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RubberBand Cutting - ASMR

RubberBand Cutting - ASMR for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well I really love the game play it was very difficult to play sometimes like it flows for a whole minute for me and it does have a lot of ads but overall it was a good game I just think all of you games are good if you literally look them up on Google Play We have 10 games are just like this with your better so it's definitely two stars for me I don't think I would keep this game longer than 4 days it's not my personal choice I personally would choose one of those 10 games just not this one
I would give a 0 star if I could. The game is always lagging and there is WAY to many ads. You can barely play the game because of the ads and the lag does not help.
When I started the game it was the best game ever 1.its so so satsfiyang 2.its fun last 3.its like an asmr
I hate the ads so much after each level there is a add I so not satisfied and when your cutting the rubber band you it sometimes does not cut and then says relaxing hows that even relaxing
Okay because it's very fun and relaxing,but when there's a bonus level, it glitches and it's very hard to control
This game is a waste of time adds will come and I don't like ads this game is so stupid I don't like it wow it is just rubber bands it is not satisfying or fun
TOO MANY ADS! Gameplay isn't even challenging. Shame on the developers for barraging players with so many ads for a useless game! Not worth the download!
This game is amazing😘😘 but it's a lot of add and if you lick the golden sword (it will appear in higher level) there would appear nothing 😑😑😑😑
Got boring after one minute, and had to watch at least one minutes worth of ads in that short time. Uninstalling now.
The only thing that's off a little is the knife when u cut it it's not perfect on the cuts its like you have to have the knife strait or it won't cut
I like this game , but when I want to take any knife or gift it said "Ad is not ready" I gave this game three stars...but I dont like this game very muchπŸ˜” Sorry!
This is the most worst thing ever is so laggy it's horrible please fix it anywhere else it's just so annoying because I it takes me so long just to do one thing it takes me so long to get a new knife and when I get a new knife and it lags me out and I keep having to download it again this is most annoying thing ever LOL LOL worst thing ever ️
The reason why I gave the game 3 stars is because I wanted to get the shark knife But when I went to watch the add it said no add's available, I was very mad because sharks are my favorite animals, Please fix this.
I barely got any ads and it's so satisfying and so realaxing I love it so I give it a five stars there's nothing I want you guys to change
I give this a three star because it disappoints me that every few seconds a advertisement pops up and it upsets me that we have to watch ads for special levels and the knifes we get when the presetige is full maybe put less ads and it'll be perfect but overall that I aprove this game its fun and satisfying it relives a lot of stress! ❀✨
I just love this app! I can never get reward ads even though I got an ad one minute before 😁😁 this is very perfect!!
This game looks so smoothly that I could cut off the ribbons and things will be safe. I have seen that someone disliked this game. But I loved it , so that's because it is good for me and good for you, too. This is how great the game is. Another suggestion is that , you can unlock knives and don't worry if you lose it because the connection is slowly. Bye!
-Its a boring game -It has a ton of ads -You need to watch ads to propperly progress -Oh and have I mentioned the ads, yeah there are a lot of them
I really love this game! It's really fun! And so relaxing I will give it 5 star!!!πŸ˜»πŸ’–πŸ’ŽπŸ‘‘πŸ’ŽπŸ’–πŸŒˆ sooo cool!!
I like this game no lag and no problem! If someone is playing with no lag it will be fun!! There are many knifes That I love and like!!
This app is so good it doesn't have too much adds like other apps and it is so satisfying 😍 😌 😩 πŸ‘Œ ☺ 😫 😍
I give this app a 3 because its laggy and it's a good game I just would wish for it to stop lagging and there are a bit much adds so I would play it if you fixed these 2 other than that there's nothing wrong with it only these 2 problems, Thank you!
I having nightmares tonight because of you.When I got to the point of cutting the girl's hair, her pubils were so far apart and when she smile it was CREEPY.It wouldn't kill you to get actual sounds of rubberbands being cut nor getting a sound of a pinata.Uninstalling now.
I Love this game so many levels cool knifes not that many ads if you have nothing to do play this and I am only 9 it is probably up to any age girls and boys would like this game.
Bit annoying that the only time ads work is in between levels yet when you are trying to claim a bonus all you get is "NO ADS AVAILABLE"
I downloaded this app thinking good vibes but sadly when I started playing "Rubber Band Cutting " I unfortunately didn't experience what I was hoping I would as the game was extremely laggy which wasn't ideal and I feel no control over the knife as it was cutting whitch was not therapeutic nor anything like a good game which brings you asmr feelings ether overall I don't recommend
I like it so far . But I really like your tyedye app and wanted to ask why you don't incorporate towels and board shorts and have more than one level .the app is awesome love it and want more levels and items for dyeing . Thanks for letting me give you my opinion.
Interesting game if you 0lay tooo much then you feel boring . I play 2 levels in a day . Its a nice game
Disappointing because there are no ads to play and get the bonus coins otherwise it is fun and entertaining.
This an amazing game you collect horses and race other players and if you winn you get silver i love this game
This game is satisfying! But maybe make the noise more better it helps with my anxiety~ and less ads are okay 😊
This is soooooo satisfying i am obsessed with this app i play every single day to get me in the ASMR attitude like everyone should be in I LOVE this app!!!!πŸ˜ƒ
Hello,I want to say more than "Its good"The ploblem is that theres to many adds.When we complete a level *Add* Just WOOW we could say that the rubberband cutting is SO satisfiying but plese remove the adds.Other than that I think everything Is fine just remove the adds plese I would love to see more updates from this satisfiying app/game:) The reoson Why I rated it 3: - to many adds - someone it doenst work It kinda gets stuck well its not like stoping we we swipe the knife it doesnt cut:
This game is so fun! ASMR is so calming. I just like how this game runs so well! It's really cool. So satisfying!
It's ok for what it is. It would have been better if the ads played so I could get the extra coins and levels.
Kind of boring and plain. Needs more excitement and more to do but other than that is a pretty satisfying and good game πŸ‘.
I played and cut the first 2 objects it gives you and then it gave me a piΓ±ata to tap and break to get coins and then asked me to watch a video to claim them and I clicked lose it and had to watch a video anyways
This game is so laggy but its such a good game to so if you can do anything about the Laggyness it'll be five stars ty.
Would give it 0 stars if I could. The app consistently gives you video ads however every time I've clicked to watch an add to get an item rather than loose it it says that there are no video ads available. Poor development and the game is not worth the download.
it has to many ad and it lags sooooooo much that's why I gave it a one star but for the game it's Sooper nice and you could colm down with it so this game is over all great or good or bad but that could do much more batterbut it's good
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEπŸ‘ This game seems fun but its not. The "asmr" is very very bad. Very very repetitive game. It takes to long to get a special knife/coins. Usally i dont mind adds but this game has too.many. I honstly hate this game. One good thing good is that knifes look pretty cool.
So.....i got this game 2 minutes ago and the ad knife wasn't workimg and it said "the ad ia not available right now" then when i dis ad for some more coins and the ad work so pls fix that!nut anytging else its good
Very nice experience and game and it's game is very beautiful it's blades and it's robots it's very beautiful store so I like the game I I think is 5 stars I give it
If you like ads, this is a perfect app for you because after two levels, there's one waiting for you.
The game is very good for fun but it is very therapeutic and you can't feel the ruber bands breaking but it was not laging for me(maybe that's just because of my phone but in most of the reviews it laged) I only tried to levels but I didn't have a good experience
If there were colour blind players they cant do the stupid cut the green wire level and stuff like that😑😑😑😑
Its a good game, the graphics are surprisingly amazing! The ads aren't too bad, but I would like less. Its a nice satisfying app. Would recommend. It can even be calming in some situations.
Completely waste of time the quaility is to fast the rubber bands barley cut I dont want to watch ad's 2/47 it's annoying why cant we just play the game it barely has a setting to low do the graphics/quality why is the background just yellow please work on this game not very good reviews out there πŸ€πŸ™„
The ad looks amazing! but when you play it's not as satisfying so ye I give this a 2 star because the ad is good I'm 9 years old and I have a point:by the way you dont pay alot for stuff that's good
I liked the game, if i want to be ruled that game is stopped but if i want to be real the idea of this game is annormal to see, the game have good idea, if you want to ask me why I said "the idea of this game is great" sorry about this but i really like the game!??!!
Watch an ad to get a new tool, you're led on cos they don't give it to you so it was pointless. This has happened THREE times this morning. Uninstalled.
I recommend you play this game at bedtime. Its so boring you will turn your phone off and go to sleep in 2 minutes or less.
Asmr games... Technology has gone too far... in all honesty though, while it is pretty satisfying to play, it doesn't work as asmr for hardly anyone, and hey, did you know that the worst asmr videos are the ones with ads? Well this game will force an ad on you every 2 levels or so, and you beat a level every 10 seconds soooo...... they also try to do this thing where they make little puzzles every now and then in a last ditch effort to make the game more interesting, but there's really no point.
So fun it is super cool to play when you are bored but there are so many ads but that is okay because it is a fun game people love it but people give at 1 * really you guys are stupid like really this game is super fun you guys are so f****** stupid
I really like this game it's really satisfying I really love how I underneath there's like something there and my favourite one was the second one where they were lights and then when you cut the rubber bands the light went out
It's a great game don't get me wrong, but the fact is that an ad plays after everything level, it's very annoying and doesn't make the game very fun to play, and the game crashes quite often, if there were less ads it would definitely be more then a 1 star
This game is nice one who told that after seeing the ad i did got the shark knife and I got mad but when i saw the ad i got the shark knife and i say one this gsme is very nice one thing also the who told that after every level ad will come but for me it did not came i don't know why this all is not happening me.
The blade needs to have better control. It misses bands and you have to reverse direction to cut bands. You're retracing your path constantly which is frustrating. When blade works, the game is relaxing.
You have to watch an ad to do absolutely anything, not worth downloading at all. This game is action = ad