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Running Fred

Running Fred for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Dedalord located at Prof. Dr. Pedro Chutro 3135 Suite 101 - Ciudad Autรณnoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was just running and keep running like 10 hours so I made it like the ending the credits were scary I was looking away I gave it five stars
This is such a fun game. I just have to get those big jump landings and not fall to my demise. Really fun.
I've been deleting this game for 9 years now I finally found it!!,but thanks to the update but it lags sometimes. But its nice!
very upset.i paid $49.95 for the extra skulls but it did not download,tried to claim my money back through paypal and did not get it back,contacted developer of game and no reply,they stole my $49.95 so please be careful when buying any add ones
Yikes a grim reaper ๐Ÿ˜ฑ and you should have put in zombie fred and the T Dummy and when fred dies or gets hurt his face on the top left corner does not get bloody and not even from fall crashing
I remember this when I was young I loved it I played it every day and I love it still thank you. I had a heart attack when I saw this game was still out other games I use to play is not in play store anymore so I'm happy I have found this.
There was a glitch I was on normal difficulty and i lost but the screen started shaking and there was a floating body part on the left of my screen!
This is the best game ever in the graphic Circle the animation is glad even though I died like a million times what's a good game I mean like again I just like playing it cuz like again it's amazing
OMG I just found my best childhood game ever I used to play this game like drinking water but now there is a lot of ads not the best but still 5 stars
Good game, however, I bought a pack with a skin that also said it came with coins. Received no coins, so I contacted the support, to which I never got a response.
I loved this game in the old days (android jelly bean) but now it's ads everywhere. I used to purchase skins before but now it's sickening to ruin such a great game with intrusive ads. INTRUSIVE ADS I TELL YA!
I liked the old version better better graphics more realistic and you could tell if you were about to die with blood at the top
It is better game...this game is recommended by me. Dedalord, you should add slide option also and give swipe up as jumo and swipe down as slide and make some obstacles in which we can slide and escape. I could give 4 Stars also bcoz I don't like that tap for jump system...but I am giving 5 stars so you should improve this game. It would be best game If you do this update.
Really good game how I remember it, its just the tilting control. Sometimes I'll turn my phone vertically to the left and fred would slightly just run to the left which got me killed quite a couple of times and so far its good I just can't find the settings to fix it.
Fun but the slayer suit is way too bulky and if i try a level again if i die, Fred's eyes are still rolled up. Dedalord should bring back the old version because that was the version i played and the marks on his face tell me i could be going slow and i should be careful.
I love the gore! And now my running fred is glitched. It's like adventure mode but in survival mode but I can't pause I can't see how far I got and I can't see Fred's face. If I die the platform is like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far so that I can't double jump too it even with the help of the chicken flap. Hey guess what. I have 2 names for that adventure in survival mode glitch and they are: Advival and surventure. MY REVIEW IS IN TOP 3!?!?!?! THANK YOU SO MUCH
I love how this game have a ending and I also love the challenges ..good job developers...all I do ask for though is multiplayer to challenge others in races
I like this game this game is full of unexpected thrills and i hope that there's a new update of this game, cant wait for the new update
I like this game. The only problem is i had to reinstall it to get the 2020 version. But im worried if it removes my stats and skullies.
This is a very amazing game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ but there are some bad bugs there... Like the invisible mace and invisible walls. Please improve the graphics the texture of everything and the looks of fred. I've seen you guys update a lot of games of yours what you never updated this game so just please please update the game because this is one of the most craziest chaotic games i've ever played. I really really love this game and it delete's all your shields I had 261 and it deleted all 12 remaining so fix
1 Star Because the map i see i really want to play it but i cant because the is dead and its 6 years old and the developers never realsed the pab in survivao mode Pls update it and i give 5 stars
Too many ads, i used to love this game few years ago and i played it every single day, now an ad pops up after every single run attempt, its truly disgraceful how this kind of thing happens with every game, you have the in game purchases (which are reasonably priced) so there is no need for the ads, its sickening, a great game thats been ruined by greedy disgusting developers who just care about lining their own pockets
Was expecting for some old memories only got disappointed, it only works for older versions of android, don't waist your time on this game.
Great game for it's time and platform, and I'm a sucker for gruesome death. Any way we can get "The Flash"? Maybe some touch controls instead of the tilting would be ideal, too, but I'm fine with the way it is.
I can't give it less than 5 stars. I do, however, have some complaints. First off, when fred dies or get hit, his face will freeze up and stay that way until you hit him again. Secondly, the game is way too easy and needs more levels that aren't payed for. I finished the game, all medals and all grimmy idols in roughly 2-3 hours. Then it's just redoing challenges and survival mode. And lastly, mystery boxes don't work. Meaning when I grab it, it says I got a sheild...no sheild. I love this game.
I like the game but I could have rated 5 stars but the skills and character are very expensive as well as the chicken flap
This Game is the best! When i was a kid i didnt like it when i grew up i like this game even skiing fred also i cant open normal falling fred not the super one
It's really fun and I just love it. I have an idea for 2 new characters. Frankenfred and Spider-fred.
It's Really Cool! I'm Using Bluestacks to play this on PC! And the Controls are so simples. but gameplay is super hard. i know! it has to be.
Good game. But this is why it's four stars. I CANT ENABLE ANY CHEATS! ANY TIME I PUT ANY CHEAT CODE, IT DOESN'T ENABLE! (those are the working ones) so pls fix it
I love this game i was on level 6 but some how the game glitched and i went back on level 5 please fix it.over all if you fixed that i would rate this 5(But I'm rating it 4 for the glitch)
Very immersive and fun. Something that isnt that much pay to win, and feels good to play. These classic games made up my childhood and i dont know where id be without them.
Its so GOOD it would be nice for level creator so you could make your own levels instead of playing the same level over and over again and more characters like mental guy and zombie Fred but still five STARS!
A pretty decent game but when fred dies his eyes rolled up also all the items are expensive and also you guys dedalord the injuries on freds face is not there also freds face is not flailing constantly and not turning around also add a upgrade that you can know that grimmys behind far away or near edit:also fix the ragdoll because when fred dies he vibrates dismembered please outdate it to the latest version also when i buy the value pack 3 i did not receive 5000 skullies and mystery box loot
I hate this game because a ad pops up and I never put it cuz it's always said blah blah blah and all that stuff!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก make a update with no ads please?
The game had a 35 second advertisement before even launching the game for the first time. Deleted without finishing the ad. Don't support this kind of horrible marketing scam. There are plenty of better options on the market.
After my son unlocked all the characters and I spent money buying a special package. The game totally restarted and locked all the characters again and appears that I didn't buy anything. My son started crying. I want my money back!!!
This game is such a good game. But I do have a problem. When i try to buy stuff, the game says i need dollars to buy stuff... But i can purchase only through peso (Philippines currency).Please do something with this. It will really help a lot.
Was a good game, but CONSTANT ads ruin it. After getting THREE ads while on ONE screen before even starting the game, for a total of 5 or 6 by that point, including one when FIRST LAUNCHING THE GAME, I was done. And of course they're video ads that blare when they play.
Love this game so much cause it has these levels and skins. The people who made this thought outside the box. The reason that I gave 4 stars is that it is keep showing ads to much and the game gets stuck. Anyway this game is great and I think that it will be a good game
I used to love this game as a kid, but the tilt controls are kind of ruining it for me. I would definitely give 5 stars if there were button controls
This game is fun...it just brings me back to when i was 5 years old sometimes it boring but still FUN!!!!๐Ÿ˜‰
i love the game so much but one problem were is the endless sector 51 map?? it hasn't been created since the game came out it's only been featured in the trailer thats it. I've been waiting for a long time too. update more please!
I like this, just remove the heartbeat, don't make the game go silent when i pause it or get chopped by grimmy and come on and relase endless sektor 51.
Great Game but there isint as much content as I'd hope for, also it takes very long to get any skullies to get anything,
A big nostalgia for me. I used to play this game before on my tablet 7 or 8 years ago. When I was young I used to scream when Grimmy almost catched me. I love this game and there are no ads before and now everytime I'm going to play anotger round there's an ads now unlike before. Still like this game tho
From Flash to official, this game was addicting and fun to play, but when will you guys release endless sektor 51? Its been 7 years since the trailer released a footage about the update, please you guys this game brought childhood memoriss to many
I've been playing this game since college. i download it on all of my mobile devices. i love it, i just wish it had more obstacles and buildings. not just 2-3
This Is My Favorite Game, I Hope There's More Updates Soon, I Wish Value Packs Are No Longer Available, They Will Cost Skullies In Version 2.0.0
Its fun and good but its too long to download When i opend the app there were bugs like when i unlocked ninja fred his face has no mask even tho he has a mask (sorry for bad grammar)
The adds are so much and there are so many glitches and that's why my character keeps dying and its annoying, also in survival there is one map they keep saying will release soon but its been saying tht for over 5 years and the map still hasn't come
I like the older version of running fred, this version is suck i dont like it too many bug like fred died on a rolling spike, he just disappear and went fred get bump on the obstacle no more blood and injuries on his face. DONT LIKE IT >VERY DISAPPOINTING<
This game is great and I love it! Trying to beat your high score is complex, but it's fun! 500 skullies from 1 ad? HECK YEAH! all I want to say, thank you, dedalord, for making such a great game.
This game is good, dont know why the others hate it, lol Just turn off wifi for no ads plus some other problems are device problems Plus this game is cool and scary when the reaper dude (forgot name) gets near you. This game is fun
It's a very good game bloody cutty and I'm still sad because falling fred is not working but once fred gets hit or dies for die his face freezes for hit blood appears on his face and the level 10 is soooooooooo hard
This game is really nice. But please can you guys make it so that you can choose to control on keypad or you can use it like the way it is at first. If you guys do that the game will be more interesting and more easy for control.
This game is not my style Bloody Mary is very fun and it deserves 5 Stars I don't know why you made more except just this one but this one is great five star
i love this game, it was alot of my childhood, but these free levels are the exact same. the game hasnt added much at all for years and years. please dedalord, get more involved in your fred games. may i mention there are two levels in the trailer not ingame?
Where do I even start IT'S half hard half easy it's so cool running from grimmy and the skills and powers may cost a fortune but they are worth it the skills and powers are so helpful to help you avoid grimmy. The avatars are so unique there all freds but in cooler costumes. The Worlds are not that much but they have variety in them there challenging once you advance. The challenges are no joke you have to be a master if you want to past them you need to upgrade your skills to beat them powers I don't see the point also I am kinda bothered by Fred's face because in the older versions Fred's face gets bruised when he gets and I found that unique I don't know why that's not on this version. Overall Running Fred is a great game in my opinion it's way better than skiing Fred I don't care if there not the same Running Fred is 10 times better than Skiing Fred.
I love this game! The only problem I have with it though is the controls. I have to turn my phone at an slight angle to go straight.