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RPG Fortuna Magus (Trial)

RPG Fortuna Magus (Trial) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 2.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game like all the others I wished I had them all. I am still learning how to play the ones I got but the games are fun and made extremely well. I like the maps a lot for how clean they are designed I have yet to find a problem in them. The characters are well made and have great introductions to them. Thank you Kemco.
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Average. That is my review. I have no need to pay for an average copypasted predictable Japanese RPG. No wonder KEMCO just makes most of theira F2P with adverts. Protip: Always decline to purchase and get a cheaper offer right away or shortly after. I dont pay still but for those who do it can save. My offer was buy full for $2 rather than $4. Such value :P
Pretty good game so far. Well thought out. I like the anime style art and the story is pretty good thus far. The battle system works well and overall pretty good game thus far. It was nice it started as a trial and then you had the option to buy if ya want. if I'm gonna buy something I want to try it out first and this game delivered
Like other demos try to buy an says conecting then restarts y dont u just have full version on here to buy fix an ill rate better
I'm reviewig for the FULL version, not the trial. I can't review it there because I started from trial version. Full version's too short, only took me two days to finish easy difficulty level (I swear I wasn't even TRYING) ;( Graphic's very easy on the eyes, plot is okay. Not so much replay value though. There's a way to the game where u can farm magestones and silver medal for free (but tedious) so there u go. Subquests are mediocre at best. Overall... not satisfied. But an alright game.
It is a nice game to play but the controls are hard to use. You can simply make an arrow cross directional button than that of an eight directional button. I prefer the ancient gameboy controls or nes control style than this eight directional control. Nice trial game. Hope you make a lot for it.
I lost count of the hrs I have invested in this game. Good story line, nice battle system, good character layouts etc. I beat the game twice, different endings from doing things differently. And I'm still playing! Did I mention it was an awesome game?
Pls u wanna RPG like in a full version. I'm a casual player and don't have money to pay r buy any.. Just looking for enjoyment and I'm a fan of kemco by doing those RPG games, I love RPG games ever.
I am a huge fan of Kemco, but was a little disappointed in this game. Compared to other Kemco titles, Fortuna Magus lacks a compelling story line. The story line in this game is too choppy and lacks emotional influences. Graphics are alright, despite other free games having better. However, I applaud the battle system within this game.
I love how smooth the controls are on this game. It also has some side quests adding variety to the main story. I am.enjoying it so far. I hope it's not too short. It's my second game from this company and I am not dissapointed. They should make trials for more games cause I wouldn't have bought it without trying the controls first.
The way I see it, This game have some good storys line and battle system as well. Plus your music is fine. So far so good, I like it.
Your story line is good and your graphics are very good, I like rpg games a lot. Your game is very good, it's no final fantasy 7 but its a good one. Keep up the good work
Although story is wonderful but action is seemed missing because enemy could appear anytime and almost similar. Try to make more realistic fight . In spite of these it's a fantastic game
Keep up making free RPGs guys and i'm going to rate it all a 5. Very interesting! Likely a combination of FF and Pokemon .. Any formats for sp , vista or either xbox ? if u do then i'm gladly to buy it all ;)
I played through it once and got the weak ending. I never found the father so i suspect i missed a mission or two. But the characters seemed driven but the lackluster cliffhanger was blah. I was not motivated enough to play through a second time on hard mode. The villains were not good/bad enough either. Could have been written with more depth on the magi group. Also the blue haired girls motivations for joining the bad guy was never truly delved into other than a flat response for blindly devoting herself
First kemco RPG and it is extremely well done! I was on the sideline at first but after giving it a shot and downloading it. I have to admit it is alot of fun and I ended up buying the full version the following day. Buy and you will not regret if you are looking for a rock solid RPG experience!
I think you should change the backgroud music when It's in a difference situarution , a difference mood.(sorry for my english)
I love the game, went ahead and bought t, somethng I usually do not do. Hope the game becomes a full game after the trial period.
Fun game. It only took me about ten hours to beat and the ending was a bit anti-climactic, but for $4.99 I'm not complaining. The graphics were excellent and the plot was better than any previous Kemco game I have played. Kemco makes some okay RPGs, and I think if they focused more on quality rather than quantity, they could go from OK to awesome.
It is very nice. I like the characters, the battle mode is one I like, and the graphic is fery nice too and the music. Is there a difference between a trial bought one and the original one?? I dont like the fact I am still with trial app when I bought the game... it makes me doubt it is the full version.
You don't know how I wish this game and crystareino to be full story free!!! Such a great game, even the maps and graphics are great... If I can use magic I want a spell that can make this game or any other game from Kemco full story free to play +_+
I love the game play the story line but it seems a little too short so far if you could make the story line longer ill 5* it but once again i havent beat the game yet so it may be longer than i think but i only got 3 hours of game play and paid for the game and it seems almost over :(
Fantastic story with genre features that blend with the characters and easy movements new locations good relaxing battles and beautiful sceneries!!!(cool settings, map, warm sceneries: giving it a unique original feel !!!): The magic though takes less feature to generate a moderate battle scene which heightened will have introduced a dynamic story scne!!! MK.
Kemco never fails to disappoint me. Well worth the money for the full version, and the IAP really aren't necessary.
Awesome gameplay and storyline. I love that it's turn based, don't see too many like it anymore. If you like old school RPGs with a unique skill attainment system download it.
My first Kemko game seeking as it had a trial version... I wasn't disappointed.. The characters are good and 4 hours in so is the story, maybe when I've finished all 8 of the Kemko games I've just bought during the same period this one will not be my fave, but for now I'm having fun and and for £3.99 I feel I've got a good game.
This was supper great awesome and veryyy interesting it makes you wanna see more of the story, at the end I was so surprised I never thought that lill was with that red haired guy I just wish you put it in for free I would PLAY AND PLAY AND PLAY TIL I END THE GAME!!! Its very good to play! Really! I just really hope this was for free ;-; this was the greatest game I saw so far others are quite not like this this was more!! Fun but the others are.... like uhhh I dunno.. just nothing this game really makes my heart shake!! Its really good! Please make the full version for free!! Please I beg of u if you won't then tell me an another RPG game like this! Really good hope you will see this!! KeMco!! I never really see ur other games I guess I should try it if I never change this it means I uhh will find another game.. of RPG soon I'll be able to find like a wonderful game of RPG like this!, bye bye kemco!! Have a wonderful day!