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Rummikub for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Kinkajoo located at 13/5 Herzog st', Tel-Aviv, 62915, ISRAEL. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Use to play this game every day.. new version looks good but hate the scoring system. I liked the fact that if u lost a game u lost points and if u won a game the points went up. Now the xp just goes up whether u win or loose.
I rated the old game highly. On the new game...I'd like the tiles to move over in the tile storage,not pop out the other tiles. I'd like to get a fast review of the game to see what the opponent had in storage after the game was over in single offline mode.
Only play this game against the computer. With the latest updates the players don't even try to win. Game locks up often when a computer player might be going to win.
Still loving this app. Excepting the occasional bug where I can't resume the game. Also, can anyone explain what the Google Play Achievements are for this game?
You can only play this game on a tablet. Apparently.. cannot move tiles on phone. Ridiculous. Will drive you absolutely insane
I've found a brand new favorite past time. I'm LOVING it. All time family board game that is improved with computerization.
I've played this as a real game for years. The original version of the app was more faithful to the actual game. I don't understand why the major changes. Now you can't plan strategically, the computer arbitrarily changes the board layout for no reason. When playing the actual game you don't do that. I used to love this app. I played it all the time. It was a good way to keep the mind sharp planning your plays. You ruined it. Even the graphics are cheezy. Why???
Way too often the connection is lost (happens only on this app, even when I the signal is very strong). Very basic interface, thery could have added statistics, for example
I don't enjoy it as much since the update. Wish I could tap an "undo" key for the older version! But with time, I've gotten use to it. Also too many players waste time the first two rounds by not doing anything! So annoying. I then leave the game.
The game control is now sooooooooo stupid and annoying!!! Totally ruin the game itself!!!! The tiles keep jumping like fish! The animation is dizzy and useless. I want a refund or the old version.
Developer apparently stopped updating the paid version in favor of pushing the coin sales on the free version. Bought the paid version to play with my brother that has the paid version on iPhone, the android one doesn't have the private game functionality, only present on the free version that forces you to buy coins to keep playing.
I like the visual style of the latest version, but please do away with XP points. What is wrong with rating players just by their point score?
I’ve been playing Rummikub on my tablet every night for a very long time. While charging today, it updated to a new version - which is absolutely horrible. Looks like a kid created it and some of the best features have been removed. I will probably never use it again which will ruin my evening (I really look forward to playing it). Evenings will never be the same!! How can I get the previous version back??!!??
Played this game everyday and with one update you destroyed it.hope you have an update coming to fix it.
Used to love this game. With recent changes I have come to HATE it! I am so upset with you! Features also messed up. Turn off timer and it is still on! How many people have to tell you it is awful before you get it?!!!
terrible wouldn't let me place my tiles. half the time the tiles would move away from the one I was trying to play. kept running out of time because I had to put my tile on the board and then drag the ones on the board to mine. played 2 games increasing the time limit on the second game didn't help. uninstalled would ask for refund but probably to much hassle for $2.99.
If it ain't broke don't fix it!!! This was my all time favorite game... This new update is horrible. Back to the app store to look for a different one. So disappointing. :(
I dl this game, the paid version and it doesn't give the options for custom game private game or anything like the free version does. What's up with that. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it and I had to pay a second time after you sent me a refund. The free version gives me all the options that the paid version is supposed to give me. This sucks and I'm uninstalling it again for a second time and I will not reinstall it again
I purchased this awhile back, loved it, but had to uninstall because of no storage space. Just installed again on my new phone - what the heck is this?? Timed turns?? I play this as a nice mental break, usually while watching TV. I can't even pause it. Go back to the old graphics, old REAL game, and give me a CPU option, not other players. And NO TIME LIMITS.
Has become very buggy. Stones that are dealt randomly change while waiting for game to start. Keeps hanging when trying to start a game and restarting the app so that fix it.
This game is fun EXCEPT too many glitches!! You move legitimately and the screen freezes. Frustrating!!!!!
Dislike the new design. Way too flashy for a quiet game. Also, I really hate the awkward controls when sorting tiles. Not an improvement. I uses to have over 100k and am forced to start over. Bad bad bad.
I'm re installing this for the 5th time now...... So far I've had it either crash before it can open or mysteriously "uninstall" itself. Grrrr... (Galaxy S2)
I liked the older less avatars. There should be a way to turn off the animations to speed up game play.
New version is terrible. This was my favorite game! Played it every day. With tbe update I lost my 4000+ points and trying to rearrange my tiles is insane. It's too bad. I'll have to find a new game. Bye, Rummikub!
As with so many other reviews this game was so much better in it's original version. The graphics are cartoonish. The scoring not correct and the worst is the bugs in these recent updates. The tiles in many cases can't be put on the board without them going all over the place. Losing time which results in losing points or even a win. Really bogus updates. WAS a great game before. Gave it 3 stars only because I continue to play on a regular basis.