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RPG Onigo Hunter

RPG Onigo Hunter for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is nostalgia fuel of rpgs from gamings past! The story, side quest, and battle skills are reminescent of games like breath of fire. Fully recommend to any retro gamers, especial since there is almost never any ad interuptions!
This is a really great game. I do you wish you add more games wherein the clothes that you change are seen.
Good game. Till it bugged out on me. Main quest 43 supposed to go home with a broken robot, it's in the bed and It won't move past the quest
Fun game but the pop up commercials in the middle of playing the game are super annoying and ruin it for me.
Despite the cliche story, this game have a unique system, called "trap". You can place a trap in dungeon and wait till the onigoes (onigoes=monster) trapped in there. Control, other features, battle system is the same as most of KEMCO RPG games. What's different from other KEMCO games is, this is really suitable for casual play. Since all of the quests (till now) given from the guild. So you don't need to talk to every NPC. You also can leave dungeon anytime by tap on "map". You also can go back to the trap you placed anytime instantly. So, it's like placing a teleport gate if you're lazy to go back to certain point in dungeon. The maximum trap placed is 6 though. So your teleport gate is limited. If you're looking for an action RPG game because you want to battle, building character, and play it casually, this is the right game for you. (Since the story is so-so) I almost forgot to mention. Art of this game is great. Not only they have a great character design, ALL of the equipments have its own design. There's visual of your character in "Equip" menu, and the visual changed depends on the equipment.
Only been playing for a few hours but gameplay is good so far. Good to see that there are stronger monsters to go back to kater on in the game to fight (and maybe capture)?
It's a all around great game once you get the concept of it capturing monsters and combining them to make abilities weapons and special items to boost your overall in game performance not many games out there like this good time killer as well overall has 5 stars in my perspective.
A great game that is a lot of fun and gives you time to make desigions that will help you. Controls are easy as well.
Overall, the game was interesting and fun. The crafting process wasn't the best. Trying to figure out what made what you wanted got a bit complicated sometimes. I've played similar games that were better. Also, at the beginning the ads were an acceptable nuisance, but once you get further into the game the ads take over and you essentially have to make a real cash purchase if you want to actually play and not spend your time closing ads. I have sometimes spent real cash on similar games but I refuse to have making a purchase forced down my throat on a casual game. I am uninstalling now.
So once you get about half way into the game they work into the story a reason why the ads are increasing. Then pop adds after every battle and tell you if you don't like it you can pay to make it go away. I can also delete the game to make it go away. Touche
Runs smoothly on older gen phones (neo s5). Minimal adds, has micro-transactions but doesnt prompt you without your approval. Good story from what i have played, great progression system and easy controls.
Great Game, but once more ads appear, the ads block the screen. This wouldn't be too bad if it didnt block the map making it hard to navigate through the levels
good little game so far. graphics are fairly SNES like which I dont mind at all. story seems interesting. I gave the ☆s. the animation of the characters during battle... I've seen it before and I cant place it, that's the only thing that bothers me about this game. =]
I love this game bro, the classic looking graphics remind me of the old style rpg games. I love the battling system too.
Game crashes when i get to the first island. Not sure what to do. I cant rate the gameplay yet as this glich is keeping me from going on past the start.
Cool story, and easy to play. Nastalgia game play, controls are a lil difficult to manuever but can still play and enjoy the game
It's grinding with finesse. You can't just all kill your enemies, you sometimes have to capture them alive.
Really nice old school RPG. In fact, the more I play this, the more I love it. Really like the old Final Fantasy, Grandia games etc. Really glad I found this game and this company. PS I paid 5 dollars (cant recall the exact amount) to remove ads at the top and dont begrudge a cent of it.
This was fun till i got to burgest island. None stop adds popping up after battles. Every 1 to 2 minutes . in your face adds. It slowed game down all the pop ups. Yet another game destroyed by over advertising. I dont understand why devs put all that time into something just to break it. If you are that hard up. Your not too good at your job. Sorry
I was enjoying the story. The game was fun, with monster hunting missions. I followed the story right up to the first boss. That is where I started to lose interest. The boss was really tough. Being the intro "tutorial", meaning not much options for places to go and characters to use, the fight felt too high level. I had to grind a little, what little I could in the intro area. I also had to use a lot of potions to finally win. Later in the game I am fine with these types of fights.
Easy enough to follow. Finding crafting materials in your list is annoying. It would be better if you could sort your Onigos. Ad content gets ridiculous shortly after they ask you to review the game, at which point you either deal with ads that completely stop gameplay every 2 min, play with all your data connections off, pay them for the game, or give up and delete the game.
Like the game with fun system and crafting items and skills. The trap system is simple with a guide to tell you the info you need. But to the rest of the onigoes is harder. And there's no direction on where is it that you're missing unless you go to a site for a guide. Not only that I have missing profile cause of a bait I don't have. The end game you don't have much to do but beating hard dungeons which is pretty challenging but the reward is only catching the big guys. Use hard mode for fun.
This game is so fun most games i get bored with but the stories so interestings and i cant put it down for anybody looking for an adventure and some cute moments in the game then i suggest this
I am enjoying the game. The concept of being a trapper is quite unique. Refreshing. The graffics are great. The storyline has it's twists which keeps you interested.
Great offline game,, i'd like a PS4 version please,, if your looking for a fun game this is it,, Thanks Kemco
I think its a very interesting game I enjoy this game to build up character and get weapon and armour explore different islands many quest in my appinion its a good rpg world adventure.
Really best game i've ever had from playstore. U actually can play without paying real money and u get the premium item too. but with hardwork ofcourse. The story is intresting itself and the first game i had where using skill and buy items using the same currency "Energy". Really thanks you developer. I hope u can make more intresting game.
easy but fun for. Just started but the story is fun. love the character interact, gonna play this for awhile see where it goes
Interesting little game... The interface and main story are decent, the amount of time travelling around and enemy encounter rate is too high
Love the unique Hunter / Trap aspect of this game. Reminds me of my grandfather who used to trap for furs in the wilderness just to feed his family. Glad we don't have to do it anymore but things change as time goes by... thank goodness for technology.
So much content with nearly no ads and no need to spend money on the cash shop. The crafting system, combat, and story were all better than I could have expected from a mobile game. If you loved old school jrpgs then give this a chance, very well done.
Enjoying it. Got to the push for a review (cute by the way! 🤣😁), so wallop. - would be good if you had like a quick recipe book for combining, might make it easier; if you wanted to bulk farm/ build. - thank you for the game.
Well at first its good, but then you reach a certain point where the game cheekily throws way more ads at you than would ever be necessary, and that's after they ask you to rate the game. Still good, but the ads could have been balanced and unintrusive.
Good old RPG game but too many ad interruptions through half the game. It's bad enough there's ads on top of the screen but ad interruptions in between every 2 battles added to the top screen ad? --that's just way too much. Average game with too much ads.
Nice game I like stratagizing so I can win and boss battles r hard it's like fighting a monster u can beat but like 2 or 3 times stronger but overhaul it's a nice game it has the same system as pokemon were u walk any were exept base (safe place we're u can't get into a fight or in other games die but we'll enjoy Dis game
A lot of the RPGs have similar ideas, but a unique touch on them. A good example with this one is the fact that there's early game clues about Haron, along with how his daughter, Lumiere, is accompanying us in the game. Also, there's many funny moments with Sebastian and Fain's mini fights, or just Rama in general!
This game is so good I love story base games I love it all. I have suggestion that you know at least we can sell onigos cuz quite a bit so lazy just delete them haha but yeah good job devs
Great game. I wish the craft list had some type of indicator so I would not have to click it to see if I can craft that item, big time saver.
Can't play at all, launches says 'now loading' Google Play signs in. Then just a black screen and game music. I tap the screen It shows what I assume are the cursor effects but still just a black screen the game never starts. If you could tell me how to fix this I'll change my rating and I've tried googling how to fix this I found nothing useful
This author did an awesome job on this game. I am truly loving every minute of it. I love how you can get Creation Tickets. I got 3 awesome weapons for the job now. Also the Onigo Energy device where you can take the captured Onigo and make items and later make weapons and armor. My advice is get the Energy Device (forgot the real name) where it holds 999,999 EN. Default you can only hold a 1000 EN. This dev thought of everything for this game. Thank you so much devs :-) Sue
Its kind of funny game with the characters different thoughts. Really liked the game and very time consuming too. Great work and hope there willl be more games to be seen in future because i really wanna end this game fast and try the next one from ur game collection
Story is enjoyable (with some annoy extra dialogues that others have mentioned). Features are as described and quite interesting. Resources (graphics, sounds) is just about enough.(Still, why do NPCs keep walking?) Controls... just basic 4-direction buttons might have been better. Advertisements is... fine. Instead of trial and full versions, these might be reasonable. But that's pushing users to purchase. You could have shown ads with users permission and both will be happy.
a Very good game however the names of the islands and some of the characters... sounds like something a 3 year old would've thought up. Lucifer Island Satan Island Rama just few of the most stupid names you could think of! Or the developer was just too lazy to come up with better names...
The experince has been very eventful, the story is very elaborate, the mechanics are complex yet simple, this game has benn everything i have been lokling for!!!!!
It is a great game to play. Highly recommend for RPG lovers, I like the classic 2D style the craft system is great. I have yet to find anything to complain about kemco keep these games coming please.
An adventure turn based old fashioned real game like final fantasy. I've played for 3 hours now and only seen 4 mini adds that you can exit right away. This is a close to perfect game and what other developers should be aiming for. Thank you for actually making a real game I've gone though at least 100 games in the last year and none compare to this so far.
another great game from kemco. they make interesting characters and engaging story lines. thoroughly enjoying myself.
Love the game, it is excellent. Pity about the ads which come into the game after playing for around nine hours, unless you pay to get rid of them. Would be better without the ads.
Potentially a fantastic game. Sadly after a while the island Maps cover the screen. Once familiar with the map you can minimize it to see what's happening, but you can't get familiar with the map unless you can explore with map open. Which you can't as map covers screen. Game becomes unplayable on mobile.
I came here to give a star just like one of the character wishes... And I'm also here to give you a feedback. The keys for the storehouses, I found in the internet that it can only purchased by real money? That's like kind of a turn off, I low-key want those treasures... Maybe you can set up a mystery puzzle where we, as players, can solve and be rewarded by the keys to each of the storehouses.
A good little rpg, especially for one built for mobile and free to play. The gameplay loop is a little repetitive, but I suppose that could be said of any rpg really. My only major change I would ask for is an intermediate difficulty level. As it stands now the easy setting is too easy to pose any real challenge and the harder difficulty is too hard unless you already have experience with the game, so not really a good difficulty to start with.
Easy mode? Easy to die mode you mean. The enemies put a status on you, and hit hard. Like a quarter of my character health goes missing after just ONE hit. And they all tend to team up on a character until they die. This game sucks majorly. DO NOT PLAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BREAK YOUR DEVICE IN RAGE!!!! Will NOT be playing any KEMCO apps... EVER!!!!
Doesn't seem to chew battery or data. Adds are few and far between. Fun game play. PS: Found All the ads. Right after lv 20. PPS: $5bucks for ad removal? Sorry all it's a great game but by.
weird, this is exactly the type of game I like but I never got into it. I think the concept of traps confused me and then battles were still easy, no worries of losing. no risk of losing means boring game. i'm willing to admit I did not give the game enough chance.
Story: So far. The monster hunter like concept is awesome. Characters are pretty solid, with their own uniqueness Gameplay: amazing! Creation parts, hunting, creating skills and alchemy makes this real enjoyable. Loving the hunting mechanics Music: I like the boss music. Other musics are okay, but it gets repetitive with the same music all the time. Notes: HUNT! Use traps and craft things! For alchemy stuff at your house, use the crafting list! You will thank yourself later!
I like it. First play was fun since this is the first time i play a game style like this by kemco usually you guys in kemco prefer the openworld map to explore a lot of places by traveling. The tough ( or hard option) was just like normal option for me, lvl up is not that hard actually its the same as machine knight lvl system. Im ready to buy the premium version of this but, i have a wish can guys in kemco change the name of most of the island like lucife island or Satan island? Its kinda i dunno feel weird or odd im not comfortable at those name at all while im in game, make like 'the rising ruins". Just change those island name plsss? Will you?
I truly love this game! It has everything you could ever want in a rpg. Weapons strengthening, Capture Ongigos, Make items and gear with your treasure trove of captured Onigos and so much more....
Did not receive the gems I paid for. Would like my money back. Don't know if my review is being deleted or anything. I paid twice for the gems. Still didn't receive them and I've been playing the game. This is wrong and you get no answer from delvelpers either. I wouldn't trust this game if you want to get gems.
I haven't played it yet(downloading) but im very sure it was fantastic and satisfying just like your other games... Great job!! Im still hoping you would make a game(similar to breath of fire) where we will be able to choose 4members between many companions we met as the game proceeds and we will also be able to combine an elemental entity to a specific character that will enhance its ability and may even change it!(their looks may also change)
I love all of your games I've played. And beaten them at least once. Ranma is just too cute to not leave a review.
Clever.. I see how you did that.. Clever indeed.. Its a good game. The controls are very simple. The story is compelling and indepth. Awesome work.
A nice Kemco game. If you've played other JRPG's from them then you'll know exactly where and what to do and expect. It feels a little slow in the beginning but with the help of the tutorials, you'll learn how to craft and capture Onigos (The are what, basically, the monsters and beasts are called in the game. Think 'Pokemon'. Different types, you fight them, you capture them). Graphics - 4/5. Music - 4/5. Story - 4.5/5 Total playing time length - 4/5 (roughly 45hrs+ if you avoid sidequests)
The game itself is worth playing, I think. However the dialogue is an area of weakness. I felt like I was reading an essay written by a high schooler. Granted it takes a lot of effort to make an RPG, the scenes within the first 8 minutes were rather frantic. Grammar was bad, slang was used by a sophisticated butler, and respectful, sound grammar and vocabulary was used by the supposed barbarian. A supposed professional Attendnat of a princess was sophisticated one moment and unsophisticated the next. Within this short time I lost almost all interest in the story. I felt like I was playing a tabletop game with an inexperienced Game Master who wrote a script for his NPC's to follow, and when the dice exploded on a d20 he decided to give GM favoritism to his NPC out of pride, while trying to maintain a sense of humility with the characters. The atmosphere was just bad.
Good storyline but after a while the game is becoming impossible to beat. Lv 59 party against lv70 bosses that are impossible to beat, be aware, stay away and don't loose your precious time!