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Rust Builder Free

Rust Builder Free for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by LR & TH located at U Tatry Příbor 74258 Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is just a trial version and doesn't let u built more than 20 thing. It asks us watch a add and built more or buy their full version app.
Tried to load a save, crashed the game. Tried to load an earlier save, kept forcing me to watch ads without allowing me to continue building. If this is what the free version is like I wouldn't trust the paid.
Works perfect. Super fun to use and create. New top-down view is super nice for quick foundation ideas. I build them in metal because they metal shows lines in between each foundation so it's easy to see each segment as stone and hqm just blends in together, maybe a small line between all types would help. The gress texture looks very bad on LOW, maybe remove it completely for low setting. Awesome work.
It does exactly what you think it should do and works well, there is a glaring problem which is prop limit; understandable. Go to buy premium and it's not available to my country, TAKE MY MONEY!!!
Not up to date at all. Missing so many things. 5 star reviews are sus. I lost my entire build because the app just crashes constantly. The premium upgrade version doesn't even work. I wish 0 stars was possible.
This game is okay, The movement controls are bad. We need analogs sticks to move, go sideways go up with a fly button. We need better movement controls
seems pretty good but upon building a starter base design that wasn't even that big it told me I needed to get the full version before I can place more objects. was kind of disappointed at that since I only made a 2 x 1, with honeycombing, placed an airlock, 2 doors and a tc, and couldn't put the roof on. would give 5 star if it wasn't so limited in the free version. I'll have to figure out how to get the full version.
Not bad but, its kind hard to use, also their is little to no snaping systen for conecting wall to foundations and things like that.
Do not download this game, you only have a set number of placable objects then you have to pay in order to place things. Utter rubbish
Honestly. Shocking app. Far too slow and the 360 degree navigation is not even working. I appericiate the effort of this free game but unless you have alot of time and patience I wouldn't reccomend this.
edit: I would happily watch an add every 20 items upto 100 then an add every 10 past there. with a new limit for each build. This would give you a repeat revenue stream above the one you currently have and satisfy people who don't like to or can't pay for apps. of course you can add extra rewards to your paid version.
About every 10 items placed it pops up to either watch an ad or buy the full version... the full version link does not exist, and as far as I can tell doesn't exist on the app store... So either watch a 30 second ad every 10 items placed... until you get frustrated and uninstal...
I have the galaxy S8+ Camera setting are a little wacky. Hard to get the game to have it do what you want it to. I give 2 starts for creativity and an uninstall till next update.
Um... Crashes after the build gets a little large. I get my base almost completed and crashes. It's saved but won't even load at this point without the damn app force closing. So much for practice building outta game...
Your game is good but it's to slow and laggy it's hard to move around it's all most in possible to build that slow... Sorry but 1 ......... 🌟 star
Great idea but crashes, saved bases disappeared, add spam, crashes constantly. Running s20 ultra. Would legit pay if all issues are fixed.
Controls and graphics are good but the build limit thing is so annoying you have to buy it or watch some ad to get more building limit .....
This is 100% acurate, but it needs some newer items like sam sites and stuff like that. Otherwise you may have yo watch an add every now and then but its still the best rust building app i have seen so far!
Rust Builder FREE.... Actually means buy a full version cause this has building limit. Uninstaled after this post!
This is the best way to make base designs and cool sculptures, if you could add people or raid cost that would be insane overall just really overpowered for base or then you could add the actual number cost of the base and I haven't seen such a thing better then this app
The builder itself is actually great and gives you a good idea of what you're going to build. 1 star rating because theres an ad after every 10 places. Can't even use it without having to watch a video every 30 seconds.
all the features r not here yet but its soo gud to make ur own building and dont keep on low quality it locks u to 30fps keep ultra so that u get 60fps and it runs smooth ,I dont know y they mentioned fps caps as graphics quality there is no change in graphics at all...and if u r out of limit them watch add for 3-6sec that's it small once really liked it and we dont get add in between building things he ask u when ur limit is reached and watch add and again continue
Awful, very slow pace as you have to confirm each placement. Developer; try fortify. Build limit is far too low. Would not waste my money on the full version.
the controls are terrible and I didn't know this would be rust Builder I thought I would be the actual game even though it said rust Builder so that sucked and also I want to say this again but the controls on this game or just terrible they don't give you a guide and it's annoying
Would've been a 5 star if it functioned correctly. Graphics are decent for the time of the game it is. I reached the build limit and I had to either buy the premium version or watch an ad, however after multiple connection checks and restarts the ad wouldn't open and I coudn't proceed with building.
Is says free but its not! after placing couple of objects it stops, you either watch a video or purchase the app to continue :/ Also controlling the screen is horrible, can't move or rotate properly. Better to build our designs in the actual game than buying this.
I tried to place foundations and floors but it doesnt work, i can hardly even se where i place, make a place button and where you look you place because I cant do anything, I know you made those bases on a computer
good app for what it is. rather then sketching out your ideas when your away from PC this is nice. tip: save before every ad.(when it says watch ad click back, save, then watch. I had it freeze in me after add and had to start over) suggestions for dev: cost adds in items like tc, beds traps. is there seprate itemization list for that in paid or is it just no ads. dont want to remove all of that after to find out stripped cost. also maybe add select all type function. for upgrading all walls
Ok this is an poopy question and it needed a Thumbstick and it needed when u press the object it needs to show a turn because it's impossible and it needs ok good graphica and nice gameplay and amazing bulds and u forgot one but is is ok still there it needs floors and good game
DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! I had watch so many ads to build a base for rust. when i saved my base i couldn't build any more of my base. DO NOT GET THIS GAME
I love the app and even bought the full thing but can you add more things such as windmills, batteries, SAM sites, etc. I'd love to see those added so I can work on better builds in the future. Until then, my review will stay a 4-star.
It was a great idea just poorly made limits on what you can build depending on if your going to pay or watch videos. Also the placement is very finicky and difficult at times if it placed things smoother and was a Little easier to use then 5 stars all the way but it's too complex for the issues it has.
Early build limit makes it impossible to build anything you couldnt build out in your head. Just long enough to get used to controls.
Its a legit app with realistic correlation to actual game. +1 star Its nice building from the third person view, helps spot weak spots in design. +1 star Stability features, base cost and upkeep can be viewed without forced ads, and all in all the app doesn't rape you with adds. +1 star App does sometimes crash randomly during gameplay and sometimes when trying to load certain saved bases. -1 star The app is outdated, no farming or electronic components, no new building features. -1 star
I love the app and use it when I'm bored to design new bases. I wish it had an updated look along with all the new building blocks and water catchers, farms, wind turbine, etc that's the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars.
Built something absolutely fine and now it doesn't even load, not much use if you want to see the base you build and revisit the build