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RPG Revenant Dogma

RPG Revenant Dogma for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is awesome. I'm playing three other rpgs similar to this one. This one though is far superior.
The storyline is cool, and the graphic is unusually great...and I just realized, this game is also related to Revenant Saga (the main character is Albert, the Feral King) this game is EPIC
One of the better looking Kemco RPGs to be sure. The battle screen has definitely seen an upgrade from other titles. Story so far seems fairly interesting. I'd recommend this one as I do with most of the other Kemco RPGs.
I'll keep it 100%. Game is fun, has difficulty if you up it, and if your device isn't a toaster, it runs swell. Deleted it off of my old phone because it was shlow, but now I can actually play it and it's still good. If you like offline rpgs, its a recc. Asdivine still tops it imo though.
Actually loving the game play and story remains of some classic jrpg games and glad can play anytime and ads are not in your face constantly would like to have few more games like this if suitable would like to have link to ones or that
I'm definitely not a fan of random encounter games but this is one I enjoy. I like the storyline and the medieval aspect. Overall fun game.
Okay this is one of the best games I have ever played. It's a great quarantine boredom buster. The story is very addictive, the gameplay is amazing, and it's completely free. Thanks for making a game that is this good for nothing. I will be sure to check out more of the games from these developers. Thanks again
Better than what I had thought. It is gonna have to be two stars because of this one part outside the castle I barely take a step and wolves spawn so I really can't move from how annoying it is. Needs some polish work
Storyline is good Controls are perfect I love the idea of character transformation!!! However I have but one request... Please see to it that item prices is a little reduced OR little better cash reward aftet a battle has been won against the monsters.
Ok at first it was good until i came to mountain idk the name but im fighting the ancient golem when that golem revert his skill to increase his magic resistance then he should be damage by physical attacks so the problem when he use that skill even im using any physical attacks the golem wont take any damage from me like whatt??its ok if his using physical attacks resistance but its not ist magic resist damn this game is good im getting closer to the end then suddenly this happen pls fix this!!
Great game! Solid story line. The writers did a great job with the dialogue, its witty and smart and makes you laugh. Its old school RPG which i love. The weapons system is a little tricky at first, combining and breaking down weapons to make ones with better stats and abilities, but once you get the hang of it, it works. All in all I say give it a shot, you wont regret it.
This is the game the i enjoy very much thats why i give it a 5star because first of all the storyline is great, second is i love the power up and graphics of it and lastly i love the voices 💖
Clever storyline, funny characters and great leveling system. Love the gear like random encounter with every step/no encounters ever. (Rings) Besides the awesome plot I cant wait to explore the Ethereal Realm and test my strength. Nice work!
Good game great storyline only problem it was too short I say at least put two to three more hours in and it would have been perfect
Revenant Dogma consists of a good story and plotline. The battle gameplay system was a tad confusing for me but I got used to it throughout the entirety of the game. The only thing that I disliked was the fact that you encounter monsters too often. It's like there's a set timer of a few seconds before another battle ensues, it's quite annoying.
i got to say, the way the devs addrd in the review option during the game was brilliant lol. I love Kemco and their RPGs. I'm never disappointed. they actually care about their work. i tweeted them and got a reply thanking me for playing and it was genuine. they really are a great dev team. the game itself is great too and i love the story so far! I'll update when I finish with my final thoughts! so far its been a great experience tho and the graphics are good for a phone game.
One of the best rpg games I have played in a while. It has kept me entertained in the hospital for the past 15 days thank you for composing this wonderful work of art.
I like this game so far but I will rate it 5 star if I can choose hero of my own journey like classes of heroes but overall this was a great game because I can play it offline💕, please update devs so I can choose my own character, is this possible? 😅 Thank you 😊
Hahahahaha! double thumbs up to the devs for that hilarious way of getting people to review i just had to respond. Anyways this game is great i've been enjoying myself. The story is very good i'm already hooked. Battle system is intricate but simple and has quite a lot of depth make to know what you want your characters to be before you just allocate points. Graphics are very good and will satify anyone. Its also completely free to play all the way to the end without paying a dime so don't wait!
Great story im hooked. The character movement needs work. Battle seems to have its glitches. All in all I'm super impressed 👌
Awesome game! Love it! Gotta say it really hasnt disappointed yet so great. It even introduces characters and races that I dont see often in stories which is refreshing. And a living treasure chest that doesnt eat people like a mimic and always has something new inside that just might be the most wonderful thing I ever seen. This is great!
A very fun and enjoyable game! It is easy to play and mostly I do not have any problems playing this game! Since it is free until the end I also do not have any complaints and problems about purchases
It was good up until the big fight . dealing with the limeter and it's un controalable state just runied the hole game for me.also haveing to wander amless back and forth across boards is no fun.
I played for almost 8 hours grinding through Hell difficulty, and THEN they put add that block my view of the game and tell me to pay $8.00 to remove them. If it was a 30 second ad I could skip that's one thing, but they chose to permanently block my screen with an ad. Not only that but it wasn't even at the beginning of the game. They deliberately wasted my time by getting me invested first and THEN they ruin it. I won't be playing any more Kemco games if this is the kind of scum strats theyuse
it is a good game, but towards the end, the guy used mirage shield. Which basically means don't physically attack him. I used the auto button, and that's all they did. They didn't use spells or none of that. The game starts cheating towards the end,so that's why it got three stars. I just thought about it, but what if you did a version where Elize was the MC? That could possibly make the story a little easier to understand.😀
I spent 3, days straight to get to level 102.. Earn level thru etherial world, faster.. Dun spend money buying weapon (you can get it by defeating monsters), just buy armor.. I never spent my time on upgrading the weapon (if you really want, upgrade the weapon in almost end of the game so u get the strongest weapon available and upgrade it to be stronger).. Always buff your team and debuff enemy to get the best attacking damage to bosses.. I like the game, the story is quite ok, thx Revenant
I wish i can give 100 star from this game because its really enjoying and sometimes im laughing while playing this game,the writer was really good and the battles ang really exiting but sometimes you need a patient coz every foot step there was enemy,but still i really enjoy this game💖.
Game is nice, I like it, but... Ah, I met some troubles. I restarted game three times, and there's one bug... At some moment, enemies start attacking you every step. You literally can't move. I thought, maybe, it's something like forced lvl up, but... Considering that fact that it happens in different locations with different lvl out of blue... I tried to fight... Won more than 50 battles. And nothing. It keeps going on. I'll try to redownload it but please, anyways fix this, dear developers.
I don't really want to rate and write a how I experience the game but this game really hit my heart. I was really impressed to this game 1.the story are really cool it's so good I've even almost cry to the ending of Lilith because she finally revealed his to Caine and the 2. The graphics are really good it's smooth control. I wish this game will be a part 2 or a anime I df gonna watch it/play
So far, this has been a pleasant surprise. Especially the animation of the characters when in battle. I also like the animations for the battles. I have yet to complete the main story, but so far I have thoroughly enjoyed it
Just finished the entire game including bonus (which is true real ending). Unbelievable and beautiful story & charecters. I got glued to it and it took me 5 days to finish it. Any rpg lovers, aveyond lover will love this game.
It a fairly good game, but is a little slow at times in battle and the shops are really high priced,the graphics are great
Very good old school turn based fantasy game. Good graphics, real good battles ( tough in hell mode ), but you can switch from hell, hard, normal easy.....so....fun.
really not bad. completed the game plus extra scenarios in under 30hrs with NO IAP. but i supposed it could be shorter if u dun need to grind..grinding is made so bloody simple due to the battle mechanism this game has. but there is just 1 skill thats peculiar, "throwing money" to kill enemies? i see what u did there, dev..haha.. brought back memories of 1 old game from "circle enix" with the title: fxxxl fantasy 9...
Fun game and great for challenges however could use a little work on speeding up the dialoge but other than that great game.
I love it, the fighting outline, the story! Specially when you get to choose who your going to end up. I hope you make great rpg like this one. I like most of your games and this one really made me excited.
One of Kemco's better free games. It's story is not that much better than the others, it's a bit lacking when when it comes to gameplay balance, and it may have sections that need grinding to complete. However, I enjoyed this game, enough that I could recommend it if someone asked me for a free Kemco game to play. Also one of Kemco's 3D games.
this game rocks! good game play, the transformation are super cool! but what really got me....was the way they asked for a review lol. 10 stars, I recommend for any rpg player.
i love this game the battle turn and graphics is amazing. i hope there is a part 2 of this game but i have little problem... i buy DRP points the transaction is successful it send receipt on my email but the points did not add to my game. kindly help.
Honestly, i don't know what to say about this game... Everything about this game for me is just so good that i am honestly speechless... Like, the controls are easy, the graphics are also good, the story line is pretty good and funny, and you can play this OFFLINE... So yeah, for me this is a good game... I'm happy that i played this game cause its worth it!
This game is absolutely incredible I love the graphics and the storyline especially the magic/skills and the monster and the monsters look amazingand there's nothing more to say about this game cuz it is just one of the best games I have never played in my life I just love it and it's very easy play because does difficulty
Its my first time playing, I like how the game goes I dont really like turn based rpgd but this ones an excemption. My experience is pretty good so far
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!! but sometimes theres a bug and I need to repeat the whole game everytime not funny by the way I love it because the story is interesting hehe
Changing my review. Running into some old school bad programming problems and then having the ads show up after they have you rate the game is lame. It wouldn't be so bad if there was some consistency but ads will keep blocking the "Heal All" button in the corner.
graphic are brilliant! storyline brilliant! this is one of those games which are so fun and you can actually beat everything in it! Graphics are very cool for a free game!
I think that this is an incredible game. It has a good story, quick combat, and a very creative and interesting storyline. Banter between the characters is actually enjoyable and playing the game actually feels fun instead of feeling like work or just plain grinding. If you want an RPG that you can pick up when you want and get lost in the story, then this is for you. This is not your typical pay-to-play/pay-to-win JRPG. This game actually makes you play the game. Simply put, it's great!
Been awhile since i played this. I have already beaten the game both normal and true ending and liked the choice you get to make rather than only one choice for romantic interest. Where as many Kemco game apps are ambiguous with their endings in the romantic sense. This one is quite clear with both choices. I'm currntly playing the game again because i enjoyed it so much.
Too much hacking and grinding to develop enough gold to afford weapons, armor, and items! Literally fought in one cave off and on for 2 days! When I went into the next town I had generated only enough gold to upgrade ONLY one and a half characters! Graphics good, gameplay good, movement good, dialog a bit much! Minus the grinding, the game is at least 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐!
This is a wonderful game but it is a bit wordy. More Action less talking. If you can stand the dialog length. Then you will love this adventure
controls can be a bit wonky but bearable, the hashed up screen play bugs me more than anything. the gameplay is fun and enjoyable. well worth spending to remove ads.
the review plug was absolutely hilarious, blend in with the fact that the gameplay is decent and the story so far is intriguing
Love this game. Great way to kill time and like the story line so far. Graphics are good and easy to play.
What's not to like? A story driven Rpg with likable characters, plenty of weapons with upgradable options/perks. 20 hours played so far and not even half of the map in (Not counting the bonus dungeon, with different difficulty levels). Can be played without needless purchases, also offline if you turn your data off. Graphics are really good in combat, and runs smoothly on my dated 2013 android (unlike 95% of other games). I never write reviews, but this certainly deserves one.
really enjoying the game. plays similarly to a classic ff. the 3d battles are a nice added bonus too. give it a try you wont regret it
As of now, 2 hours in the game. It's really captivating. Story is looking good. I'm playing on Hell mode and I'm managing pretty well. The trick is to farm at the beginning area. Use the steal skill Caine has to obtain weapons with sp recovery when walking. Thus you'll never be low on sp and can keep your pt healed up all the time.
This RPG with 3D battles is a great twist to the others. Majority of the RPG's I've tried had a 2D battle system, so this game is a nice change of pace. Coupled with an intriguing storyline and suitable graphics for it's time, I would recommend this game to any diehard fan of the RPG type.
For a offline game these guys nailed it. No add..no tricks or anything to bait you to pay. Awesome game. Thanks guys. This is a real rating..give it a shot you won't be sorry.game is pretty darn good for offline. Two thumbs up
reminds me a lot of old RPG games I used to play on PSX. Although the story seems pretty straightforward and typical, the dialogue is pretty funny and well written. Controls can be a bit difficult when controlling the character, but I guess that's just me being lame with touch d-pads I guess. Either way, this game is worth it.
great old school rpg i would like to see more of this from kemco have always been a fan of the games you guys made i beat asdivine i believe the 1st one totally awesome game keep uo the good work guys.
Had to change recent review from 5 to 4. still a great game but the sudden application of the in-game ads and the god awful positioning of the ads made me reconsider that 5 stars rating.... Are the ads even necessary?!
Awesome Game! Love The graphics! SO ❤❤REALISTIC!!!!❤❤ For those who don't have it AND won't download and want to wait till next year... or decide to not download it ever ..... U r REALLY REALLY MISSING OUT ON A PERDECT GAME! There is no better time than now to get it. Sorry If u wanna download and it isn't compatible. if that's the case ....sorry bout ur luck and maybe u will b able to when u get a compatible device.....maybe next year. No offense BUT ur missing out! download before its gone!
It's been Months since I first played any kemco games and when I saw this game I really wanted to have go. I am liking this game more and more along with it's intriguing storyline
I don't know why but I can't beat the first boss, its damage is 99999 to the both character even though I restart thr game, it still the same
Its not a bad game though it would be helpful if there was a map for towns and caverns like other kemko games.
I love this game. Nice story plot and a game with a good graphics. The magics are awesome. I finished this game already and I highly recommend it to those RPG lover!
dthe game is really fun and i would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for the fact that theres a boss an some monsters that are literally unbeatable. they end up getting 4-5 attacks back to back. which wipes out your entire party before you can even do anything
i love the game but when i reached valley of judgement it got bugged..every step i made was a battle..took me 30 min to get only to the entrance portal.even though the battles were instant coz was lvl 30. can't imagine how long will take till i find the guy
Fleon is a man of culture 🤣 his lines are funny. The story is really good and I like the battle scene. Lilith's voice is cute too
So far the game is amazing, the fact that it's free is absolutely astounding because it's as good as paid ones really, I recommend it as it's seriously well made and it has a nice way of asking you to review the game, it's worth a review anyway because it truly is fun and gives you everything you want from an rpg game, if your looking for a good offline rpg to play then this is it :)
Definitely fun and classic style sure, but then the twists. Definitely makes it interesting, the story is good. Though honestly, I wish the character's had their own individual voices to go with dialogue. Even if you don't enhance the graphics any further, that just leaves extra room. For other things, like more items/weapons/armors. Even character voices, could be added. To give it a better experience!
as always, great game..you continue to evolve the mechanics through out every game..thank you..but..in this game, you forgot the mini map
I enjoy the game thoroughly! For an app game the graphics are pretty good if I had to guess approx on par with ps1 games. the dialogue is well translated, and the game makes sense in aspects of play. if you like the handheld/original final fantasy games, you will enjoy this game. (forewarning-there are very apparent write a review moments).
Game is amazing a must have for any rpg player was not expecting the plug for the review and I loved it and all the characters
I started the game on hell, so far so good, a very smooth game, once you get the ring,,, battle every step,,, screw the covid-19 virus, I got nothing else to do
Thus sucks, theres a lot of dialog and I mean a lot, and there is no option ti skip it. It would be better if the story line us simple, short and precise.
As of now I'm really enjoying playing this game, the jokes are funny and the fights are going smooth... Ig I'll finish this game and review it again
This certainly has an old school nostalgia to it. Battle mechanics and all. Im really impressed with it. Games like this make me want to spend a little money in support of the devs.
Awesome game! Was looking for something new after beating dragon lapis and machine knight, this was exactly what I've been wanting! The graphics, the battle system, the story are all fantastic. I don't know when they ads start but I have not seen a single one, maximizing my enjoyment of this title! Great job Kemco, definitely recommend giving it a go.
I love the gameplay and art style, an amazing set of mechanics, with very witty dialogue, i cant put yhis game down Kemco never stops impressing me
Incredible job! The combination of a fleshed-out story and a great classic art style make for a very enjoyable experiance. I really like how the graphics alternate between 2D and 3D, and how you can customize so many options! I find that it adds a lot of depth to the gameplay. The fact that this can be played completely for free just blows my mind! I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of classic story-driven RPGs.
Awesome so far! Just recently started playing and was looking for a fresh take on the classics. If it continues to impress, I'll definitely upgrade to 5 stars!
Awesome game! Love it! Gotta say it really hasnt disappointed yet so great. It even introduces characters and races that I dont see often in stories which is refreshing. And a living treasure chest that doesnt eat people like a mimic and always has something new inside that just might be the most wonderful thing I ever seen. This is great! EDIT- So the game gets much harder even on easy so be prepared. This game has multiple ends I think so plan.
I like it thus far. Great story line. Easy game play. Excellent graphics. Episodes tend to take up time, however still a great game
Nowhere near as good as other Kemco titles. No minimaps, confusing dungeons, and it really feels as if the story plot was rushed and glued together. Not enough opportunities to embolden and strengthen weapons, and its so annoying you get weapon drops after every battle (yet, they are weapons you already have). Quickly gets boring, but with some revamping it could be a great game. Still playable though.
One of the best games of this series. Only point i didnt like was that there isnt a dungeon map like in the other games.
This is my second and my old game for turn based rpg.. It has good storyline and not like the other game of yours. Please do not given up on TBRPG. This kind like game is more enough, and funfact is, you always had this kind of story in almost single of your free game (srry broken english)
Huge fan of kemco games and honestly this one's a pretty big let down. I got really hyped for it because it has better graphics and had a descent starts with nice characters. But when you rally get into it this game lacks depth. I struggled to keep playing as it had a miniscule variety of playstyes, weapons, and locations. It sends you from point a to point b with a pitiful amount of story jammed into shirt cutscenes. The dialogue is unconvincing and boring. Huge disappointment.
Too dark and depressing most of the game! It's sad that both races blamed each other on what was going on in the world and discriminated against each others way of life (from what I got out of the story). In the story the main characters work their way to discover the truth in what really going on and working on a solution of creating peace among the 2 races. My only issues about the game is: stuff like mating topics, people/creatures getting hurt/die, and all the god of greed did.....
Nice story and good dialogue, always make me smile. Little bit confuse about the gameplay but its okay.
Realy cool game.Once again Kemco hit my heart with a bullet of excitement. One thing the monsters fight like babies. my character's are only at level 6 in the first dungeon. Anyways the game is as some my favourite thing here Is caines angry face . So awesome. Love it!Cant wait fully unmask lilith. And unlock all her emotions .Now I got to get more Kemco games
Fun, funny (though a bit heavy on the puns), decent graphics, choice of click to move or built in gamepad, and interesting combat system. The game also seems to offer the ability to customize equipment, but the mechanics of it are a bit confusing at first and need more in game explanation. From what I gather though, there is refinement rate obtained from using Crystal's on the equipment and equipment slots which different (ores?) Can be placed in for varying effects.
Cant exit item shop Candor City I download and play this game using keyboard and gamepad on my STB. After I played up to Candor City, and found an item shop. I was planning to sell and Buy some item. But unfortunatelly, after done some transaction, then I could not go back out from item shop. Forever stay in the Buy sell screen.
I like how it warns you when you have to fight a monster and I like the 3D battle with monsters gives it a new look you really out did yourself this game is good
So far so good. Good story. Funny characters. Acceptable 2D adventure and 3d battle graphics. For a free offline game, this is really worth playing.
Pleasant. Quite enjoyable. I'm stuck in bed because of pain. I had become bored beyond belief. I wanted an entertaining game that I could play anywhere without stress. This game was easy to learn and distracted me. Since it's turn based, I don't have to worry about being quick. I don't do quick anymore. With the adjustable levels of difficulty, I will be able to play it multiple times. Thank you, it's just what I needed.
this isnt a bad game i like it and i wish there was more like this one out there on the net but i wish that there were all full and free games to download and play to the end with out paying for the game and the specal items and weapons to
Honestly way better than I expected it to be. The encounter rate is kinda high, like just enough to get almost annoying, but it's still fun, eager to see the rest of the story. And the the first dragon is just harsh if you gear isn't up to par yet
This is game is a great game. Lots of options for upgrading equipment, easy controls, easy to earn in game currency
I tried this game again but there's been no update. There is still no mini map and the enemies are still way over powered even on normal difficulty. I won't be bothering with this game again.
I've finished this game along with Fernz Gate and Antiquia Lost. The developers have done a great job with those games. The storyline, together with the characters is nostalgic.
A fun old school style RPG thats reminiscent of SNES games~ its nice to play a mobile game on my own time and not have to worry about daily tasks or annoying notifications!
Haven't played terribly long - graphics are nice, the transformation mechanic is interesting, the turn based combat is fun. Grammar and syntax are occasionally quite odd. Will complete review when I feel I have played enough to judge properly.
I been playing this game for awhile. I think the when you are in the dungeons you need a screen maps to help you move better. The game is very good and relaxing. You need to allow more times to level up.
So far so good.....takes me back to the old days of Dragon Warrior, Ultima, and the 7th saga.....well done DEVS......well done!!!
This game is good. But there are too many monsters to fight. And there are also some ads that I cannot close and it make me cannot play the game anymore.
Absolutely the best kemco game I've played, I've played it over and over again at different strengths, easy, hard, difficult, game is up there and just as good if not better than ff 3, I only wish it was longer.
Im really liking the game so far. Easy to control, simple battle dynamics yet unique, but one thing upon improvement is to add a bit of texture to character design with both the usable characters and the enemies. Keep up the good work though
This game is an JRPG legend!! It has all the elements that and RPG should have, and has a very simple mechanisms, tactics and abilities for us novices. It has a throughput story to the start, it also has funny moments and great references put on to this game. Honestly, this is a relaxing and fun game if you are a fan of a game like this or if you're willing to pass time. And nothing beats the graphics, the models, and the sprites here, clearly Kemco's productivity has really paid off. 5 stars!!
Decent. But the animation is questionable, some of it is just unnecessary and the others need to be refine. I can not say it specificly where but this is an okay game.
Awesome game! I have played alot of your games. You never stop to amaze me. Good job! And this one has 3D mechanics. Epic
Great old school type game! Easy to get into. Good story. You really have to grind hard to be able to beat some bosses, which i like.
I really like this kind of offline game. Most especially their love story! Its like something that I want to see the continuation of their love story! Hehehaha! Godbless and more games to come! ;-)
I've played 6 other Kemco games and they are all great, this one is no exception to that. I am really loving the 3D combat and of course another great way to ask for a review, kudos to whoever thought of the idea to do it that way :)
i already finished the for each endings. its much more easier since lilith become op with speed and intel boosts and the ring wich buff you 1 int and 1 speed each time you deff. love it
i love this game im really curious behind lilith's mask! so complete this game . if you want to get much gold, just play in a dungeon! or you can sell all items in your inventory. when i clear it, i get 36.000 golds. don't say about hard to get gold. its easy to get just by selling your items. . before beat a feral god, play in a dungeon and you'll get a lot of XP . And dialogue problem,, actually i like the dialogue. i know its long. but the dialogue make this game more feel like Anime
I recommended this game to anyone looking for offline rpg game. It has a nice story, weapons are good, massive loots, strategy and turn based gameplay. It is not hard to gain levels coz there are places that u cam grind exp. Goodwork devs 👍👍
This game is a great change of pace from the more grindy rpg. I really like the retro visuals and audio. Revenant Dogma also has a great story that keeps you playing, and you can progress quickly since there is not a requirement to constantly level up. I also like grindy rpgs, but this game still offers the player a challenging experience even without the frustrating grind. This is a game that you can settle in with a nice cup of tea!
Very cute and some of the things the characters say lol. I do hope the fighting changes s bit though it's a little repetitive.
Just wish there was a hp bar on enemies in battle as well as seeing our max hp and sp in battle at all times. Also if a skill takes up more than one turn, why doesn't it tell me this beforehand? Wouldn't that be better?
This game is great! I love being able to transform and I hope there will be more games like this one in the future 🤩
Its really a good game! I looking for a new RPG game after I finished Antiquia lost and fernz gate. This is what I looking for. I recomended it!
Great graphics,best RPG game I have played in a long time.I HOPE YOU WILL MAKE MORE LIKE THIS IN THE FUTURE. THANK YOU.
Too long speeches and it explains everything in exact detail. Just another click-click game. Other than that good graphics
I been playing this game for awhile. I think the when you are in the dungeons you need a screen maps to help you move better. The game is very good and relaxing
So far i like it. This game is a prime example of how great a mobile RPG could be-if done right. Not too flashy or over the top,no b.s. item leveling or more stuff than you'll ever use or aquire and no micro transactions/pay to win/advance nonsense. YET. Great story too. Really sucks you in. Good job fellas :)
I have this game in my phone since like forever but havent play it yet until yesterday. Reason : Busy with Asdivine's n their Madam Currie :3 This is another good free to play Offline game from Kemco. The only minus point imo is we dont have dungeon mini map like mostly of Kemco game such as Asdivine's series etc. But in overal, this game worth 5 star for sure. Keep it up !!!
one of the best games from this developer, i love the 3d graphics and its amazing,please make sure to finish the story line and beat the last boss,its super fun when you have to fight with everything you've got from chapter 1 until the last boss through the whole game,like for real its kinda realistic, i love it
Give us the ability to skip through all the talk. Or at least make it faster. I'll go through it once. But not again. Otherwise good story, okay game play and ect.
Why do literally NONE of the Kemco games work on Android 9? They all have the same problem where they freeze at the first loading screen and you can't play at all. Trash company! Garbage!
Very entertaining.the story line keeps you enthralled. The gameplay is smooth and easy to use & understand. I really like it.