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RPG Heirs of the Kings

RPG Heirs of the Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its a decent rpg definitely worth a play through, the only reason im not giving it five stars is.......play it and find out you will know why no spoilers!
Good game but it needs to give more money, the pop-ups happen often and I keep clicking on them when playing the game. Story line is good and funny to read.
Cute fun and pleasant. Use lottery tickets to get steel weapons, then craft amalgamate your weapon levels up. When crafting if you use a forging stone you get more weapon exp. Since forging stones are rare you can wait until you have 5 or more weapons to use for exp... Thats a good time to use a forging stone... It only uses 1 stone no matter the amount of weapons used as exp per amalgamate. Good luck.
Disappointed by the lack of consideration this game presents. The game starts out with ads on screen and after a certain point they begin bombarding you with ads interfering with the already shoddy gameplay functions. Movement and the basic control in my view are under par with even the more standard games available.
This is a game with good potential. While playing, experiencing crashes while transitioning from world map into areas. On a positive note, the game resumes from exactly the same spot before crashes, saving alot of time.
Good game I love the soul maps idea definitely a good upgrading system for a game I think they should integrate it into more of there games
Great until the ads. I loved this game until the ads were addeys in, now i cant even play the ads pop up and crash the game this sucks
They did a good job on the game itself but I never finished it because the story lines were so drawn out and there was no skip option (except for maybe the very beginning).
Funny, relaxing RPG game. Playing it on easy difficulty so it is mostly an interactive story and I like it:)
Another good game by kemco I've played a lot of there games but this is one of there older games do its hard going from one if the newer games to a older classic like this were everybody seems out of date compared to a new game like fernz gate or antiquea lost. But I still like it. just wish I played them in order. I like this story tho its like the other game with the three element tribes.
It is nice to see a different display in the rpg series, I hope you all have a new game short after, thank you
KEMCO!!!!! Hire a decent English translator. Or fire your current translator. The messed up grammer makes it difficult to read the dialog, it is affecting the story and people cant engage w the story if they cringe at every direct dictionary translation your China intern comes up with. Seriously. This RPG is better than that astroshit but the biggest problem is the english translation. It is really bad. Do the decent thing. Either pay someone to translate, OR, remove this trash translation.
This game is great game but their are a few bugs in the game it was sooo log on my phone when i see a monster guarding the 2 treasure chest the monster is not attack me i try to tap the monster it did not work when i tried to change control it did not work and i restart my phone and back to the game and the game was kick me back to my home that was my really really big problem please fix a few bug..,i dont know when the devs are reading this..................
The story kinda boring. But acceptable. Gameplay is good. Music is good. Soul map system system a bit too complicated, but still acceptable. But it made me battle only with default skill till half of the story. "How to get" soul map, and step by step to acquire every node is what should be fixed.
The controls are interesting. Multiple control settings. Combat settings are unique and overall 10/10 gameplay.
game was great, best storyline for me so far, however I was annoyed at the lack of the all important encounter option, would've liked that added as well as higher xp monster areas Game was fun, went on hard right away, I recommend it
very nice game from kemco they are getting better with experience and have made some of my favorite mobile games I like the soul tree the battles and extra bits are challenging enough to keep my interested interface is simple overall great product from kemco
The story is good but honestly fighting cute innocent kittens is definitely not cool. Turn them into allies instead.
Interesting way to get me to write a review, but so far it's simple and moving along quickly so I'm still enjoying it
Graphics and the weapon customization is similar to their game Antiqua Lost. the level up system is similar to the sphere grid of FF X. however the final boss was too difficult. I'm wondering if this one is pay to win.
seems like it would be good i can handle banner ads but not full screen ads while playing every 2 min.
Very fun game to play and I enjoy the story of this game so far and I see how far I can get in this game and story too
It's ok, but it's little bit hard cuz , when you get to certain place have to find a key somewhere, it's gets tougher to lvl up from there on but other wise it is fun, it kinda of reminds me of a first generation of Pokemon generation from gameboy and ninetado check your mbs if you're android phone tablet is capableity choose wisely .
I love your games. Would you make a game where you customizes the weapons and armour (poison sword, paralysisarrow,, silence cape, defense veil,) you can give it fancy names ,plus put in individual square s with defense, strength, lighting, freeze, void and holy attacks.
Played in portrait display and tends to feature animated portraits for the characters you play with, including every NPC you interact with. The gameplay is quite simple but each character can be improved via Soul Maps which allows for some customization in how the characters stats will grow. Items restore character resources on a percentage based system rather then a point based one. Playing Hard difficulty I found grinding was excessive with no areas to power level characters quickly.
I love this game very interesting... you won't get bored and very fun to play... thanks for making this...
good story line but the set up menu in this game is so obsolete tedious. each time you go into the items/equipmentsmenu,...or when you buy items from the shops, there's just too many screens for you to back out from. Reminds me of those really old computer screens from the 90's. just about 30 minutes into this game and it's enough to delete this game app.
Fun old school rpg with a great storyline, easy to play, actually free, easy to grind levs with the auto start which auto fights fights for u, but u have to turn it on at beginning of each fight which I like. It just takes me back to childhood reminding me of final fantasy. Superb job devs. Keep up the great rpg making :)
(+) opening song. (+) new growth system. (+) fullpicture for npc. (-) bug, sometimes I can't press third option like "return" or "dont use teleport". (-) too many adds, worse than previous game: you already have ingame buying like buy khp(diamond), why make it full of add again? (-) loading screen takes longer after the add shows up. suggestion: your character chibi sprite doesn't change so much. maybe next game can make better graphic. run instead walking, better proportion but still chibi.
As usual, Kemcos got it. Quirky characters fun play lots of grinding and hidden surprises. I gave it a four because of the soul map concept. Confusing and non linear. I like to get my skills as i go, and not have to asign them. Thats how a character should be. After all, if we let military personnel pick their skill progression they would all be experts at liquor drinking and bed hopping.
I love kemco games but where is auto rotate? Its so much harder to play with the phone upright. I will rate it more when that happens.
I'm rating this game 5 Stars, even though it has ads in it, because those ads WILL reward you. It's an awesome RPG with great graphics, gameplay and music. Kemco NEVER lets their fans down :D
old school rpg for a new generation. this company continues to provide the same fun experience in new ways
Great until the ads. I loved this game until the ads were addes in. now i cant even play the ads pop up and crash the game this sucks
Love it! It's simple, fun! I love the lottery mechanics as it helps keep you ahead of the pace a little. If you don't mind doing a little farming. Maybe increase the battle rate a little though? Feels as though sometimes I walk for an entire minute without a battle. Other than that, no complaints
This game brings up a lot of nostalgia.the gameplay style is reminiscent of the original final fantasy released on Nintendo in the United States. I love that game back then, and it's still great today, Especially on an app.
Held me hostage for a review. It's always interesting to see what sort of scene they will act out for a review. Actual review: Standard exe-create game. Worth the money so far. Will let you know more later.
Kemco and EXE collaborate for another GREAT rpg! Good story and good graphics. They have integrated a great way to get premium currency, just watch a few ads every day (look for the "!" in the main menu). And you don't have to be connected to internet to play!
enjoyable so far, dont care too much for the ads and the requirement to buy the ad blocking part otherwise it's still good once that overlooked really.
Great little jrpg. Fluid playing, good storyline, interesting content like weapons upgrading, dungeons, villages, side quests etc! Great role playing game in the turn based style of fighting like of the dragon quest games and final fantasy series etc.
I liked the story, although there is way too much dialogue, especially in the beginning! Encounters are well balanced and the characters are great. I played through past beating the big boss and now I feel the game is going on too long... like they generated an unnecessary plot point to add another hour or five after the big world saving climax. Talk about anti- clamactic! And unreasonably and inconsistently too hard to beat the final boss a second time when they travel back in time.
The plot was great has many potentials to be had but the action, drama and comedy was so so so lacking. The romance dialouge was so unreal, I could not get absorbed to the game as if was a story. I could understand if the game has ads, but every save game? It gives ads, well I could just X it, its not a video. But still, after I got all 4 soul maps, the game loads more ads. It already has ads in the loading screen and a pay button at the top left corner. It sucks if its not optional anymore. The appearance rate was too fast like Onigo Hunter or less. Finished the happy end but it was so so, I can't contemplate with the story the dialouge needs more emoji but the characters has some so its an up. Edit#?Finally finished all Achievements of 33/33. That was a lot of work, took me almost 20 hours to finish the game in hard mode ^_^. The skill system was a pay to win basis, so much excess SP that could not be used. The only thing I could think about is synchronizing my saved game to google drive, sadly, Kemco doesn't allow it anymore.
Review time! Over all I like this game, good story plot, and one of the interesting part is this game is potrait not landscape, all is good for now. Great job KEMCO!
It's very different from other games you have. I believe this is the best so far that I have played. More power for your team and I REALLY hope that you could create more games like this. Thank you
Very fun and old school game. But somewhere along the line of playing, the screen goes black and I can't continue.
Too easy of a game, even on hard I never had any a challenge. Out of the 5 games I've played from this company, this was the easiest to finish.
I am enjoying the game. It has an interesting concept. I find the Soul Map complicated. it is unclear how to use the Soul Stones. Not enough information in the help section. The scene with the Sheep ship was cute. Sheep ships ... Cute
There's nothing more irritating than having to skip through 8+ minutes of dialogue in the first ten minutes. Definitely not recommended
The story is pretty good so far the battle system is pretty simplistic to understand. I just wish there was an easier way to upgrade weapons without destroying other weapons. Other than that overall a good game and the fact you can play offline makes it better for when you are in places with no signal.
Download on two devices so same bugs show, not loading properly some times, kicks you out the game and finally gave up on it
Great story and fun game. I played it through twice just got the fun of it. Ads can be annoying but if you play offline they don't bother so much.
Devs announced a reward pending for the launch, then when they realized the promised reward didn't match their intent, silently changed the wording in the announcement and ignored addressing it directly with the player base, instead ghosting.
only a lil bit throught the game but so far not bad seems to be well writen story and gameplay is smooth
It was a good game until all the ads kicked in I can understand some ads but a pop ad after every other action is ridicules!
This game is fun, and would have given 5 stars...however, the exp/gold ratio to random battle monsters is insanely low. 5 exp for a monster that can deal damage that can take a party member out isnt right. Im all for level grinding but this is insane. I had to grind for 2hrs just to level up twice!
You know what, exe create? People doesn't care with your cringe story telling. If you keep doing these loooooong conversation & text in your games like nerds, all of your work means nothing. No hell jrpg players gonna like them or even playing them. Be creative, learn story telling from REAL console jrpg out there. The translation also always making things more worst. Learn how to put english words properly in JRPG or change the translator.
the game was good till u get to the britz shrine, that's when u need 300khp to buy a set of shoes to even be able to get through it . so basically ur forced to buy khp to even be able to beat the game. not worth it.
Great game Its just that the world map is too tiny.I cant see anything!overall,its good!you can say 90% good but they made this game in a rush.
The little time I was able to play lastnight was fun. But today as I try to open the game, it just spins on the loading screen. I try with wifi, and with call service and nothing. I reinstalled the game and managed to get it to work once and saw my saved game was gone.
I'm disappointed. Not much thought went into this. I prefer you work on making your games higher quality over quantity. The storyline is generic and dull. The battle system is dull, although i do like the coin stealing ability. The achievements are boring. I pushed through til the volcano and then uninstalled. Why don't we get to see exposition from the antagonist? Except for a small bit from mukduk or whatever. Also, the bosses are always facing away from players and that's annoying.
I'm enjoying this game so far. It's got a really familiar battle system and I'm glad it not a gavha game. Definitely good with graphics and runs smoothly. It's also not too difficult to level up either.
Cute plot & characters, lots of help and explanations throughout (which is always helpful). Generally fun. Try it out and see.
Very green. Made of bland characters, cliches and a decent art asset. It's good enough to kill time with but not enough time, detail, and love went into it for spending money.
This is the BEST RPG I have ever played. The Second Best would be Machine Knight. The third Best is the Original Sega Master System Phantasy Star & in Fourth place Phantasy Star 2. I am the Gemini Spider King & am Legend in the Underground. You guys should get the Game of the Year Award.
rpgs don't do so well in portrait view, and when the first enemy looked like a rubber duck I decided rhis was not as good as previous Kemco title. No thank you
If you're looking for a story with substance then this game is not for you. Otherwise, feel free to play if you just want to play a 'JRPG' game like me. Honestly, if I'm new to games like this; I might actually love the game. Unfortunately, being a fan of such genre, this game is a total disappointment. Ok - the graphics is good but other than that, meh. I mean, the story could have been better if it was well written. It's like I'm reading a story from a grade school kid. There was a bit of character development happened in there but I felt like it was made to make Laura look more 'good'. Gameplay is repetitive and linear just like other KEMCO games. Sprites are overused; should've put more effort in there. Effort was the difference in colors I guess. 😑 Forced myself to finish the game just for the sake of finishing it. P.S. Love the portrait screen btw.
to many ad every time u save or quest or anything it's another ad leave it at the bottom of the screen anytime u do anything a ad pops up I really me a a ad it sucks 99c would do good for a non app pop ups I have played 6 of ur games love them but this is my last 1 to many ads on ur screen every 3 mi. it's the same thing over and over again plz make it better leave them on the bottom So as I wrote this went back to the game it said load I did and guess what poped up a ad this the worst
It's a good game to pass time. The story is quite enjoyable. It's also nice that you can use items to increase your character stats. And everybody has a chance to gain them