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RPG Fernz Gate

RPG Fernz Gate for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the nostalgia this game brings me. I remember playing rpgs way back when I was in middle school and I had so much fun. The play style is your classic rpg where you walk through maps and battle enemies with group skills. What is interesting is the ability to turn down your encounters when you just want to get through a dungeon. Keep it up with more titles please!!!
Loving this game so far. It's been quite funny and the gameplay is very straight forward. The characters are pretty well flushed out and the battle system has been easy to handle. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a casual storyline base RPG.
Fun RPG. Needs a skip button. But dialogue is decent without being too windy. Main char and support system solves the issue of using an item AND attacking. Heal after each battle is fun. If the game gets more fun and stays exciting I'll come back and update w/ better review.
Im very liking this one. The epitome of rpg indeed. Its not like those cash grabber which makes bosses super hard and need special item to clear. The gacha is there but you dont really need it to clear the game. My advice is to play on Expert most of the time to lv up quickly, then change to Hard when you cant beat the boss or clear certain area. This gives you much more benefit than just playing at Easy. Only comment i have tho, i wish you can put more illustration for charachter suh as Altore.
I love this game so much . The character's and the storyline is just so amazing. This is my favourite game of this year . I'm already at the overlords castle I just need to open that magical door .
Sadly after 37 hours of gameplay I've run out of things to complete. Literally I've completed everything. Great game. Make another one is my gripe!! Btw, I would have paid for this game. I think I only seen one grammatical error the whole gameplay. Not grindy unless you wanna go that route. The surprise gem after completing the main storyline was awesome. Make a part 2! :):):)
Art and music is good, the new thing of healing after a fight is great. While the buddy system is a new idea, it leaves the party with in an unbalanced state e.g. one team without buddy has very low hp and a 1-hit-KO, while those with buddy has high hp but very low dmg. What makes it 4 stars, instead 5, is the enemy balance. Metal is very hard to kill bcus of lack of anti-metal. Real heartbreaker is that overlord is weaker than previous bosses, like the lvl 80 area is way harder than him.GGWmade
probably the game i am searching for and i finally found it. i recommend this game for the players that are looking for an RPG turn-based games like this. keep up the good work, developer!
I like the game overall. However, the buddy system is unique but leaves an unbalanced team. The inn is practically useless.
Over all this is a fun old school play everyday kinda rpg. Not a pay to win...which is a big plus to me....a little to much chatting but it's ok cause the storyline is great. Check it out give it a shot...you won't be disappointed.
Simple and enjoyable. It's really nice to have your HP fully restored after every battle, and there is no MP in this game (only cooldown times) so it makes leveling skills much easier. The auto and tactics options make grinding quick and easy, and iap currency is easy enough to come by. Recommended.
It's a pretty interesting take on rpg style gaming. I like the fact I can level my skills while fighting and don't have to limit myself too much in that regard either. All in all its been pretty fun so far.
Other wise the game itself is amazing πŸ€—really So much so that i wish there was an official sequel with all four elements(fire,water,earth And wind ) are able to be used,seeing that this game has four characters. Keep up the good work😊😊
i'm enjoying this game so far! very beautiful art, easy controls, the story is very rich too. most importantly, it's not lagging at all. thumbs up!
Pretty fun game. Interesting way to get you to leave a review. However not long after leaving a review they then drop permanent ads on you and want Β£7.99 to remove them. Was enjoying until this point but probably won't play anymore as the ads are very annoying
So far, entertaining enough but overly complicated. Coercion to get a review was kind of a dick move. Still, entertaining and engaging.
Extremely well-crafted, classic RPG. Controls are adjustable, difficulty as well. Very little P2P or P2W. Congrats to the devs, you have a real winner here. I'll be making a purchase in-game to help support all the great effort that went into this. Check this one out, you will not be disappointed!
Nice game very smooth good graphics cool story been looking for a game like this for quite some time only been playing this game for about 2 hours and I like it keep up the good work don't normally play these type of games but I thought I give it a try and so far I think it a realy good game thank you for making it
Ckassic rpg. Alot of story line which takes away from game play, so it can be time consuming. Skip past and just review quests to shorten
Love the game. Very little play to win. More like pay for a little extra. In game currency available for free but is slow to accumulate. Very good if you like jrpgs like the classic final fantasy games.
A good, free adventure game that has a decent storyline. If the monsters are too easy or the boss keeps killing you, you can change the difficulty to make it better during the game under options.
I just finished the game and i dont like it 1st your mp and hp restores every battle i dont like it 2nd the protagonist is always a f***ing hero he always says no your not going alone its too dangerous blah blah blah. 3rd there are some few glitches 4th there are some conversations that are so long thats all,im not saying the whole game sucks im saying that the the only 1st 4 that i said is only the problem.
A fabulous game with a sensational storyline. Enjoyed every minute of the gameplay. I hope that there will be a part 2 in the future. Overall, excellent job!!!
Cute.. They do something bad to your characters and hold the cure hostage in order to blackmail them and you to give a review. Be careful what you ask for devs.😈 Ok.. I'll be nice.. This time.πŸ˜‰ So far its fun.. But time will tell. Seems like there is content behind a pay wall.. That isnt cool. It's one thing to allow transactions to speed up progress timers and such.. But making exclusive content and sticking it behind a pay wall, that is not cool. Anymore than pay to win. Do better devs!
This a nice one.. good storyline... and how the developer was able to squish in this review.. cheers!
Really good, oddly reminds me of dragon lapis but I love the magnitude of skills and the easy grinding. Glad the game "requested " I write a review
lovely game so far very well made simply still playing the game learning around the game but loving how driving the story goes by and teammates bonds help out a lot.
Fernz Gate reminds me fondly of Dragon Quest 5 with the unique buddy system. You get buddy monsters as loot or from the shop. They can really add diversity to your team. The skill system is easy to learn and very customisable. If you enjoyed the free version, the paid version will be worth it. Thank you Fernz Gate devs!
I tried to dowbloand this game uncountable times, and still getting the error "that can't download the app" . My phone still have a lot of available storage so it shouldn't a problem at all.
Honestly just writing this review because of the skit that came before it. I really enjoy this game! I rarely play RPGs, but the 2D sprites peaked my interest, and my experience is so far is good. With so many mechanics available, when playing harder difficulties, I'm sure that's the way to fine-tune your team. As noted before, an ad pops up after you exit the save screen, though that's not a problem for me because I'm on easy, haha.
I really like the game.It made me play nonstop,and the characters are well made either.So far it's one of my favorite game.Hope many games like this would come.
Nice game with decent story, good characters, great balance and options for increasing and decreasing encounter rate as needed. The graphics are pretty good; nothing amazing. Maps are nice an an and dialogue is cute. All in all, fun and good quality with great skills system Update: I really, really like the story and characters here! At its heart, it is about regrets and doing the right thing even if you've nothing to gain. Hugely unexpected plot twist!
Good fun game. Ads can get a little annoying, but turn data/WiFi off and you won't have to worry about them.
Nice game with decent story, good characters, great balance and options for increasing and decreasing encounter rate as needed. The graphics are pretty good; nothing amazing. Maps are nice an an and dialogue is cute. All in all, fun and good quality with great skills system
not bad, gacha rates could be better, but other than that it has a great story mode, and is funny at times. be warned lots of ads though. game play is fun, and creative, and combat is easy to understand after a small while.
Intelligent branding for the game - by using the story to make a review. But honestly, it's awesome downloading it. Didn't waste any of my time playing it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for that.
Really enjoyed the game and the graphics. The adds arn't in your face and the story line is enjoyable with enough character interaction. Had fun. No long pauses, continuous play and no glitches. Happy!
I love the games graphics and I'm looking forward to an interesting story line would recommend to anyone who loves to play these kind of games
I...got food poisoning and to save my characters I had to write a review. Pfft. My friends are ok now so I'm keeping my word. This review is genuine from me the player. This game is really fun. It's well made and doesn't require internet to play. Devs, you have produced an excellent game. Keep up the great work and thank you for letting us the players have a chance to enjoy your creation.
This game is good but I find it still hard to play even if I choose the Easy Mode πŸ™‚ I like the story and I love the Character. But there is something missing
I like good vs evil and the game description seemed interesting! Not what I expected! From what I played of the game, some stuff was trippy for me... Some parts were too dark and depressing! For ex: the animals being in danger in the dungeon quest. I'm glad that they get rescued. I don't like when people or animals/creatures get hurt & or die.
The game is fun, once you get pass all the talking. I understand there is a need for the talking, for the story line.
This game is so lit! The story makes you wanting more! Even if you lose so many times but you don't wanna give up because you wanna know what will happen next! I RECOMMEND THIS GAME 100%
This is the third rpg game I've played made by KEMCO and I love all of them. The story is written delicately and I must say that it gave me goosebumps. The free players are not left out with premium content and are able to complete the game on a perfectly fine pace. There are tons of feature that combines modern and old school gameplay which makes it unique. All in all I think enjoyed my hours playing the game.
Not bad so far. Up to about the first few hours of the game, it doesn't have a lot of ads and seems very playable without buying any premium stuff. I'm not a huge fan of monster raising/collecting which is why I'm giving 4 stars, but it's not too intense so I plan to finish it.
Good ol' classic. Also I paid for the no-ads feature to support, even tho this is an old game, nevertheless, well done, glad I finally played this! Now let me get back into the game, I just witnessed the Food Poisoning -cooking scene, hope there's much more to the game
over all a solid game. good for killing time, the skill system is very cool but i wish you could choose which weapons to equip
Games like this from kemco sure is a great turn-based rpg..how i wish the items are much more complete (head,arm,boots,etc) so that collecting is much way fun.
Absolutely amazing game, free is unbelievable, ads are not intrusive at all they do not interrupt game play. Story is very well done. I could not say enough how good of a game this is if you are an rpg fan. Try it you won't be disappointed.
When i first download in it was fun but then the first boss came and killed me in one hit (922320 Damage) is this a bug or something else pls help me!!!!
It's your usual Kemco game. I really like that you can set the battle encounters to your liking. I find the main characters to be likeable. But I find the Isekai characters to be kinda bland and cheesy, with the usual romantic story. The story for me feels shorter than the other Kemco games though. It's probably because of the lack of freeroam, like using a boat or a plane like in the other games. Story and characters could be better, but overall a good experience.
Love this companies games ad block can be a little pricey at times but still worth it love the story and will always love the grind I remember from my childhood before graphics were all the craze
Gameplay features are well-designed, allowing an enjoyable experience. Because of this, the alternative ways of leveling up never gets tedious such as taking sub-quests, grinding, and etc..The story was a nice ride... Overall a good JRPG. Thanks, KEMCO.
Awesome game. There are a lot games have the similar playing format however, this one has additional features that makes it more engaging. The dialogue between the character are little long but can skip through.
The game story was fantastic you choose different endings and stuff but the only thing I didn't like was buddy there were a little bit too childish and if you can show us what happened with Alex and Lita at least show that they are dating and stuff it would've been good
So far so good. Doesn't appear to be an overworld, which is a little strange and is taking some getting used to.
Very good story. Good characters. Not pay to win. Only thing is the hardest difficulty is really quite hardπŸ˜‚
super love the storyline, gonna miss it. i just wished the ending quest won't stop there tho (like i can still play the quests and such not the part where i need to fight the final boss again). i want to play the sub-quests where i finished the real quest, fighting the last boss.
Very nice game.. First play..i thought it's just normal game just like offline game. But they add summon thing that we can farm gem or buy then summon buddy or item. Don't blame the ads if want play the game with online mode. But, can close the ads if close the internet connection and play offline mode. It's really fun..have buddy in battle. Love the story..im not getting stronger yet but almost reach level60. Keep farming to getting stronger and clean the co-op battle!😁 keep it up KEMCO team.
So I was forced to write this because of a certain accident involving food in-game but I'm not even angry. I'm impressed. This game has to be the best that kemco has put out. It's certainly a must try. Has a great storyline so far, great sound and visuals too. Takes time to get the hang of ALL the fighting mechanics though. But still, play the damn game it's great.
The game itself is fun and energetic. From the first look, everything seemd like its a regular rpg maker game, but then the battle sequence and dungeons make it so unique. The thing I like most is that in battle, there is a bar in the top right corner with all the characters in it, and it shows who's turn is next. It makes it way easier to plan out your next move!
The segway into doing this review was possibly the most brilliant creatively executed decision I've EVER seen in mobile gaming lol. Loving it so far & the story is interesting enough to keep me enveloped.
Finished defeating the overlord twice and then can't save in a new file after deciding where to go In the last part. Decided to stay in fernland but the save file keeps me returning in the overlord's castle.. 😒 What's the problem??
i loved the story but i would love travelling to villages by crosing some sort of cave insted of jusy selecting the area. it would make it more fun. thanks kemco for the wonderfull game
I am enjoying playing this game. Reminds me of other games I have played. If you like this one, you will like the others done by the same creative director. The Maid Co-op seems to be a forerunner of the Guild.
This is hands down one of the best Rpgs ive played in a while, characters stories are amazing, skill system is second to none, main story is dope and not all over the place with a nice surprise(not gonna spoil). but the game just burst of enjoyment and variety, just wondering will we ever get to put together a full 6 man squad so i can let my buddies rest. you guys did amazing keep up the good work!
I have 5 hours into the game and it's really enjoyable. haven't had a good game like this since final fantasy. I recommend to anyone who is a big rpg fan like me.
Nice game, I would give it 5 stars, but having buddy creatures kind of took away from the game, it's stupid. Nice of them to try something different, but it doesn't work well. Also, inn's not serving a purpose is just wrong. Being restored to full HP/MP after every battle is a totally unique experience. Good game KEMCO, you rock!!
I don't know what's going on. yesterday I downloaded this game and im sure the story gonna be amazing but on first chapter Wood near birdman collapse the boss (blue butterfly) damage is insane totol damage is over 9006800 how can this happen?? is this a bug or the way it was? i regret it i even share to my few friends. if this a bug please do something. thank you.
The fact that it's riddled with ads after a certain point makes it almost unplayable unless we pay for it. It was okay when ads were played whenever we saved.
Yea...like d game says. It's quite an older game designed 4 older models. With mine, d game app crashes every now n then, n u cant skip cutscenes or save b4 it randomly crashes. Overtime, it's more pain just to keep it around.
I must say, this game and it's original story makes for an awesome rpg experience. The combat and the buddy system is very refreshing. At times, you even feel like your characters are overpowered. Definitely recommend playing!
A great, simple and strong storyline. Had a lot of unique addition to rpg turn based game plus beautiful character designs.
Good storyline and easy grinding play. Play a year ago then decided to give another shot. Kemco have great games if you like 2D. Very nostalgic as I've played hours with those style graphics.
funny, cool, entertaining, and most importantly A truly beautiful, and amazing game. I recommend trying out this stunning, and astonishing story and a additional bonus is the difficulty level changer for a simple enough gameplay, or to, a challenge of the professional gamer. extremely awesome experience alongside a in depth story will keep you going in the battle against the overlord. please enjoy the work of the goddess of Fernz Gate!!!
Love the game so far. I hope its all free and dont need real money to have a chance to play the full game.
Pleasantly surprised! Excellent game! Lots of fun! A actual huge, free game on playstore that's worth downloading. Excellent. Most of the visually mind numbing games here on the playstore look nice, but either have no substance or just don't work. It's nice to actually find a decent rpg worth playing. Graphics aren't everything. Storyline is important especially if you want anyone to buy in. I played mortal kombat 11 today. It sucks donkey balls. The only improvement is that it looks good.
If you are Love Anime RPG With Good Story, You will like it! Grinding its fun, Learning In-Game Controls, Basic, Skills And Other are very Enjoyable. Great Character Design And Battle Mechanic. The Controls are easy to Adapt too, With Tap Or Pad Controls !. This game is Not Very Rely On Purchases Like Other Game who In-App Purchases is A Must. You will be getting stronger Naturally With a progress you make alongside the Story And Quest Goes On. Love it !
Storyline is AMAZING I love the fact that it has more than one ending. The controls are easy to use. Graphics are perfect. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ALL PLAYERS OUT THERE!!! I hope there will be a follow up for Fernz Gate. Absolutely amazing
It's a good RPG and it feels like a classic 2D RPG. I'm enjoying it a lot. There are some upgrades which can be purchased with real money to progress through the game faster but so far it seems you can also beat the game without buying any upgrades.
Great game so far... Wonderful storytelling and unique play style... I can't put it down... Amazing RPG old school style mixed with great graphics.
This game is awesome. Its amazing and easy to play without having to pay. Although it is easier to play with money being put into it that should be expected of any game on mobile. This game is great hands down for me a free to play player. Also the game coerced me into giving this review, if you don't believe or don't understand then play the game and you will see. It isn't bad its just mean.
This is a really good and fun game. I tend to do any side quest available and have no problem level grinding for the quest later on. Keep it up.
Fun game, ads only appear after saving progress so they are not obstructive or annoying. Game is playable without in app purchases for those F2Players but they do make the game easier if you wish. Gems (shop currency) can be dropped in battle as well which is nice. All characters dont need to follow build paths either so there is a lot of flexibility with your party.
Thought the game would be boring but nah, It's pretty amazing, I like the characters, skills and most of all its story, hafta say the story is well written, overall the game deserves 5 stars.
Out of every rpg game I've played this is the best, Everything is just balanced from fighting mechanics to storyline, And also his companions are not only girls. I just hope they'd prolong the story, I honestly finished it in two weeks and I only play five hours a day.
Good Game, Really Fun, Would TOTALLY Recommend! My two complaints are, 1 Buddy Animals, and 2 Later on in the game, ads start popping up everywhere. Just remove them and I'll be fine.
Game was rather fun and story was rather interesting but after locking my phone up three times i had to uninstall.
Retro style JRPG. Decent story, with a well balanced fight mechanic. The characters are likable and the plot is enjoyable. So far the only complaints would be control and graphics, both of which are the least of importance when playing a game of this style. Definitely worth playing.
Please remove the bug in first boss it deals 999999 damage and my speed meter didn't even move its like the last boss, pls fix it.
It's a great game, plenty of work has been put into it. I thinking that it's not too complicated but not too simple either. I'm not too far into the game, but i think it will just keep getting better! I like how they try to actually give the characters a more personal feel to them when they speak. It also runs very well, and there is now p2w (pay to win) that i have experienced and i highly doubt that I'll recounter one in the future. I suggest giving it a try at the very least!
The Mission 9, I think its bugged? The boss that I'm supposed to defeat(Where the angel is)-it's damage is more than 800K and it keeps one hitting me, I can't activate a cutscene, I also searched online but I found that you were supposed to kill the boss but the boss' damage is way too high, it wipes the whole team easily and I can't progress
So, the story forced me to write a review? That's...different. I wish there was a paid, ad-free one because you get an ad everytime you save, plus during the game itself (though not as often). I understand that this is to help pay for the game, but I would rather pay to not have ads interrupt my enjoyment of the game and the story so it can feel like a genuine RPG. The game itself isn't bad. It has good graphics and okay dialogue. My main gripe is with the boss battles. They're EXTREMELY tough.
I finish this game and its so awesome,Im looking forward to more of your games,and also i recommend Kemco for rpg games and for story lines,sooo Coool (Rated 5*)
Great game, amazing storyline, and I LOVE the way you interlude into the rating! LMAO!! Thanks for the antidote =P
Fun game. At first. Forces you to write a review and then shortly after (your probably positive review) forces ads on the top of the screen, on every loading screen, and at random. Originally only had ads when you saved.
It's very cool also needs more better weapons as in when you start the game have it were u can have 2 level weapons so they won't die as much
Such a good game with good stroyline(but i cried and felt sad because of the story ending😭) but so far so good. When i played it, it feels great also i like the way that you put a shortcut escape when you're in the middle of a forest, cage, etc. It is a wise choiceπŸ‘. Keep up the good work and if you're making a game again, please don't forget to put a shortcut escape ok cause it can help the other playersπŸ‘ŒπŸ€—. Highly recommended.
Very fun and intriguing game, great story so far and great characters. The controls are a kinda stiff but its all good after a while. Is what i thought until the ads came around. Making us do a review before u add ads huh? Nice try
Surely is lot of fun playing this one. It's offline and takes little space. But is time consuming,it's more like a novel type of game you have to read all the conversations to completely understand the game's way. Anyway I love it. Give it a try if you have extra time to kill.And I finally finished the main story, and the best part, it has multiple ending. Playing this game is just as addictive as reading a fantasy novel. Anyway I truly recomend it. And thanks Kemco for this wonderful experience
from what i remembered the last time i played it, it was a good rpg experience. i love it. the story line is nice and the art is beautiful. i played it all day. i like the side quests too! it feels like i was playing those gameboy games i had when i was a kid. it feels really nostalgic.
What the hell is wrong with you summoning about 5 -6 million damage in the beginning? What the hell and it kill 3 of them in one hit it's only a fly but the damage serious...fix itttttt I don't like the way you create it it's useless if we keep dying and I still don't know how to save the bird man
Very well made. Great story, funny, sad, interesting system and mechanics I've never seen before. I've been looking for a good RPG that has that classic feel and this has it. One thing though: I had to buy the ad remover that is sold in game (the shop does NOT open right away) because you get an Ad(with a 4 second timer, look for the X in top right) every time you save. Once I had that I was completely in love! Even the "please review us" moment was a funny skit instead of the usual popup.
This is a very fun and well made game. The characters are written well, the plot twists are delivered wonderfully, and the story is unpredictable enough to keep you interested. Another good thing about this game is that it's not money hungry. The special currency and tickets are also dropped by enemies, so if you grind hard enough then you shouldn't have any problems getting awesome weapons and armor. And you don't have to worry about ads because you only get them after saving the game.
stupendous really and literally. the fact that im doing this because i was playing the game still makes me laugh. highly recommend playing the game even before this part of the game i was thinking about rating it 5 stars because of how easy it is to learn the game and how much of a blast it is to play it
Got some sick and awesome graphics plus the details on battle effects. It was hard to get the hang of the buddy system but somehow I manage to understand most of it. This is such a gem for me. Thanks Kemco 😊
Good story (unexpected plot twist); simple and easy battle system; ads can be very annoying if you play for free with the internet on, better play this game offline or just pay to remove the ads.
The overall gameplay is fun and engaging, you can play without buying anything, just need to grind more (whole lot more). But honestly what keeps me going the most is the character designs, imo this and Antiquia Lost has the best art so i like playing it
The speech seems like it was literally translated and left, instead of conveying the ideas originally intended.
First it's a battery&bulbs add that locks phone then you replace it with a tire add that locks phone. Each time a complaint is made instead of fixing the problem you seem to prefer exchanging the add with another one that has the same problem. Wow!
I really enjoy playing this game. It's funny with the dialogue and a great storyline so far. Monsters are unique too. Reminds me of final fantasy five TBH. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
I'm really starting to like this game it's fun andit's story is very interesting and I like it so far you make a sequel of the same characters or at least a prequel πŸ‘Œ
This game is amazing in every way! i love the old 8-bit style it has, and i love the characters so much! and i should mention that the soundtrack to the game is really good too, which I wasn't expecting πŸ˜… overall, you should definitely download this game, you wont regret it!
Great game and story so far... a little grinding mops and and there isnt much need to use actual money until you start getting ads and a small ad banner at the top... although it's pretty slim covers the map sometimes making it a little hard to navigate sometimes
I love this game. The story is great and I love the controls, since they are easy to learn them and use them. All in all, this is a good rpg (roleplaying) game!
I never thought that this game has isekai genre, excellent story, lovable characters (lita best girl) and most of all awesome gameplay, one of your best creations yet
Decently involved story line. Like the choice of controls. It is retro with a somewhat tuned up feel to it. Been a gamer since the invention of pong. Literally. I have seen, and played the best, and worst games out there. This is pretty good.
i seriously hate the fast walking. too fast while moving the character. and there's a time on your other games where I'm stucked on a dungeon and no way to get out. annoying so much.
the way the game asks us for review tho. lol. anyway… controls is okay, fun story, good graphic, in-game currency is very generous (imo), overall gameplay is very good. as expected from Kemco. keep it up! πŸ‘ edit: just cleared the game, turns out the story is deeper than i expected. point plus for the story. πŸ‘
Great game. If you like old school rpg you will like this one. My only problem is there is to much dialog to read. More action and story.
Best jrpg, on play store. (^_^) Excellent controls Excellent graphics Excellent storytelling Excellent pvp, pve, & guild system Everything on this game is just so perfect (^_^) (Highly recommended game)
Awesome gameplay and storyline! Lovin' it so far. how could i have missed this rpg?? does this have a premium? hope the premium is not sky high but with same quality as this! definitely recommended for all rpg classic lovers! cheers devs!
I love it Wow the breaking of the third wall is so funny it made me laugh the only reason I'm here is because I made a promise to write the review lolπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ but seriously I love the game I like the comedy the way you can change the controls the battle system everything is just great thank you for making this game this is my first RPG game of this style and I love it pls make more RPG of this style 😁😁😁
best game ever. so simple and a good time killer. KEMCO makes the best games. i have every one made by them on my phone and i have never had a problem with any of them!! love it.
Surprisingly I find this game to be very good. Story: Very nice plot with twists and turns here and there, the party members have their own characters that add more colors and drama which is very nice. Graphics: Very nice and I also love that huge sword...though I gotta say I want Archer protagonist, but oh well. Sound: I don't play with sound. Story, story and story is what important for me.
Dev this is a good game, but when I get to the quest where I need to save the Birdman, a freaking powerful monster wipes out my entire team and nothing goes after that, it only says that try again or go back to menu. I don't know if this is a bug but I can't play the whole thing, this makes me sad, please fix this, thank you.
At the ring of the church bells the game throws me out! WHY? My device is more than capable to run this game no... seeing that my device can run Pirates of the Caribbean ToW and State of Survival Zombie Apocalypse as well as Terminator without difficulty. I can't believe I wasted my data on this game..
It has a great storyline and has all the features that make the classic final fantasy games so intriguing
Excellent gameplay, subpar food. Sneaks ads in gameplay after you have spent a bit playing, gives you the ever so kind option of paying to remove them. 5/5 before, 1/5 after the ad switcharoo. Would have been less upset if they just put them there at the start, instead of this scummy way of doing it.
I have been playing this everyday non stop. Its so addicting. Everything about it is great, from the combat, the characters and the story
over all a very enjoyable game. until.. 10 minutes of game play after (even the characters in game make a joke about the coercing happening..) they demand a review of the game, the pop up ads start. multiple of hours of game play to get this far, then a review request. then the game goes pay to play 10 minutes later. pathetic and shady. if your going to profit monger do it from the start, dont offer someone a very enjoyable le rpg style game then make it unbearable to play because of ads.. sad :(
I have nothing to say but that it's amazing in my opinion. The music is great to but after playing antiqua lost, I can't help but say it could be better
WTH... I was enjoying it at first.. but after I get to the part where I need to rescue an angel, there's a monster to fight whose damage is insanely high (8 digits) surely I can't survive that since I am a low level.. and that literally SUCKS! I don't know if it's a bug but it really made me mad at this game! 😑😑😑
This game is exactly what u are looking for in a rpg. Graphics are retro but still good. Storyline is interesting. You do not need money to play. It is pretty fun. If u like old school FF games u may like this.
In the short time that I've played and my lack of experience in classic rpg's. I gotta dig it. I hope that the longer I play, a better review will be posted in hopes of bringing to light what can be improved upon and the game developers achievements grow.
great game but i spent 4.99 for 600 gems and i never got those gems. i am quite upset. i will give a better rating when i get the gems or my money back.
I've played this game before, and installing it again, I'm bord haha.. it was actually pretty good, until i leveled up enough to defeat the demon lord.. it became boring so don't lvl up too fast haha you'll end up getting bord too soon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. but over all it was good! and has a good story line
This is the first rpg of Kemco that I have played. Even though I downloaded this together with Antiquia Lost and Revenant Dogma. Great graphics and a cool storyline. πŸ’š
Really good game so far. I'm enjoying it a lot! The ads are not intrusive at all, and there are no mandatory pay to win elements present. Not to mention the story is quite charming, and the gameplay is simple, but effective and fun. Definitely recommend if you like JRPGs!
UPDATE: I changed my mind. While the game is nice, the sudden onslaught of ads after you reach a certain city is obnoxious. Makes the game borderline unplayable. We'll see if I keep it around or delete it. I was looking for an old fashioned RPG that wasn't a card collecting waste of time in disguise, and so far, Fernz Gate fits the bill. Interesting story and "buddy" system.
Now this game I love it has a great story in it but also the characters have certain personalities that makes a perfect collaboration to each one I'd say this is my favorite game out if kemco creation I would love to try out the others when I get the chance cheers to the creators of this game keep going n making more you made this gamer one happy dude!!!❀️❀️❀️
After the beginning you start seeing a lot and when I mean a lot I do mean a lot of advertisements. They're at the top of the screen on the main map. You see clips after battles and saves. While loading a new area you also see an advertisement banner...they are too much. It's a pity since the game is a good platformer rpg game, but the overwhelming amount of ads makes it meh...I am use to advertisement but this is a bit much and does affect gameplay.
I have come here to review after being swindled by the maid. Also its quite a fun game, a bit simple and the ads aren't really many which surprised me. Characters are likeable, though i find the isekai main character to be bland but whatever. Story is interesting too will change the review after completing this game and see if my opinions change.
Z solid old skool turn-based RPG. Controls are simple and easily customized. The overall interface is easy to navigate and is logically laid out. Gameplay is linear, but there are subtle twists that make it interesting. The worst aspect of this game is the dialogue. Never is one word used when five will do. Some of the phrasing is odd, but that's to be expected when translating from any language into English. Fortunately, holding down on the dialogue box fast-forwards through most of it. But aside from that little drawback, this game is very playable so far. On the easy setting, grinding is minimal and the focus is mostly on puzzle solving. Much appreciated - very few mobile RPGs look beyond the next powerup or boss battle. Kemco has a hit with this one.