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Runefall: Match 3 Quest Games

Runefall: Match 3 Quest Games for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Tamalaki located at 1207 4th Street Suite 400 B Santa Monica, CA 90401. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads cause the game to crash. The problem started not long after the initial download and the first couple of plays. Part of the problem I'm sure is script issues. My device needs low setting for graphics. The ads freeze the game and my device while being triggered to watch.
Love this game always keep app on for fallback after disappointing other games as well really like silver chests, mystery mansion, rope knots, and hexagon puzzle
Nice to be able to help renovate a town that's been run down . You get a choice to either watch a ad or buy your gems . For me I watch the ads !
I am on level 49! I enjoyed working my way up each level, but once I got to this level things have changed. I have cleared off all the blocks and tiles. On the lower level you got items that helped you move along on the levels. This level I got nothing, so I can't advance to finish the level. I am basically spinning my wheels getting no where. I am going to use up my jewels and delete this game. It has been one of the few games I have enjoyed over the years. I wished it could have continued.
I just started playing this game and all of a sudden the game froze, I've just reached the second level too open the chest and it won't let me open it. Don't know what to do. Any suggestions
Fix the Loreal ad. Even if you sit all the way thru it and click the close box, it asks if you want to leave without reward, so you have to say yes and watch another ad to get more moves.
I love this game but it keeps crashing and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 10 times and it is annoying me and I am very angry.
I have just updated the game again. It is still stuck at the loading part. Just can't get in the game anymore.
I'm addicted to this game. I've reached level 80 and I need to obtain the last ruin, and it's not going further. I cannot go further. I'm I'm frustrated and will give it another day before deleting the entire game.
Absolutely love this game even though sometimes it's frustrating as can be. Runefall is challenging and one truly has to commit to playing it. When one does, it's truly rewarding.
Very creative, never gets boring. Only drawback is that there's so much going on, a lot of things are small and hard to read (yeah, I'm old). The backstory is entertaining and the game mechanic is original.
Am so glad I found this ! Needed a new match 3 !! Love the graphics and love the "travel" across the map to find your runes and treasures. Having so much fun !! Thanks guys.....πŸ‘πŸ‘
When go into the game it immediately goes off have reinstalled numerous times it was working and then stopped working.
Like the storyline and talking characters. Would like to be able to know how moves acquisition works. Will give more stars when I figure this out. Graphics wonderful.
It's a really fun and challenging game. I can spend hours playing this without getting bored. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of the moves/time limit. It's ALWAYS too low. I have to watch 5 ads or more every level just to get enough moves to finish. Sure, I could just do the bare minimum (get the runes and nothing else) and finish within the limit, but I'm a perfectionist. I like finishing all the sidequests too. So it would be nice to have a no-limit mode option.
I posted a fantastic review yesterday and it's gone now. Oh, well! This is not your average match-3 game, and you'll see for yourself if you try it! It's challenging on every turn. One great feature is the separate volume controls for FX, music and voice. The voiceovers are all exquisitely done and lend themselves to making a great story! Well done, PlAycademy, for making such a great game! One feature I wish for is the ability to pan and zoom the village and its buildings.
Fine game, great ideas by Devs but screen is a bit too SMALL without magnification options within gameplay.
I don't like it, you don't alow me to place the peoples new bildings ware I want them. The match games are to long and you don't fined every thing your sent for. I don't like it. Good by
Omg?? I used to have a game with this exact gameplay in my old PC! Not sure whether this developer's associated with that one though! It was set in the wild west instead of this medieval setting. Gosh, the nostalgia this brings. I've thought of that game a lot of times through the years. I've always been obsessed with getting 100% on each level, even when it frustrated me haha!
Stuck on level five again. It tells you to drag the bomb to the rune but the bomb won't drag and you can't use any other moves. Re-installed twice and it happens each time. Very disappointed. Problem has been corrected. I love Runefall and am happy I can continue playing
I actually thought that I would not like this game, but I find that I am actually enjoying myself. Don't let the looks deceive you. This game is awesome. Give it a try, you just might like it. I know I have.
I am now on level 116 and about halfway through my search for the required items my jump map stopped working, just like level 115. I don't want to lose another level so I left the game. Is there any way this can be fixed? I play several hours a day. Is there a download that would correct it? I would hate it, but I would have to uninstall my favorite game. I can't finish level 116 or even move on to level 117. Please help.
Love this game, but tell me why my crystal s are going down .I have not been using them.had over 100 yesterday down to 25 today.
Different from other match games out there, but has some flaws mainly not being able to move the camera, that's not a cute new feature, it's a hindrance, you waste more moves trying to see everything and plot your matches,the bombs are more like firecrackers, and the rewards for so much work are paltry, but you always get enough after each game to make one upgrade to the town, right now, it's okay but average.
Really enjoying the game these first few days of playing. Lots of opportunity to gather supplies needed to build and fun games to do it.
Have enjoyed playing... But problem with freezing.. Not able to use the extra moves by watching ad...little problems make an interesting game frustrating.
I am quite disappointed that the characters have stopped speaking. It was nice to have them introduce the next quest. Now the quest just appears. Without the characters the game is severely missing some fun. It would be great to see more characters as well. Please?
I play this game on my laptop & love it. I downloaded it to my tablet, everything went fine until I hit continue to play the game, a screen came up with some writing and at the bottom it said loading. That was a couple of weeks ago & it must be still loading because I haven't been able to play the game yet. HELP - PLEASE!
I've only been playing for a couple of days. So far very enjoyable. Will probably give 5 stars if game continues to stay this way. Most games become impossible after you reach higher levels.
Excellent match 3, conquest & puzzle game. Lots of fun finding runes and hidden objects. Great puzzles and building Runefall Village. Many hours of exploring map to complete quests. Had a map issue but fixed with latest update. One of the best match 3 games with added bonus of mini puzzles. Challenging and fun to play.
Found hidden area in level 12 but pieces won't move? Not sure why it froze. Now, it's making repeat everything I have already cleared or found when I exit and return to play more. My tablet is 3 years old but other g Ames don't do this?
This game actually puts your thinker to the test. Super fun and fanciful. So the story line is told like a bed time story, with only the voice of the narrator. The town map is upgraded as you collect materials. The match puzzles are great. There is a move counter. So far I have not had to pay real money to progress. There are mini puzzle games that are quite challenging.
I really enjoy this game but it's very frustrating when you finish a level and can't move on. I have been repeating level 24 in hopes of the game allowing me to progress to the next level. But with no such luck. Will give the game more stars if this is sorted out.
I absolutely love this game. Very fun if you like match 3 and building games, and I do. They need more like this one.
Love this game!! Wish getting maps were not so costly, but it just makes me keep trying to find everything that much harder! Very cute and keeps my interest.
Very challenging game.you need to have eye contact with each piece to match and find the items. Can be frustrating game at times. But I like the challenge. The game freezes up often and I have to restart a level I was on , can you please fix this problem?
I'm trying this game again, ads aren't extreme but still pushes toxic masculinity. Is there a map legend for all the parts of the main screen? I.e. where are my current objectives, what are the icons across the top representing? Thanks for the game!
Love the variety of challenges this game offers-not just match play, you have to explore the map, solve logic problems and build the city infrastructure. Awesome! Update - just upgraded with latest release and getting a problem with game freezing... screen does not respond at all please fix soon !! Update 5-16 - All the issues with app freezing have been resolved and I am back to fully loving this game!! Thanks for all the new perks and variety of mini challenges!!
Need more storyline on river more, and more upgrades with the wood, shield, coin. Plus put the map back into the puzzle so we can find it.
Pleasant little match game, I'm having fun. Ads when you complete a map (which are longer than most match 3 games).
So far this is my favorite match 3 game ever. It's been just a little glitchy which lost me some time, but not too much.
I've really enjoyed this game until now. I'm at level 21 and there seems to be no way to reach the parts of the map I need to go to. It won't jump me there, I can't find any items to help, I've spent time going over and over the same ground, nothing helps. Very frustrated. It's a good concept but at the moment it is lacking any way I can progress..
Loving this game. You can lose yourself in the story, very relaxing and not come across any negative issues. Would recommend this to adventure lovers.
The map was supposed to be fixed but mine still won't open. I really enjoy the game but it seems to be having a lot of issues lately.
Great game. I played it on the computer and this is exactly the same only very small. My only complaint is all of the prompts wanting you to buy things.
I like this game very relax but needs upgrades.. Taking longer to load and when timers goes out there's time you have to restart the game and freezes.. Really would like to continue playing.. Thank you
You have a huge glitch on Level 57 It keeps stopping and every time I go back into the level it takes me back to the start , and its extremely slow and I have amazing internet It's really pain full as its my favourite game
This match game is different, in that it gives you lots of moves but you can't move around the board by panning, you have to make matches to move around the board. It's totally different than all the other match games and I really like that. It's very relaxing but still challenging, great game.
One of the few games that gives you what is promised. The number of ads is reasonable and the game is very enjoyable. Thank you!
I'm absolutely loving this game,the big thing for me is that you give ad options for those of us that are low income and can't always afford to pay to play..I especially love being able to watch ads for moves so I dont have to constantly fail levels,I've never played a game from here that gave me so many options as a poorer individual, thank you so much for such a wonderful game and such wonderful options so that I can enjoy it and actually play properly
I seldom find a game that I want to stick with, but I've really fallen for this one! It's so much more than a match-3, with a variety of other puzzles and quests to complete along the way. The storyline is just that little bit different too, and gameplay is colourful and smooth. If I could change anything, I'd like an option to replay levels, but that's really all. I'd just like to add that, when I did have a query, Customer Services were an absolute joy to deal with.
I love this game ,need more games like this , it could use more playing time ,less watching adds that would be really nice , thank u
It's a relaxing game, but once you reach a certain level, there's nothing more to add to the town. Lately the map has been freezing up, which makes it impossible to jump and very difficult to complete the level.
Once the city is built, there is nothing more to do and you just play on and on and it gets boring after a while. Need to have more area of the city to build to make it much more fun.
This is a very fun game, it makes you think of which ways to go and where the best matches are to get all the runes
I enjoyed this game for all of 10 minutes. That's when I hit level 6 and the game froze up when I tapped on the obstacle. I tried restarting the game. Same spot...frozen. I tried running through all of the updates. Same spot...frozen. Why bother making updates when you can't get past level 6.
I'm really enjoying this game! The puzzles are challenging without being frustrating, and the dialogue and voice acting are charming and funny. The mini games change things up a few times per level. It doesn't overwhelm you with a ton of game modes and options, just play and have fun!
Such an awesome game!! It's up there with my game i also play ritualistly and just as addictive as i've found out. Developer's put allot of effort in making it exciting and fun! Love the graphics as wellπŸ‘πŸ» definitely recommend this oneπŸ‘πŸ»(9-22-2020: when I got to level about 64 and after updating game it now has glitches that don't register after I've cleared grass or whatever and now doesn't allow me to use the map to jump to places. Plus it doesn't register after I've cleared resource veins
This has become my most favorite game. Sometimes its frustrating, but the more I play, the better I get at it. I'm on level 31. I wish you had more like it. Great game!
Game is more of a treasure hunt game, not a city building game. You can only buy upgrades after completing the treasure hunts for runes. There's nothing to do in your village. It's not interactive. As well I'm stuck on level 52. It's missing a key and the rope needed to get to the last rune.
Great at first.butjump screen keeps freezing up. And you need this section to see what needs to be completed for the level.
Love the game alot. I'm on level 120 and wondering if there is any more upgrades to the town. Or if there is more to the story.
Very Enjoyable... Is a match game with a difference... I really like it, but the writing is very small & hard to see...
Edit 9-19 Negative star rating. Refuse to have Facebook JUST to SAVE game progress. Still at lvl 14. Deleting. End edit. Game is fun and challenging BUT -- It does not save progress. Everytime I quit the game and start up again, it starts at lvl 14 - and I just finished lvl 25. I'll give this one more chance to work properly. If I have to start at lvl 14 again, I will be deleting this.
I like this game. It's interesting but rather hard to catch onto. It needs a write up on what to look for, how to cover 100% of the map, what to do to reach the jump feature. Just an overview of how to play the game in general. I'm still trying to figure it out and I've reached level 7 or 8.
I enjoy the brain power it takes to get through the maps. My only issue so far is I need to get a tablet in order read the goals, even with glasses I cannot read it because it is so small.
Game started out good, now the maps don't show where everything is at. Says has more tiles or chests to clear but nothing shows up and can't find them on the board. Ads are now 60 seconds long.. too many issues
Enjoyable. Need more storylines with river more. Also need to reinstall finding the map, don't like to have to pay some crystals or watch a video to get the map. Lastly new level designs. It seems like I'm running into the same level designs over and over.
Am loving this game, but am having problems. Now on Level 8 and game keeps crashing due to ads. Please fix ASAP.
Love the concept BUT you have no clues where anything is you need to collect. The game is designed so you have to pay to move on. If you do not pay you won't get very far. It's just too confusing you don't know where you have to go on each level to collect items to move on. It will give you clues for the bonus, but that d mean you finish the level. STUPID
The game is a blast. I am really enjoying the directional play to achieve the objective. It's a change from the standard vertical horizontal I normally play. A welcoming change.😎
Fun to play but you need a lot of time to play it. Love the back ground. Sometimes is a little confusing to figure out direction of hidden objects
I'm stuck, I can't get to the places I need to get to to collect the items. I've used jump several times, but it doesn't take me to them. I see them on the map I BOUGHT, but can't get there. This game is too frustrating, so I'm uninstalling. It would be fun otherwise. It's also too hard to know where you're supposed to go.
Really good game, best one I have played so far but some of the ads do not have a mute option which means it cannot be played around other people without turning off all sound on your device, this is why I am only giving 2 stars, ads should not be intrusive.
Good game. I'm really enjoying the explore mechanic of this match-3. Changes it up a bit. Nice story. Calming game. I seem to notice that I dont aleays get a match 4 or 5 bonus in a cascade once in a while. It also wouldnt let me use the raft or uncover items in the sparkled areas on Level 4 (first level to need raft). Even with a few weirdness issues, I'm going to keep playing and look forward to updates. I would recommend this game to any match-3 fans. Well done.
Trying to read the small print in the beginning, with a next button, but the print changed before I was done reading. Your not giving me a fair chance to even try to enjoy the game.
I really like the game. Very relaxing to play. I am on level 63 and it is not letting me jump to the last 2 pieces of land to finish the level. What is wrong?
I'm on my second day playing. So far, so good. Words are really small though, so I'm having some troubles with rules of the game. And what the goal is for that level. UPDATE- im @ couple weeks in & still like it. Wish clues- or side puzzles/challenges- were offered to assist in travelling the map area to achieve goals as opposed to ads for extra moves. At least there's variety with the ads. Love the graphics & extra puzzle challenges!
Love this game the only criticisms I have, the instructions don't stay long enough on the screen so you can read what they are all about.
I love this game, simply done, easy to play, has great humour, (game sends me hilarious daily facts about the town). In all honesty, it's just simply well done. I'm an avid gamer, and I'm picky lol. If I can give advice for a lot of people who are complaining about not being able to move the camera, look for moves that literally move the camera, on the edges, don't go for pointless moves in the middle of a map, they do nothing. Be mindful. So again I just say, well made, and well done. Love it.
Love this game, I think its best match 3 out there, such a great mixture of different puzzles and things to collect on the way, I'm playing it on an old android tablet because it doesn't play on the ipad, said it was compatible but got to level 28 and not worked since, shame because I prefer the ipad, so this tablet will have to do till the problem is fixed, it runs quite slowly on this tablet so will play till can start on ipad again
i love this game!!! but your renue boster stalls my computer and is real hard to get back to playing again. Thanks for fixing that problem πŸ‘
I gave this game a 5 rating at first, but now I am giving it a 3 rating because it keeps crashing and freezing up! It is a great game when you don't have to keep starting over! I have had to restart the game twice because it either crashes or freezes up and I have had too redo level 24 twice and it has done it again! I am almost to the point of deleting the game! Please fix the problems! Thank you! I am deleting game, all it does is crash and freeze up! No help from the creator; sad- was good!
totally love this variation of match 3. you dont need to stay in a box (at a level) over and over to beat it you can transport around and achieve a minimum task to beat a level. that I think only this developer is able to think outside of the box to give match 3 a whole new meaning
It's very relaxing. It captures my full attention an holds it the entire game level I'm playing . TKS.
I like the game, a bit addictive but otherwise it's good. Now the problem.. the script is so tiny I have to use a magnifying glass to read it and then the instructions disappear so quickly I don't know what I am doing until I'm almost done. Is there some place that I can read them?
Love it!! It's not the usual somewhat boring match three games. It's a little confusing the instructions are. I suggest that you darken the text when you are looking at what you need to complete a task under the icon..little trouble reading it. It would be helpful if you added a way to be re shown certain tasks and some actions like how they mention making a chain match like the one shown no idea where that is..
I really like the game, but found everything there was to find on level 39 and still couldn't finish it. I don't know why. Since I couldn't go any farther, I just uninstalled. If someone can help me, I'll be glad to reinstall!
Like the game but I have a lot of problems with freezing and adds not playing. When it freezes sometimes it shuts down and I have to start the level over; which is very frustrating when you've almost finished the level.
Runefall - Fantasy I am so happy that I found a game I truly enjoy playing. Love the story and the characters. I love everything about this game. Developers you out did yourselves this should make you proud.
Was really enjoying this game until the last update. Now the Watch Ad buttons do not work, on anything. Very disappointing.
This game is everything I have ever wanted in a match game. The added puzzles make this a fascinating and addicting entertainment source. The storyline is also funny and enjoyable! Best game ever!!!
I'm having an amazing time so far! Nice story and good game play. Hasn't cost me any real money, yet... so that makes it better than the majority, so far.
Really like that you have to make your way through a maze while matching tiles and searching for items adds a needed level of challenge! My problem is my fingers are too big for the tiles
I really like this game it is different than the others but I think the devs should adjust it to be more mobile friendly. It should be possible to enlarge the quests as the writing is really small, also the name of the runes cannot be read so please do something. Really great game.
I JUST DOWNLOADED LAST JPDATE AND MY GAMES MINI MAP DOESN'T UPDATE AT ALL !! PLEASE FIX THIS. I'M LOSING GEMS AND WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING!! BUMMER!! Unfortunately there is a glitch or bug with my game. It was working great until recently, the map pulls up and I have launching area, when I click to play, it goes to the loading.... And just stays there. Can you post an update so I can possibly refresh my game?
Great game for a relaxing hour. The only gripe I have is when I run out of moves and the box for options pops up and my finger is usually right under the reset. It's very frustrating when I'm almost done and have to start over which has happened more than I want to admit... How about adding "are you sure" button. Other than that it's my favorite game right now
Charming, relaxing, and somewhat challenging. Wonderful story, top notch acting, beautiful graphics, and pleasant music. Fun!
Too hard to quick some of tbe levels are so spread out its not even funny you spend alot of time looking for tgings needed to progress to the next rune that you run outta moves before you know it
This is a great matching game. The story has its humour and keeps it short and sweet each break between levels. The visuals are very nice. I like the way the play area moves depending on your move direction. A mini map available for you helps to 100% complete the levels. All in all this is a wonderful game and definitely worth having a go.
The game was fun, until a day ago. The game shuts down and it resets itsself. I have played the same sequence for a hour.
Fun, wish you could go back to the level you did get everything. Why did it switch from many gems, to a couple??
I love runefall, however, it is very frustrating when you are out, it pops up and you are in middle of popping and you hit quit by accident, please alert again or something for that
There is a problem soon as I finish a level, it gets out of the whole game. I would have given this a higher score.
Back to 5 stars. After three days my jump button has started working again. Thank you for my all time favorite game.
Love the variety of challenges this game offers-not just match play, you have to explore the map, solve logic problems and build the city infrastructure. Awesome! Update - just upgraded with latest release and getting a problem with game freezing... screen does not respond at all and you lose progress and rewards...please fix soon !!
Very enjoyable. I like the story, the games, the opportunity to watch videos for game enhancements, the choice of play modes.
Love the variety of challenges this game offers-not just match play, you have to explore the map, solve logic problems and build the city infrastructure. Awesome!
Could be good, but items too small for me. Maps should be smaller so items could be larger on a tablet. I can barely see my inventory items. Game help doesn't tell you how to play, so you are figuring out a lot as you go along. Graphics are nice but it's a game of timing to finish the map finding things before time runs out. I hate timers.
I really enjoy the game, its a nice relaxing game. No need to hurry and finish. Just one problem, each time I upgrade it always crashes on start.
The hunt for the rune was better when they gave you a direction to go the blind hunt in a limited-move game is very annoying and frustrating when your not sure your going in right direction.
Great game! Have been enjoying it very much till level 72. After collecting all the runes the finish button did not appear. Can you fix this?
Nice game but it has glitches that keeps taking you back to the log in screen :(, how do i contact tech support ?
Love the game. I wish there was an unlimited moves option. I don't like having to play the levels more than 1x. When is runefall 2 going to be available for tablets?