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RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO)

RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Winlight Co.,Ltd.-eko located at 〒130-0021 東京都墨田区緑区一丁目19番9号-7F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
nice game to play its fun i love how when you raise your stats there is that graph that raises and goes towards the stat i upgraded but i hate how there is a wait time inbetween attacks is really dumb please take that out and i dont really care about the mis spells or grammer mess ups
Some quests ate not in english. I like the class change and how it works. Ninja and samurai classes are unclear how to unlock. The community isnt very helpful. The adventurers guild is more likre a market place. No one will answer your questions 99% of the time. Parties are hard to find. I like to solo but some quests cant be solod.
Not going to lie. Played this on IPad few years back then this game was amazing and was real dazzle about it. Now... Start playing on android... It feel weird... Very weird...
Can be played in an old android/os versions which is kind of nice that my devices still usefull... Its not pay to win which is nice, just be polite to login everyday for stamps, and do exploration stuff to get old cosplays
A very cute and very beautiful game. Controls and Gameplay are really smooth. Overall, a really fun game to play.
I really like this game. But it lags so much for me it makes it unplayable. I tryed to endure the lag but it's just to much. I do encourage people to play it. It's a really good mmorpg. NO AUTOPLAY! It's charming, challenging and rewarding. I'm really sad i can't enjoy it.
I usually chat often in the game and i find chat system need improvement like more words/ characters to type. And hard to search friends with their name in the search function.
Tramslation's awful 😂 than "Your base are belong to us" days. Graphics aren't great and the game is very grindy. It's alright but definitely not something I would recommend nowadays.
fix the combat there shouldn't be and pause when fighting this is not a turn based game. shouldn't play like one every time the player hits the maley button character should swing sword. other then that game looks ok. extremely disappointed in combat system
Love the game this is the only game that I played 1 yrs without quiting I would suggest to add more speed on battle so it will look like there really battling and not taking turns of attacks or add an option where we can turn off the auto attack and add something like guild raid,guild war(pvp),guild boss and arena cause having a guild is the same as not having a guild and this game need some pvp
If you change the combat system as a whole and not use the auto attack with just manually using skills this game should have been very good, but I liked you changed the stats and skills system. I wish you could also do that to the combat system so it would take more skill to kill opponents.
It's a good game i've been playing it for a few years now and it's still solid and going pretty good and the updates are awesome makes me feel like im playing on the PS2
This a really addicting game I've played for now 4 years. Even I couldn't resist the adventure in this game. Overall, this is an excellent game.
Your customer service is trash. I was falsely banned for account sharing (apperantly I can't use a 2nd device ON THE SAME NETWORK to use the forums) and I haven't received a reply in a month. Count your blessings that I can't refund the absurd amount of money I spent on cosplays.
The delay of skill after casting it is too long, looks like a bug, after casting a skill there is delay 2-3 second before the skill hit the target, because of that the enemy easily hit me before the cast is done and cancel the skill. It pisses me so much and the potion use 1second delay to activate so the timing of using skill and potion all messed up. Please fix these
Developer didnt improve the graphics they keep updating things like cosplay but they forgot about the graphics before this game was soo good but then its graphic didnt improve a bit thats why many players quitted already i hope that they can make it hype and famous again
Game look amazing. But I can't understand how can anyone play that game. There are icons almost in the middle of screen. And so many space on sides or top. Almost always those icons cover something. I don't even need use them more like one time per day :D In option is of course not way how get them away. Some trotl idea how make game unique.
IMO, this is the best free mobile game you can get Yes, it's just a standart RPG but absolutely worth playing. There are many things that you can do in this game, and it's even better if you play with friends (Or new ones you met from this game) The few downsides I see for this is the translation and UI. The translations are sometimes weird and there are even quests that are fully Japanese. And the UI is confusing. I've played this game for a few months and still doesn't fully understand the UI
It's an awesome game please keep updating some good stuff and update the graphics and add some classes
its a great game but i wish theyd put a little more iniative into getting more people to play, the english server is really barren nowadays
Great game. Not a pay to win kind of MMO that you usually see. If you're a fan of grinding and such then this game is for you ^^
I played it a while back but seeing this again makes my kawaii warrior look cuter ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃
Ilove this game good graphics good controls but the gacha is bad please make it high chance to get 10 star costplay please
The game is cute and somewhat well made, but the English is some of the worst I've seen in a game. Makes it hard to immerse yourself in when the words are halfway broken.
Very fun game, you will reach level 30 very fast; However, getting to level 30 is only the start of the game, the main aspect of the game is leveling up all your gear and min-maxing all your classes to power up the class you want to play the most
i like this game it's so addicted and cosplay it's awesome but i need a set cosplay give me gm..thanks
This Is one of my favorite games so far, It's worth to give It a try. But sadly the game's kinda laggy a bit and It took you so long to get inside the game just to download everything, overall It's a good game without a toxic community and there are so many nice people that you could find here!
So, I just downloaded this game and it says log in on my screen. Am I dumb or not understanding it?? I didn't even had an id for that game yet. I don't know where to sign up. Please help me ;-;
For the game overall is so nice and good the trouble it just the language. So, Please translate all quest, menu, etc to english ... It's kinda hard when you want to accomplish some quest or want to do something but the language is still in Japanese. That's all. Please, keep up your good work developer.
Please add manual attack button and auto hunt because it is irritating to always click auto whenever you see a monster and it only hunts once!!please
This is actually a fun game, a very decent MMO! Not auto play and mostly not pay to win. The graphics is good,the story is great and the gameplay is nice! Keep it up devs and I hope for more updates in the future.
it's a good mmo-jrpg. but, the question is why there's an update everytime i login and everytime i travel to another place that i already go.? that's it.
If any aspect of the game worked or was translated well enough to understand, it would be very good, 5 star even. Needs to be scrapped and rebuilt
Its a fun game but plss make also an archer because its only 4 thing like a fighter,thief,healer and wizard pls make a archer
Great game overall, Despite a few glitches and bugs. One thing I would like to see added. Is the ability to trade cosplay items with friends. I feel it would be fun to be able to trade and dressup with your friends. Can't wait for the new update, Cheers, Rubyn
Aaarg! I've played this game for a year now.and and i still haven't tried every class! 😭 and because of my curiosity I haven't even got pass the middle of the game! Why are there so many classes. but I'll give it 5 stars because it's so cute. CUTENESS IS EVERYTHING I NEED TO LIKE GAMES ! 🐰🐱🐶🐹
Its been 5 years and now need to start all over again hope this game will never change i means everything is almost free just depend on our luck and hardwork but still there are some npc , quests and places that still in japanese language but overall its still awesome like the old days
It's an amazing game and experience I've been bt you should give out more gacha tickets and gems for the other characters you make that way all the characters you make can have cosplay
I need help, my game cant open it keep crushes and after i clear cache and data it can open again but after i close it the problem keep happening i need to clear data to open, this is horriable need a fix i m using s20+ samsung please help edit: just found out it's a Google issue sorry eko > <
I have been playing this game for 5 years, I have seen it go through some big changes. May I say the graphic have definitely gotten better, the game keeps you busy with many quest and events. Unfortunately it is not as fun to play without the large fan base it use to have. It could use some fixes on the translation, or explanation for certain things. One problem I have currently is the random glitches, like not being able to teleport or being sent back to a certain spot.
im begging you pls! tell me how to change in the jp server! if there's any other way than to change my language! i cant go because my tab doesn't have jp language on it! i really love this game! if there are still any other way to change to jp server! pls tell me ASAP!!! i'm begging you "winlight"!
This has become one of my favorite games. The world is very big and has a Nintendo 64/Gamecube feel that I really appreciate and the style of the cosplay is great, as well as the half action, half turn based fighting style. Progressing through the story is my favorite part of the game, it creates a lot of mystery for the player about what other places they will eventualy be able to travel to.
I like this game.. only reason for not giving it 5 stars is because whoever did the translation really didn't have a good understanding of the English language and sometimes understanding a quest can be a little difficult! Still if you like online MMO's.. Elemental Knights is a good game to play!!
Old game and still satisfying for me, just casual and enjoyable with no PvP competition, No Auto, no ridiculous P2W. Brings back where game is supposed to bring enjoyment not rage and makes your day worse. And note for dev, keep up your hard work and please add more contents so there is something to enjoy rather than grinding. Just dont add pvp things.
good game even if there are not much people playing it anymore, however not all dialogues are translated especially the story, some have bad grammars but you can kinda understand it. but I've played it for years and i had a blast playing it, there was even a point where i would just stay in my room for the whole day playing it, and it continued for months, its addicting.
Still one of the best mobile MMOs over 10 years later. Actually better than many recent releases even.
Its a very great game...... Not laggy graphics are not great but not too bad either. But i have one suggestion, Pls just put a joystick and just make the camera move with just one finger swipe cuz' i find it hard to move becaus there is no joystick and to move the camera i have to use two fingers....... Pls make it happen....... But anyway its a very great game
Overall a nice game , all I need is the arena or pvp that's the missing piece, also love if there will be build wars so fun
the game is outdated but its still my childhood game this game keeps the good work but this year is kinda different like many expensive phone like most game have updated graphics now I hope you will find a way to renew your graphics like updated 😁😁😁BTW I dont like this game to close cause this is a fun game even a childhood game
Game is fun but for some reason any time I play this all the text changes to another language in game making it unplayable and no way to turn it back to English
whenever i enterthe game it always download data eventhough i finished it already, when i enter a map it will download resource data again though i finished to download the map. please fix or suggest what to do in my situation. its annoying to download data again and again. thank you.
A fun game but all the ncp start using another language and can't change back to English woud think this would of been fixed after 5 years but keeps happening everytime I try playing
Really fun little mmojrpg. Not the best graphics or translations, but solid game mechanics and gratuitous amounts of free premium items.
Played it on mobile and it was fun. The problem was the translation though and it's been like that for a while so clearly the developer doesn't care to fix it. Also tried it on switch a few years later to see what was new. I cant join a guild on the switch. So I don't understand why its for sale on switch when they it doesn't have the same options as mobile users. Please fix the issues! The game has potential to be better.
this game is fun and has easey controls (: would be cool to have monster pets though the monsters are so cute 😍
Full review: This is a diamond in the ruff for playstore rpgs. My two problems are that they make male characters too feminine (clothing and face) and they dont advertise enough. The game needs more players, especially when theres missions that require other players to work. That being said I see great potential in this game and it's super fun.
I just came back and it's as funky as ever. The only problem is you can only download data as you go to a map. My only request is maybe at least make a full data download button exist. I mean, even from back then this annoyed me.
This game offers a fun experience with it's story based adventure, great battle system, an in-depth armor upgrade system, laid back anime art style, a large world to wander and explore, frequent events and gifts, tons of armor & cosplay to collect, tough battles to take on, and many classes to choose from.
I like this game it reminds me my old school days game and i really enjoyed it thanks for the fun in this game
Bad combat system and weak character creation. Dialog was weird and tutorial was too lengthy and didnt explain properly.
I notice 3 things in this game: 1.Translation is not 100% done. 2.UI/Controls are hard to understand and follow. 3. Combat is weird and not complex based on what I experience. But this game is still playable and fun. I didn't try "pvp" yet but I predicted that as long as you have this 3 things(Good weapon, op skill, and perfect stats)you can actually win every battle. I hope for more improvement in this game.
Simple fun and Switch crossplay. Pretty standard MMO with pick up and go with very little lag. To save my phone battery life I simple jump on my switch and use my phone hotspot.
Really interesting game, but even if you decide to play in English many things aren't translated with can give you really hard times.
Very average. UI is far too cluttered, the English is absolutely horrible and borderline indecipherable, and the gameplay is nothing to write home about. The only positives I can think of are that the graphics are decent, and there doesn't appear to be an energy or stamina system, which is usually an immediate uninstall for me if a game has those, although there is the odd exception.
fuc.king terrible. no way to run away from enemies as they can literally hit you across the map -_- stupid implementation. if you're going to add a turn back option then don't allow the enemy to hit you as you are running away. utterly garbage.
I've been looking for a game that is kinda like SAO and the characters are cute here and I love the story line and having your own strategy in making yourself stronger. The surrounding is cool as well. I just want to suggest if you can do PK or like duel with other players to be more interactive instead of talking with NOCs everyday. Cool Game.
Hello gm this game is great but why in game not have some marketplace for sell some item for each other player ? I am glad if you can make dashboard for marketplace
Absolutely fun game, love the cute cosplays. Nice and Friendly community~ Some classes like Cleric, Warlock, Wizards,... likely need some buffs or adjustments. Since they are very rare to see in game^-^. Hope you will read this comment, Winlight.
If you want to install this damn annoying game you have to wait so long for an update in the game when you install it each time it completes one more come up again it's so annoying it wasted my time and i could be playing better games and I love MMORPG games I always give them five star ratings but this one is so annoying I give it a one star they need to fix that update thing in the game I will not install the app until it is fixed then I will give it five star rating when it is fixed 😤
I'd love this game , but please translate some of events to english .. i still found them on japanese , so i can't understand it
If there's one thing I hate more than life itself; is when I download a game, it downloads it's necessary files.. and it has to download more! God damn it download all in one go for phuck sake!
im confused ive played before and the game cutoff with no explanation after a certain point so is this version like a demo and the 4.99 version the full gamr?
*Edit* Okay, I am done with it for 3 reasons. I don't like the way some of my cosplay items look but in order to get the stat bonuses, you have to wear it and you are not allowed to hide it's appearance and just display your normal equipment. I've never seen a game deny you that option until now. The second is that if you are attacked by an enemy, they have no boundaries and can chase you across every square inch of the map. Finally, dev's have made greedy policies to unfairly get more cash.
I love it. It's almost perfect, but the only problem it has is the exp amounts. I think it takes too long to level up. But everything else is good!
All have to be done manually, no auto pathing or anything like that. Certainly not my kinda game huhu.
This game is non auto mmorpg w heavy japanese style atmosphere. Player can totally chose how the characters appearances using the gacha costume as well as their own costum stats Too bad seem like there is less players nowadays on global server..cause this game really bring me memories..:( . On the personal note. This game had change my life forever..The game who i play out because i give up w mundane and anxious life turned out to be the one which change mine totally irl i am forever grateful
Why is there things that not exist but in the game? like i have many katanas but the animation looks wrong?,and why the camera feature has a correct katana emote which is not usable when im killing mobs for example
The game is nice and enjoyable my only problem is the control is kinda hard...but im getting used to it rn...
Best MMO ever!! There is no gacha equipment it's all equipment by grinding this is true experience playing MMO. Add pet system or mount would be nice
spent loads of money and in gacha roll said no duplicates , well got cp times x3 each, good click bait now 7 days left untill I can collect 10 stars in gacha for free rare and I can't because o blasted out all points (around 20k) we talking here about 150£ and support doesn't even replies to email , disappointed especially that for such big amount i haven't even recived one 10 star cos play equip beside they don't even replie to reviews. it's a money making business we are just customers
love this game, but can't get on the Nintendo switch without starting a new account. if i buy it, it comes with perks i can only use on new account. disappointing especially since it's 23$ and handheld only mode. i love this game, but i don't think it's fair that you can't bring an account to switch and get the extras you pay for on one pre-existing account. i currently play on the phone but i have a switch.