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Rumble Bots

Rumble Bots for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Zudenken Entertainment located at Rua Toneleros, 346, ap. 142 São Paulo - SP Brazil 05056-000. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such an awesome game, love it. I like it how you added robots from robot wars such as apex and foxic. Please make a carbide, tombstone or bronco with working weapons and the same looking armour as on the shows.
Need more grafic, story mode, need more realistic movement, more upgrade, custom bots, maps, onlline pvp, team battles, clans.. Something like that i want more... I love this game.. Even the game little bit (T_T) ... But i enjoy it alot.. Hope u all can improve this game ...
A laser canon I know it might be cheating but if you do add one in put charge up meter and make it so that first time players can buy this intently if anyone has more ideas for this tell the creator of this game
Slow progression, terrible controls-to-perspective, otherwise, great game. Could use more multiplayer, and ranged weapons
Good play. Best battle bots game I've played. Would like some improved control. I do dislike needing to scroll up ladder after every ladder match, but that's just being picky.
Best robot game ever! But one thing... TO MANY STUPID ADS!!!!!!!!!! AFTER EACH BATTLE A AD! But can u also add a drum spinner so I can make minotuar from battlebots? And also add blade spinners pls? Pls reply
You Should Make More Custom Bots From The Show! And Customize Their Weapons Too! #BattleBots+RumbleBots! You Should Make The Custom Weapons Available In The Garage If U Want! YAYAY
Great game. But make the AI much smarter or add Online multiplayer, because the AI is far too easy to beat for them to be of any challenge. It runs right towards your direction without reguard to anything, far too simple.
Really good game downloaded yesterday but today it won't start up just shows a black screen fix it and we can talk about a consumer friendly five star
Enjoyable time killer, if you like battle bots, you will like rumble bots. The multiplayer option is a joke, I have never been able to get it to work.
Man this game look cool but it doesn't want to work in my phone , i open it , the unity app things comes out the then the logo thing with the octopus thing also comes out and then it just shows a black screen and honestly the game look pretty cool
I got something to recommend, once you get enough money or get high enough on the ladder, maybe you can have the option for custome weapons to be made? Its fine if you can't but I would really like that 😄
Needs a lot of improvements: skippable adds after 5 seconds is a must (or put an ad every 5 battles). Tournament battles should give at least the 120 kps you get on a quick battle. Achievements would be preferable. Kps bonuses on certain events, like winning before 20 seconds, or using hazards. Also, the lighter your bot, the higher the prizes.
Glitch: fox rollers seem to lose full upgrade, this has happened twice, for twelve thousand kps a pop; two or three times I have gotten 'ticey-2' and been unable to find in either shop or inventory, More time with ads than playing... gameplay is Wonderful, but the devs seem to grind ad vids more than I can grind anything
This game is awesome! Good job making this game and make another game. I wonder why so many people hate.. 😳
Only thing I would change is to let you battle other players without having to look them up should have a random opponent finder
Great game but way too easy. Needs more difficulty level. And the ladder mode is too long. It would also be awesome if there was battle royal mode.
hello zundenken, I have to say I love this game! I spend way too much time playing it. the combo of awesome graphics, no lag, good physics, and minimal bugs makes it a winner. If I may suggest one thing, I would love to have the ability to save multiple robots.
I spend 16000 for torpedo 3 and it took my money without applying the upgrade. Then when I went to main menu and back to garage my torpedo 2 disappeared entirely. So now I've wasted all my time. Otherwise it's a very fun game. The torpedo is a game breaker though. I just have a siege with torpedo and spam torpedo and I win no sweat. I have an auto drill just in case the bot survives the first missile.
De-controls.......De-controls.......have all bumped their heads. and there's no more room for the tacos after the burros. .....he...hee................
I love it I've been watching robot wars recently and when I saw this I got it ,great job awesome if there was one thing I'd change is to add a flame thrower just a sugestion.
I like the game but there seems to be moments that the wheels of my bots goes through the ground making the bots slow or not move at all. Some time when I load the menu so I can Change the batteries or engine for the bot it stops or doesn't load at all. I would love to have a Arena where more than two or more bots can fight. Where there's a boss level where you work with others people to fight the boss. Making it easier to compare all you weapons. Over all its a great game I love it.
A great robot fighting game with pretty good controls. However my only problem is that there are only two stages. A little more would help.
Nice Game But The Problem. Is When I Play Tournament And Exit/Quit To The Tournament It Will Back Too Long Hours And I Can't Play The Tournament. And So Expensive When I Buy Weapons And Positon Of Weapons In Robot. And Said My Reward Is 530 KPS. My Reward Is 146 KPS. And When I Customize Its Ugly In Custimazation So Expensive. When I Buy Weapon Then I Click/Tap It Will Lost The Weapon.
This game is amazing! As I like Robot Wars from back in the day, it has been my dream to build and fight with my own and that's exactly what this game does.
Needs some polishing, but very decent time killer. Weapons disappear occasionally, can't sell some weapons without changing chassis, some menus are little buggy, stats on weapons don't update properly when clicked on. On the plus side, nice gameplay and love upgradeables. The tourney timer is a little long for my tastes though.
Its cool and all,but when the other bot fall of the arena he doesnt lose,but when i do i lose?! this annoys me
You gotta be kidding me THIS TRASH has 4.2 stars it deleted my weapon shields are useless money is impossible to get the ai is up to strength level 20 everything is overpriced NOTHING IS GOOD
Great game but more customization would be nice like more engines and maybe cosmetics but one thing online refuses to work my connection isn't the problem but when I use multiplayer it just says connecting but dosent do anything