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Rumble Arena - Super Smash Legends

Rumble Arena - Super Smash Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rekall Games located at Rotterdam, Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game but when I play multiplayer it makes me vs someone with 2000 trophies and I just started this game please fix this
im new to the game with 0 trophies. and in my first ranked match i face a dude with 2800 whi already spent alot of time playing. FIX UR MATCH UPS
I'd give a better rating, but I bought gold and purchased a character. but seems there are no stats. cant even sample the character play to see if it fits my style of play dont get to see anything. no description on any gear. no stats. I'd rate 5, if I got my gold back. but they prolly wont, we will see.
Great game. Very close to Smash bros. It could do with a few updates, which are coming I know but still. The online server doesn't need to have the region option, it could just have an option to asign you to the next available match worldwide. Also it could do with an option to play against someone you know. Overall, as I said it's a great game, but it needs some tweaks here an there.
Smash Bros + Rome This is a awesome game. Great potiental! It's unique in the sense of the characters, the fighting style and scenery but it's just missing that crisp edge and that may be because it's on mobile, I don't know. Fantastic idea though! It needs individual special moves. More items and smoother fighting.
there is a glitch in the game where you try to load in but it says no connection but my internet is full bars and I have data please fix and very good game keep it up
At first, I was just playing this as a joke. But then it turned out to be actually kinda fun. I havent played any multiplayer games due to no one finding a match at the same time as me but playing with bots was actually challenging and fun. All the characters also have nice and different concepts which are fun to explore. Controls need some adapting to but as a mobile game, I think this suits the best for a knockback game. My only complaint would be the pricing in the store is kinda high.
In the first time you play it looks bad but give It a try when I play the game I thought it was so bad but if you play for little bit you may like the game
No one online. Ranked mode offline. Friendly multiplayer has one player which i assume is myself.....dead game
This game is awesome game I like it controls are easy and we can play multiplayer in this game I really like it graphic are also too realistic please make more awesome updates.
Its Fine a copycat btw of smash bros but i dont mind becuz this game is for smash fans who cant afford the game so i wll rate 4/5 if they fix all bugs alr😊
Its a great game and I liked playing it but today when I played it it made me leave the game and said unexpected error can u pls fix that thank you.
well this looks good so far I'm still getting used to the way to play (Controls) but still I'm running this game in a low quality phone and it goes nice I'm gonna take a look closer into this game let see what else you have
Pretty good game but can you make when you fight more bots twice the coins you get and add more characters and polish the game more and thanks for making such's a wonderful game
10 out of 10 best game ever for mobile and best super smash bros game for mobile again I dont have anything to say good jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!
i love the game but the reason i put a 4 star is because you removed th thing were you can make AI fight each other pls can you add that back in the game
Having played a lot of super smash bros.and brawlhalla, i should say that for a cell phone game this is very well made. Hoping to see a lot of updates with cool stuff and maps .
love it its JUST like smash but i wont some changes only 2 can you update the controls make them better, and can you add mor cacecters into the game then i will give 5stars but untell then its 4stars
Wow, I'm really impressed! It feels a bit laggy and some of the stages should be redesigned, but overall I like it! Please continue to improve it! πŸ˜„ If you clear your cache, it lags less. I would love to see more characters added!
My first glance at multi player mode was pretty negative but the magic happened when restarted my phone the game best feature is the multiplayer. The game is flawless and definitive competitor for super smash bro ultimate. Great work it is now on of my favourite games
it a very fun game, i was looking if their was any game similar or close to ultimate and i found this. I wish smash bros was on phone but while rumble here it will be a fun game to play. I also have a suggestion i wish they allow is to use the old control before the update, it was easier but still a fun game. i wish i could make it a 4 and a half star.
this game is great and all but is this game controller supported aswell? if no can you guys make it into one?
Could u fix the ads when im done playing the ads showed up and when it ends it goes back again and again πŸ˜’
This is super smash the new the chosen one whoever made this is dopeeeeee ok the graphics amazing controls perfectly and the characters awesome and the action and abilities and thats it folks see you on rumble arena guys
The gameis good and here are some updates i like 1.add more items like rumble cube for power ups 2.add a rumbler maker so its more fun 3.make 5 or more players for mote chaos 4.more maps 5.make it so you can make the bots harder like level 1-9 Thanks for reading
i love this game i enjoy it playing with my friend.will you guys uptade the game to feature playing multiplayer with a friend while battling cpus and other players with the same team? ill look forward for this amazing game
best game in android that is just like ssb. I am a big fan. I'm excited for the new character. Can you make newer arenas that are fun and have action in them? (plz make them free)
its contents are good yeah but i think when i play rank the people i fight are like... bots they are like pros silver with 2 stars and im nothing and after i finish i get no points for beating him and i get an ad aswell. suggestion: IF YOU ARE GONNA FORCE ADS TO THE USER REWARD THEM DONT JUST oH u nO cLick dOuBle MoOneY u gEt aD luL
Fake reviews. The game never has anyone online. Every server that I join, there only. Seems to be one person online. I'm assuming that's me.
pretty decent game haven't seen any ads and is easy to play i recommend downloading this game if you like games like brawlhalla and super smash bros edit: the developers of the game have surprisingly responded to my review so i will give them a 5 star rating but a problem i have is the graphics i understand this is a mobile game but maybe you could consider using unreal engine
It's ok but I would really like the uhh wolf character to be finished because I would really like to try it out
Its extremly fun to play and the developers are doing great on the updates, adding new stuff and keeping the game fun
Gameplay can feel a little janky, but I had a ton of fun playing. The only suggestion that I have is to fix matchmaking, a way for us to earn more money or characters. Also be able to see my heros stats even if I've bought them. :)
Can you still play multi-player locally? In the first one you could, but I can't seem to find it in this one.
I love rumble arena because it's like super smash Bros▼・α΄₯γƒ»β–ΌπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»
Fuels my holy soul and drives out the demons! Fully recomend to anyone under thirty as it truly changed my life in a way. Money is no objective when it comes to the heart.
It's great ,it reminds of super smash bros ultimate a game on the switch and this is good alternative if you don't have a switch or you don't want to pay 60$ for the game the only thing you could improve is the controls. they are a bit janky, but overall it is a very good game :) the controls are fine they just need to be a bit smoother that's all
The game is really fun but I don't like the 2 on 1 fighting thing i feel like that's really unfair no matter what side you're on please change that
pretty much knock off smash BUT its suprisingly fun. Add more characters, stages, and grabs the can throw opponent in 4 different directions and you my dood got dem 5 stars AND I WOULD BE WILLING TO BUY game!!!
Its great,but can you nerf junior's spin attack(its powerful )also can you add 2v2 or 3v3,it's really annoying rank 1v2
I love the game but there is something that if change it will be infinitly amazing here the fact that you just use gods really limits the charecters so if you can add more charecters like from marvel kung fu panda how to train your dragon and more plz do that but overall very good game thanks fo reading.
Game play is really good despite the controls being a tad bit slow on the response time. My main issue is the fact that the ads take really long and most of them you can't exit and it gets really annoying. Also in the ranked system, there are often times I find myself alone in a match and I hate when that happens cause it's a waste of my time. Finally the matchmaking can be unfair quite often. If they fixed those three things this game definitely would've got higher ratings from me.
its good but not better than smash bros. you are smart who ever creator is because you made it easy to play on any device. the problem is there is freakin lag
Excellent game! it's a real, authentic Smash experience. The only thing I could say against the game is that it's a little bit on the slower, floaty side. It would be amazing if the game could be just a little tad faster, and add a little more weight to the characters. Other than that, 5/5
You need to fix ranked matches. I hate where you sometimes get put in a 1v2 match in a 1v1 type mode, its unfair.
Make a new map and skills please its good game but somany bugs fix please I love this and invisible name add please and shop of effects killed or falls? Thank you
pretty swag game and they have a discord in which the devs are very active, they took many of our ideas and used them . all in all class
When i start the game it says I have no internet and my internet is fine why does this happen? Pls fix it pls I don't want to wait here days it doesn't let me in
absolutely awesome game, but i gotta say it is really forgiving like make the hitbox actually be like in smash or brawlhalla where the hit and hurt box are so small otherwise such a cool game
Pretty good super smash bros copy only thing I don't like is the ranking you could be bad and have 0 crowns and go up against somebody with like 937 or more. And maybe put a tutorial for new players or make the easy,normal,hard and impossible pay more coins. Edit: and maybe make ultimates and if you have made a tutorial tell what moves spike and stuff.
guys can you guys lessen the price of the new characters that you make like to 1000 or less because it takes a long time to get silver coins and really enjoy the games on and can you add more characters
They went backwards with the update. Sometimes the ledge grab doesn't register when you run towards it (without even dodging), imoogi seems even more unbalanced than it was before, the game either freezes indefinitely or lag spikes like crazy (either way becomes unplayable), and now the ads have the potential to harm your phone. It's gonna be another year before the devs get their stuff together.
This is a good game but like a nother play said more updadets and I think she or he is right but do downlowd this game
Great Game! An amazing experience. One thing keeping it from 5 stars is the bots, especially the impossible difficulty they do not walk and instead roll all the time. Other than that great game!
this has vastly improved, from matchmaking games (they are finding games based on rankings) to lag (although i can still experience spikes). edit: sorry devs if this is late but it seems that i can't redeem the coins after a game most of the time. p.s. watch jaku-chara tomozaki-kun hahahahaha i literally named myself after hinami aoi's ign. p.p.s. hinami aoi. that's the tweet
You messed up the game with the new update I can't even play for 3 minutes because it freezes, can you guys fix that problem?
Guys need to stop being so harsh on a game that so underdevelopped. If you're playing you're here for the long run. This game is probably just in its early stages. Obviously its in its beginning.
Its like the mobile version of super smash bros not too bad but not to good either just work on griphics and the lag spikes and it would be better than a 4 star
Great game however there isn't many characters. Looking forward to playing the game once there's more!
I've been playing this game 4 like 2 months now and I got to say for an indie team yall putting in work. I'm waiting for that update. Please let know i won't tell discord
This is my best fighting game of Play-Doh year I have literally restocked on Impossible but so it is really easy and I love it RÈEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
I love this game its so fun am just hoping more characters come into the game and that there will be more maps
The game is fun. You can can play it on any device. But I having a little trouble with Downloading the data.
Its a really good game but it got a couple bugs here and there. Like the 2v1 bug and victory screen bug as well. Plz fix this Needs more customization with the touch controls. Because if a player wants to use heavy attacks with the attack button. It should be optional. And make the buttons there own entity so players can choose how big they want certain buttons to be. Or where they want to put it at. But still an overall good game but could do better.
Great game i like it, but please add resolution because i dont know why but game is lagging on my tablet. Im using huawei mediapad t3 10.Please add resolution
The games great i like the mechanics but a bug inside the gamw doesn't allow me to progress in trophies at all with over 25 ranked games won straight and 2 coming from wifi issue i am still trying to figure out the issue
It's so good I can play a smash game on my phone at a good frame rate (not emulator) thank you for making it! It's so good
I love it alot tbh just a little laggy but my be my phone but reminds me of super smash bros so on point i love like keep it up the goos work guys
This is my updated edited review. This game is great but di should be more effective. The new update that is coming out will balance the game more. And this game is very fun. Overall, a great smash clone. I will be excited for how this game progresses.
I think I found a bug in the game because after I updated it, the game freezes halfway through the loading screen. πŸ˜₯
a bit clunky. it is hard to move while attacking or defending. Maybe also add a couple more characters but overall, it is an ok game
This game is so [email protected]#$%ng cool and epic!!! Like bro this is better than smash bros and only low megabytes!? Thats INSANE!!! I REALLY LOVE THE GAME THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THING EPIC GAME
when was four characters sucks why do you have to buy new characters instead of having them all be unlocked at the beginning and why is it so hard to get golden coins and why does it take so many silver coins to buy characters it takes a while to get that much coins so yeah that's my response maybe I'll reconsider if you add more characters that are unlocked at the beginning and why can't you adjust how many lives you have doesn't make sense
I love this game and the more recent updates have really made much better. The characters are very unique and balanced. It's good. It's just good
This is the best game to play if you dont have super smash bros it's so good but there a little glitches but after all good game I hope you guys can get 1m download and thanks for reading 😁😁😁😁😁
Very nice game, reminded a lot of smash bros. I can tell this is a work in progress, so keep up the good work!
Verrry good game its just like brawlhalla but it's easier to make money here but it would be nice if there were more characters
The game is basically like Smash Bros there is nothing unique in this game but it's still fun. I have some ideas to how to make this game better. 1- the game need some Unique elements 2- more characters 3- be able to change more things in the settings 4- more game modes. I know this game is a budget game but still. But still the game is fun and I love the actually care about the "community" recommend
best mobile arena platform game period. Plus the Devs really care so that's a 1up. hop on and get whupped!!
Game is great but why is there a jump button, why can't you use the joystick to jump? It would make the game feel better and easier. At least add an option to move around controls. Edit: It's nice to know that the team responds quickly, looking forward to future updates.
a good game with the potential for hecticity equal to that of smash bros! I like the characters as they are mechanically but I feel they could use a bit more distinguishing in body types, perhaps with more stylization. the base models seem too similar making Thor, Wukong and Sparticus too similar on smaller phones. A suggestion- perhaps makes the buttons FULLY customizable in their placement or maybe just the order on the buttons. Definately gonna watch this game as it grows!
It is now one of my favarout games the one thing u should work on though is the graphics but most of all i love this game
A buff we need for wu kong his recovery is not so good maybe if you can make it a little higher but honestly this is a great game I really respect that you answer everyone's issues in comments you get five stars for such a great game and being nice for your people it's really sad when people give it one starring you guys are trying to make it the best you can so do the best you can.
Soooo this was disappointing at 241 points i got matched witb someone with 1741 points playing raijin and fujin 3 fricking times and lost each one the matchmaking is bad raijjn and fujin are ridiculously op and this feels like a very low effort game
please help me Im stuck at downliading asset on my first installment...Even my newtwork is at good connection..please fix your connectivity so that we can download the assets faster.. edit.. Thanks for the response but you only need yo clear data.. for its good but In my second phone its lag,, its lag on a 1gb ram phone..please add a quality seetings that will fit for a 1 gb ram andrios phone..Thanks alot