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Rummikub® for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Kinkajoo located at 13/5 Herzog st', Tel-Aviv, 62915, ISRAEL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The times this app actually works, it's awesome. Sometimes I'm in a high-betting game and mysteriously my game freezes and cuts out. How the hell is that possible? I could be playing with someone on my internet next to me and only my game freezes. You guys have to figure out what's happening with the bug. It also steals your money and kicks you out of a game mysteriously and pretends you're just idling while other players are wondering why you're not taking your turn.
The game is fun but the app developers don't seem bothered to improve the experience at all. Add some leaderboards and some percentages. Give an option to change same tiles from the start as that ruins the game. We are playing an online version , put some more graphics ! Just lazy 🦥 Also , fix the AI. It moves like a rocket , nobody can move and think that fast . Makes the game unfair and unenjoyable
We play this game now everyday. Its like chess as to the fact it seriously makes you focus and concentrate. Domino's as the tiles and well rummy is self explainitory. It's an awesome game concept. However, I feel that when you are playing with others if you have the volume up when you get a joker that should be silent so others don't know. Also you should be able to give unlimited time in the play with friends and custom games. Over AWESOME AND ADDICTIVE!!! MY FAMILY AND I LOVE IT!!!
Rummikub is a great game; this implementation of it is more than a bit annoying. Interface can be clunky and it seems to constantly screw up the melds you're trying to make. If you don't want to play a 500 coin game, and leave, it takes the coins anyway.
Overall really love this game, just some bugs. Biggest issue is connectivity. Constantly says poor connection when I have full strength data or wifi. A couple suggestions: when moving tiles just above your rack, have them automatically move to the bottom of the board instead of having that annoying popup. There needs to be an option to silence players who are rude. Notify them that they are blocked from commenting when all players silence them.
It's a good game but many times u are given bad tiles that by the time u can do your 1st move th game has ended. Sometimes u can't even do any move & the game ends. This needs to be fixed. We are not playing to watch other ppl make their move
I have played this a lot. Have been happy until recently. The tiles won't pick up or pick up the wrong tile every single turn or your pick up a tile and when you try to place it down it replaces it with a completely different tile from the rack. I've tried uninstalling it several times, restarting phone, clearing cache and nothing is fixing it. I tried emailing support and received email back suggesting reinstalling and emailing with further issues but not received anything back since.
Wanted to love this game but it is exceptionally rigged. Today, for example, I played 4 games. For 3 of those 4 I never drew high enough combos to get on the board before the game ended. Exactly why would I repeatedly want to waste game currency to watch people play without me? It also steals your coins when you dont want to play a high stakes round, and finally the avatar faces are mildly sexist and racist. It's 2020, let's move away from stereotypes a tad more rummikub developers.
Dragging tiles to modify existing runs and the tile would not drop where I was placing it, but would just stick to the side of the screen and everytime I dragged it back to the board,it would always fly back there. Meaning my run is then invalid and I collect all the tiles of the run I tried to add to Pixel 5 if it helps
When I first started playing, it was really nice and fun. But as I leveled up, it was no longer entertaining and almost rigged. Almost every match, one player will get both jokers and an easy hand. Sometimes, your opponent is a NPC and it rearranges the tiles in a way you cannot even follow. At the start of the game, you can literally predict who is gonna win. So you literally are playing for nothing. Im really disappointed at this point.
I love this app, but I have two major issues. First, I hate that you need a Facebook account to play a private game with friends or family. Second, there's nothing to do with coins! There should be cool avatars or accessories to unlock with coins. Once you get 1,000,000+ coins, the currency doesn't matter anymore. Fix these and I'll give it 5 stars.
I was in love with this game and would have given it 5 stars until I started collecting more coins. Every time I play with 5k it seems like a fix as it is blatant I am playing against a computer each time, with the opponents winning more or less straight away or not having the 30 points to play for the whole game! This has taken the fun out of the game.
This is 1 of my favorite games ever. I am however becoming more and more annoyed with the game, I can't ever collect my daily bonus. I can't ever watch videos for bonus coins. It says there is a communication error. With not being able to collect coins, I stupidly have made 2 purchases of 10,000 coins for $2.99. Niether purchase did I receive the coins. So both times, I requested a refund, and I received my refund. As a huge fan, I'm very disappointed.
I enjoy playing on practice mode and like that I don't have to play for coins or watch long ads. It's one of my favorite childhood games.
The game is fun and I like the auto sort options for the tiles, but the games keep freezing and the coins don't count properly. One game I would have 400 coins and then the next I would have none. I even had 600 coins at one point and the next time I opened the app they had disappeared. The game is fun and easy to use enough that I would likely buy coins if I was legitimately out but I'm afraid they would disappear.
Can be laggy when playing. Sometimes the player before me will end their turn and it goes to me but 5 seconds later, it's back to their turn for some reason. The practice bots make a lot of moves that human players won't be able to do even on easy mode so it makes playing when I have no internet not fun. Other than that, I love the game. Rummikub is one of my fav games ever.
Amazed at the reviews. Many complaints of being put in game that costs too much or not enough time in turns or maybe bots in a game. Go to CUSTOM games and you set all of that yourself. Some complain of 25 tiles while others are almost out. I've played the real game for years and yes, it happens. Just good or bad luck. Other complaints are of opponents holding jokers or melds until the last moves. It's called strategy people! This is an awesome game. In real life or on the web. A thinkers game!
Annoying as hell. Looks good. Feels good. Some unecesarry elements, but most anoying part of the game is that non forgiving timer. 30 sec's and you are 20+ pieces down just a snap away from finishing turn, when tile doesnt snap to joker... Time's up. Everything reverted... You are raging in a fury hoping noone asks you anything so you don't have to kill them. Other than that, good sim of a real rummikub.
This would be a great game if you could play it with humans, or if the developers would slow down the robots. It takes all the fun out of it and just makes it annoying playing against a computer that can make a dozen moves in 2 or 3 seconds.
RIGGED!!!!! If I could I wouldn't even give it 1 star. Once you get to 2k on your own, it starts to lag every time it's your turn... So you loose all your credits... I guess to make you buy them...This has happened to me EVERY TIME! I've the opportunity to win...numerous times, just so the games... "casually" reverse my moves...
OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I played this when I was much younger with my parents & grandparents, I'm 50 now and teaching my 5yo to play on a physical board and found this app. It is simply AMAZING & we can play on separate tablets in a private game. Would highly recommend. Only suggestion would be the addition of a stats screen with wins, placements, total game times and such. Well done developers 👏👏👏
This game is good. However on some occasion the game stall and nothing can be done. It ruins the game and also loses the bet as such
I am not going to pay for gold pieces, because if you "start a game", but when the amount comes up and it is more than you want to give up. Even if you select leave the game it takes the coins. Loss 10,000 today, and once you select leave it doesn't let you back in.
Love this game but it cheats... the AI wins just about EVERY game. It will put you in a 2 person game that person holds all their tiles then goes out after 2 pulls. I've had 15 games in a row where I couldn't even make the initial meld before other players got to having only 3 tiles left. It IS an addictive game but needs lots of bugs fixed.
The game is fun but too many times i have to watch and continously draw cards to meld. Usually between 27-30 before i can play. This happens one in ten games on average. multiple times never playing a card before someone else goes out. This never happens with any opponets
I've loved playing this game but annoying when playing and realising it's a bot. I mean when I'm literally about to win on the next go and they've still got 14 tiles to play and suddenly have the time to put them all down and win something is going on! I don't think it's fair that you get fined when you are disconnected from a game when it's still in the 'leave the game' stage. All in all it's been a good game to play and can get addictive just a couple of annoying aspects that bring it down
I love this game, and I play it everyday and have loads of fun, but alot of things about how the app is designed just suck. It also keeps crashing and pulling me out of games, making me lose a bunch of money for no reason. That also happens to my gf and both of out internet connections are fine. I also wish there was a way to play with a friend and two random people as well, so that if you only have one friend on the app, you can still play 4 player, when playing with them.
Horrible!I'm on for 5 minutes and I'm already pissed off yelling at my phone because its saying a play I have isn't able to be played. You need 30 to for an initial play and I had 3 9's, 4 6's, and 3 3's and it didn't allow me to play them on the board at all. I have played this game enough to know the extent of the rules. Not to mention 30 seconds isn't enough to play your hand when the computer won't let you place down your hand. Don't download, I'd go further into detail if G. Play let me.
Absolutely love this game! Love that you can play it with friends. Love the fact that you can change how long each turn is.
Good game but always trying to get your money. You need gold coins to play private games with people. If you don't want to buy gold coins you can watch ads to get gold coins. But then they also inject ads throughout the game play that you don't get any gold coins for.
TERRIBLE app, sad because the gameplay is great. You only start with 400 coins, and it costs 100 just to play 1 game. If you happen to loose all 4 games, you're done!! You cannot play AT ALL anymore unless you just want to play the stupid computer. You can't even play a friend. They force you to buy coins with real money basically. Pretty awful. Sad they made an awesome game and ruined it by that feature.
Great game, simple and straight to the point! However only 1 request for advancements and customisations or something, I have too many coins that I can't do anything with them but just to keep playing!
This game started out really fun and interesting. I spent a lot of time on it. But now the game seems rigged. The computer generated users are way too fast and difficult to follow. Several time my tile set changes in the middle of the game, and lately ive spent several games just picking up tiles waiting for the initial meld, while some other player gets both jokers and finished game easy. This game has become really buggy and is not fun anymore
When I first started playing this game last year it felt realistic and fun. Now? Its awful. Youll win a few games and then for weeks you xant win a game to aave your life. I had won up to over 50,000 coins...down to 1300 in less than a day. How can I be good enough to win games of 20,000 coins and then so terrible I cant win anything in days...against beginner level players??? Also, ive noticed A.I. TOTALLY hoard the jokers and go out with 20 tiles left when I have 1Probably just gonna uninstall
Faithful adaptation of the physical game. We enjoy playing in groups, and it is good to see an option away from using Facebook to connect. Ads are no intrusive and only between games. I would like to see more visual options to take advantage of the medium - even different color tiles or boards would be nice.
Needs an option to opt out of ads. Way too many. Frustrating play when someone goes out and you don't have enough points to play yet. It doesn't seem random because it happens after every time I win a game. I'm looking for another option because I love the game, but this version isnt enjoyable.
I am greatly enjoying this game and the customer service is unbelievably fast and great. I had an issue with coins being taken away even though I had left before playing and so I had sent a message about it this morning and this afternoon I had received a reply with my coins plus a little more than expected were given back. This just ensures my loyalty to this game. Thank you!! - Happy Rummikub Player:)
The A.I. definitely control the board. Normal players get 30 seconds to make a move, and it takes that long just to move tiles. The A.I. throws out moves at a pace that no one can keep up with. Why can't normal players have the ability to move that fast? I've also noticed that when it gets to crunch time, and I have a final move or two to win, the game will not allow me to place a tile where it definitely fits. It's almost like the other tiles jump or run away from the move. Rigged!
Half the time I cant get on board because tiles dont add up to 30. Play a lot of other games, none make you watch more than 10 seconds of ads before playing. This one makes watching long ads a priority to play, if you get to play at all. I love playing the board game but this online version is a pain.
Love this game!!! Played it with my kids and was so happy to find the exact same game here. I would have given 5*s, but if seems to freeze quite often (if you wait long enough, it will reconnect and continue from where it froze). Update: (10/20) The amount of games IN A ROW that I have over 21 tiles while the other players have 2-5 left is making the game no fun. I just played 2 in a row where I had 25 tiles & not made one play & the game has ended. Not playing as often for sure 👎
This is a funny game. I hate to rate 3*. However sometime you lose just because have to pick up to much and even can not take the first move. It is so stupid. My worst record is 16 times pick up for the first move when watching others play. Please find a way to avoid it!
Hmm? Far too many bots. Also some very suspicious Joker work. Fun when played properly though. Also the maths of tokens doesn't work! If I play 4 games and win 1 then I should be back at the same amount - I'm not, I'm worse off! Also occasionally it loses accurate touch response. Reacting very slowly, dropping tiles where I don't want them. This make rearranging very slow and so I time out!
Love the game itself but here's a few problems / suggestions 1. Game connection: sometimes I just get kicked out for no reason (it wasn't even my turn yet) 2. Also game connection : sometimes game would freeze, countdown for other player is at 0 but it will not go to the next person and it's stuck. 3. Facebook friends : doesn't necessarily have to be Facebook friends but it would be nice if we can see which friend is online and send invite from within the game.
Love this game in person and digitally. I definitely don't use the timer as strictly normally but it keeps the game moving. 4 stars because their are some interaction issues (tiles are too close to the edge of my screen and leads to accidentally closing the app mid game and losing time/coins).
I like the game, but the reason for 2 stars is that even when playing online, you're mostly playing against computers. When playing against computers there is almost zero chance to win, and often you can't even play a second turn because they would've already won. Again, I really like playing Rummikub in general, but not when it's against computers most of the time
Terrible Before the update everything was fine and since the update the game is lagging like sh**t! The games says, that I don't have internet, while I have a full reach or it just kick me out of the game and when the games says I don't have internet, suddenly it's my turn and don't have any time left to make any moves. So I lose my coins, because the game says I don't have internet or throw me out for no reason!!!So please fix that!!! Thank you
The game works well, but after playing a while, I now have over 5,000,000 coins. I've never bought any and I imagine I'm not the only one, but the max bet of 50,000 is no longer interesting. Weekly free coins are now greater, some of the fun is gone. With you charging $100 for 750,000 coins, that makes my balance worth about $600. You wouldn't implement a buyback? I'll sell 750,000 back for $10.
I love playing, particularly one-on-one, but I think as a player levels up he/she should be allowed to raise the ante and play for 200K, 500K and even a Million coins. Otherwise the thrill will eventually be gone.
I love this game! There's a practice mode where you can play against the computer. And even though it requires coins to play against other actual players, the app gives you coins every day. You can watch a 10-15 second ad for more coins. And if you win a game you also receive coins. Warning...It's addictive!
Love the game and how you can play both offline and against other people. On the other hand, it's retarded how only the winner gets coins...makes it too easy to get out of coins. Both first and second place should be splitting the winnings from each game.
Fun game, but really poor connectivity. If I ever get a notification and try to swipe it away, the game breaks connection (purposefully) and will sometimes kick me from the game w/no reimbursement. I like you can make private games and play w/friends but similar problems with the game intentionally disconnecting.
I love this game. You really have to think about all of the tiles on the board and quick! I really like this game but it keeps freezing up and I haven't been able to finish one game yet. I'm uninstalled it cleaned my cash and reinstalled it restarted my phone and nothing's working can you help me. The game is working a little better. I actually got to finish a few games and even won some.
Sometimes it freezes when another player timer runs out. I'm now reinstalling to see if it makes a difference. Since reinstalling the game it still freezes, I have a Samsung A40 mobile. Does anyone else have this problem? Still freezes even on my tablet.
Love this game but it's not set up fairly. You have to watch obnoxious ads to get coins to play other people. They've basically turned a fun puzzle game into a gambling game. I really like playing the puzzle part so I caved and bought a no ads version for normal play or practice mode. To get more coins to play others you either have to buy them at a crazy rate or watch an ad for a few. The way that it deals tiles doesn't let you start play at the same rate as others. Fun but frustrating.
Great but some annoying issues. The biggest problem is that there is no skip button for play against the computer. This means when I'm playing with 3 opponents, I have to sit there and wait to watch my slow computer opponents make their plays. This is what's causing me to seek a different rummy tile game. Why do I want to sit and watch the computer shuffle tiles? If I wanted to watch people move tiles, I wouldn't be playing by myself on my darn phone. Please add skip button!!
Great game. Not too many ads, which is good. Loved the game so much I bought the board game for the family and they love it too.
Great game. Only issue is when a player leaves, AI takes over and starts making moves a normal player cannot even think of making. Ends the game within a couple rounds.
Due to a glitch or something else. I find out I have lost 45k credit in the game. Made me start from 0 credit. I like the game but not the app. To add the comment ,I think the game is rigged. Every time I pass 1050 gold, I loose with non openning hand and go down to ( or under) 1050 gold point. It happened over 50 times.
When you get to a certain level the win rate is all but 0. Recently the game crashes a lot as you load a board, resulting in you being kicked out and losing the coins you've just tried to play. Far to reguarly the bot players win before I've even got a 30 point opening move. Rigged and no longer fun to play
The graphics and sounds are pretty solid. Gameplay is simple and intuitive. It all starts to go downhill from here: lots of glitching out when trying to join games, often requiring to restart the app and not receiving invite codes. Sometimes it gets stuck in an ad loop where it never let's me play. Also no incentives to level up further or continue playing. (Avatar options would be nice) Fun multi-player.
I used to like this game. Now every single game I can't even make my initial meld before another players goes out. This has happened 10 games in a row. I spend the entire game waiting to draw tiles only to get low tiles and duplicates. Uninstalling this trash. I have better things to do with my time than watch strangers play a game on my phone.
95% of opponents are obviously AI. At first, they will act like they are new to the game and need a lot of time thinking, but towards the end, they will make some god-like moves that no human could possibly do. If we are playing against AI, the dev could have just let us know, and let the AI make moves without those unnecessary pause and idle. We know they are AI, no need to make them pretend as human players.
Overall good and enjoyable. Only issue is when playing online with friends we've encountered connection issues and one of us will get disconnected having to start over the game.
It's fun...but... It just seems too common that a move that sinks your next move happens and often. The other players seem to accomplish so many moves that you know you're playing against robots. It's a given that when you level up you will lose several games to bring your coin count down. All in all it is still a fun game!! The disparity has gotten painfully more obvious, I just had a "player" win a game, their last turn was 48 seconds. I can assure you non-robot players will only get 30 sec.
This is my favorite game. I have the game back at home but I live in another country right now. I love that I can still play online with my family. Whenever I get the chance, I learn someone else the game so that they can play with me.
Unfortunately the AI takes over for some players and will move the tiles faster than a human. This makes it uneven late in the game when you want to make a lot of changed to the board. There is no way a person could move everything that quickly and smoothly thus allowing the AI to win often
Try to pick up my pieces in the sets by holding my finger down on one of the game pieces and waiting for the rest of them to highlight so I could drag them to the game board. It would not work. Would only pick up one game piece at a time then would run out and I would be penalized with a game piece. Not fun. Waste of time
Everyone is right. It's very glitchy and it has been extra bad lately. I've literally lost thousands of coins in entrance fees from the game freezing during a match. It now happens more often than not. I will say though that when it works, it's fun. Update: I have recently taken another star away due to the enormous amount of bugs and very touchy game play. It runs slower than a player can move so if you go too fast it doesnt register the move which is difficult since all moves are timed.
This game is so annoying... I know it is mostly RNG with the cards but sometimes you are so unlucky, that you need 20+ cards to finally be able to throw 30 points, but then your opponents have only few cards left and you still have 20 and when it is your turn and you feel like you can finally throw half of your cards, in reality you just fail to do so and don't throw anything because the 30s timer runs out so fast and next turn enemy wins and you lose >100 trophies because of your cards score...
Really love this app, there's not too many ads, there's the option to practice play against a computer, play with your friends or to play strangers online, there's no creepy chat functions, it's just game play, the game moves fast- or in private mode you can change the speed. Have not had any glitches or anything. Brilliantly made app - dont change anything!! When developers consistently improve the app they end up ruining it - it ain' broke don't touch anything!! 5*
Good playing. Do practice to get extra coins. Wilds transfer and can become anything even after melding.
STOP PUTTING BOTS IN THE GAME IT SUCKS. When a human player is inactive for two turns, they are kicked off the game and replaced with a bot. This bot proceeds to make superhuman moves and always wins. Ruins the whole experience.
Three times now when I have gathered several sets to place on the board for my first play I get a message saying I cannot manipulate sets in the first play....only I hadn't done anything more than put down my own sets. Then, to make it worse, when I hit the reset button the damn game deliberately mixes up my sets. I cannot be so special that I am the only one experiencing this. This is very infuriating and I would like this issue resolved. One star until this is fixed.
I had come to love playing this game. Made it to Level 12 and up to 15,000 points / coins. Would win some / lose some. Then I have lost approximately 20 games in a row. It seems like the opponents are all BOTS. They lay down right away. And go out in 4 rounds. Something is really off. And then the wild card started being left tailing at the end of 3 of a kind for the next person way too often. I feel disappointed because something has changed with it
Frustrating! The game started out fine, then after several days all the problems started. It freezes frequently, there is no way to unfreeze it and you have to then stop the game and you don't get your coins back. You then are on a new game. During play, it will freeze so that you can't remove and place your tiles for play. It's maddening to say the least.
ME LOVES THIS APP!! Very stable, well done, and fun. Wildcard rules are VERY different from the ones I always knew.
It's a fun game. The tap and drag action for moving tiles can be frustrating. Especially when you watch opponents (bots) do so with ease. It's just not humanely possible to make the multitude of moves, so accurately, that some players are able to accomplish in 15-30seconds. That makes losing from imprecise tile manipulation just that much more frustrating. Fix the bots thing and I'd give it 5 stars.
Gameplay itself is good but I've played 6 games in succession where I've not been able to even make an initial meld throughout the whole game. Play our physical copy regularly and this has never happened once in years of play nevermind 6 on the trot. Renders it unrealistic and clearly out for you to lose coins quickly so they can make more money out of you.
Fantastic virtual version of the game. I find it to be a great brain exercise. I don't like the way it disconnects you from the game if you do not make a move for two rounds.
This is one of my very favorite board games ever!! However, your version is really sketchy 🤔. Enjoyed it initially until I played for a while and noticed exactly how rigged this game is. First of all it freezes up way too often. Then I noticed that the opponent seems to have more play time than I do. It also on occasion won't allow you to win, even if you have everything correct. It will still send your tiles back and continue as though you did nothing. If only this game was timed correctly.
Always love this game. The only thing that has changed is that when you are trying to move tiles on rack they displace on and it randomly moves. I think it would be better if it just switched if couldn't just move over. I would also like to be able to see my own statistics (number of games played and won/lost). Otherwise really great.
Great game, but not sure if it's bots or hackers but every game almost there is one player who can manipulate the board with 20 different moves and win instantly. Really fun but every game you will almost definitely get beaten by a computer weather it's a bot or a hacker
Love the game, but the app can be frustrating. I have often pressed that I want to play a game and learn that the buy in is more than I want to play so try to leave (using their leave button) and I am charged that amount in coins even when I did not play. Super frustrating as you coin bank can deplete very quickly due to this glitch.
Excellent version of one of my favourite games. Some easier levels would be nice so that you can rate your own play. Even at the "easy" level, the computer players come up with some ludicrously complex moves in order to play their last tiles. The result is that you never get to the last few tiles in the pack and even a competent player rarely wins a game. Otherwise, thank you for an excellent app.
I can tell there's an algorithm to "punish you" if you cancel a game by not letting you past the first round in the games after (accidentally) canceling a game. This just happened and I had 4 games in a row where I couldnt pass the first round until after dealt 28 cards or so. Update: I just won twice with a bet of 25k coins but instead of being awarded 100k coins I was awarded 40k coins 🤬!
When I use an avatar of a person of colour I get much more aggressive responses from other players (white) then when I use a white avatar. The only way I can play a game that doesn't effect my mental health is if I choose a white avatar. This platform is unsafe for people of colour. You havean ethical obligation to prevent discrimination on your platform. Do better.
Love this game, but lately it seems like its rigged. I rarely win anymore (Maybe once every 20-25 times), and when I do it is usually only the games when the fee is 100. This means that my coins have quickly dwindled down & I refuse to actually pay for some. I've also noticed a lot lately where at least once per game another player can have 20+ tiles & then on 1 of their turns they make 15+ moves that go so fast you can't even see what they are doing & all the sudden they are down to 5-6 tiles.
The bots are ridiculous. When a player leaves a game because they have 25 tiles and everyone else is down to 2 or 3, a bot takes their place and rearranges the entire board to get rid of 20 tiles in one go. Either empty the player's tiles back into the pile and leave their spot empty for the rest of the game, or program more fair bots.
Well constructed with smooth movements. After three weeks of use I have yet to find a glitch. I spent thefirst two weeks getting to know the game using the tutorials as practice. An actual game with real people is muchmore relaxed than playing a computer,but thepracticewasworth while. The ads are a bi tt of anuisance but the don't interrupt a game, which is a blessing.
My complaint is actually with the users. This used to be fun. Now people giggle when they've hoarded both wild tiles in a two-person match as they screw you going out. Although it maybe a technical way to win. Laughing as you go out is rude. Where's the sportsmanship in that.
3 times in the last 2 weeks this game has stolen 5000 coins at a time. When the game starts it tells you what the bid is and you have the option of leaving the game, 5000 coins is more than I'm willing to spend so I immediately hit the button to leave and all 3 times it has taken my money. I'm deleting this game because it takes to long to save those coins up.
This game continually freezes, so frustrating when you have good tiles, no way to get back coins you have staked, coins are forfeited because the only alternative available is to exit the game, big thumbs down, would give no stars if I could
Rummy is one of my favorite tile/card games and this game is what I'm talking about, it's great. I do have some suggestions for this game to make it a little more fun: 1. Can there be many different rooms for the amount of money you have like from 500- 1,000,000 coins plus, so that you don't have to play in just the same room with the amount of money dealt and awarded. I just feel like it's not that fair. 2. Can there be added tournaments in this game because this game gets boring sometimes.
The screen keeps freezing mid game, so you lose your money! The ads are very annoying but the paid version is apparently not worth it.
I agree with a few others about the timer and tile drag. Other than that, love the game. Okay up date. The app freezes my phone. When a call comes in it will show a black screen and not show who's calling or allow me to answer because it is a black screen. I am addicted to the game and have wanted to delete the app so bad because of obvious unfairness time movements. Aaaaand, whats up with not recieving tiles to drop the first 30 until the others only have 2 to 3 tiles and then boom game over.
The game is really cool but it is very annoying when other players are so impatient and want to rush you to make your move. It is only 30 seconds to wait 😪 And also often you just watching others play as you don't get enough points to make your first move.
Sick n tired of being robbed. Every time you manage to accrue points, you are forced into 500 point buy in games that are not winnable. I will never purchase extra coins while this continues to happen. Even tapping the leave game option before the game starts, still results I your coins being taken. Scam.
The online version is just as fun as the board game version, but the server is highly unstable and you lose your data connection a lot in the middle of the game. Ive lost my money several times when I can't complete the game. I thought it was just me but it happens whether you use Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and they have a FAQ about it so it must happen a lot. I wouldn't spend money to purchase coins in the game until they get more stable.
Love it so much!!! Love how you can make your own profile!!! Love how you can chat to other players and how the emojis resembles the face in Rummikub. Would like if there where more words/emojis in the chat bit, but don't mind how it's now. No one has ever been mean to me or anyone else so this is totally SAFE!!!! 😊🤗 .P.S. Hope this was helpful, enjoy your day!!!
I have fun with this game. 2 words, fun and game. Need to add a "chill" button or allow the other 3 to expell sore losers. Let's have fun and respect the other players 60 seconds. Rant over. Bwahaha
I love this game BUT I am not as fast as others in working my tiles since I am DYSLEXIC. I take my time in order to be sure of what I am laying down. We only have 30 seconds to make a move on each turn so sometimes I need the full 30 seconds to figure my moves, so PLEASE BE PATIENT and stop sending those "please make a move" or the red-faced emogi or anything else that game offers to make me feel bad! You never know who you're playing with!!!
People cheat all the time. They will hold all their tiles on the board until they can go out making it impossible to even enjoy playing. In the real game you must discard which keeps the game active but this version they do not. It is not fun.
They fixed the ad problem. Fun play, worth the cost. One thing, I don't think you are really playing against others all the time. The others made moves too fast and when you introduce a wild card in practice, the AI doesn't make logical moves. In the real game, some of the other players make the same poor moves that don't make sense. Probably AI players are mixed in with the real ones.
Very engaging. Some of the rules are slightly different than when I learned it in person. For instance jokers freeze the set they are in, you cant borrow from the ends or separate them...but this let's you. But overall I enjoy it.
Three times I was about to win, had enough time, but the game wouldn't let me make matches and moved onto the next person.
I was so looking forward to play this game. What a disappointment! Your competition does their moves in seconds without skipping a beat. Not enough time to even look and see where my next move is once the other players played. Went is this game so rushed. We should set our own pace. I can only play one role at the time. Then my time is up. Very disappointing!
Loved the app; this new update doesn't allow for multiplayer games; games don't load! As soon as fixed; 5 stars; Thx; Bye; Also thanks for having it be outside Facebook; tho it doesn't work; but still thx.
Great game, really missed playing it in real life so was happy to find it here. I like the ease this app has with sorting and picking up tiles. Would be even better with stronger connection as it gets disconnected sometimes just by pulling notification bar down. Would be even more perfect if we had the option to zoom out the playing floor sooner.
It's pretty fun. I wish the game kept player stats, such as number of games played, how often I win, etc. BTW, I only play in "custom game" mode with a 60-second limit. 30 seconds is too frustrating, especially when you have a move figured out, but the tile doesn't land in exactly the right place and the timer runs out before you can fix it.
The only thing I don't like about this game is that it will sometimes put you in a game with only one other person. Then that person hoards their tiles until they have matches to throw down all their tiles at once to win the game. This takes away the fun and challenge. Because of this, I wish the developer wouldn't allow one on one games.
Love the game. However, the latest update doesn't allow me to play with my friends. It crashes when I invite via code or Facebook. Very disappointing because I play with my friends every day. Now, I can't. 😔
Everything is great besides the multiple bugs. You start a game and then it get disconnected and you lose your coins. This is happening more and more often. Too bad. It happens mostly when you get on the 1/5/1Ok tables. That's a rip off
I would literally give this negative stars if I could. I literally picked up an entire game and just kept getting duplicates! I couldn't play the entire game. This is a computer game. I'd get it if it was by chance of me picking up for real. But in a computer game that's just ridiculous! 33 tiles and all I could get was 28 points!!
For the past 1-2 weeks, app crashes more than 50% of the time after selecting 'Play Now'. Also gets stuck at the table waiting for players, even though it appears all 4 spots are filled.
I love the game and really wanted to give more stars. Many times it seems rigged. I have played multiple games where I am not able to play a single move before someone goes out. There are times I am laying a tile and it won't let me.
I really love this game. It is fun, interesting and makes you think for the next step. But lately it started to have some issues. I put my pieces down and when I press OK it disappeared and get back to my table and plus one more. Or I start a game and I win that game but it said I was logged out because I didn't make a move. How is this possible? Please try to solve the problems because I love this game and I don't want to quit or delete it.
Would've given this a 5 star previously because I loved this game. Noticed bots/AI are in just about every public game I join now and gives you zero chance of winning. Matching algorithm is terrible. After leveling up past level 2 or 3 I'm consistently dropped into games with players 3+ levels higher than me with a buy-in of at least 1K, regardless of how many coins I actually have. No option to approve your table matching before game starts, usually resulting in me getting completely smoked.
UPDATE: As of this week, game "hangs" (loses connection) on EVERY game, very annoying. Love the game itself but please work out a few quirks in the app functionality. First the game "reconnects" when it loses focus, so every time when you get a notification, it reconnects for 3-4 seconds. Second, dragging tiles from the bottom of the screen, many times results in opening the Android background apps in Android 10 (with gesture navigation).
The latest update FORCES the longer ads now. This would be a lot less annoying if there was the option to BUY the game. Love the game itself, a little glitchy,but t's come a long way! Good game, I like the options. Tiles don't always do what you tell it to do, lol. Some of the rules in the actual tile game aren't applied here; that's kind of annoying. NEED to program the rule that disallows hoarding of tiles.
Connection gets choppy. I'm in the same room as my internet box but the game freezes and you have to find a way to refresh to reconnect. But sometimes you can't in time and it cancels the game. The problem with that is I can tell there's an algorithm to "punish you" if you cancel a game by not letting you past the first round in the games after (accidentally) canceling a game. This just happened and I had 4 games in a row where I couldnt pass the first round until after dealt 28 cards or so.
I like it. I can play for hours. If you run out of coins to be able to play (this happens when you lose too many times), you only have to watch one 15 second ad to be able to play again. You can play against real people in the custom mode.
Love the app, I can play with friends and family all over the world! I did notice I tend to get doubles when I miss a move I could have made...it could be coincidental, but it seems to happens a lot. Still, I love being able to play this game online with everyone!
I would give it 5 stars ,but the private game will not connect. Please fix. Otherwise good game. Also it would be great to have a better chat and tournaments.
Seriously love this game and i would've gave it 5 stars if it wasn't for bots. I realize itll prolong wait times BUT do what many video games to, add an autofill option. With autofill ON it will make matchmaking quicker and will add bots if necessary. With autofill OFF it will make matchmaking longer but you will not get bots. And if someone leaves mid-game rather than making them a bot just put all of their tiles into the graveyard and turn it into a 3 person (or less) game. Lots of potential.
Rude emoji and options to goad or upset other players destroys this game. It is well built, runs fine. My memories of playing this game are all from happy family moments. The zzz, angry faces, and move already type of comments are a fail. There is a timer. Moves have to be made in 60sec. That would have been enough. Ruins the experience completely.
There is an AI system at play that is keeping me from winning. Because you don't win you can't get the coins to play unless you pay for them or watch the ads. You can totally tell because they solve theirassive rack of tiles withing 30 seconds in a way that no human can . This is totally rigged.
It was great until I decided to spend some cash to get more coins. As soon as I did that, the cost per game went from 100 coins to 500 coins. Why the jump? There was no reason, no change to the game that warranted the higher cost. Tried looking for instructions that would explain that but found none. If that's the case, why should I bother spending any money on the game if all that does is to cost me more per game?
Rigged as hell! I really do love the game of Rummikub! BUT you can tell you're playing against a bot when you are getting close to winning; they have 12 tiles and they beat you by going out in one turn. It's so frustrating! Also i hate that I can't play with others unless I have sh*tty Facebook.
The game plays great, until one of the players leaves and the AI takes over. It's so fast no human could do what it does and certainly in the time it is done. PLEASE slow the AI down. Such a huge negative on an otherwise we'll designed game. HELP. Update - no change to the AI. Slow it down. Makes the game unplayable
It is a great and fun game. I just keep getting errors when I think others leave a game and everything freezes. I should be refunded my coins when this happens instead of having to leave the game as well and lose my coins because someone else quit.
My games keep freezing, but I can't tell on my end, because I am able to move pieces around. It just looks like a player won't play. It FAQ says to refresh, but I don't see that option. Help. I've just reinstalled it.
This game would be great if it didn't have so many problems with connecting. All the other games I play rarely have this issue. This one freezes many times a day on me. Of course it has no problem showing me all of the ads, but then can't connect to play a game. Freezes frequently mid game and then you don't get to finish your game and don't get the coins back that you paid to play....
I've read the reviews. I agree that we aren't playing against other people. These bots are reshuffling the whole board in 30 seconds when I'm making 2 or 3 moves. I'm at level 9 and I haven't won a game in days. I was winning 1 or 2 a day. I like the game I just wish it were more level. I'll find another one.
Most pathetic game, ever keeps disconnecing from game with full fibre connection. Have lost so much coins because of this. No reason for disconnection when my son is sitting right next to me in the same game. Fix the bloody glitch!!!
Love the game but am frustrated. Either I am playing the computer from the start or someone leaves and the computer takes over. Unfortunately the computer usually just wastes down the clock and hoards the cards making it a boring frustrating game. I'd rather be notified of a player leaving and awarding me the win than to have the computer just waste down the clock until all cards are played and i win by default. I hope the developers have seen the frustrations and make some changes.
I like the game. It is fun to play with friends. But not having a friend list in the game to invite from sucks. Even worse when playing a normal game with random people you can end up in a 1k coin game. There should be filters for finding games to join.
I like Rummikub. And I have played a lot. But if you get a computer in one of your games they ALWAYS run out of time because of complicated moves that human players wouldn't attempt because your tiles would just get reracked all the time. This can get really infuriating and should be fixed imo. Especially when you're looking to be challenged at each game.
It's such a fun game!! I'm soaddicted to this game. The app itself is well made. The only thing that needs some work on would be internet connection when continuing to next practice game. Other than thag everything is great and enjoyable!
Ok game play. I have a few frustrations that are going to end up making me not play. The bots are awful. The moves they pull sometimes are just insane, & bc dragging across the screen or moving too fast glitches the tiles, a real player couldn't pull it off in the short time span. I've tried. Why does the amount to play keep changing? 1000 coins for a game when I only have 3000? 👎 The AI isn't great. The odds aren't right. Its no fun when you constantly lose d/t your hand is unrealistic.
Started out loving this game. But the more I play, the more it seems rigged! The difficulty laying tiles is annoying, when certain players move 15 and lay 10 with no issue - repeatedly. Mine jump all over the place or fly back on to the rack?? Having your last tiles thrown off as you're about to win for no good reason. It doesn't always seem random either. Seem to lose loads on the trot, or win loads. Also get told my internet signal is too weak all the time when it's fine. Really frustrating.
If I could give less than 1 star I would. This game sucks. I have the board game and the original rules say you can't use a wild unless you replace it with the number and use 2 from your hand. This game however, just lets you take the wild and do what you want, which defeats the purpose. Secondly you only get 20 seconds and up to 60 to make your move. If you end up with 20 or more cubes you cant rearrange the board in 60 seconds. I get that they want a time limit but it could be 90 seconds.
The "random" algorithm is not random at all. When you play against the computer, it feels like you're playing against a computer because the moves are so advanced, not only is it hard to follow them, but no human being can do that many manipulations in one turn. Facebook connection is iffy at best. If you don't touch the invitation within the given 2-second window when it shows up, you're screwed, and your friend has to re-invite you. D+. Try harder.
Great representation of the real thing. It isn't some dumbed down version like a lot of other adapted boardgames. The private game feature is amazing Use this on your phone and have a Zoom call on your laptop and you have a virtual game night! Would be cool if they added video chat someday but I'm guessing the system would be taxed a lot.
When a player leaves the game an AI bot takes over and plays at god-level. I contacted the developers and suggested they dumb down the AI at lower levels and they were very quick to respond and say this was in the plans for a future update. Unfortunately, it is so frustrating to be so far in to a game time- wise and then just get trounced. I'm Uninstalling the game until this is taken care of.
Love this game and it's easy to play Update - I hadn't spotted 2 negatives when I first reviewed. 1. When playing a private game, you have to play with a timer, which is just a pain. 2. It costs "coins" to play anything other than practice. That limits the number of games you can play in a group (even if you wanted to use a timer). Our family used to have full evenings playing this but since covid we can't play around a table. Sadly with the constraints this isn't an answer.
I haven't played since I was a kid, so I was interested in learning it again. It's very frustrating. I played 20+ games (on easy mode) and only won 1. Multiple times I didn't even get to play because the algorithm wouldn't deal tiles that added up to 30 pts. If it was on a harder mode, thatd be acceptable. But, come on... it's the easiest mode. I was in a 1v1 match, I had 1 tile left and the opponent had 20... and the algorithm dealt lousy tiles until he won. I hate this, it is far from fun.
LOVE IT! (on tablet not phone) The game plays well on a large screen. On a smaller screen the auto grab function is more of a burden than a help. Game play is fun once you understand the controls.
Very good app! This game is great, and the app does a wonderful job of getting it into a virtual format. The ads appear very rarely, and they are not intrusive . The play modes are perfect, and the multiplayer options are awesome. I'm definitely addicted!