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Survival Battle Offline Games

Survival Battle Offline Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 9 Pixels located at P-441, Manchester. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is nice but the storm eye gets realy short and there is no players but i still give it a 5 star
Terrible.. I cannot stress how crappy this "game" is. Once you go through 6 adds apon start up and trying to start a match, you're greated with the worse graphics and game play I've ever experienced. Then apon your death, you guess it more adds. These people should be ashamed lol.
LOL. As a joke, this game is funny. As a game, it has got to be the single worst app I've ever downloaded from the Play Store, and I have an app literally called "Nothing". At least that game delivered on its promise. So for one, ads. So many ads. Two: it is not multiplayer. Overall: trash. Trash animation, trash gameplay, trash developers.
I some how can't get in the game it's self there is a menu but when I press new game is designed nothing And for that reason it's very bad maybe yall can get in the game but me nahhh😧...
it sucked. 1. killed me as soon as i landed on the ground 2. gave me more kills than i actually got 3. controls were laggy
Very bad game mod are not selected please solve this problem my first experience is very bad πŸ™πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
I don't like it takes too much space takes forever to load and nobody should play it because it sucks and the graphics are bad
I wanted 2 give 5 star.But i didn't.Because I can't see any map and there is a few character.I hope devloper will notice my review. Secondly, I recommend you to download the game though there is some problem but overall everthing is okay! THANK YOU 😊
This game wasn't the least bit enjoyable. Before I elaborate on the game play, let me just say that the amount of ads that pop up as you click "new game" and either campaign or battle royale is ridiculous. I've never seen so many ads before you even get to play a round of the game. The drop from the helicopter was the slowest and hardest thing to control, and the character movement is no better on foot. For as slow as everything else is, the combat is way to fast making a kill nearly impossible
This game is worst game when i open this game i click the start bottom but in the mode select it does not open
the game has an add after every thing you do the graphics are okay.you can hardly see thing every were you go is snowy.you can hardly aim. inthe battle royal mode you have to watch an add to get loot. the game is bad warning you dont instal! if you do you will regret it.
I open up the game there's a AD, Then I push a button there's an AD. So I'm already in a bad mood. I play the battle royale landing time takes forever and when I did land I got stuck in a roof. To open a chest I have to watch an AD. You try to leave the game to the main menu it gives you an AD. You could barley run and my experience wasn't pleasant the campaign sucks to. About the same problem in campaign. I honestly don't know why any one would download this game and actually enjoy it.
very very much ads... everyclick you will see ads... we want playing game not. streaming video... bad control dificult
felt like a bad beta game, WAY TO MAY ADS! I opened the game and after several Ads finally got to game play. It feels like a very early stage of testing, I wont be playing this game for the time being. I may check it out later on. Good luck on the game devs.
very very bad graphics, worst gameplay ever ,If you want to create battle Royale games have patience and create better games.πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
I don't know if this game is fun but there is a glitch. We cannot press Campaign mode or battle royale mode. Can you guys fix this please? Because I wanna find out if this game is fun. Goodluck on updating the game.
This is absolutely the worst game in the world,very bad graphics and gameplay,I can't even play the battleroyale, warning: don't download this game
Cool game ho ever made this is a geniusthey should have named it fight night because rules of Battle Royale they don't really help it's great I like the snipers I'm the best sniper in the game best shooter shoot from Windows rooftops and everywhere I like when I jump off of the roof and I don't take any fall damage
I love this game this game is very cool and nice game just like pubg ,pubg lite and free fire this game graphic is very nice plees down load this game.............................. ................ . ............................... ........................................................... ........ ... .. .. . . . .. .. . .. . .. . . .. .. . . . .. . . .. .. . .. .. .. . . . .. . .. . ... . . .. .. . . .. .. . ... . .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. .. . .. . . ... . ... ... ... ... . . .. .
Very bad game.some switch doenot work.when i tap on battle royale mode ,the game is stopped.and another try i tap on campaign mode like those time this game was stoppes.why i don't know.please fix this.
Waste full of waste can't open its stopped like a photo lag game was not loading in suggest you repair this (or) dear GOOGLE take this game away from playstore my suggestion downloaders don't try this game at all the pictures is down mentioned are good like when I installed this game it's not working waste of time I request you to fix this PUBLISHER πŸ™
When i opened the game, it runned normally. But when i started to choose the game mode, it won't start. Fix this you dumb developers
I will give it 5 but please fix the graphics,controls,also the characters and add some characters so we can choose what we want and after all i like it but its need a big update thank you and also wait I like the characters but please fix the girl body and face there are so sexy yieeee thank you bye.
I hate this there are good graphics but i cant open i played and then when i touch battle royal its always not opening so i give this a 1 star and please fix these
this game sucks the graphics suck you can't pick up weapons,you could only be one character and if the creator is looking at this then you should update this cause it horrorible and the person who said it was good it is sooooooo bad and one more thing or two update this games graphics and the weapons,characters and i can't pick up weapons.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I can't even play the game! I clicked on the battle royal mode 100 times but it didn't work!
this is the worst game i have ever played with that ads too many ads when you start the game ad when select the game mode two more ads and when you end the another ad please dont download this game 51mb goes waste for
I don't know if this a game or just a trashy application like any other. The campaign or battle royale choice im presentef with is as far as the game goes. This is a very bad game
Stupid! I pressed play then I pressed level one then I pressed next. All it did was send me back to the menu
When i immediately opened this app, it showed an ad. Also the graphics are bad. My game lags so bad that i would throw my phone at the wall. And i have an s9 plus
Too many repetitive ads, many bugs involving invisible barriers, control sensitivity is horrible, there's only one type of weapon ammunition you can pick up in campain mode, and there's no jump button. As much of an offline Fortnite rippoff this is (not to mention that you ripped off the name from Rules of Survival), it's such a bad game that it's entertaining. Game image on the play store: *has a guy* Game itself: *literally only has thicc female skins*
This is the worst game I have ever played in my whole life. I will advise every one to not install this game. This is just waste of time and internet. The graphics are also worst. Everything is worst in this game. Please don't install this game
Worst game ever. Just downloaded it and I clicked battle royal more than 20 times yet won't work. Don't waste your data on the game it's not good
very very bad game nothing to play in it . very hard controls khatam graphics don't download waste of time when we from the helicopter. if we not open the parachute we can't land we are always flying no good weapons everything is worst in this game everything bad thing is less to say about this worst game. the who make this game don't have the mind mindless creature weight on the earth don't download this game vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv vv bad and worst game in the world
this sucks so do not install it. it has an awful lot of ads and the gameplay is very bad. extremely bad! play other games
Terrible game, terrible graphics, terrible controls, horrible Battle Royale mode and most importantly too many ads.
if I could give a 0 star I would. it wouldn't jump out of the plane. And trust me when i say this, I am a trooper for getting that far. adverts at every buttonpressed and everytime you pause the game you get an advert... 5 start for making an unplayable game
I would not recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a enjoyable battle royale game. For one, this game is absolutely loaded with ads, and personally, saying that there are at least 5 ads before starting the game would be underexaggerating. The graphics and quality of the game was above my expectations, though mechanics and controls were a bit difficult to get used to. Wouldn't play again.
dont download it its just a waste of data..i could not even select a play mode the the choices is not responding only lots of adds when I turn it online.
It's just a bad game First off I tried to get in to a game and it let me only once, Not only the campaign game mode but also the battle royale game mode. Also when I got into the first game it was horrendous the game was laggy as hell. People said it was because of my wifi but I have the best wifi on my block not to mention an iPhone 11. To tell the truth if your trieng to play a battle royale game, or a campaign game that isn't really big I wouldn't recomend this game isn't the one at all.
ads bar at the top of the screen?really?I thought it will be gone when the game start! but nope! it's still there! it's annoying and blocking the view. plus, the intro too has been interrupted by 2 minutes ads! lag too. im sorry pls don't feel offended, but please fix this...
Worst game I've ever played and it's not the game it's the advertising like they'll be a commercial come up while I'm fighting somebody in multiplayer mode why would you do that it makes me think that you're dumb no one I mean on one will play it like it is be professional instead of trying to make money on stupid advertisements that nobody spends money on anyway make a decent game