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Runestone Keeper

Runestone Keeper for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by INNOTEG LLC located at 401 RYLAND STREET SUITE 200-A, RENO, NV, 89502. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I started installing, then stopped... why? Because I read the reviews (which are not of an older version, but the current one) and you can no longer play the game after 1 month even if you spend money on micro transactions. To people wondering why it's less than 3 stars, DONT install or spend money on this game unless my review says [reviw made in an older version]
Its a shame that "your trial has ended" is all you get after playong once. Dunno if this is a bug or not
I actually liked the gameand bought some characters from it, but uninstalled it for a while because of storage issues. Then I saw the recent reviews and decided not to take the risk anymore. This was one of my favorite games I've played and one of the few that I purchased something from and it greatly disappoints me. Edit: Now that I've installed it again, how do I recover my purchases?
A glitchy mess. After killing all monsters on a floor, the reward screen pops up but you can't close it. Had to close the game but then you had to redo the whole floor again with less health. Impossible to finish. I'll consider raising the ratings if they fix this but as of now the game is unplayable for me.
Haven't played it yet, but it's hard to trust a game that asks for permissions to do phone calls and use contacts when started!
Wow!....... I spent a lot of money on this game and just like everybody else it says trial period is over... I don't know if the Devs did that on purpose to make money or if maybe they got shut down because of trade mark infringement..... Either way what the heck? Somethings fishy....
Opened it up today to play around a little only for it to tell me my "trial has expired"? What the heck is that about? I've actually made IAPs but now I have 0 access as a result of the aforementioned issue.
One of my favorite mobile games ever. I never got past the later stages and only experiened a cave-in once, but otherwise this is really, really great for being a free app.
Excellent game! Everything I've been looking for in this genre. I've run into no issues with glitches or unfair floors. Thinking ahead is a big part of the game and its been a great game since I picked it up. I have a hard time putting it down.
Asks for weird permissions, no idea why a game would want to make and manage phone calls or go through my contacts
While the game is interesting, it's imposible to Advance if everytime you have the pop-up to buy the game it kick you out of the game.
The app now says your trial has now ended. I can no longer even play the game, I purchased characters and a couple of other things and now have lost it all?! Poor form developers, please fix this or at least refund IAP's if no longer going to available.
Edited review...1 star (from 5) because it's no longer playable after I put money down on it. Do not install!! Excellent game! Everything I've been looking for in this genre. I've run into no issues with glitches or unfair floors. Thinking ahead is a big part of the game and its been a great game since I picked it up. I have a hard time putting it down.
Doesn't work. Immediate "trial has ended" text upon starting the game. I could only play the tutorial and nothing else worked
I JUST INSTALLED THE game and my trial was ended like why I know this was a bad game cuz of the reviews but I just wanted to give it a try(don't do it bad a game even if you pay your trial will still end)
This game needs more 5 star reviews. Not sure why so many rated it unfairly for permissions (just deny permissions?) or for difficulty? Gameplay is intuitive, and holds much promise! Though yes, it does get really difficult for some playthroughs. Three possible improvements: 1) Provide more explanation about runes and skills (how to learn them, and limitations for skills). 2) more options for in-app purchases to make the game easier! 3) Balance the difficulty scaling for each floor
An awesome little game that I keep coming back to. The UI is very polished and user friendly. It's also laid out very well. Something about the game board is very concise and easy on the eyes. That being said, the game isn't utilizing at least 10% of my screen. Minor gripe, but its probably just because this app is aged at this point.
It was a pretty fun game. I was enjoying it, until I logged on tonight to get a message saying my TRIAL was over!?!? Now I can't even play the damn game at all!! To hell with this game then. 1 star.
I enjoyed the game, despite it's difficulty, until I tried to play it today and was informed "Your trial has ended." Now it won't let me do anything other than view the tutorial. Nothing in the game page mentioned a trial, nor anything in the game. This is clearly a money grab, and a disgusting one at that.
I really lile this game but the progress isn't saved. If you change your phone, the progress is lost, if you uninstall, the progress is lost...1 star for that, the game is not updated from 2017 so...
Says my trial has ended (wasn't made aware it was a trial) but can't see any option to purchase the full game so what's the point?
My previous IAP canceled out the plead for money just as it should have, so this version is now pretty much the same as the others. A worthy look if you enjoy games like Dungelot or Legend of Gumball. This is much more in-tune with the roguelike side of things which to me is a great thing.
One of the best smartphone games I have in my collection. After it was fixed I immedietly bought the full version. This is probably one of the few smartphone games I've felt worthy to spend money on.
What an absolutely fantastic game. Its like minesweeper with some amazing rpg action mixed in. Instant buy for me!
This game is unique as far as gameplay goes. I like how you pray to gods to start the game off but they give a down side other wise I would just choose the God of war every time. Plus the concept of souls being given to the player for revealing tiles and then spending the souls on items to get an edge is pretty nice. though the events could be better, like the event where there's about ten different colored hand prints and you're not given hint as to what each color does. Over all good game.
The game was okay, I would honestly give it a 3 or 4 out of 5, however runstone keeper did something that really pissed me off, I logged on today to play it, and it told me that my trial has ended. And now I can't play the game anymore. That is the scummiest thing to do as a developer, to just ban me from playing a game for no reason. Not once did they say we were downloading a trial, this is a full game with microtransactions and they bar you from playing after a month
I'll give you 2 for the idea. Poorly executed, but a good idea. Other than that, no warnings on this "trial version" whatsoever and was disappointed when I came back to check out if there were any updates and whatnot and could not start the game. Son, I am disappointed.
Asked for access to my contacts and to make phone calls as well as my data. Why? It did not say, do not trust this app.
App is broken - you can only a tutorial, once. And after it "trial is ended" and no way to buy the game. PS: problem solved!
App is broken - you can only a tutorial, once. And after it "trial is ended" and no way to buy the game.
You can only play up to floor 5 out of ???. I don't think that's enough to see even 1/4 of it's content. That 5 floor just seems empty and makes me assume the rest will be just like that too. Get the PC version instead (Steam)
Skins! Great half hexamine tablet critical hit pics! But after a while the grim graphics detract. I d like a sci-fi skin and a gang neighborhood skin too, faux isometric 3D style. This game is deeper than it looks at first. Would be great if it would advise the next hit might kill you because it can be played at high speed like discarding. The continue function is incomplete was not clear if it continued in the next dungeon or the same again. Play store lost one character across phones/wifi off.
Cool concept but a few mechanics are unbalanced or poorly implemented, such as praying to gods having detriments that are counterintuitive and heart containers almost never being able to give the permanent health buff because it's impossible to have full health most of the time. Some menus are awkward and so is the quest encounter interface.
It says trail period has ended. Wont let me play anymore at all after spending like $10 buying characters.
I played this a LOT a couple years ago and paid to unlock a few things but like others, now on reinstall my "trial" has expired. This was never a trial game. I am super disappointed as I really wanted to get back into it. I want to play so much I would pay to unlock the full version...but there's no way to!
Deep, proficiently crafted mess whose odd blend of delicious 8 and 16 bit pixel art oozes love and treachery. NOT a dungeon crawler. Calling your minesweeper grid a dungeon doesn't make it so. Tap adjacent tiles to reveal their content. There are no walls or rooms to explore per se. Little to no sense of progress between runs makes brutally random difficulty hard to swallow. Lots of heroes with minor abilities, a few unlockable for free but take real effort. Can't see their stats before buying.
Game is ok, but why would it ask for contacts and calls access I dont understand. Suspiciously enough works perfectly fine after denying access. If its a bug fix it. For now i don trust it
I have to edit my review. Im so dumb. When you kill all momsters on a floor you have to pick an item then the ok button can be pressed. Edit: its still 5 stars but sheesh the game is hard af even on easy. Floor spikes will be the death of you. I can only reach the 3rd dungeon
Pretty interesting tile reveal game. I found it a bit stuffed, making it less engaging than simpler, tighter games in the genre. Those who like the genre and look for something more will probably like it
Game starts off good. Nice and steady. Dying and learning with tips and tricks. Keeps you engaged, however it later becomes very apparent that, no matter what... You're just going to get severely f***ed.. They are way to over powered. I even saved items and mana for em and nothing. You. Just. Die. So, had to uninstall. Otherwise very good concept.
Fun little game but the progress is way too slow. Most deaths feel unfair and the game really holds down on giving you resources to make the most out of the situation. What a shame.
Pretty decent game, with interesting mechanics and item combos.. The bad thing is that I've been getting the message that my trial has ended, although it's supposed to be a f2p game.. Does anyone know about this?
I would like to thank the developers. The game was unplayable they fixed it and is better than ever. Download Play Experience....One pet peeve is that the people purchased are gone and upgrades are gone but I can deal I hope...
Great game, own it on three different platforms with no regrets, but do NOT get this joke of a port. IAPs, lost credentials, no outright purchase option. PC is best, Switch is good as well, but avoid Android.
8 FEB 2021: Devs fixed the game! I can finally play one of my all-time favourite Android games again! It's a very addictive game, perfect for touch-screen play. I keep coming back to it again and again.
Sarcasm incoming: I absolutely LOVE getting spiked 5 times on one floor, bombed 3+ times on the same floors, AND getting attacked by monsters when I try to battle them. I couldn't ask for a better mobile game to play! BEST GAME EVER!!! I mean, who doesn't like to have to start and restart each floor being level 1, dying due to the above situation(s), and LOSING ALL YOUR HELPFUL STUFF! *sarcasm over*