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Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle

Rube's Lab - Physics Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bouland Games located at Ukraine Kyiv. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Usual anoying thing. option to select level activates an add, which is the most anoying thing with tech, ya know like when you are prompted to accept or decline an action, but it dosnt even exist. Computers can be D?cks
I agree with Global Girl. I was having fun until hitting the skulls a few times, having to restart the level from scratch. Annoying to the point of uninstalling the game on the second level this occured
forced to watch ad after every single lvl!! 2 min play 6 lvl = 6 ads 30sec each thats [email protected]#^ing 3min!!! ADS are longer than i play this game!
Really like this game. Only problem is the elements don't do exactly the same thing each time. For example a ball may not reach quite as high when bouncing although nothing near it has been adjusted, causing failure. Very frustrating!
First time i open the app and it requests access to my files. I would have liked the game but without the timer. Uninstalled.
Only 40 levels. It's been saying they'll add more forever. My guess is they aren't. Clearly the devs are long gone.
Not interested in being timed and having a try limit. Incredible machine like games are enjoyable because you can tinker around and solve a puzzle where the possibilities are many. Dont interrupt me while I'm trying to work the game "physics" to solve the task to tell me I lost or failed. Of course I did. You are just waiting time and interrupting. Glad I didn't buy it.
Good game but ads make you start the level all over again if you want to retry a level, which doesn't happen all the time but still annoying.
as soon as I played it, I received what appeared to be bogus security alerts from unknown source. uninstalled.
solve the puzzle is the easy part. you also need to hit the green things before you're allowed to hit the key, and still only get 1 star if you're not fast enough. got old real quick!
This game is so awesome! I like how it is not like those boring Rube Goldberg machine games where you roll a marble into a cup and all that. All the levels are really fun and they give me lots of ideas for Rube Goldberg machines in real life. I also like the idea of a currency, but I think a lot of the products are too expensive. My only other complaint is that I think it takes too long to get another life. Twenty minutes or more is way to long. I think you should remove them alltogether.
Not very complex, 30 years later and still nothing as good as the incredible machine. This is really for kids
It's fun, but..it should not start over at each attempt...that's very frustrating having to reposition the items that you already know are working.. its deflating and makes me want to just forget it! Fix that, and you have something!!
Levels are fun. Watching a 30 second ad after each level is NOT fun. Would have given 5 stars for game, but since I can't enjoy the game because of all the ads, it gets 2 stars.
Great app, great game :) it reminds me of the TIM game (the incredible machine) from the 90s . What I'd love to see is more "puzzles" that have the lower or medium difficulty setting - after playing 30-40 levels (I think) I came to a point where the game is indeed more difficult but also very frustrating - because you have to find the right tiny angle on which an object is placed and that's just frustrating because it doesn't test your out of the box thinking..A great app though, great idea !
Good but not good enough. Puzzles are quite interesting but often difficult for no real reason. You known what to do but you must position your equipment to that particular pixel that is the only efficient for the job. Much pixel hunting for nothing. When you hit the red scull you start from scratch which is very annoying. Controls often do not react, particularly for fine adjustments.
I uninstalled this game but I still have the app icon stuck in my app tray. good game but to many restrictions lives time all so you buy it fully.
The game is funny, but it cannot be that when you guess the solution you have to spend hours because something is one pixel wrong... There should be a large, but limited, set of orientations/ positions so that the game is less frustrating. Lowered 1 star because I noticed that two identical successive runs yield different results -_-
The basic concept is sound. The puzzles are decent but not spectacular. The games biggest flaws are frustratingly bad mobile controls, simplistic puzzles, and an overall lack off replayability where the only reason to ever retry a puzzle is because of a severely flawed scoring system. Others have complained about adds but they are fine. It's a free game. Get adds. Deal with it. You paid nothing for the game anyways.
i dont like this kind of graphic and do not like copies of other games, it is only a copy of other guys idea
Thought it'd be like the Incredible Machine series from my youth - it isn't. All the initial puzzles are basically the same and don't give you any sense of progression or interest. Then it starts wiping the playboard and making you wait for lives. Poor.
Ads take you directly out of the game and into market, so I took the game out of my phone and placed it directly into garbage.
Good concept, starts well but gets way too specific further along. One degree off and the mechanism fails. Also there are glitches. Sometimes a mechanism will shift itself. On level 22 I used a solve and still lost.
This game kept stopping the level early and then telling me I did not get all the stars. Very frustrating when the balls are still moving toward the goal and the game stops everything to tell you congratulations, you only get one start because we do not want to wait till it completes.
Too many, too long commercials... Decided to uninstall at level 8. Didn't find it that interesting to buy a pro package.
The game is great but the unskippable 30 sec ads between every two maps really makes me not want to play this. I may consider buying the remove ads option, but still 5 sec ads would be better in my opinion.
Wasn't bad, but ads after every level (skippable by restarting app), were annoying. Also finishing a level when I was about to get bonus's was quite annoying. Uninstalled, moving on.
Played just a few levels. There was no way I could tollerate sitting through 30sec adverts between each level. Not a chance, so uninstalled.
The game concept is fine but it is so annoying to constantly run out of time. I end up spending more time watching ads than actually playing. Very frustrating. I am deleting this ap.
I has a similar game on PC before. Incredible machine. It is great to play ot again on my phone. I wish I could enlarge the font. Sometimes I can not read the instructions