintuitive game otherwise. I can't get into it because I'm so frustrated just trying to figure out what I need to do while time is ticking away. Put a decent tutorial (even optionally) that covers more than just several tips.
This game is great. The graphics are great, this game's levels are amazing, and buildings and units were like creative like in 2045. Although this game does not include infantry units like in other RTS games, but this game is still amazing 😊
I think the game is great, but I'm giving it one star until I can play it constantly without it crashing. I'm on a note 20 ultra and if I want any chance of not loosing my mind I have to constantly save the game every time I remember, or else I have to do everything over again. The thing that is prompting this negative review is: I can't finish my war!? I have about 40 mecs grouped up and I'm trying to clean up the enemy but it keeps crashing in almost the same spot consistently. Sad 😭.
Keeps crashing. had for a long time but something with the new update is messed up and needs fixed before ill bother putting an hour into building something just to crash in battle.
Great game, easy to control and straight forward to pick up. My only issue is that it doesn't track your gameplay. I'd enjoy a rating system for each map to give me a reason to replay, but that's a minor issue. Overall gameplay is as good as many old school PC RTSs.
Reviewing this as a mobile game it is 5 stars or more, reviewing this as an rts however...I'd give it a 3, I really re as rly hope you are going to make a sequel. If you do, please include: A story Different playable factions Upright bipedal mechs(please? For an armored core fan?) Cloaking hovertanks
This is perfect. Love this game; well worth what you pay for many times over. Great unit designs and just a blast to have handy on your phone. Its simple, so not for the hardcore RTS fan but its really all you need for a great RTS. Device: Galaxy S10+
Waste of money. I want to play with my brother but it says I'm not connected to the internet yet I on FULL bars.
At first I download cracked version to test this game, I was awe by this game. So good, just like command and conquer but more easier and simple. Now I buy it to support developer. Kudos to developer.
I love everything about this game but it keeps crashing. I don't know why. I'm on a S20 5G FE. I've played on lesser quality phones and it never crashed. It typically happens when a large number of units are attacking. Otherwise the game is so much fun to play.
Nothing like this game in the app store. I think vehicles from the basic land factory need a buff. Those are pretty much useless and I skip all the way to building the mech factory every time. The flak may need a buff as well since the Sams are soon much better. The game is challenging which I like.
Extremely Great Game. If you like RTS games this is a must play. I have it on PC and I was hesitant to get it on my phone also but its optimized for Android very nicely. It has a save feature so you can play a skirmish process a game over days or weeks if you just want to dip into some gameplay for 10min and save and come back later. Lots of maps. Good stuff. Yep a wonderful game.
Really fun game. Spent hours on it (accidentally) tonight. Only thing I can really critique is the UX and UI has room for improvement. Hard to get to grips with, was lost for the first half hour and almost gave up on it but glad I didn't. My main points would be: Zoom feels unnatural, like it should be done by pinching the screen. The UI for selecting your tank/boat etc is a little confusing when first playing. Hope this is helpful. - Fellow game designer!
There are alot of terrible games on the play store nowadays, but this is not one of them, if you are looking for an old school rts this is for you
Excellent. For anyone looking for a great RTS this is the game for you. Captures all of the excellence of the old games like command and conquer but with great touch screen controls. Hours and hours of in depth play to be had. Would recommend!
Sweet game with lots of variety but I am having issues with crashes on the missions. I've been unable to get through a mission without crashing yet.
In light of the fact that this game is a complete package with absolutely NO ADS, I would have happily paid more for it (and I did, as a matter of fact, purchase it on my PC after playing it on my phone). The UI and controls take a little getting used to but that is to be expected because this game made absolutely no compromises from a gameplay standpoint, and even supports keyboard and mouse on your phone, if that's your thing. This game has set the benchmark for mobile games in this genre.
I personally don't play rts' but this one hooked me for about 100 hours on mobile! I would reccomend this to anyone willing to pay for a banger of a game.
Finally someone understands Total Annihilation and made a spiritual successor. Amazing game, really giving props to the devs on this!
Great RTS game. I like all the game modes it offers. First time playing a RTS game and it's really fun. You can also change difficulties if its easy for you. I like the online feature, you can battle someone you know or someone random.
Traditional RTS game. So good I bought it at least three times (mobile, my other tablet, and on Steam). Great for playing with friends since the multiplayer is cross platform and runs on pretty much anything. No in app purchases, no adverts, and you can host games from your own device - so no waiting for a free server. This is RTS perfection.
Easily one of the best games on the play store. If you like RTS games and don't mind adapting to mobile controls, this will not disappoint. I'm enjoying putting in the time it takes to complete some of the main levels, I can't wait to start on the challenges right after. Great game!
Great game real intense gameplay. Its like the old command and conquer but way better with more units and better balancing. No cheating no hacking no growing over time so no perks for old players no spend to win everyone is equal at the start of every game only your own brainpower can save you.
For me,the game works great,the ui is ok. 1)The problem is there are lots of chinese in game(I am not being racist)we can't understand each other when typing,maybe need to add text translation in next update. 2)This game is available on chinese web by free,developer should check our license before enter the lobby.
Installed it after getting furious with all the negative reviews of the demo version, demanding everything for free. Got decent value for my £2 after just half an hour. I don't particularly *like* RTS games but this is slick, fun and has loads of depth. No IAPs or ads, honestly a bargain. Thank you. NOW £1? Just buy it! :-)
THE MODS ARE VERY GOOD LOTS OF MODS. Game is easy for most people and very fun to play with you Friend's that have never played before good mechanics no glitches that I have found and the mods
I love this app. Reminds me of Red Alert 2. No ads, no long build up of your base so you can compete. Everyone starts the same. Can play online with others or offline with AI bots, so you can suspend and save progress. Very stable,
Pleassssse add more Bio Bugs there the most coolest unit in the game and maybe add a map for them and add more Buildings for them please.
What an excellent game. Decently complex RTS boiled down to its simplest. Highly recommendedable and a very good experience. Some of the best and worst parts of the experience in the multiplayer. Desperate need of more servers from the developer. C'mon the game is popular there really should be more available. Refresh button should be at the top of multiplayer menu not bottom too.
This is a fantastic retro RTS. Reminds me of 92's Dune 2. Graphics are old school but they make it easy to identify all the different vehicles, buildings and terrain. Controls are good for mobile. Game runs well on my S8. I'm just messing through single player having fun. It's a small dev, building a strong game with great bones. Well done!! I'm happy to support a Game and Dev like this.
Absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best mobile games out there. Single player is amazing, multiplayer has some problems, but overall, it's a great game.
Wow good games! I Searched RTS games on any app but I don't find any games like this. Other games must use out turn and then their turn. But, I found this games it real time gameplay. Thanks for this games and make another new update.😊👍
This game is absolutely awesome! Ive played command&conquer for yeeeaars and this game is in line with it. Ive been playing the game pretty heavily for the past month. I love the options available. The game works well with a pen (note 20) good job to the devs. The missions are prettt cool, Would be cool to have another faction. Excellence job!
Just like the pc version. I don't usually play mobile games because of pay walls/microtransactions. This game doesn't have any of that and plays like a true video game should.
This is a 5 star game but I can't even play it cause it keeps crashing. I tried playing on a Samsung GalaxyTab S7+ and also a One Plus 8t and it keeps crashing randomly when playing and I have to keep starting again. Please fix this issue I wanna play this game.
I love this game I like the design of the vehicles you did a good job but I would like a 2 player mode it would be fun to play with people that can't buy the full game
Reminds me of the old command & conquer games. So much fun. You can play against others online which makes this the bomb!! There us so much content involved in this game. I've tried so many rts games on google play & this is the best by a long shot.
Finally a good RTS for mobile. This is as close as you can get to a polished strategy game that feels like your playing on PC. Keep on updating devs, this game is definitely one that needs a little more recognition. It feels like I'm playing Warhammer at times. The only complaint I would have for this is that the zooming function control stinks. It's a fast paced strategy so finding a better way to do this would be helpful. Also, the very easy and easy AI don't do anything.
Worked perfectly before. All of the sudden it constantly crashes throughout the game, I need to make sure my matches are saved due to the frequent crashes. Using S21 Ultra. That's my only complaint.
This game was everything I looked for in an rts. The detail is amazing and the variety of difficulties makes it easier to ramp things up little by little. Please continue updating and adding new features.
This game is definitely a gem. 100% worth the money and overall fun to play with simple mechanics. I can definitely see how competitive the game can be and the infinite potential the game has. I would absolutely like to see more customization and a multi-player leader boards or something of the sort aswel as add friends. Cannot wait to see how the developers evolve such a a good up and coming master piece. Are there any plans for the future?
Hands down the best strategy game I have on my phone. It's has a wide cast of units, levels, and maps, there's something for everyone who likes strategy games
An amazing RTS game you can truly spend hours playing before you even get to the multiplayer. The graphics are really pleasing to the eyes and the game handles a couple hundred units moving around the map better then most C&C games. My only issue is the multiplayer you need to be on the same network to use it but the game makes up for that by giving you plenty to do without it. (Ps) The controls can be a little wonky at first but you'll get used to them.
Very good game well worth it. Graphics very detailed. Very large set of maps means I won't run out anytime soon. does not use in- game purchases and no adverts for the paid version : which is a huge plus Slightly hard to manage on a phone screen. Overall - very good job
Not enough open games. They accepted the money of too many players and now I can never find an open game. Plus when you do find an open game, it's usually a big game which lags my phone to not worth playing. It was fun before
My favorite game, just the multiplayer is spamming of air units gets a little old do a nerf on the following: amphibious jets, bombers, flying fortress there too OP, otherwise an addicting, fun, and creative game if you don't have Rusted and you like PC rts, this game is very recommended. And also I'm adding to my rating the path finding system is no good and it needs to be fixed it please, also the AI isn't spamming but constant flow of weak units and needs needs to have strategy.
I have absolutely no gripes with this game. Its gameplay is rewarding, and its graphics are simple, great game to just sit down to, and play for hours at a time.
This is a great game very amazing will definitely enrapture you if you want to play an RTS. The AI is good for players new to the genre (very easy-hard) and for more experienced players multiplayer is the typically the better option.
Such a fun game when it works. Too many times my matches end in the game crashing. If it worked consistently I'd give it five stars.
Great strategy game. All that is needed to make it perfect is an ability to build walls, gates and tank barriers.
Heavy missile ships should not be able to be built in the hundreds in small water patches, thus causing them to visually flicker/glitch and stretch onto land. Experimental spiders should not be able to fit in smaller transport ships. Naval has poor anti-air because air units can fly over and through eachother but naval have to go around other ships, even subs. Air units should occasionally crash or take damage from flying hundreds in a small space because they are extremely OP as they are now.
Great RTS. Reminds me of old Command and Conquer games. No ads, full-featured, user-submitted maps, skirmish mode with up to 7 or 8 CPU players vs 1, allies, or free-for-all, and multiplayer (I have not tried this yet).
If you want a real time strategy game with quality gameplay, look no further. There are no microtransactions, no wait times, and it is literally a quality PC game. (You can get it on PC too). You can play it as a time waster on the easy modes, but it becomes quite challenging and engaging on the harder modes. You can even download mods from the internet to change things up. Very fun game, I have nothing negative to say at all about it. You should definitely buy it!
This is one my absolute favorite RTS strategy games. The graphics, music and gameplay are a lot of fun. I definitely recommend!
Nice game. But In landscape & portrait modes(All Smartphones), please fix and reduce font size to avoid missing or error or hiding pop-up texts.
Could be better but great game! New maps would be an improvement and infantry soldiers/ new air units could help ( a basic in game earth map would be cool without modding)
Brilliant, had so much fun with this game reminds me of C&C games back from the good days! Keep up the good work.
Gets better and better all the time. Music is great. Units are abundant. Sound effects incredible. Could use a random map generator but for now it's no biggie. This will be the developer who makes aoe5
I'm sure a lot of time went into this game but I find the UI to be very difficult to use on my phone. That coupled with no tutorial means I've lost interest and I feel like I wasted my money because I probably won't play this game again.
Unbelievably fun and one of my favorite mobile games i wish i could rate it higher but when on multiplayer people im playing with in private matches will crash constantly even if i reset. I've lernt that if in a multiplayer match i can save it and start it back up but it takes forever and they will crash within 10 minutes usually
Great game concept. This game is a great idea, I love it. But they have got to fix the lags and crashes. I will gladly keep this game just to see it get better, but the developers gotta work on these crashing issues ASAP.
Phenomenal RTS title on mobile. As a player who enjoyed the likes of StarCraft from 1998, Age of Empires, ect.- I vouch for this one. I am very pleased with my purchase, very reasonable! Well done and thank you.
This is well made i just wish that thier would be more maps, troops, and mods added to the game also it would be nice if we had more costum options but its a really fun game and if you get bored you can always try mods.
This game is amazing! Best game on the phone for rts style games (Real Time Strategy). It reminds me so much of playing StarCraft as a kid that I play most everyday and sometimes multiple games back to back. One time pay, unlimited free play. Literally perfect for me.
Absolutely amazing game. So rare to see games that are pure stratrgy. You cant just drag and drop buildings and they build instantly.
Super boss, 10/10 would recommend But whenever I get 100 plus units to attack all at the same time, the Rusted Warfare gaming module can't handle it and will glitch to the point where it kicks me off. Then it erases everything I just did within an hour of gaming.
Just a straight up amazing game! The devs really poured their hearts into this game! EDIT: (11-17-2020) The devs continue to put out amazing work! They're doing such a great job with adding in new content and optimizing their servers as well as making multiplayer cross-compatibility between ios, android, and steam even better! this is truly how all games should be done! They're doing such a great job and I can't comend them enough! Bought on steam and android for both me, friends and family!
Great Game. However ver 1.14 consistently crashes on Android after about 10 minutes of play. Giving one star until this is fixed. Then five stars.
Reminds me of the old command & conquer games. So much fun. You can play against others online which makes this the bomb!! There us so much content involved in this game. I've tried so many rts games on google play & this is the best by a long shot. I took 2 stars off because online servers are so inconsistent! Sometimes there dozens. Sometimes none at all! This needs to be fixed.
Online play is worst than 1999 StarCraft! DO NOT BUY FOR MULTIPLAYER LIKE I DID Devs, please add 1v1 ranked ladder and develope a system to bypass port forwarding issues. Come on RTSs fixed these issues 20 years ago, we have the technology!
Vary fun, I can't wait to see it grow even more. I would like to see some way to make it long lasting missions like having to carry a fleet a good distance
Brilliant game, reminds me of command and conquer, excellent gameplay, map editing is good just for relaxing with, would give a five star rating if there was more static defenses that you can place for defending excellent job Devs.
The best rts I've come across on mobile. The only thing I dont care for is the inability to switch movement from invert. But still a solid 5 out of 5
It's a really good game overall smooth controls lovely graphics only one little problem : just add the ability to change colours i don't like playing with the same colours over and over again that's it thanks for the great game
I really enjoy playing this game. I have a few things I would like to recommend for multiplayer. Make is so that the room leader has the option to set it to free for all. So if some one joins or leaves it automatically sets everyone to there own team. I would also like to recommend that you consider setting it so that the room leader has the option to set it so that A.I. can take over for people that Disconnected. As someone that plays online a lot I can attest to this happening a lot.
Brings back memories of the command and conquer Red Alert days. Only problem is the app keeps crashing. You have to save all of the time just in case it Bugs out. Other than that I love this game
love this game to death, very fun. i will recommend so hard if you know how to work your way around the UI stuff.
I absolutely adore this game, I have never been more pleased with a purchase on this store, this game is the closest command and conquer type game you'll get. It is so much fun and time just flies while you're playing 10/10
It has wildly inconsistent difficulty between maps. 98 percent of the time I breezed through it. Then I hit one map where the impossible difficulty level was to be taken literally. They hit you from the very start and never let up. Also be prepared for eye strain. This game will freaking make you go blind if you play it for more than a couple hours.
If you like war like me then you should definitely play the game it is so good like I play it everyday and there are something about it you have a sandbox! that you can build wherever you want and switch teams so this is an awesome game and if you like war and you're looking for a very good war game definitely download this game!
It's fun. Just a classic RTS that runs well on Android. Well worth the (small) asking price for lots of enjoyable playing hours.
This game is epic and needs a actual sandbox like u can make ur own maps from the actual game. Also it would be cool if in sandbox instead of fighting bots and placing buildings u have infinite money and u control all the teams and can test units out without putting buildings. Also add more units..maybe add soldiers. What I am saying is that there should be a free play mode in sandbox u can place anything in it and controll all the teams and can make some teams allys with each other would be coo
Play on offline tablet which has more ram than the 2gig on phone. Only issue I have constantly had is inability to download maps. Did everything developer sent on creating folder and game(even on tablet) could never find file. Last mission is very laggy on a 2 gig ram device so warning to anyone downloading to low ram device. Maybe one day file download will be simplified and can have more map options. Until then offline play only for me.