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RPG Dragon Sinker

RPG Dragon Sinker for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Graphics remind me of super Nintendo the storyline thus far is half decent and kinda makes me thing of lord of the rings although it's nothing like lord of the rings only an hour in to playing it as you to write a review by the elf princess offering to cuddle the human prince lol I play way to many of kemco games I've beaten 6 of them I think they need to step it up in the difficulty section
I love these old school RPGs so much, you're done an amazing job recreating the experience! The story is fun, the characters are all distinctive, and theres a fair challenge to it. Well done!
There are a few different difficulty settings and enemy encounter rates that can be changed at any time during gameplay so leveling up is easy. Fun game.
Entertaining enough. Has a nice old school feel. I'm not super far into it yet, but it's entertaining.
This game has a sense of humor that is actually funny and has a great story line love the side quests to get more people
good old-fashioned rpg. I especially like how you can adjust the difficulty and rate of monster encounters.
πŸ‘πŸ‘QUICK REVIEWπŸ‘πŸ‘ This game is probably one of the game that can gives always give you nostalgia. It has what classic JRPGs usually have. The music is great, but some just straight up killing my ears. Also i love how i can choose who joined my party. BUT, the class system kinda ruins it. Probably it's better if one person only have one job that others can't have, so you can use everyone depending on situation. Overall i'll rate it 7.5/10, another decent JRPG game.
Not too bad, reminds me of early final fantasy titles from the NES/SNES. Could use a little bit of work but other then that I'm enjoying myself with dragon sinker.
Not bad, as far as rpg storylines are concerned. The battle system could do with some streamlining, but other than that, not a bad game.
It's an excellent game. Very simple and very old school. I recommend this game to anyone who misses the old school games from the 80's and 90's like I do. Thank you!
DO NOT BUY THE XP RING it will ruin the game. It takes the whole xp grind feel out of it and feel like a cheat code. now I don't wanna play the game any more. Shame I killed a nice game. It's basically infinite lvls.
Amazing rpg , i am a big fan of the ff and dq series . I am enjoying this game the same way i used to play Dragon Warrior on Nintendo back in the old times
The dungeon design terribly long. Random battle are annoying (You can break the game after getting ship though). The revenant job subquest is stupid, wandering anywhere in the city but got nothing. Stupid quest detail.
I am enjoying the game very much. The story line is good as are the graphics. It's fun to go back in time with a retro rpg like this one. All the features work smoothly. Thanks!
very impressed so far. feels like a classic RPG and only ads are 5 seconds long after saving. great game!
Despite its sensitive controls, despite the story being similar to previous KEMCO games, I had a blast playing it and would definitely recommend playing it despite the score of 4.5. Imo its a 4.6 so dont let that discourage you from trying it out because of its rating.
Finally A game that isnt like just "oh lets just do idle things" but instead focuses on actual rpg physics thanks for making this game
This game is nice sure it doesn't the hd graphics that most games have nowadays, but what it lacks in graphics it makes up with a good combat system, difficult boss battles, great storyline, and characters
I love this game, the way it works, and how pixel-y and retro it is but I really dont like /care for the romance with the princess, she is the most annoying character in the whole game. Tbh I find there to be more chemistry between the price and the goddamn priest than with the obnoxious elf princess.
Its ok, so, its a good rpg overall but i have problems as well, 1. Ads, listen, I dont care about the after saving game ads, but it gets border line ridiculous after the elf kingdom segment 2. It cant be played offline, it wont load, and i really wanted to play this on the go, disappointing 3. The controls glitch out sometimes after saving, why?
Story is straightforward but great. I love that you can combine different classes/jobs allowing me to create the perfect team to beat secret bosses atop secret bosses. My issue is the difficulty can be adjusted anytime you want making it easier to manipulate high-level areas. I could switch from 'Expert' to 'Easy' in order to level up fast. Job levels are also easy to gain by switching to 'Expert' difficulty and clearing weaker mobs with the shortcut function. Other than that, thumbs upπŸ‘.
typical, didnt even make it to the first battle before an add, oneday theyll figure out how to run adds on the very air you breathe
(Linked from the "cuddle" scene.) Very fleshed-out RPG, with a so-so job system, great progression system, and it never gets super complicated. A fair challenge at normal difficulty, haven't tried previous difficulty. Only complaint (so far) is a little grinding before having enough levels for the first dungeon.
Now I see why I feel the same vibes as RPG Dragon Lapis, like I noticed the cave leading to the other side, the heal all heart button and the shop which consists of rings,etc. Not to mention the game currency DRP drop every 3 battle. Its just the same developer so that's why lol. I just searched my whole game library just to see the similar game I played.
Awesome game 10/10 the story is noce amd the game is a RPG with many classes and also a lottery system whos pretty fun and rewarding(you can get new classes).The graphics are really cute since i love pixel games.
I'm just here for the snuggles... This is just like most Kemco games, a great old school JRPG. Has a good story that keeps you interested, fun combat system, and the job/class system a lot of these type of games use.
Really good game with a good story and funny characters.The gameplay brings back nokstagic memories of games i used to play.
It's an ok rpg but too simple items, too much grinding for my taste. Skills' mana consumption is heavy while mana regen skills are lacking. Map zoom is too close even for a small phone screen.
This is a fun game. There's not much I could really say besides that it's a nice RPG. So there was an entire cutscenes devoted to Abram dreaming about writing a review and snuggling with Mia, because of it. It was hilarious. If that didn't deserve 5 stars, I don't know what does.
A real blast from the past haven't stopped smiling since I started playing give it a go and find out how it all started
I don't like the permissions. Why does it need access to make calls? Or access to you contacts? Also, there are ads the button on the main screen. At that point I was out.
This game is super great! But please make this game a little bit more challenging maybe put a thing on top of each monster to know what level it is really great app
It's super fun but a little tough at first but after that it gets funner and it is really addicting and I can't stop playing it
Whe.n i first play this game i really love it but then when i fought like guard monster inside the cave it start being like dumb cause even tho im in normal mode it feels like stupidly hard like u cant even defeat the boss with all level 30 units like bro are you dumb just make it more enjoyable bro cause you make the game so grindy make the game fair when u play easy its like baby mode its too damn easy but when u play normal it feeeel realllyyyy hard u like jump it to easy ,hard,very hard dang
This is awsome and has a lot of great content love the story and also love the side quests e.g. The companion missions and the item collection missions were you have to fight a monster to get a item its awsome
Classic fun. Its been a while I able to play old school rpg like this and even the game has ads, its not annoying. Just good old rpg with no money grabby features. Highly recommend for those that like classic entertainment.
I finally found an old school RPG worth giving a review to! With added humor, proper proportions in most aspects, nice storyline with relevant moral re human nature added. I love it all, great job guys...
To be honest? One of the BEST RPG games I have EVER played--and I'm not big on RPG games because they're usually boring, but I finished the main story in about 12 or so hours and it was pretty fun! I'm gonna uninstall because of space, but I liked this a lot! My only beef was that in the epilogue, I kept getting lost so I got frustrated and I'm not gonna bother to fully finish this. And I love how I'm not forced to be with Mia, I hate her oop but keep up the great work guys!
Game is a great JRPG for mobile. The characters are great and keep it interesting. Plus it has the best sequence to ask for a review I've ever seen. Would recommend to anyone looking for the retro gaming style.
Fun, easy pick up and play early FF kinda play style. I had to write this review after snuggling with an elven girl.
best kemco game i played. i can change difficulty anytime i want for farming exp, its not 3d, you can have 3 teams too! i thought that rpg end of aspiration was the only good game tou guys had but i guess i was wrong. will play more games from you :)
Not a bad game. The controls are weird and take a little getting used to for movement, but that's not a major issue. The story is cute and whimsical. I haven't fully beaten it yet, but I haven't put it down since yesterday when I bought it... Quite addictive. Look forward to seeing more like this.
It's fun but when you grind for tablets it's long then the temple is took easy you turn or auto grind and voila 1/2 an hour later wyrmvarg is too easy and all world enemy's life Side too easy but elsewise great keep it up made me feel so nastalgic of my Gameboy new and Dreamcast etc loved it thank you for this
Pretty cute. Great story and very retro, but in a good way. It's a lot more simple than typical pixel RPGs. It kind of feels lacking not being able to equip the other party members (only the leaders of each team get equipped). But it is also kind of nice not having to grind for hours to just get everyone a weapon and armor. Good game overall and would recommend. Good job devs!
Good fun reminds me of dragon warrior. People who complained about having to watch an ad after saving would do.well to remember that older games needed to get saved at the king or the inn. So it's a small price to pay far as I'm concerned.
Was having fun until I gave this app a good review. After that it turn into add spam every few seconds. Beside apps clogging your view of the screen once a minute o e will open stoping g game play
the game is pretty fun bosses are fairly easy and points you gain go quickly the higher the difficulty is.
Being a major final fantasy fan this appeals to the side of me that misses the oldest final fantasy games. I think my favorite part is if you also play Dragon Lapis than you can get a reference to this game and fight the heros of this game.
Played the sequel first; the comparison is interesting. The job system is more varied than classic leveling up, though the dungeons are pretty linear, and the global map is perhaps not linear enough; once you can explore, you can jump ahead and break game balance. Good sense of humor though
This game is from Nintendo 3DS and that's why it's so good! From a platform where developers care about there products unlike many phone games these days. Highly recommend playing if anyone hasn't already πŸ‘
Fun and entertaining! A nice, simple retro rpg. The grammar is a little off in spots, but not so bad it's annoying, just noticeable. Very good job, so far.
It's really hard to come by games with the classic RPG feel but this one really nails it. The music, the art, the cheesy JRPG story. It's a lot like the original Final Fantasy, except with deeper combat. You can have 3 parties and there are much more classes. Surprisingly the story and characters were enjoyable and pretty funny (so far, halfway through). Unlike most mobile games, microtransactions are extremely minor. You can ignore them the whole game and miss nothing.
A little confusing at first, but one you complete some quests and gain more experience, things start to pick up. Great game overall
Good rpg similar to dragon warrior, could stand to have better rewards and more things to excite the player. It was enjoyable enough for me to want to play it and try and complete the game. May add to review later once finished.
A roguelike dungeon crawler that allows you to divide equipment and accessories between multiple characters who act as leaders to different teams. Very efficient and the storyline is entertaining. I could do without ads popping up every time I save the game but I am willing to overlook that as the game is quite enjoyable. Not having to upgrade weapons or worry about getting better equipment every time I go to a new area is a load off my mind. Thank you. Also, dwarves rule!
For a FREE game, it's certainly not bad. I like the open-worldness, but the difficulty and controls can be funky.
I love this kind of game! Where you can choose between choices. I feel like that I am in the game, interacting with the people there. I also love Dragon Lapis! The game was spectacular!!! I wish you could make this kind of game more often but still all of your games are fun to play and a nice time killer. PS: love the collab you made with the company Rideon.
I always loved games like this I grew up with this kind of stuff, but this one is pretty solid . Only thing g I would add is to let the player organize the characters skill list, it's kind of a mess but still great overall
Love the game only one complaint and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Playing on expert mode I noticed a glitch. I have to reequip my stamina choker for my team to gain the 20% boost otherwise it sets them at their base. This happens each time I load the game but seriously great game!
I tend to be a fan of Kemco games anyway, but Dragon Sinker holds a special place in my heart. Most rpgs are so human-focused; being able to play as customizable elves and dwarves is just so rad. This game has a ton of jobs, and excellent character customization, including the classic Int/Str/Dex spectrum. The world is pixel art adorable, the skills are nuanced, and the dialogue is crisp. Outstanding game, really. :)
I played Dragon Lapis first and was happy the battles were harder this time around, especially with allowing difficulty adjustments midgame. However, it somehow feels like the "D-pad" has stooped down a notch and I'm beginning to make movements that feel harder to control. Also, would it be possible to have it be an option to play the game in portrait mode? Thanks.
Characters walk very slowly when not in towns, other then that it's a great game, with a nice story line
Good game. Not ruled by microtransactions or advertisements. Definitely would recomend to any rpg fans.
Random ads coming up when saving is one thing but to actually have it blocking part of the screen after getting to the elf Kingdom is absolute garbage, and it ruins the experience!
Nice pixel-rpg game. Though its really grindy to farm Job Points as my every character has 3-4 maxed out jobs when I finished. Great content and a nice story. Thanks Kemco!
I think this game is wonderful. It isn't too challenging, it's fun, it has great controls, good characters, a good story, a good battle system, good graphics and music. My only complaint is that you never know which item goes to which character till you buy it, so you waste money on stuff you don't need. There needs to be something next to the item when you buy it that tells you which character can use that
It is really a good game! It reminds of when I played Dragon Lapis RPG. Is this game supposed to be a prequel? Either way, its great!
This is so much fun. I love final fantasy and this was fun to play and not to hard like dragon lapis final fantasy players will love this.
Nice RPG. Generic story but has funny dialogue. I like the party swap feature. So far, the only ads Ive noticed appear when saving data and are about 5 seconds long. Update: Right after the game asks me to write a review I got slammed with ads... an insane amount. Either pay for the game or uninstall. The ads will ruin it.
I am glad that I have found this game.. Aside from the main theme in defeating the main enemy, you also added some good sugar to the game.. I am secretly not good at writing, but whatelse? 10/10.. also good quests. -came to write in order to be *spoiler* by *spoiler again and again.
Game doesn't work. After "now loading", the screen goes completely black and that's it. Waited for minutes but just got a blackscreen
As with most KEMCO games "I like". For those of you who like retro games ala ninte--- 8bit this is for you. For those who like odd ball humor, (SNUGGLE??) this game has you covered as well. It gets 5 stars not for graphics but content. It is enjoyable. πŸ˜†
Awesome game, I would recommend it to All my friends,the story line is great, love these old school RPG s, best game I played without a doubt.
it is awesome but it is hard tonget good sturf at the lotterie and some monsters and missions are very hard to do
I looove this game soooooo much great graphics maybe you guys should make a new race (orcs) and a new enemy demons that would be great or maybe add a (DRAGON SINKER 2) thats all great game.
So simple, but so much fun! The way the developers made that "write a review" scene in the game made me laugh out loud, so, here i am! The game has a nice job system, but im a little disappointed the 3 MC's cant change jobs (so far, anyway). Other than that, the game is really addicting. I especially like the Hunter's luring skill he gets early onβ€” so useful! Thanks for that, guys! And thanks for the great game!
Ad Remover Failed Good game but bought 1250 DRP for $9.99 as an Ad Eliminator. Ads are still showing as if I didn't make the purchase. Re-started the game and the device. I have considerable RAM available on my phone and on my memory card. When I attempt to go back to the purchase screen to choose the Ad Eliminator option, it won't load, even though my high-speed wifi and my data are at full capacity. My phone is an Android Razer 2, and I am positive the problem is not on my end. Please fix!
Ok I downloaded this game to test it and Guys I'm 100% Glad I've done βœ…βœ…βœ… this game may be pixel art but it's so much Fun and Job System Great job I'm Around 4-5 hrs of game play and actually loving the storyline *Snuggle* πŸ˜† to write a review Thanks 😊 Devs great game, 1 flaw the amount of DPS needed for x11 Summons is kinda off, but I give this game 5stars 🎯
So far this is great representative of a Take turn has RPG. Though I'm not finish I really like it It's Super hard to find a RPG that is like this one. Anyway Keep up the good work.
Storyline is semi boring, but a good game overall. Graphics could be a bit better, perhaps add more shading.
An overall good experience, don't mind the commercials that popup because it's done in a way that makes sense. The game play is good for what it is. Main story is very good, some of the optional quest are a bit annoying.
Nice rpg. I like the retro look and feel. Controls are simple and game play is fluid so far. There's hasn't been a need for grinding yet. I hate dungeon grinding!
I like the game so far. I would want for next time to be more clear on the directions on where will the team be going next.
Breath of fresh air, my experience with android games is dreadful, however the game lacks several quality of life improvements which make some activities quite tiresome
I love the Style of the Game And The game Play is Amazing and the Story is Straight forwad not like the other rpg out there but I wish That The Controller has a 3rd option Its A Joystick and the Enemies are hard to Fight but that all my criticism because I love This Game 9/10 for me and Mia 10/10 best Waifu
It's a good game I like it although one of the effects confuses me I'm starting to understand how it works
It is awsome! I love the old NES pixel art like final fantasy. It just adds to the great look and feel. I had a smile across my face the whole time I was playing. I recommend you play it.
This game is pretty fun. There are many places you can explore. Its really cool that you can make your group bigger making fighting monsters easier.