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RPG Glorious Savior

RPG Glorious Savior for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Disappointingly short story. The "3D" battles were a nice touch though. Still, I wish I had kept my money and suffered through the ads because this game was just so brief. It would be nice if you could start a new game on a harder level and keep your gear from the first game, but no such luck. Also, a tutorial about weapon and spell effects would be helpful.
It's a great game with a lot of things similar to one of the games called "onigo hunters", it's easy to play and fun too
Ok first thing you notice is how awful the english is written in some parts. Second is how I played the game for about thirty minutes of time 95% of that was spent reading badly written english and only one battle. I got bored because every 5 seconds there be like another 4 pages of dialogue to read. I am all for a story but this is too much all up front and so badly written.
I was shocked when the characters actually heard the cries of the developers lololol. This game is nuts, MORE GAMES LIKE THESE PLEASE! I love the interface, and even the classic style battle. Their japanese voices add 'good ambience' to the game's setting. The 3d style also provides me interest. Thank you!
Once again KEMCO has made yet another masterpiece. To be honest i was looking for a game Kemco had that had a DragonQuest feel to it and I love it. KEMCO has probably one of the best collections of RPG's out there. Also with this game I dont really see a problem except for if you delete the game or reset a phone or even get a new one you cant get your data back. But that isn't really a problem for me. Also, could you please please please make more games with in combat graphics like this?THX.;)
I love how characters scream when they get hurt... My Brother even thought why is there someone moaning in my phone.
For the most part the game play and the story is good but the pad controls are a bit off but its rare that it even lags the controls
I enjoy All the Kemco games,they are easy to learn,but,each one is slightly different so you aren't playing the same game under a new title each time.This one brings a new level of interesting with the 3D battles and the characters aren't limited to a certain weapon so you can equip different weapons to suit your play style and have different skills for changing situations.Another "Home Run" Kemco!
Great game and great story so far I like the maturity of the characters. A bit confused on the skill thing. It seems I can't learn and keep a skill, I can only use a skill depending on my equipped weapon. But it might be fine. I'll keep playing and see.
Idk how someone could say this game is fun or anything of the like. Horrible gameplay. Extreme amounts of useless dialog that doesn't develop either story or characters, and the graphics are cheeky at best.
So Far so good... amazing story and 3D graphics action... but lesser skills, the characters depend only on weapons and no monster details...
app froze as soon as i saved the game before the 1st boss fight... then it got worse after this incident, everytime i opened the app will forced close just second after the app began loading... guess i will have to reinstall but i will leave it to later when i feel like it, as i have other apps i need to try...
The graphics are great and I like the RPG classic style all around the great game you did well making it give yourself a pat on the back and no I'm not being sarcastic
Awesome old school style yet improved graphics..so cool!!!So Addicting, exp. gain, and ads is my only complaint.
great game. smooth combat experience. clean graphics. fun story! i have played many free mobile rpgs and i can say this one is in the top 15.
So far the game seems to follow other kemco games. Decent storyline, easy battle mechanics. My only problem is you can't learn the skills, only equip them with weapons. But besides that, good job!
as always from Kemco. they produce a decent and fun mobile rpg. this game gas its own charm and its own personality. though I am still in the early part of the game, I can say that this game is good. I like the battle system. It is in 3D. keep it up developers!!!
This is my first time playing this. The game is smooth to play at and im enjoying the story so far nice work.
So I click on pay for no ads, now it's all ads and the game won't even start. It goes to the main screen and shows continue, new game, load game and so on. When you click one of them, it's all ads, no game. Just another Kemco game to delete because of garbage like that that makes the game not playable.
Good game,it has good story, good graphics,and sometimes funny lines of characters.goodgame.thanks kemco.
Kemco is the best ! The story lines are funny and cute . The gameplay is even 3d in battle screen! I would like to see more 3d like dogma. Thanks again for cool low mg. classy RPGs!
Game is good, but upon playing in hell mode, it is impossible to get away from the forest and to the nearby destination alive.
So far the gameplay is great. Only been playibg for a few hours but it is alot of fun. I haven't had to spend any actual money on the game at all, which is a huge plus for. I will keep playing.
awesome 3D battle RPG with interesting story keep up the good work kemco mostly the best thing is this is free game without any top up or buy gems etc
Omg the cursed ones LMAO I love when devs do this here's my praise to undo the curse: this game is amazing 5 stars would recommend please make more games like this
This is my second time to play some Kemco games and for the second time I was still amaze about the gameplay and the story of the game. So for the Cursed One, keep it up and make more JRPG with exciting story :3
I ove the review event its hilarious but honestly this game is amazi g it uns smoothly its simple and very easy to understand the enemies are tough but fair n the scenery is amazing i also love the story seems right when you think you know how itll end the a surprise n boom its so interesting all over again
It's a pretty good game. I like how the plot unfolds and the battles, but I honestly have to say that the language could die down on the word "gonna" and change it to "going to" because it would make the sentences more understandable. Anyways other than that it's been one of the best mobile games that I have ever played 😊👍. I also think that it would be a great idea if the developers gave each character, no matter what role they play in the the game, an image when conversing with them.😍
revenant dogma takes the cake. ive played a few of your games after RD. there are ALWAYS money struggles, slow leveling up, having to battle every 20 steps it seems and always barely being matched. if i hadnt purchased a heck-load of your coin i prolly wouldn't have nearly made it as far as i have. i am waiting for revenant dogma two. please dont keep us waiting too long. thanks!
Nice game but you know if your story 24 or 23 you fight the boss very very very hard okay that cause I rate 4 star please fix this to be medium the boss not hard ofcourse. But im your fan kemko please you do again rpg games
Thank you cursed ones! Best rpg for mobile I've found, and I've looked HARD. Classic peg experience, love it.
I've been looking for a good classic style rpg. Came across Kemco and found a giant selection of full games! This is my first one and so far the story and characters are everything I'd expect from a great jrpg. I look forward to playing many more Kemco games after this. Hopefully this helps the Cursed Ones! 😆😆
Overall an enjoyable game. Ads are brief and kept to a minimum. The characters are cute and the storyline's pretty interesting. I liked it 😊.
Glorious savior has some interesting ideas in regards to having multiple weapons equipped on the characters. It also has an interesting idea of allowing status clearing items be a free action. However, the balance in this game is kind of off. The purchase of lots of weapons obviously results from the gameplay mechanics, but the weapons to buy aren't exactly cheap. Grinding is extremely necessary to get anywhere in this game, and though special grinding instances exist they are very lackluster. Some of the rules for how it turns it done with free items could also have been done better, and some boss abilities become quite powerful when I interact with how free items are used. Also, it is worth mentioning that the dialogue in this game is rather distinct. I can't say I enjoyed it much and I doubt many people will find much interest in it. Story-wise I likely would have wished for something different with the characters. Noting the story itself, it isn't all that bad. It has some interesting and enjoyable scenarios that result out of it; though it isn't enough to carry the game.
good story RPG game, some mature joke though but seem its common sense in japan the game work smothly on android ver 4 thanks for the game anyway
Hi Kemco, I have a problem why I can't play all game from exe create (the problem is same for exe create game) stuck after "now loading" but all game from hit point I can play without a problem, thanks
The graphics and the story lines are so good. At last a game of my dreams.Thank you i wish if there was a another way to level up and get items.
i love this game....i love kemco exe-create games altogether.....the only problem i have with this game in particular is that it will not let me use the all-restore button...i don't know for sure if m not doing something wrong or it simply isn't working on this particula game....all otherkemco exe-create game have the same button and they work just fine.....if icould get help from the games creators i would appreciate an answer....i would give this game a 5 if the button worked....hope this helps
Great game. LOT'S of dialogue but, to be expected from a RPG. The graphics are phenomenal and the gameplay is fluid. Nice story too!
Theres a bug where i cant proceed during the very first demon fight ( purple insect thing). It deals 99999 damage to me so i always die and im forced to load my save file ( which was right b4 the fight ). So im always in a continuous loop and cant go futher in the game
much better than previous installment multiple weapon equipping is awesome as well as 3D cell shade graphic battles #kemco chemicals be nice to activate Auto mode outside of battle
Great rpg all round, but the WORST kemco rpg story ever. 3 major problems:1.he gripes at the ppl who help him 2.he is irrisponible 3.he doesnt gove second chanses and relys on others for them. of anything they should make a fernz gate II
Is good. What I've grown to expect from Kemco. Of course the story and characters are pretty much interchangeable in every game but it's always well done and entertaining.
Hahaha honestly I was surprised at the time when I was at the Tomb. Suddenly they said about giving review. Well this game is pretty good, it's easy to understand, nice graphics, control and everything else. It's pretty easy to get Gold there, too
I've played a lot of these rpg games before this one is no different it's fun as hell as always keep it up kemco
I'll admit, this was the best play store redirect dialogue you guys have made yet. I need to put this out: While the gameplay is essentially there, none of the characters have defining abilities. Tying their capabilities purely to their weapons isn't the most appealing mechanic as far as things go. The story is great so far though. Cries of the cursed ones...
It is like the developers made a interesting story at least to me. I love it, in fact the storyline is the only thing I care about in a rpg game, so im happy with this one.
excellent game once again from Kemco. if i was to complain it would be about the (Demon-Call Ring). it comes way to lat in the game. that being said this game has a great story with a classic style of humor. Interesting weapon/ability system. The ads aren't bad and you don't have to p2p.
when I start story quest 25 it always take me to the login screen. Then when I go to continue it does the same thing.
Hello the cursed ones. The map is very confusing. The story is good so far, although Rain is naive, annoying at times and a little pervert I might say. He is not only a hero candidate, but also a playboy candidate. I mean damn, that guy got games! Ahem, sorry for my insolent behaviour. My cursed ones, the dialogue is like a bad novel written by poor writer. There is one high pitched voice during and after the battle that sounds so annoying and asking for a slap. I like the sense of humour in the story, although sometimes it can be painfully cringey. But then, it wouldn't be Kemco if the dialogue is not cringey. I do wish there was a skip button as there is a history button for the story. Kemco rarely disappoint, all thanks to the suffering of the cursed ones! Hope my long review can sooth you. Rest now, my cursed ones.
the only problem I have is that whenever I want to teleport or go into a town, the app will crash or not load. please fix this because the game is very enjoyable
I don't like this game because it's stupid, it don't make sense,there no money to do all you have to do to build up your armor and weapons so you can have it!
This game sure is nice and good but i rate only 3 star because this game must have more interesting plot and more rare weapons,equipments
Disconnect internet before playing to avoid obtrusive adverts or use a VPN. You literally get random battles every 10 seconds. Beware bright flashing of the screen when entering combat, activating portals, and using certain combat abilities.
Redownloaded because I wanted to play it again. Giving it a low rating because it had to be reinstalled a lot to get it to even work, and then when I turned off phone access (you do not need access to phone calls it's an rpg) it started crashing when being opened again and wouldn't stop even when I turned it back on so I had to reinstall it 3-5 more times just to get it to work again. I may give it a better review after playing it again for a bit, but at the moment don't hold your breath devs.
Here's a word of praise for the cursed ones, good job! The game is really fun and it brings back the old style of rpg games that I've been looking for. However, it's weird that I can't move for a few seconds when I save Other than that, I would like to thank you for allowing the players to play til the end for free and for all the hard work and effort you all have put into making this game.
i have to say the combat is pretty nice the unique mechanic of skills being in the weapons you use is very unique but has some obvious problems but i love it so far and also the encounter warning is very nice
I've change my mind. I rated this game 5 star at first. But it changed when ads filled up the screen. I though ads would only show up on saving screen. But no, when youve reach some point in the game, ads will make this game annoying. This game is 5 star if only ads is not that aggressive.
These games are always so fun. I love the way they integrate the review Into the game. It makes it less intrusive. Kemco always has good games
I love this game, the graphics are great as well as the effects and I hope you could create an all boy rpg game where the main characters are all handsome and cute boy 😍🙏😍
The graphic quality is good... I have one request... Please add some eye catching effects to every skill learned... so every rpg lovers would enjoy it more... That's why I'm giving you 4 stars... ( 'sorry for my English is bad )