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Rusted Warfare - Demo

Rusted Warfare - Demo for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Corroding games located at 4/8 Finniss Street Darwin NT 0800. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Super fun, would recommend to anybody to at least try it out. Overall 21/20 game. But, the only problem I have is that if your allies have loads of troops saved up, they wont help your buildings, meaning they just let them die, and if it's an extractor, they build one where yours was, which is kinda infuriating. Please fix that ;-;
I love this game it's my favorite I just wish the full game wasn't pay other than that I'm completely fine the graphics are great the missions are absolutely perfect! And everything else has to be perfect my favorite mission has to be a first when I first started playing it I was wondering how the heck did they get mixed or wherever they are to a school now and found the magic factory and winning the entire game and don't forget the adding thing where you can spread out turrets good game.
I have a suggestion the gun ship can fire 2 by 2 and the bomber can attack in the air and anti air turret the flakII increase the range . I want that i cant' go to advanced option. Cannon that can move trasporting truck that can fire all time. And the sea factory a suggest if i buy the battleship and it have escort a tw o submarine and one gun boat
Great game i played this game for years now and great game asome controls and the best rts game i found out there but after 3 months i decided to buy the full version but i still love this game when i already have the full version people say it sucks.....but its a great game
This game is so fun but hard you need to know the bot moves to win but dont buy the not demo one it cost money this doesint need money and it ferry fun recomend to get ganna be your most liked war game
Ican doit the war but the rts cool to game if you upgrade all of factorys you can see there the not avalable but its avalable they have mammoth tank and new legendary tanks and atilliry in the land factory for air amphibos jet,helicopter more its cool game lol 's
The game is really good and fun to play its a really good strategy game but if the full version was free it would be better. It can still be a great game if it was free so please make the full version free it would be really great
Cool game but i have som suggestions 1 can you add exparimental item pls 2 can you new tanks and new mechs And new planes pls and you have the Coolest game ever !
I like it so much .. Need some improvement in graphics it's blurd when i zoom it .. need improvements Building armies etc. . I love it so much its like True war ! But need more improvements . So i gave 4 stars 🤩 Thanks i have a loot of Lesson in this game .
Try this out, and then buy the full version. Hundreds of maps available, mods, no ads, no premium, no freemium. Just very cheap, for a full real time C&C experience on your phone.
I like this for the nuke launcher and powerful units i like the allies though they help repair can protect you and can help if you are fighting another unit and I made lots of power groups in the game and my favorite units are nautilus,heavy missile ship and carrier and flame mech plasma mech minigun mech
It's a good game I just wish the ai was a bit smarter I made a wall of turrets upgraded to cannons and ai just sent people there to there death and I hade a healing station anti air and a sheild thing they would need a army
Choosing to either play a console game or this on my phone would be a fairly easy choice. I would obviously pick this over a console game. The possibilities just seem so endless. A tutorial is needed however, I do not like the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do. Thank you for making this game it is for sure a good one. Good luck with the updates and by the way, this game should come to console.
Great game and love rts's, mind you i was the kid who played command and conquor while i was five, great mechanics and would love to get the full version but it cost money and i just dont have the budget. Would be cool at the next update you could add a free full version but with less content to compensate more than the demo but less than the paid version, like a premium version
Yo yo yo this is so good! I love the concept of this game with those army making and base making things. I've been fibding this kind of game in play store and now i found it! Thanks a lot for giving me a so much good game. Please continue developing this game. I have a request for a another update: For it to have sandbox mode that has infinite money and unlocked all structures and units. Thats all! So pls continue developing this game. Thx for this game. GODBLESS!
Good game I already got the full game and it is constantly update with a beta version (you can join the beta testers if you want to see expiremental units soon to be in the next update)
This RTS has a huge amount of fun gameplay for just the limited four sandbox maps I have. Hours played on this game, even without the multiplayer mode. Can't even imagine how amazing the full game is if my parents would give me the money to buy the full version lol. Now that i think of it, unlimited possibilities is actually possible in this game because of user made maps. Although i wish there was a tutorial to help starting players, once you learn what does what, the game is incredibly fun.
Dont understand why people think this sucks. played a single round of the demo then bought the game. I feel in love with this game. When i found i how to mod this i played it for hours straight. People say the controls suck??? They are perfect. People also want your game to be 3d? its a friking RTS game. these people dont actually consider how stupid their reasons are.
How did yellow get a Mech factory and how did blue get a fabricator? How do AI get buildings that you can only get in others can only get? That's crazy.
This game is a masterpiece, it is one of the best rts games on mobile. The only thing I wish they could add is something where is you watch 15 ads or so, you get to play the full version for one game. If the money you get from 15 or so ads exceeds the $1.99 for the full game, you are making money from people playing the demo.
The game is great. But it needs more maps playing on the same map over and over makes it less interesting and not everyone can pay for the full game. I would if i had money to pay.
I really enjoyed this game even though it's a demo I would like to request that it have 3 or 2 more maps available. And 3 or 2 more of the naval units available particularly the heavy cruiser. I doubt anyone will listen to these small requests but if one of the developer is it would be nice. Or so in impossible mode I noticed that the AI doesn't use nukes as one more request could u let them later on use nukes as it would make it feel more intense.
Would be so much better if you had more in the demo you can only do 2 missions only 4 maps out of the what 20-30 some maps amd only 3 ai and the maps arent that big in demo and they arent that special like i want to have a water war on a map but the best mao for it the ai barely use water vehecles the reason a lot of people rate this one star is cause the demo dont give you a fair amount not that many people have the money for this you only make us sad by making it so good but having no access
Very good even for the demo BUT I dont think I would pay £1.99 for it just make it free it would still be a very successful game as there are few PC style games on mobile
I suggest this app have multiplayer mode beacause i cannnot purchase the full version because i have no budget for the new version.
I only played for to seconds and instantly fell in love this game is what command and conquer rivals should of been this is the first and only real RTS game I have EVER seen on Google play market I would like to thank you for making this and I hope you continue to develop it and as soon as I get the chance I'm buying the full version because for £2 it's well worth it. The controls were supprisingly simple and easy to pick up and play. Deffo game for real RTS fans like myself.
I would say this is by far the most fun mobile RTS game I have ever played, and I think it definitely puts PC to mobile. The graphics are fun to watch as things explode, and I love how your allies actually help you. I think some more types of turrets (ex: railgun, torpedo, depth charge, mortar, etc.) Would make it even better. And maybe some walls you can build to make defense and doors to let troops come in and out, but all and all, great job, I can't wait to get the full version :)
I love this game but the problem is I can't build experimental factory, I can't get more details from other units, and I can't unlock other maps, also the other game modes ☹️☹️☹️
I discovered that the multiplayer, the sandbox mode, maps, and others are not in this demo version Yes! this is just a demo version but it means Happiness to the players but its opposite now! Creator! how could your game be famous? how could it have a hundred million downloads? how could it rise into the one of the most downloaded worldwide in app store? I guess you don't care for the other people without any chance of downloading and enjoying the game! Very well Creator, this is a total sadness
Amazing, this game is so well put together, and even for a demo you have hours of playtime and endless fun, although its sucks when I forget to save when fighting the impossible AI, the game is overall very fun and would reccomend to my little brother and just about anyone really. Great game will, be buying the full game in the near future
One of the best RTS games I've ever played. The game could be exciting if you add airfields, and a dropship that can transport and attack units by machine gun and cannon, a Gunship (AC 130), Helicopters that can transport and attack units as well as helicopters than can fire missile, it would be an intense battle if you add Destroyers, Cruisers, Frigates, Corvettes, Mine Layers, Minesweepers, Ballistic Missile Submarine, Cruise Missile Submarine, Heavy landing craft, Amphibious Tank.
It is a fabulous game . I think it's more popular than its full version . It will better if you add a stealth plane which can be detected and engaged at a very short distance by the air defence system
Cool game but i have som suggestions 1 can you add exparimental item pls 2 can you new tanks and new mechs And new planes pls and you have the Coolest game ever ! And add the exparimental plssssssßsssssssssssss im beging you plssssssssssss add it but im not forceing you to add this factory but you are the smartest of all and coolest so add the units and factory plssss and can you onlock 20 maps pls in skarmish and mishons plssss
This game has a lot of potential but it just doesn't look worth buying yet, the controls are pretty bad and it feels like it would be way better if there was more effort put into the controls. I would buy it but it just doesn't look worth it with this demo.
Awsome Demo, i enjoy it, bit of a let down that the real version costs because i cant get it, but it makes sense. A suggestion for a new air troop is a heavy helicopter (please put it in the demo if you are gonna add it), overall great game.
first time playing this game the game seemed to be easy also love the choices in AI difficulty the only things that you guys/ladies should work on is the following 1) the graphics should be adaptable to the users devices such as Maps, Units, Buildings, Map details like clouds, water so on so forth. 2) try making more demo units avaliable to the user i feel if you allow more units to be accessed you will probably have more attention to the game.
Devs please aed more stuff to this demo like more maps not only 4 maps or something but please add more maps,at least 3 new maps just please i keep playing the same maps and i always win because i know the layout of that specific map.So please add more maps.Thanks!!!
Good game bro add more units and please if you can then make it 3d not 2d it will increase your customer too..... And one thing my device is lava iris 88 2 gb ram and 500 mb v ram. But when I open the game with tc mod it never change gameplay. And when I open sand box it lags... Even some time I should force stop my game...... Please fix it......... In original version.........
Why dont you make the not demo free?i played this game for years now and i have not unlock a single yet.I just want to look at the new things ok corroding games???I DONT UNDERSTAND, WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE THE RTS STRATEGY FREE??!!I KNOW YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY BUT CAN YOU MAKE HAPPY??!
This game is beautiful I may be still in the demo but I understand it is really good it is real good I love this game
The game is great and it will be greater if you add armourd viechles and troops the game is great keep up the good work and please if you can make a sale for even one day for the full game
good rts game would like skins to the troops and buildings and you can get them via crates that you get from campaign and everything else coins would be nice too you can buy skins and crates from coins but you cant buy something like a double points thing
I never put reviews on mobile games but this one is one of the best on mobile very similar to command and conquer red alert 1 I'm actually going to buy it soon once I get paid it's diffently worth the 2 Dollars
Try it out, and then buy the full version. Hundreds of available maps, mods, no ads, no premium, no freemium, just very cheap, for a complete real-time C&C experience on your phone. I like this game very much but it should have some other types of tank and heavy helicopter.
(i deleted my last review ooof it was an accident) a most favorite game and has a whole little maps can you add some more maps even 1 (meh no) mostly missions it has TWO yes 2 missions only (make sure to also put some on skirmish)
This game is the best one. I also buy the full version of it and it's the best one yet. I having a blast with the full version. It's the best and anyone who's going to be spending some money, you must download the demo then the full version.
This is the most AMAZING RTS game i've play'd,Sure it might be in demo still,But its fantastic and great job on the game,And can you add walls,Oh and can you make the turrets placable on the walls too,And anyways GoodLuck on updating this game!
(Updated) I really enjoyed this game even though it's a demo I would like to request that it have 3 or 2 more maps available. And 3 or 2 more units available particularly the a naval unit like a destroyer or something like that. I doubt anyone will listen to these small requests but if one of the developer is it would be nice. Or so in impossible mode I noticed that the AI doesn't use nukes as one more request could u let them later on use nukes as it would make it feel more intense.
I have only played this game for an hour and the demo is so fun. It's the casual rts I have been looking for. I want to buy it real soon and get the mega tank or mech. The bad reviews about there not being enough stuff, that's the point of a demo, to show a little bit of the gameplay so you can decide to buy the full version if you like it. The game is really fast you can build an army quickly, the game is balanced and feels complete. There is much more I could describe about the game.
I would probably really enjoy this but had no idea what to do. The few instructions made little sense, and didn't all translate to actual things I could do in the game. I just ended up scrolling the map and selecting / deselecting stuff. Help!
One of the best RTS, and i love this old school vibes, Get used to the controls, And this app is fun! Also, DEAR YOUNGER AUDIENCES, PEOPLE NEEDS MONEY TO LIVE AND BUY FOOD, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU, TO PEOPLE WHO THINKS FULL VERSION TO BE FREE, YOU ducking SUCK, Anyways, I recommend going for the demo first before buying the full version, cause sometimes you'd accidently buy the game that just isnt for you.
one of the best game that can be played online . one suggestion 👉there should be naval or torpedos platforms or any other sort of defence in ocean.
I really like this because its simple and its free! recommended for you to play but i just have some suggestions atleast make the sandbox editor free
This is one of the best strategy games I have played besides Art of War 3 and I just love it so much but i would like to ask if you guys could plz make an online mode in this demo that would be great!Thanks and keep up the good work!
Yes yes yes!!! Comand and Conquer on my Chromebook. Worth the price no doubt. The demo is enough fun without the full game, but the full game is definitely worth it. Thanks for this, I probably play it too much
I do love the game but i suggest that to add a new unit gutling tank besides id be awesome if you add it on your game because its very offensive unit but lesser life and kindly add a force sheild not forcing you thou pc i love this
I like this game but I don't want a demo I want the rts strategy but it's not free plss make it free plsss I just want to be join with my brother plsssss And plsss add to the demo a lab factory ok
The game itself is cool and funny, I love it and I am going to buy it on Steam. The problem is the interface on the phone, it is using a too old interface and the main screen logo in blurred. On PC is a bit better. If you could rework the whole interface that would be amazing!
The demo alone is in depth, making every base unique. Honestly, I cannot believe those people who dont like the fact that the actual game cost 2dollars. The demo should cost, like, 50 cents.Controlling a army, full of all kinds of vehicles, such as tanks, hovertanks, walkers, MASSIVE WALKERS THAT ARE SO BIG THEY STEP THROUGH THE WATER, and artillery. Naval vessels, like subs, missile frigates, gunboats, carriers, battleships, dreadnought battleships, and more. AlI would write more but no space
Hey corroding games i know you have to make the full version not free bc you need money you should add a thing instead of the full game having to cost money there should be an ad at the end of each round for steady income and there should be a place where the player can donate
The game is amazing! Though however i would add somethings to the game like upgrading units, more builder units, more buildings, more upgradeable buildings, etc.
Best pc like RTS game I've played on mobile! 4 stars because the AI is kinda stupid and often jams into other units but other than that great job!
I LOVE IT 11/10 im so excited to buy the paid version. I know the demo cannot do all sort of stuff so when im gonna edit once i get paid and Please Still work on the game I LOVE IT!
This game is awesome especially if your looking for a strategic fun fight. It's graphics are nastolgic and smooth. The controlls can be a bit clunky but overall it's a great game and I would recommend it. Although I do have a question, I bought the full game on steam, and I was wondering if I could play the full game on my phone without having to re buy it?
Awesome game however why WHY no multiplayer its unfair i have to play agaist ai and its super easy even in impossible mode the ai has the same stratagy every time so add a multiplayer so the people that cant spend money on the real game im a kid and my parents say nope all the time i want to play with Smart people with great stratagies becase my stratagy hasnt been getting better with the same ai all the time so Multiplayer Please?????????? Also one way to sabotage ur ally is reclaim units lol
Really Really Really good game. The demo is great and all, but I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars because I think you could have added more to the demo. I also think that organizing lots of units is pretty hard, especially when you make a ton of them. Please say if you are going to add more levels to it. Please answer me
5 stars are for nice gaming idea. Nice multyplayer game. Add rifle mans human soldiers and other units. Improve graphics and make it 3d. Game idea is nice but need some improvements. I played many time with my friend on wifi lan.
This game is great I'd love to see all the things that people are saying down in the reviews and I'd love to see this game be free to play cuz I've had this downloaded for like a couple of months and it's just such a great game I can keep playing it over and over again but well there's not that many Maps and there is lot of units which is good but not enough maps that is in the demo version but please try to make the game free thank you
I hate it because they never add more troops and maps And almost all reviews say add more troops and maps but they don't even do that, and I'm tired of using the same troops on the same 4 maps it's 6 if you add other maps but there forcing us to buy the full game to get the full experience and its like they abandoned the demo version only to get money when people buy the full game well I hate this game but if they make the full game free for a while I would give it 5 stars again
Wow... Just wow. Masterfully created, well thought out, and addicting. You guys know how to make a game. Only thing I would say is the UI and controls could be a liiiittle bit better. You've got a daily player here.
I played the demo frist and it was amazing one of the best demos it's so fun people reading I recommend you get the demo frist then get the full game if you like it.
This game was just amazing, I didn't see any bugs or anything and I absolutely LOVED the gameplay. I look forward to buying the full version soon.
Its good enough that I bought the full game, its one of my favorite games honestly. The only real disappointment i have with the game is that in order to play it on steam i'd have to repurchase it which is understandable but, its good enough that I probably will buy the steam edition at some point. its definitely worth the price.
The demo version is not as good as I can said but it's just like the full version but with less maps and units and less water units and land units and less air units ummm please add more maps and units on the demo like the full version plus add where like players can battle and add more health bar for all units and I think you should add some powerful battleships like the lowa battleship,bismarck and her sister ship triptz,uss missouri,yamto and her sister ship musashi,washington,Texas battle :)
It's literally .99 cents for until the end of this month (Sept). If you can't find 4 spare quarters okay but don't beg for it to be free. The devs need a way to make money alongside being able to bring new updates. TLDR; Buy the full version, it's more than worth it
I think it's a very good game with a lot of potential. Suggestions: Walls, anti-tank unit, upgradeable artillerys and make a long range missle truck. There are ways of getting things from the released version in the demo version. Also make the game free because I am broke. Just realized this version is more popular than the proper version.
Edbeel pay the damn game if you think its not a good gameI like rts games im going to try this game out looking at the discription it looks like the dream game but the reviews are just dumb people the 5 stars are people that don't 1 star a demo for not being the full game and yes im targeting the dumb people that don't understand the purpose of a demo I want to offend those dumb people because dumb people us what happens to kill games off of play storw with false reports for even dumber reasons
I hate demo version the other characters, places and buildings are locked the other rusted warfare i played is more better than this boring thing