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RPG Wizards of Brandel

RPG Wizards of Brandel for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the old school feel. The battle system is fun and slightly novel. Well written storyline and characters. Kemco games really take me back and have a nostalgic feel.
Extremely Fun! I must admit I like the learning experience. It feels overly complicated but after a look at the help page I felt utterly stupid...it can't get less complicated...take your time each stage teaches you something new.
Great game so far but still to little into the story for a full review gameplay anf controls top notch and a much easier lvling system on this one than the ones prior.
The sprites are good and the rest of the graphics nice enough, if you're cool with classic 16-bit RPG styling. The audio is solid, too. Now for the bad stuff... Movement controls are less than stellar; touch-to-move has poor AI, and the on-screen D-Pad is touchy about diagonal movement (in a bad way.) Every conversation ends with an annoying dialogue box, "And now on with the rest of the story!" Game uses the phone's vibrate function for effects, and this can't be disabled; it gets old fast.
The best! It beat my experience in Fernz Gate, nice storyline, gameplay and kawaii characters, its depressing that the ending was just that Darius returned Erica to her original form, though, its weird but I think it deserve a sequel for me. Overall, the best!
Game play is like all Kemko games but a little outdated. Not as good as Dragon Lapis but playable. Will keep you occupied but not the best or the worst game Ive played. Dialoged is to long and would be good to have a button to speed through it. All these games are expensive.
One of the best I've ever played! The dialogue is funny and witty, and the combat system is good! Yeah it could get a bit grindy sometimes (not a problem to me though), but the rewards system isn't that bad though. Only complaints is that I wish there's more characters in a story though, but great job!
I've been a fan of KEMCO for quite a long time now and i gotta say they keep making good rpg games! Same with the other previous games I've played before, this is also a hit for me. Nice going KEMCOπŸ‘
Dialog too much! You'll spend the first hour reading for 45 minutes and 15 minutes in gameplay! A deceptive attempt to make a short game longer. Other than the VERY boring dialog, RPG is 5 star excellent!
ithas a good story and some really interesting characters. The guild has some similarities to the Catholic church though, but its fun none the less. especially for a free game.
My experience with this game is incredible like all Kemco titles I have in the past spent time on they are all additive 5 stars it's a very nice story and so much to explore thanks Kemco come up with more titles I'll be waiting seriously also make them free!!
Extremely well done story, interesting gameplay mechanics, and a fun atmosphere make this one of the better Kemco games. The only unfortunate part of this game was the advertisements which kicked in about halfway through. There may also be to many skills in the game, resulting in a lot of skill clutter. Gameplay was also a bit lackluster perhaps as well.
The game is so awesome .Kemco makes relay cool games. You should check it out.The character's are amazing. That's not the end of it . You should check more Kemco ,like my favourite Kemco game Fernz gate and onigo hunter.Can not wait for more cool new games from Kemco. LOLβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
very nice game.. no problem with the gameplay... absolutely awesome... (needs a little balancing tho... maybe a little like revenant of dogma).... anyway... nice game.. completely enjoyable.
When you see Erica hope her directions will be fixed, it's hilarious in itself. That's just one of many funny moments of this game! Also, does Phelia have a blushing sprite?
I like the story and the gameplay. Its the same with ghost sync.. The only problem was the ads but the rest was good..
great game. love the character development. the combat and unique spell combinations. love the story and the different endings you can pick.
Dont know whats happening on this game..my device is samsung galaxy a50 128gb internal..after i downloaded the game & entered it says that it needs to download extra files recommended wifi connection & choose download path "internal/external"..i chose internal that still had 76 gb left of space but the game keep saying that insufficient storage cant download..tried to redownload the game still problem persist..how much gb of space that this game needed? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ i cant play...
After downloading game a few times, and starting the app, it says to download additional files, after completing the download says install error and to redownload. Hence the 1 star instead of zero.
Excellent game I would like to know how to retrieve my old game as I was well into it and enjoying every moment So awsomely excellent
I really love the story and the flowing of the game. It just like the season 2 of FERNS GATE that i ended last 2 weeks. Thumbs up! πŸ‘ Keep up the good work guys and be safe😊
Not a bad game, fun story, I want to burn the guild to the ground. But the biggest issues I have are the turn based spells and the fact that you cant stay in inns until there's specific story moment.
Its really fun and a quick play. Looks like it has bonus features after finishing the game like other kemco games.
classic rpg, enjoyable story. and that's it, i dont have any words to write though. here's my rate for this game :)
Would be 5 stars but the games store wont load do I'm stuck with constant add crashes every time I save. Building your characters is more of a chore than fun. Takes a LOT of grinding to get decent gear. And since I cant make purchases due to the stores lack of loading I cant progress quickly cause the game freezes after every add. This game is lacking in so many features your other games offer. It was fine till the war of the adds opened up after a certain point in the game.
This game seems great So far. I love all of Kemco games. I have almost half downloaded. And have completed them. I'm slowly working my way through. Also, the premium, or paying add remover is adorable and worth it.
Nice game πŸ˜— unlike the other games it's not boring at all 😐 I like the game that's allπŸ˜— highly recommend πŸ˜„ I play other kemco games and for me this game is the greatest kemco game I played 😊 keep up the good work
Its a good game for me but the exp is so damn low only in killer mode it gets high but i still love the game
So far so good, the idea of putting a stone or monument or whatever it call to attract monster in the dungeon is absolute making player to do easy job, especially those who are lazy to move around. At first i have the difficulty for beating the bosses but with patience and a little trick im able to end the normal ending... I. enjoy it for now
Writing needs to be bigger as you can't read what the descriptions properlt or much else but extremley fun and interesting story line
everything seems to be okay, the story is nice. But for the controller, I prefer it to be joystick type rather than a control pad, other than that I don't seem to have a problem.
The game was best i hope this is having update and id like to suggest that u can put endless mode like when you finished the final boss moltz we can play until we want because im so sad when i cant play it when finish end like we go again defeat that again im not happy until im not completely finished it And i know that this is old game but as rpg gamer im proud of it we deserve update please im not unstalling it im waiting for update and be proud of it
Story line is ok, they have come out with better ones... Ads arent that bad so thats a plus.... Game "tricks" you into a review but i guess its not demanding 5 stars.. Magic system is lame so far... Better off to spam attack while boosting one character
Great game vood Graphics and Humurous storyline But i'd give it 4 stars becuase there are bugs that i've encountered lately but anyways GREAT GAME!!!!
good game overall have to play on hard for it to be anywhere near a challenge if you pay to play you can get all sorts of stuff if not getting gems enough gems ti exchange for anything takes weeks
good game very cute and awesome story lines, but it needs some additional equipments that change character appearance in battle plus make an task board that refresh daily or after a week,so when the game story was finished you can still play like open world
Very fun game controls are easy and the story is good enough to keep you coming back to see what will happen next
I have played almost all your rpg and think their awesome to play again because I played the new rpg that doesn't have the same capable as yours.
Enjoying playing this game very much. the storyline is a different concept. The controls are easy to use. The graffics are great.
It is a fun little game, and doesnt have any irritating ads covering the content like some others I have come across :]
it is a worthwhile free download game which casually slides on to one of Kemco's top games in my eyes. Story wise it Is an engaging one (I'm not going to spoil anything if you are going to download) the buddy system although is a copy of Fernz Gate which is a good game as well. What I'm trying to say is buy this game.
It's pretty fun even though I got lost a few times and couldn't get some of the treasures, which is a shame
I like how atypical this RPG is. It started off giving the impression that you have to defeat yet-another Evil Lord, but eventually your enemy is something entirely else. I also love the non-stereotypical gender assignments (the wizard is a guy and the warrior is a girl), as well as the hero's personality (an analytical and sarcastic thinker for a change!!!). The dialogs are witty and funny too, despite some occasional awkward localization. Minus 1 star for the annoying ads.
Quite good for a free game. I like the story and how it doesn't force you to buy anything. Seems a bit happy-go-lucky for the main characters, but in spite if that, a very interesting story and a decent battle system. Worth a playthrough, and if the paid games they've made are much better than this, it's a good indication that they'll be great! one quick note: the game does require some data download before it is playable, but it downloads relatively fast.
It was a trap! Hahaha I'd say this is too good to be a free game. Keep it up! Oh but I can't go north, It just doesn't click when I'm trying to go north when I'm standing but it's fine when I drag after moving. It'll be much better if you fix it.
I will be honest. Usually I will get bored easily when playing kemco games and this is the only one that made me play this far. The dialogue are just hilarious lol holy angel feline princess and here I thought at first the MC gonna be an intelligent and serious type And I like the navigation in the world map. It makes things less of an hassle rather than walking around like the other games I've played. The battle system is more fun too! Keep up the good work!
I really enjoyed this game. Though the ending was a bit of a cliffhanger. The story is good but I wish you could add some plot twist. Overall I really love it.
Edit: The story was too short. It only took me 3 days with lots of breaks to finish it. I was expecting more background story for Darius and how he came to have much non-elemental magic. Ending is a cliffhanger. Different difficulty is great but I prefer a longer story line. Fun and challenging. Gives lot of skills which I like. Controls (character movement) could be easier and smoother. I like that it could be played offline.
good game until half of the story. then force ads will be shown every after 2 battles. go get mod apk on google. normal ads is ok, too much ads makes it annoying.
I love the graphics, the plot line, and the game itself. Totally recommending it to my rpg-addicted friends
I really like the game except the ads that pop up everytime you save your current game and even everytime you defeat a monster.
I have played most of Kemco's mobile games and this ranks as one of my favorites right up there with the asdivine series and band of monsters. Don't quite understand the debt concept in this game like if you push the payment way back do you get better items? Any way keep up the good work with these games guys!
Great rpg. 5/5. Not much ads! I like the fight commands better than the other. But I dont see what class specializations each character has. They all seem to have even stats on atk, int, vitality...it seems you have to use all of them evenly. There isnt a mage, a tank, etc that is made clear. So there isnt much fighting strategy. You can just have everyone use their strongest attack, and anyone to heal when ur low on health. They could use some more thought into the fighting system.
Thus game is awesome!!! and also Kemco is very awesome I just finished some of the game and im just still finishing this one. i really love the graphics and the story..keep up the good work😁😁😊
Funny, fun storyline and my most favourite RPG classic of all the time :3 thanks to Madam Curie too hohoh
I enjoy this game, I already beat most of kemco designs but now I wait until I can get the time I'll play
Very good so far. I like the characters and storyline. As far as leveling up systems I havent quit figured it out. I enjoy old school rpg. This ine is a bit newer so 4 out of 5 for me.
What makes this game different from other Kemco games is the fact that the characters interaction is much more realistic. The MC is definitely not our typical righteous hero-like instantly likeable character we would find in every single game. And that is just awesome.
The game is pretty simple and straight forward, pretty fun too. so far i've yet to come across any bugs but time will tell
Intriguing story and excellent length for a "free" game. The ads are not intrusive which is cool. As for game play, there are different levels you may choose from, from super easy to super hard. So whichever play style you prefer, it is there for you. I highly recommend giving it go!
great game. story ok. gameplay ok. status ailments, weaponry are too much sometimes confusing, but still ok. conversation too long and not really important to the story, but afterall, it is an enjoyable game. like to have another from kemco.
Nice, easy going rpg. Good graphics. Some of the fonts (light colour) are herd to read on phone screen. Good story so far, keep up the good work.
Good gameplay, no real issues to comment about; overall storyline is decent, with the exception of long dialogues everything seems legit
Quirky and imaginative characters in a surreal setting. Combat is easy to navigate and there is lots of customisation. Easy to get into but the difficulty can get crazy near the end. Another Kemco winner!
I finished 2 endings ( normal and true ending). I would say this a good past time game and game story
so i completed it and i have to say something were to much flashy but still it was good . i kno you guys are trying new things and it was really great but still some things needs to be done i hope you guys make new games a little bit less flashy in future. but overall i loved it
I enjoy playing. One of the mazes got a little tricky but once I solved where to go it was fun to run through it. I enjoy the storyline even reading through it at a fast pace.