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Is a Role Playing game developed by MarxGames located at Estonia, Tartu, Pohjatamme pst 5, 51011. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Fear) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the grind give something to time out on and enjoy the small things in life and killing lots of stuff at thevsame time
Best free rpg. Many interconnected skills to level up and use to make money in the in game player market. Big maps to explore. Bosses to defeat. Updated events. Very helpful chat mods. Cross platform is a super plus. This is NOT a pay to win. That is the most appealing part, anything in the premium store can be purchased in the player market, if you have the coin. Forgot to mention FUN for the oldschool rpg player, and new a like. No I'm not a mod or a dev just a very happy player!
no matter where i touch my screen chat opens up and i cant figure out how to close chat, whats the point in trying to play when in 5 min span you only end up play for a minute
I really want to like this game. It's got a lot of features I really enjoy and a cool old school rpg vibe overall. However I agree with many of the other reviews that this game is OVERmoderated and you can be bullied or banned for not obeying the whims of the player moderators. It's a shame to see a game with so much potential ruined my some petty chat rules..
The game is really good like I CANT EVEN LOGIN TO THE GAME! I REGISTERED RIGHT?! AND THEN TYPED THE USER AND PASS THEN I PRESS LOGIN AND THEN I CANT LIKE why do i even bother, i really like how it looks like the images you showed but then i cant even login to the game pls fix this
Very addictive game with a great community! P. S. Do not play this if you are easily addicted to games, otherwise you'll spend hours and hours everyday exploring new places and training your skills!
I would give it 5 stars cause I really enjoy playing this game and hats off to the 2 dev's but you should reconsider "some" of your pmods I feel like their childish and ignorant to the fact that they represent your game. Its caused me to quit playing...
The inventory system didn't work; I couldn't equip items at all. Other than that, I think the design of the interface needs to be revamped; it's cumbersome and hard to use.
The gameplay is among the best and the community is pretty good. One star because you can't have multiple people playing on the same internet nor can you trade or interact between alts. Also, the moderators show blatant favoritism and choose when and whether to enforce the rules as THEY interpret them. Don't waste your time, or, play it like an offline game because you'll get banned for saying anything even remotely controversial even in the mature chat channel.
Best old school mmo rpg for Android I love the old school nostalgia brgings me back to the 90s but adds a new school twist definitely 10/10 if your an old school gamer. Cant wait for new content.
Good game i reallly like it but can you like add more improves to like a monthly update so if theres any bugs
A great game people just can't stand having to follow rules or that the main chat is a help chat and not a general chat, can take awhile to get into but once you do it's very rewarding. The game has an incredibly friendly and helpful community there are some trolls and other annoying factors but that's the same in any multiplayer online game
Very retro Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (mmorpg). Simple to pick up and play, but has nuance.
Worst usability ever. Chat is only 2 lines long and guess what? You can't scroll it. The starting island tutorial asks you to equip a magic but there are none and no directions on how to acquire it.
Tried both versions of this. Neither one will start. Sandbox version hangs on an empty, white screen, and this one keeps locking up while loading. I am done. Too bad, because it looks like a cool game, if it would work...
Literally throws captchas at you as you are trying to fight enemies. Completely insane, borderline unplayable.
Terrible graphics, quirky gameplay, and no sound. I have only played this for 30 seconds and I already hate it. I had more fun playing pong then playing this.
*edit* I have just read a few reviews and it seems this game permanently bans people for silly stuff. A moderator in game chat got salty for me using CAPS... Your game has max 150 players on at a time. No wonder because people want to chat more freely. Waste of time and should be removed from the store.
Very good game, mainly play it on pc very casually. It's a small community but they are very close and nice people, a good community can make a game so much more enjoyable 🙂
good game .. played it for 2 years.. best rpg community ever . no toxic player, helpful chat .. what else would u want .. and all for free ..
Ive played a while ago with my boss I really like farming mobs on pc. Alot of afk skills just listen for the ding. Pvp is cool kinda lame they added safe pvp but thats opinion. Pets are great santas sled op. Awesome gearsets. Minigame(monster hunting dungeon thing) Boss's Just a all round great retro mmo. -zenzo
One of the best game i ever played very punishing for new players though but the gameplay the griding aspect. I strongly suggest this game
All time favorite game ever made! I play habitually! On mobile, in browser, on steam. I play in bed, on the couch, in the taco bell drivethru, in the shower, literally everywhere. Ive already written 2 other more in depth reviews for the MO on steam and the chrome store. here your just gonna get my undying love for margus and the MO
Blank pages n txts corruptions that can't launch game after long no use. This updates can't handle this. I'm going to old.
game has varity of field u can choose like crafting , mining , lumber selling .etc most importantly fighting and marketing but , 1. it has no so good graphic so not a game for graphics lover 2. very stupid and strict protocols , we play game or come to follow ur protocols. mods are helpfull but sometimes so strict . so guys who like to be free and safe are not recommended not to play this game .
Worst UI I have ever seen. No, it's not "old school," it's just bad. Giant chat tab that you can't remove, even if you delete every channel.
The game is not bad. It is slow some things are a little too punishing a number of things make little sense but it is not that bad. I would say don't start playing till you at least get an hours worth of research on what to really do as the game leaves you more blind then skyrim without a map, compass or any kind of fast travel.
A decent game excluding the fact the game is extremely buggy in comparison to the PC version. The map doesn't even work properly to tell you location names.
It's a great game, played until 75 str couple of years ago when 100+ was rare, unfortunately the app is almost unplayable because of to much lag, great game tho, remember Runescape allot, I am giving another try using chrome, Game 5* and app 1*.
Love the game..... On PC. I feel like the mobile version was ported very poorly. The UI feels cramped, and chatting is pretty difficult with everything cluttering my screen. Really wish the interface was upgraded or changed a little bit to work on mobile. However, having played on my computer, there weren't any issues.
Truly one of the best grinds there is, forget osrs- this is the closest knit, most friendly, supportive community of gamers ever. And the grind is eternal. I play 2-8 hrs a day. Warning: if you are one to get addicted to an MMO be forewarned this game's a habitual occupation.
This is one of the shadiest games ever, beware of deposits. The mods ruin what little bit of game there is. Save yourself the trouble and don't download this one.
Some of the mods are on a warpath it seems. Played hundreds of similar games and I've seen strict but nothing like this. Far too eager to ban you and delete your account for the most trivial of transgressions. What a shame. Was enjoying the game
While, given, I might be a little biased this game is still one of my all-time favorites They update the game itself regularly, the mods are active (some people say they're a little too active, those people haven't actually read the chat rules if I had to take a guess, protip: if you want to talk about different topics than the game, and community around it either use the 18+ channel or get invited to a private room by a premium player) The microtransactions are not required to play the game and most can be aquired in many ways other than paying. Admittedly you should buy MOS though, to support the creators if nothing else The only criticisms that I really have would have to go to the ui. For computer the ui is great, but on mobile it's just really lack luster...
This is a great game. Don't listen to the reviews complaining about moderation. The mods are great and are here to resist any trolling or toxicity. I've never seen them randomly ban anyone unless they're clearly botting. The community is extremely friendly and helpful due to the lack of trolls. A great game to try out.
Very simple but fun to play your way. You can sale items,make items,explore,fight, all the things you expect from an rpg. Plus it can be played on any PC or window screen.
Was this game stupid its not even loading in my phone and there's a white screen when i switched on to the game. What a stupid game.
Great game DO NOT BLOW YOUR REAL MONEY ON IT.... I bought somthing that was sapose to be $26.99 +tax turned out to be close to $50 can sombody explain how the hell tax on $26 is almost $25 in tax doesn't make sense it blows my mind the scums in this world
Love it...but why does none of the magic(that ive used so far that is) deal damage? It says (ammount)max damage but ive used well over 500 spells and none have hit, i havent even seen a 0 damage hit -_- good game tho...
All in all a fun game for thoes who dont mind grinding alot however its not hard to grind yourself out so take it slow otherwise you will not play this for long
Amazing game although the graphics may be questionable but the gameplay is amazing with possibly the best community you can imagine willing to help anyone out.
They should completely change the chat system they currently have. There are players who get the privilege of being chat moderators and can ban you as they please. It doesn't matter what you do or say, they get to abuse their power and you can get banned for something mundane. Not to mention, the incredibly strict rules encourage trolls because there is a greater reaction from other players when rules are intentionally broken. Because of this, there are many trolls for such a small community.