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RPG Machine Knight

RPG Machine Knight for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game doesn't disappoint me and I'm very happy from it. The feels given the game is superb. Finishing from the start till the ending is totally worth it.I remember years ago I can't finish the game because I can't totally understand the story with my poor understanding with English and now I'm able to finish it. Guys THANK YOU for making this ;>
This is one of the little gems that is a very enjoyable game that has a good storyline. I found myself wishing it was a little longer or perhaps had a second to a series but I was quite happy with one. The leveling/grinding is a callback to the older Finla Fantasy style games, as well as he graphics. About the only real complaint I'd have is it would have been nice to have more options when dealing with the end game decisions. Having to choose 1 or the other is kind of full. "Why not both?"
Really awesome game! I had recently played dragon lapis and wanted another story driven rpg to play, I knew 5 minutes in, this was the kind of rpg I've been craving lately. Greatest ever? Maybe not, but for a free mobile game that doesn't drown you in ads, this is a flawless masterpiece. Hope there's a part 2 although I haven't quite finished this story yet haha. Would recommend giving it a go, it will be pretty hard to be disappointed because the games pretty damn decent!
It's pretty good. Pretty much what you would expect. Class system, skill leveling and augments, crafting. I would recommended as an introduction to jrpgs. 3 save slots, though an ad automatically plays with each save.
One of the best mobile games I've ever played. Briings back memories of the gameboy games I used to play. The game is well-thought and incredibly good and simple. Not to forget that it is totally free and can be finished without any purchase (although remember to atleast watch an ad to help yhe developers). The only drawback is the excessively long conversations which most are irrelevant and does not help with the story at all.
Love the game everything love it but why cant i find the secret passage in the castle the characters said ask the people in the kingdom but nobody tells it even if i cant find the passage still gave five star im just a 12 year old thats why icant understand them
Out of all the free rpgs for mobile, i always fi d myself oming back to machine knight. This is the closest ive found to an oldschool FF or other console rpg.
Gameply wise, its got some aspects that are better than others just like it. But the dialogue and character interactions are simply bad, it really is the hardest part of the game next to the pointlessly long final dungeon. But i made it through, cant say i feel the need to do the second playthrough
I like actual gameplay, but there is so much tapping and waiting for the storyline that I'm uninstalling. Too much for me, I need a skip option.
Great story line and very addictive play. Been playing on and off for years. Got new phone and desided to start over again :)
Great rendition of a classic RPG, smooth graphics and reminiscent of difficult dungeons to navigate through, kudos!
I'm just a beginner in this game, but from what little i have seen, i'm enjoying it quite a bit. Only one little slight irritation. I have no issue with watching the advertisements for an experience boost, but the multiple reminders before the "cool down" time is reached, is kind of irritating. I don't mind the commercials, but 3 or 4 interruptions before i can even do anything to remedy it, seems excessive... Other than that, it's quite enjoyable.
I gave a good review earlier but i retract it. After hrs of getting materials white cloth and leather I lost it all. It just disappeared. Major problem.
Have played this before 4-5 years ago and i quite liked the storyline. For those who likes pixel games, this is highly recommended.
Thank you developers for another great rpg. Great story and classic graphics. If you're looking for a fun game to play in your spare time, this is it! Type kemco in the search bar to see all their great games. They have approximately 35 and many of them are free!
Very Good storyline and Adventure Aspects. Not Pay to Play type of Game. As it goes on deeper into the Game it also gets harder, but not impossible to beat. Great Game bottomlineπŸ€“
I have never seen so much story text in a game...first hour of play was talking. And that's me tapping fast to get past it. Attacked first creature another long story...just quit and uninstalled. Don't waste your time.
First I enjoying this game and i love the flow of story, unfortunately until I reached to mission 11 Voyager to return the original shape of soulstone you must to find the hidden spot of fountain spirits but I couldn't find where did the hidden spot...reply back...thank you...
It's a great game, but there wouldn't happen to be cheats in it to spuce it up would there? I beat it once already but I wanna redo it with max everything for the fun of it.
I have played this game before and enjoyed every minute. This will be my second since my last phone lost everything that I had gain. Thank you very much making a fun, easy and enjoyable app. This RPG is a great app.
Its a great game with good characters and story. I love it more for how it reminds of the PS 1 era with its graphics and battles. The enemies are also different in their shapes and looks so it makes everything feel new. As for players getting into this game, the endings are something to work for so be prepared.
Terrible RPG. Graphically, it's fine, and it also runs fine but you have no clue what to do or where to go and worst of all, you have no inventory screen, no stats, no attributes, nothing. You just walk around, talk to people and fight on the world map until your health runs out. Stupid af.
Game has potential but 95/100% of the game is pure dialog which makes the game boring only around 5% is actual game play
Great RPG! Harkens back to the days if my youth, where I spent hours and hours playing Shining Force and Phantasy Star!
I think this is the best game out of all the others becouse it has a good plot and it has a good crafting basis. My favorite so far
I am enjoying the premis of the story! But it is a little ewrly for me to rate it honestly, 4 stars for now, if it stays fun i will happily bring to 5
This is an amazing rpg. Very impressed with this game. However, the narrative and dialogues are lacking. They often feel very drawn out and jumbled, making little to no sense. Gameplay is 10/10 though.
Getting through the first few sluggish hours is worth it. Definitely the best characters I've played in a mobile Kemco game yet, and towards the end there is several gripping moments.
Totally worth playing might have a bit more story than i like in the start but quick short conversations after that
Love it. Reminds me of old school FF4 mixed with chrono trigger and DQ6. Easy play with nostalgic graphics.
I wish you could drag the character lik you could do in Stardew Valley which is a game I prefer on my note 9 rather than computer, but taping to get a character somewhere is ok. I like the storyline and the Earthbound like front view battle system is cool. I think the music is good too. For ads at least you can close some ads and I am pretty patient lots of the time and they don't bother me that much in most mobile games I want to play. I would give this a 4.5 if I could.
Fantastic old school game. Thank you for all the work put into it. Ads are non intrusive and it has rich story line. One thing I would ask for is instead of auto battle, may we have a macro style setup. So we can choose who attacks first, or uses what ability consistently. Example would be like phantasy star 4. Would also be nice if the mission section of menu actually provided in site on what to do next. As it is right now, it's worthless for main story line.
So far game story is very interesting and engaging, reminds me of Chrono Trigger. Controls to move around are a bit hard on the phone but work well enough. Battles are simple so far. Ads are reasonably spaced and not annoying.
I really like the game...I am attracted to this turn based old schools art and going to somehow play all games of kemco. It has story, skills and humor to keep you entertained. Keep it up.
The game is absolutely amazing. It is really fun, helps kill time, great story, easy controls, and the only ads that appear are the ads that appear when you save or want 30% more exp. And when you do save, you don't even have to watch it. You can quickly close it and move on. One of the good few free games in the play store.
Um so amazing game I was playing with my tablet and I finally beat the driller battle and save at the fishing town and went to bed but when I was waking up to continue the game had deleted the save file I guess I should have saved in all three files I'm redownloading it because it's fun but if you could fix these it would be great
Dude. I play this game since i was 10. 5 years has pass but this game is still precission and its gaming quality was perfect. Good rpg for beginner and people that don't want to play it in hack
There's an option to gain extra EXP by watching an ad. But every time I try it, it doesn't work. "Failed to watch ad" and "Check the reception and try again later" However, every time after saving the game, there's always an ad shown. So... How?
Its really cool the first few hours and I already have to make tough decisions like who im siding with and boss battles. And like I said I plaued for a few hours its very addictive and im curious if ur gonna make more games like this.
Decent game, but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it after nearly 20 hours. There's a late game dungeon with lasers blocking the way and after an hour of searching (for a third pass?) I called it quits. The game could also use an in-game guide explaining stats and item effects. I still have no idea what the Allure stat was for.
Quick and cool. Nice skill tree system. With some conservative grind, I managed to complete them and finish the game in less than 3 days. Final gears aren't acquired in the late dungeons, *only ridiculous gears. You could go through the game with some cooking knives hidden right in the first castle town.* Yes, I played advanced difficulty.
There is a typo in the first sentence in the beginning word crawl. That's pretty much indicative of the quality. Speaking of, the dialogue is so painfully awful, I actively avoided speaking to anyone. Bugs are everywhere. My favorite example: I switched to onscreen joystick movement, then back to tap but the huge onscreen prompts stayed on the screen, causing half the screen to be unusable. I understand the game is free to play but that doesn't magically make it enjoyable.
After a 20 min book your vague "quest" go see a ruler. No map no idea where to go or what to do or how to do anything! Controls are not explained or fluid in any way.
Great game love the antique feel of gameplay plus it's so addictive playing this takes me back to the 16 bit days. Thanks for making it available for me
I hope the machine night gets a sequel where you travel back in time and save the kingdom that was destroyed and that fixes all the issues well except for the guy going back in time with you trying to prevent you from changing the past so he can f****** the future and then you have to face your villains again but this time everything is harder because the magic users haven't worn down the machine soldiers nor are the bad guys resources mostly used up...............
I LOVE this game. This has everything I want in a mobile RPG. You can actually move around. The skill and job class system is great. Its truly offline unless you choose to view the ads for the bonuses. I love the classic 2d graphics which look really nice with graphics settings set to high. Get this game! You won't regret it, I promise.
I really enjoy this game. I see Kemco even has games on ps4 on digital store. If they are like this one I will definitely purchase. I enjoy the old school jrpg feel takes me back to my youth. The machine board is a nice touch to give extra motivation to grind out levels and spend your sp the way you want.
Used to play it all the time a few years ago, unfortunately now that I've come back. Every time I try to save the game it saves but only after a 30 second ad has played. Don't ever remember the game being like this but will give 4/5 for old times sake.
Hi. So far, I've been enjoying the game. It's a good RPG, not that taxing on mind in regards to grinding. But I have an issue regarding the ads because I can't use them to gain exp boost or shop discounts. And funny thing is, they pop out after I save my gane, which is not where I need them to be. I hope to receive a response as to why things are like this in the game.
Retro interesting...perhaps I increase the review..doesn't stand bad or great...but it's a start...and God bless no dailies or calendars or telling ppl how to live their life. Like games used to be. And as an adult who runs a business...don't have time for any dev for free cept my free time. I hate dailies. Keep games like this coming.
It is very good game but i'd like you to put some question mark or notation mark on the npcs so that we can know if there is a quest not that we will do a one on one talkin to themm...well it is very good the quest so many than the other rpgs i made ...thas all
superb games, just like what i want. all are perfect. but its too easy. tq for this game. i had never watch the ads, never short of money to buy things, didnt need to buy the game at all. but this game worth more, i feel sorry to creator of this game.
There is a bug after you enter the Lecom Castle, The Exp, Sp and Gold was Only 1 also the monster had longer lives and become stronger. I can't finish this game because you can't land after you enter the boat. Please fix this bug immediately.
Good game so far. Lots of perks for the frugal. It has a real feel for final fantasy/ phantom star style of old school rpg and I seriously wonder how much chronotrigger inspired their story. It may get wordy but what good rpg doesn't? It has no problem playing offline either. I highly recommend it if that's the itch you're looking to scratch. Good stuff. I'm gonna go beat this game now. Probably drop my proverbial dollar in the donation tray afterwards if I'm still loving it like I am now.
It's a small addictive game that keeps you busy when you have the time. However you need to make sure you know what you are doing. Should have been a little more straightforward.
it's a good game a little long winded in the texts but if you are into a good long story game with old fashioned Nintendo based game play this is the game for you I'm still very early in the game but it's seems pretty good so far it has video rewards that are handy exp boost and merchant's discount so far only problem I have on that was there is not always a video available when you need one lol other than that I have no problems with the add factor
Very nice game. It reminded me of old-school rpg games like final fantasy. The most important is that this game is free and not stingy in ads. Good job
Wonderful game. The story line and the game play is excellent developed. This game is on par with Final Fantasy... Maybe on the next game add more characters so that way it enhances the strategy aspect and allows people to pick and choose which party they want, based on how they strategize in battles...
Great throwback to the oldschool jrpg's from the Super Nintendo era. Only negative I've found so far is that the Cfontrol pad controls aren't very smooth. Other than that it's a fun game.
Pretty decent game, but lacking in the small polish details that make a JRPG more immersive (i.e. Frain, the main character, has a sword in his image from game start, even before acquiring one). It gets the basics of old turn-based JRPGs right, but the fights can be a bit too easy if you put any real effort into your equipment/skills at all (no matter difficulty setting). Characters have 2D personalities, but no more so than others in this genre. All in all, a decent old-style RPG experience.
This game is great!!! Its like Final Fantasy and Sword Art Online! I was never expecting that this game is good as I expect... Good job devs... Keep the good work :)
I've played 3 kemco games(onigo hunter, antiquia lost, and revenant dogma) before this one. So far, this is the best one for me. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I didn't actually get to finish onigo because I got bored of it. The other two are great though.
It's a fun game that feels both oldschool and new. I like the option of being able to gain coins for in game purchases without actually spending money.
The app told me to write a review, I like it so far, the menu could use a little fix, I have to press back everything I try to look at the tabs on the menu.
I love the game it's like the old school Zelda games or the OG FF. Best part by far is that you dont have to run your internet to play it. AWESOME!!!
a little clunky but seems good so far. would move the reviews closer to the middle of the game. the first chapter is hardly the place for a review. its silly but ok - u get a pat on the head and a atta boy .
This game is literally my favourite RPG game so far.The characters were good,design are okay and the best part is the way the adventure storyline is just remind me of Pokemon of some sort.I highly reccomended this to whoever looking for time to kill.After all, I was very satisfied with this game and thus giving it five star,a very truly deserved one!
Graphics are very old and despite faces being animated they look kind of like poorly- drawn afterthoughts. Okay but so far predictable story, decent characters and fair dialogue. Kemco definitely has better. The navigation is fair at best and the menu is atrocious.
It's pretty solid dialogue speed option would be a huge plus and the mkp system isnt the greatest kinda feels like cash grab but I get coders gotta eat
could be fun... if it werent for tge endless dialouge. its all talk no action litterally. I never made it tk the actual game play uninstalled like 39 mins into the story line...
Top tier retro game. exsctly what everyone who enjoys classics like the old final fantasy's (or earthbound) will LOVE this game. unfortunately its very long (goos thing but i played it on expert and never finished) but makes it up with a great story, interesting characters, and a great item system. Kemco i doubt you will see this but if you do, thank you for this and i HOPE you make more like it.
Just started playing this game but it's exactly what I was looking for. I had the urge to find an old school, "final fantasy" like, turn based rpg that didn't cost any money. I downloaded 4 games before this one that were advertised as turn based but more in the "idle heros" fashion. Machine Knight was number 5 and was everything I was looking for. So much so that I've already considered buying the additional content. Great job to the creators and GREAT GAME!!! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
So far playing this game has been amazing. Both music and game play style are really good. The story is interesting and fun to play.
This was quite great game, and the storyline looks fine, and gaming battle scene was also fine, im just only bored at this kind of fighting scene. But still its an old school.
a really good old school Final Fantasy type RPG. just hoping it doesn't become too dependant of real money transactions to progress.
I played this game and other kemco games a few years ago and there were no ads in between whatever i had to do. I really enjoyed this game and am enjoying it once again much more so i believe if the ads weren't that many. Still a nice game. A bit repetitive but an ok time killer still. So far so good. Will rate again as i progress
Had an interesting storyline, slightly different from your typical Final Fantasy franchises. Was fun!!
I like it. Takes me back to a time of no worries and when games had true meaning. Other than that, the controls are always responsive and on point. Very easy to maneuver. The storyline is classic but it would be cool if you had the option to skip the long dialogue. Graphics are cool but should be tweaked up in sharpness/crispiness. Sorry if i seem to be picky but it would be awesome if we could actually see the heroes in 3rd person instead of 1st. Keep up the good work guys πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is a one of a kind with a perfect mix of old school final fantasy, zelda, breath of fire, phantasy star, and is surprisingly in depth for a mobile game. It doesn't blast you with ads, unless you save, and there are no purchase nags, just info that is helpful. The quality of this game is so amazing that I went and made a purchase just to support them. The story arc also has depth you would expect from a console, and makes this game a must have rpg. By boosting with paid items you can also eliminate the grind if desired or needed. Well done, please make another title in the future, so I can support that awesome game too.
Unnecessary amount of dialogue. I tried but I just couldn't get past it. I like a game with a good story but, man, it was just too much for me.
This is the best game I've downloaded in a long time, i play it every day. Its almost identical to final fantasy, but all of those are not free!!! You guys done a great job making this game and i appreciate it so much, thanks
Seems like an okay game. The story isn't well written or doesn't flow well at least. A little annoyed at the game freezing after coming back from an ad after saving. I'm intrigued enough to keep playing
Good game. Is a fun somewhat old school style rpg. You can play through the game without even thinking about the jngame premium currency and what it can get you. Not as annoying as many freemium games out there.
A lot of bs dialog at start. I remember back in the days the storyline was always a lot of reading but at that age I liked it. Old school and nifty. Takes me back. (sniff)
This is a pretty good game. The controls are a little off. The biggest problem I have is that they are trying to hard to get more money that it lowers the quality of the game.
graphics cute. very remenece of early rpg games. no cave maps and poor lighting. help needs to take into effect not all players look to other players for explanation of game controls and leveling.
My first ever kemco rpg, brings back memories. With the rise of new retro style rpg, many tries to imitate poorly, even though this does not compare to classical games like ff series, it still gives an impact and nostalgic feeling of the old style rpgs.
I just ended the game and I'm amazed. It was exactly what I was looking for. Its great history is enjoyable and very interesting. I'd never been so attached to a game before. I loved the atmosphere, the characters, the history the, development and everything! It was a little confusing at the beginning but then it went really easy to understand what's going on in the screen.
Honestly this is my third RPG and my first that ain't an action RPG so I don't have experience on this games but in the begining this game turn on me feeling that I didn't felt before. That music, history and characters are so magic for me and almost makes me cry. Congratulation, this game low MB deserves more recognition, definitely my favorite Android videogame ever.
You are forced to watch an ad when you save your game. This game is that bad. As well, a large chunk of the touch screen is a tap box for "watch this ad for increased experience", and after every few battles your reminded that if you buy in game coins to spend on premium items you'll get goodies from it. For example "If you wear Coke Bottle Glasses you will receive extra experience from battles. You can buy them from the ruins near Dodung castle." The ruins are where you spend irl money.
Great story and gameplay make me feel nostalgic with old jrpg. The reason i hate was the story not long enough.
enjoyable, but I'm having trouble comparing weapon stats on my characters I have no idea if the weapon is better or not because its dispayed in red, however I do keep checking my list of craftable weapons to see if its a higher tier which i assume the lower on the list it is the better it is.
Classic rpg gameplay. Play as a knight with magic jusing teammates. Battle monsters to save the kingdom.
Whatba wonderfull experience trully one of if not the best Jrpgs on the playstore. Trully a homage to the golden age of 90s Rpgs...theres no describing my happines to get to experience this for the first time! Im just getting started on this game, but i alredy know theres a beutiful journy ahead...
The game itself is cool, the storyline and the fact that it's open world are great. My complaint is that the random encounters are ridiculous. You'll easily get 50 in three minutes. It's so frequent that it gets annoying to even try exploring an area. I would literally pay to have them cut to half the current amount. Also, the on screen ad makes it difficult to click to go left, and the controller pad is difficult to use.
One of the few kemco games that I like. Kemco games story are kinda redundant in terms of gameplay and story but not this one.
As expected from KEMCO, I love the storyline eventhough this game does not offer unique features other than the job selection (machina), it is still enough for me :) Finally finished the game without paying anything! I really like the feature where you able to lower the price and increase the exp gained by watching ads! Keep up the good work :)
I really injoy this game and i gave a 5 star for the old school RPG fun, it does need a map for the dungeons so it shows you where you've been and where you're going other than that it's great fun
One of the Best game Kemco ever created for Android. If you can only make Machine Knight part 2 where Frain goes back to the other world to return the soul stones it will make us players very happy.
Missing some excitement but still good... No bugs so far.. I know devs wants it to retain original machine knight.. But much better if adding new things to it, like graphics and additional storylines
I'm a sucker for these kind of games. Really enjoying it. One thing that can be improved, in my opinion is performance optimization.
Good true free to play game. In ap purchases your not forced to buy. When you get to the end it's unclear as to what to do next. They also through to many fights in and makes it hard to get anywhere. And the hunts at the end of every 2 fights are very repetitive.
Seems like it has the makings of a good RPG but I seriously can't stand sticking around to find out. I'm about an hour in and there's been maybe a minute of gameplay and everything else is cutscene. I might not mind that if the cutscenes were good, but the dialogue is boring, poorly written, and doesn't do a good job conveying the story at all. It's been such a slog to try to even get far enough to start playing the game, and the minimal gameplay so far is awkward and not well suited to mobile.
When it comes to nostalgia this game turns it up to 11! Anyone who grew up with the old school NES/SNES will definitely appreciate this game. I cant stop playing it!
The most appealing part of this game is Its cringey & enjoyable storyline, everything else is not bad, but that's It. The effect from wearing soulpeblee is still a bit vague (confusing) & gave just a small amount of boost (for certain skills) . Bit most of all, It's my type of RPG. 5β˜…
Ive only just started but so far its not a bad game at all. I like the graphics and all but there is something that bugs me. The controls with the buttons and the movement pad dont fit my phone right and it would be nice if it was possible to move the controls to fit the placement of my hands better.
Definitely not the best rpg, could use polishing but what can uou expect from a free game? This is a great FREE game were you don't have to watch ads every 30 seconds or so. Ads only show up after saving. Could use more info about stats such as allure bravery and faith, but overall a really solid game. Keep in mind i haven't finished it yet but as far as i've seen, its foundation is solid.
Love the game, brought me back to the first time I played FF#1. With 4 others in our camper ( plugged in) beside the house. We took turns playing until it was "completed". Not sure the total amount of hours. One thing is for sure, there never was a game, or will be. That could capture our imaginations like FF#1..A.K.A.(FF)
5/5 would recommend this to play for some offline games or if you can't sleep, pretty decent art and good storyline.
awesome! lots of fun, I'm frustrated at the fact that the game crashes EVERY time I save or exit out of the immediate screen.
this is game is pretty good coming from me. I judge games like this that have nice mystery, story-line, and good fan-service. 4 stars.
Simple and enjoyable. The graphics and music are reminiscent of late 3rd gen\early 4th gen rpgs. The storyline is so far a bit bland and the dialogue is rather excessive for even the simplest subjects of conversation. There was almost an hour of story before the 1st dungeon of sorts, and it was finished in a few moments. This looks to be a long-short game, but it's completely free and has an addictive charm =]
Outstanding story and old school gameplay. However, I've faced some difficulties when beating the Flying Machine Robots. Because my equipments, weapons, gears, and skills are still suck... But that's okay, my mistake anyway didn't prepare them for advanced combat. Last time I played, my combat opponents don't show their health bars. Could you give them? Had little difficulty determine how much hit they can sustains... Good job by the way, keep up lads.
Let me just say that this is a great game! I love the gameplay and the story. Same with all the other Kemco games. I have never played a game by them that is bad. Great job Kemco πŸ‘
Best game ever. My life long dream came true beating this game but after that... I kinda regretted it since I though there would be a season 2 or a 2nd 1 but I guess it was the best game ever my childhood just the best would recommend to anyone that likes rpgs and pixelated games type sandboxes I just can't stop saying it one of the best games ever I loved it thankyou for making my childhood.
This game is trying to be a Square Enix game, but fails on many levels. The game is too easy, even on the Hard difficulty. The encounter rate is way too high. The characters and dialogue are awful and the cutscenes go on for way too long. The artwork is amateurish and the spritework is mediocre. To the game's credit though, the soundtrack is magnificent, easily the best part of the game.
so far I'm enjoying this game, seems a lot better than I initially though. The introduction is extremely vague and confusing (black sun, satellite dropped from stable orbit, flash in the night, etc) and has left me clueless about what's going on. That aside from what I've seen of the game so far (mission 4), the story seems decent-ish but for whatever reason, world and continent are used interchangeably. The music is pretty good especially for the main character's world (reminds me of Rim Elm)
A respectable turn-based RPG. Feels a little run-of-the-mill (stereotypical characters, simple story, etc.) but definitely not bad. As someone who adores games like Octopath Traveler and Xenoblade the menu upon menu of stats and equipment and such both impressed and engaged me. The 3-D enemy animations look decently well done, especially for a mobile game. My main problem is a universal problem with most RPGs - Random Encounters. RE sould be locked in a basement to rot. Other than that, fun!
Really good game. A bit time consuming, but that's okay. The controls are easy to learn and use. I especially like to play this game after my Saturday chores are done; it makes the time go by faster and really helps me to de-stress. Thanks for your hard work on all your games. I'll keep my eyes open for your next game.
The game us fun and has a pretty good and so far interesting story. The only problem I had was I could not find a way to transfer my game data when I got a new phone.
I really love this game. Its easy to play and the graphics are good! ❀️ I haven't finish the game because I'm busy but I'm looking forward into its ending.
I love it, fun game all around. I do wish the battle screen was a little more streamlined though, perhaps being able to tap of the enemy directly instead: Fight>Attack>Specific enemy.
This is one of the best rpg that i have ever played really. The game is really easy to play and understand its just the missions are really vague so its kinda hard to know what you need to do and the ending is really good dont get me wrong its just i wish there was an ending where we could end up with aulin instead of being with bell i know that there is a ending with auline if you chose to not attack freia ? (I think thats her name) but its not really a romance ending But it is a wonderful game