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Run Around 웃

Run Around 웃 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give less for literally false advertisement on social media apps. Showing a game called Church in the Wild being an example and being nowhere near what the advertisement was supposed to be.
I dont understand why they have to try to trick you into this game. Too many times have the advertised games turned out to be this one. Why? That's bait and switch. Stop it!!!
Um seems amazing and was for the 5 seconds I could play it. The ads are a problem because not only are there ads at the bottom of the screen at all time thay lag up the whole game, but there are full 30 sec + adds that invade my screen a lot. They also pop up randomly so i accidentally click. Then the game freezes and loses all of my progress...great idea but all of the ads ruin it. I think it would be better if there were only ads that popped up because ads at the bottom of the screen lag the game and make you die.
Three game itself is entertaining. I got through 10 levels, and would have looked forward to more. There are far too many ads. There's a banner at the bottom and between levels you're interrupted by a moving ad, and sometimes followed or preceded by a full page still ad. It's difficult to back out of these ads. I didn't ask for them and there is no game benefit for allowing them to play. Backing out is so difficult that I accidentally entered the Play Store twice.
FALSE ADVERTISING!!! I wanted to play the game the ad was showing but it brought me to this. I played it already. Yeah its fun but please get your own advertisement.
I hate how games now a days are all about ads and all of them are the most falsest ads in the world I miss the OG days where you could play a game without having an ad every time you beat a level we seriously need to start a petition to get all the fake games out of here
As so many others have said, false advertising. The add was for a percentage game led me to this. Very disappointed and I will not download this game.
OMG. I absolutely love this game!! It's fun to play, it's very addicting, the controls are awesome, and it's the perfect game to play, especially if you get bored...
False!! This is not a puzzle game that launches impostors at each other. I am very unsatisfied!! Use your own gameplay footage for your advertisement!!
It's fun but I don't understand why they would show an option to watch an ad to continue from the point you died at but not allow you to select it. It honestly partly ruins the game. It's a rage inducing game which is fine but not when have have restart completely every single time especially when it shows the option to continue.
This game is amazing. It's so addictive and fun. The control system is spot on and the graphics are really good. But can anyone pass level 57? I've been stuck on it for ages and can't beat it.👌 Perfect Game.
It's an okay enough game, if you like tapping frantically and screaming at your phone, "JUMP DAMN YOU! I SAID JUMP!" repeatedly. Of course, there are times when you should not jump, and that tends to be when your dude finally jumps. The soundtrack is what made the game fun, though. I'd love to find the audio track somewhere to get a copy of the music from this game. That's what made it worth playing for me. That and the skins. But mostly the music.
Please don't do it it's click bait 1000% I was getting an advertisement about a completely different game that looked fun so I clicked on the link and it brought me here so I thought maybe if I downloaded the game and play it maybe it will bring me to the game I was actually advertised to play but I was wrong. So please don't do it it's not even worth it.
This game is actual trash. Most times the levels are unbeatable and the spree is impossible with the arrows and moving squares going to close when i will die anyway i try to dodge it.
This game is actually pretty fun to play. But there are ads at the bottom of the screen which aren't too bad. But every time I lose/the round ends, a 30 second ad plays. I spend more time watching ads then I do playing. Its really hard to play a game when you throw ads all over the place. Even when I die, it asks if I want to be revived by watching an ad or pay coins. I say no but they play an ad anyways because I died.
This game is very addictive but way too many adds makes it not fun to play. Adds Spend more me watching ad's then playing the game. The price for the game is not worth it just to drop ad's. That with every game I've puchased never truly ever go away.
Honestly, the worst game I have EVER played in my life. Yes, including the ones that you can't even play.
I love this gave very much but the worst thing I hate about this game is when we have to watch a video to revive or to earn coins through video..infact it makes me so mad...😡😡therefore I gave this game 3 stars.
False advertising!! If you want people to download your game, advertise the game not put out ads that aren't even for your game
It's overall a really good game with a good concept but it has to many ads. I reached level 15 with at least 50 ads and I'm not exaggerating that's about how many ads I received.
This game is really good, minus the ads. For most of my games, all you have to do is turn your phone onto airplane mode because a. It saves your battery and b. Ads run on wifi so just turn on airplane mode people!!
Its a great game i recommended playing it. There was a decent amount of ads but not to much only if you wanted to revive yourself. Also you can get skins very easily
True it ok but I was insta and it was a ad for creepy or normal it was about kinda like tinder and you test but you have to reply in a good way to get a change and move up points just a game buy It said swipe up to play and it gave my this💔
Flash advertising. Came here because I wanted to try the game in the ad and it takes me to this trash
Love this game. Love the music. We should be able to get new songs as rewards... that would just be the Teeeee. 😉
this game is great because it's fun but hard at the same time and that makes a game challengeing and that what a lot of peopel like in a game and this game will succeed if the make of this gsme update the game and it eould get many more downloads peopke is deleting this game because it's the basically the same challenges and it's getting old doing the same challenges
It was total clickbait. Nothing like what was advertised (but are they really ever?) Don't waste your time though. Not worth it.
The game's controls suck and it seems super glitchy, but I think I know why that is. Every time you lose, you have to sit through an ad.. I think that the creators of this game deliberately make it so you HAVE to lose sometimes in order to run more ads and make more money. But that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY!
False advertisement they take different kinds of ads and they send you here. I found I was called transformship and this is where I ended up.
False advertising. Saw it for another app that looked like fun. Not even remotely similar to this one.
ads, ads, and then more ads for flavor. i played this when it was in its infancy and it was good back then. but now, it seems like all these developers care about is placing as many ads on the screen as they poasibly can.
The game is really fun!!! The down side, though, is that there are too many ads in this game. It makes my phone really laggy :(
yes indeed this is race mayhem can I beat my own record fun car racing game for mobile phone devices ios and android msg and data rates may apply
False advertising i thought I was going to be playing a game called fill capacity but no it was stupid Run Around. Stop using other games ads and making people thing they are going to be playing one game and it turns out to be a whole other game two thumbs down 👎👎 🙄
I love everything about this game 1 the graphics are amazing.2 really challenging what I was looking for.3 the levels are perfect for what I like one bad thing though the ads can tune down a bit there's quite a lot but overall love love loveee the game thank you for making it. xoxo
I really like this game, since the mechanics are quite fun, and the difficulty ramps up relatively smoothly. It's a little dull in the visuals, since it's just a stick figure running around various-coloured circles, which is why they have a few costumes that you win by playing to liven up your character a little. Unfortunately, I feel like there isn't much you can do with this, and some of the levels rely on random chance to a degree that makes success a roll of the dice. But I can't deny that this is a lot of fun to play, and I'm not sick of it after 50 levels so far. So, why not download it age see if you enjoy it as much as I do?
It is really funny and I couldn't stop playing it it's that much fun even though you can die very easy in this game and have to watch videos to come back to life it's still a fun game you get new costumes and other cool thing that are waiting for you
I actually hate this game so much it lags...and I don't understand why it is connected to a different app store when u just get it on google play...there are no bug fixes...and if you fixed a lot I'm not sure u were successful.. Btw I think the game is rather quite boring when the only thing you do is literally run around...:( ur absolutely TRASH :)
False advertising. Saw an ad on Facebook for paint mix 3d and when clicked on it, this came up. Wish I could give 0 stars.
Good concept ruined by over saturation of ads. You die plenty of times to watch lots of revive ads, but the forced ads even if you don't choose to revive, or if you already revived means you spend more time watching ads with no benefit than playing. Meet us in the middle, dev's, if you don't cram the ads down our throats, we won't uninstall in less than 30 minutes of play. I have games that know how to balance that I've played regularly for a year or more, and they probably get 10 or more VOLUNTARY ad views per game session. Game play was fun, but if you don't want to play the long game, you can starve.
False advertising. I clicked on an ad for detective masters. This is really terrible. Ads should not be able to do this!🤬😡🤬
Yet again another game being portrayed as something else. How about you actually show what the game is.
When you lose, and say no to the revive, IT PLAYS AN AD ANYWAYS. Not to mention the Bouncy Ball and Rockets are almost IMPOSSIBLE to dodge. It's just luck. Good gameplay, but a SUPID amount of ads. UNINSTALLED.
I would say this game is good, if the clicks weren't delayed. Most of the time I rage is when I tap, but it doesn't register ending up in a Lost level.
It was really short and simple, yet fun.I would recommend this to my friends and family.The only thing is is it took a little while to download, but otherwise great.
Only downloaded to post this review! False advertising! So ridiculous. Was showing an ad for a salon game! Hate how people get away with this garbage!
It's just annoying. The level design seems like its thought through in the beginning, but very shortly turns into random threats spawning in random locations just to kill you to get you to watch a video ad. There's moments where I don't even have to jump once and win and other times where I'm jumping every second in the same spot for 7 rotations before dying in the same level.
It's good but the ads I don't no there is one problem I hate the fact of the ads it's no good for it some one needs to fix this or a problem is going to happen or a mistake is going to happen or worse good happen here or there I don't no yet let me no okay so not a big deal how many of the paragraphs have you read I want to no
the game is okay. you can't dodge the projectiles. there's no back dash or anything. you simple have to start the round over. this game would go far if there were extra features involved for gameplay.
What happened to fast response click to jump. Now I tap and delay jump cost my life every time. Impossible play with delay jump. If not improve soon app will uninstall. Game does fun until delay jump. Not anymore Update now I am uninstall game impossible play with delay jump
It seems like a good game and I'd keep it but there's WAY to many ads. Literally every 2 times I play there's an ad. If you can fix that. I'd consider redownloading it. Thank you. Sorry.
False advertising. Thats all I even have to say. Either take the game down or show the advertisments like the game actually is.
Holy freaking adds. The game is a decent time waster at best... Until they shove videos down your throat until you can't breathe anymore. Oh, and automatically force you to the Google play store to download the advertised app that you didn't care about in the first place.. Uninstalling
I do not mind the ads, but the fact that some of the levels require a certain setup to win is so utterly annoying. This is basically a luck based game. Sometimes you get a good setup, sometimes you don't.
Interesting concept but way too hard and an obscene amount of ads make the gameplay immensely frustrating and disjointed. Run, die, reset, run, die, ad. That all happens in 12 seconds which means an ad every 12 seconds or so. Not recommended.
So far im loving this game. I get bored easily with games. Especially when they get so hard it's either spend money or quit them. I quit them. But so far this one is challenging but not horrible.
This is so fun I love it is one of my favourite in the commits they say there to many ads just put on airplane mode and it's the perfect game 5 stars I recommend this game 💖🤩😁
I love this app it's a great app honestly I don't find anything wrong with it there are some hard levels but I got through those. But personally I think the op is awesome and that's why I put five stars
Now I havent tried the game. It seems ok. But you see, the amount of fake ads that you guys have put up is incredible. I have not seen a company like that. You guys need to sort things out. You can't just toss fake ads out there. We want to play those ads, they look really fun to us. And you take that away from us? That is quite mean. Cuz we are just looking for time killers, just a bit of fun. But it seems like you just want people to install your game by using fake ads. Please fix your game.
I don't know why they lied about the gameplay in ads. Like, it's fine as is. The soundtrack is pretty awful, but the gameplay is fine.
This game is fun and I think my 10 year olds would enjoy it but the ads on it are not appropriate for them. To be honest, I don't really like seeing them either. The ads consist of provocatively dressed girls shaking their bottoms in the camera of their phone dancing to music. Get rid of the nasty ads and I would change my rating to 5 stars.
False Advertising. All I really have to say about it. I saw an add on Facebook for a game called Dash Fighters. It looked really cool, was a side scroll kinda game where you tap and pull back on the screen to make the fighter move and jump. What I got was this game. I don't know if someone on facebook did this or if the makers of the game did, but I'm very disappointed at the false advertising.
Okay, first off, false advertising. You're taking multiple games' ads and using them as your own. It's horrible to trick people into downloading a game because 'the ad looked cool'. It's not right, and this game deserves to be taken down. I'm one to install an app to actually try it out, then review, but I don't find interest in a fake game. Second off, little kids are seeing ads that are posted, and they don't know any better, so they download this, and are getting scammed. Just stop, please.
It's a splendid game with a simple concept finish the circle but objects stand in your way so the game gets more challenging as you continue with your endless quest to connect the ever so growing circle making it addicting and challenging also very fun with the simple idea but levels increasingly hard.
I thought this was. A hole other game I was on a app nd this fake game that they were making it seem as if the game is something its not.
This game is awesome!!!!!! I advise you to get it! Don't listen to the people who hate it!! I'm only at level 7 and I LOVE IT!!!!! I give 5 stars for awesomeness!!!!!!
So I used to play this game a lot, stopped for a while and downloaded it again. I still like it but none of the 'video to revive' buttons work. Which gets really annoying. Please fix!