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RPG Djinn Caster

RPG Djinn Caster for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Totally love this game! This is what i'm looking for, a game with a great story and amazing gameplay.
Once again kemco has done an amazing job. Looking for a beautiful action rpg then give this a try. 5 stars
One of my best game I played. The gameplay, story, actions and the graphics is perfect. Love this game a lot. Please create Djinn Caster 2..
... Did you really limit the amount of time we can play your game? If those were the only ads, then it'd be somewhat reasonable. But there are forced ads every save and every few area transitions too. That's stupid.
You should mention in your description that it has limited gameplay. It's not free. We must watch ad to continue the game ONLY 20 MINUTES or buy premium version. That's mean THIS IS NOT OFFLINE GAME. That's why i hate mobile games. Especially this kind of developer.
Game won't work on my s10 galaxy. Even after allowing permission to access storage to my phone. As prompted at games launch.. So disappointing. Looks like a good game.
The game is Good, offline & it's free. Kemco Rpg's are the same & almost repetitive, but this 1 is absolutely different & probably their best. Good Story, sound & animation ! Only downside is the "Play time limits". - PART 2 IS A MUST ! xD *edit* The "Premium version" has no Play time limit, plus it has 150 Free Ruby ! (very usefull for buying extra inventory slot).
No longer works. - Wonderful game. I love it although it doesn't support teardrop displays and also has no progress sync. Those two things keep it from a perfect score.
Keeps crashing now and then I know it's free and a work in the making some rewards get stuck u can't retrieve them near Rock's needs a automattic pick up system the collection of side quests items numbers r crazy high30 -40 fair u made it a time killer game for sure it's a grinder and if I have to watch ads for gem's get rid of that ridiculous long timer bigger map u should know where u need to return on side quests but nice game other than the glitch that keeps popping up a lot a lot
Was having agreat time playing now it just crashes cannot even start the game anymore What the hell?????!!!!!!
"An error has occurred blah blah blah ..." during the final battle fighting the boss!?!? A classic example of how a nice game can be ruined by a critical error. How can you expect players to leave good reviews if they cannot even finish the game?
love this game on my old phone. now i have a phone running in android 10. so sad to see it's not running. keeps asking to allow storage access but no popup to allow. even tried giving permission manually thru app management but still gives the storage error. hope you can fix.
Its so awesome game. But you must add more place and enemy to make this game even more awesome.Please update this game...I love it ❀❀❀
BEST RPG!!!All perfect.Great storyline.Beautiful ending.I hope you could make more games like this.Exactly like this.To me,its better than Zenonia and Inotia.With all the mini games and cutscenes.Its FANTASTIC!Im looking forward for another rpg game like this.Great job.
I think the one causing the bugs is the play time system in which you need to watch ads for you to play the game it doesn't make sense at all. second where the hell is the log out button???are you imitating sao or something???also make the joystick a little bigger. aside from that the game is nice and fun to play and nice story line.
i love this game but i keep getting this weird message, its something like "Trouble connecting to net work", even thow this a offline game!!!! can someone please get rid of this please
Okay. So, KEMCO I like what you're doing, it's different from usual games you've made but the ads in this game is unbearable. Other games I can tolerate because they are quick ads. But videos, c'mon. You already have ads ever save, every few map loading. Not to mention YOU CAN ONLY PLAY FOR 20 MINS unless you watch an ad to continue.The game is quite slow(lagging performances) and occasionally crashes. These crashes are also very frustrating as you probably didn't save and the auto save isn't good enough. The only rating I've given that isn't a 5 star so you know I mean it.
An awesome game with the settings of a Middle East! I always been wondering if there's an ARPG or an RPG with this kind of settings! And I finally found it! Okay, here's my reveiw for this game. First, the art style that are soft, and similar to a console game I know, brings the the game with a unique style of gameplay. Second, the color scheme also beautiful, and I really like it how it blends well on the game mechanics. And the transparency is also well made whenever the character are below a certain terrain. Third, unique skills and has the feel of Middle Eat folkrlore. It's really intrigue me when I first saw this game, so I wanted to test it out, and it worked wellon my device! I might buy this game, but for now, I'll stick with the free version, and see how it goes well. A job well done guys! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
game was fun but got tired of the Playtime is over watch ad for more playtime,20 min a watch. loads better picks if you want to scratch your rpg itch.
one of the rpgs i've been eyeing for awhile and now that i have downloaded and started the game, i am satisfied!! i absolutely love how the protagonist was written. optimistic & full of confidence ! i also love the option that you can donate to the beggars around the place. tho i hope after u give them money, they'd stop asking πŸ˜… but all in all, 10/10!!!
Okay this game is awesome. Hv nice graphics. Unique. And the storyline is nice. A lot of humor in storyline. Beautiful places. The colour and lightning is good. But.. wish there will be more character to play with. And.. perhaps... sequel? Control is smooth. This game hv good quality. Addictive too.
Wanted to try the game but couldn't get it to open. Corona developer error: djinn caster tried to request access to a permission group without having permission from that group. This is what comes up at the starting screen. Don't understand what it is.
Ok. This is the best game so far in android. I had so much fun UNTIL i closed it, to eat lunch, then tried to open it again. But i cant open it, notification keeps on popping saying that i should reboot the game to open it correctly but after several times, it's the same thing. Now i'm waiting for the developer to fix this. Please. I really love this game, dont take this away from me.
Thanks for the game it was awesome. I enjoyed it. I just got surprise how fast the relationship developed between the two. Good thing it was explained in the end how did it happen.
Very....very ....Good game,if I can rate rarity of this game I will rate it LEGENDARY because you can't find games like this good,and I hope this game will be known too,or will become famous too,and please add more stories and many many stories and djinns,thank you for this wonderful game.
This is such a unique game. The art style is a refreshing water style that looks great. The combat system is an action RPG that requires you to time your attacks so that you don't leave yourself open to enemies. The music does a great job at setting the atmosphere. I would recommend this game to anyone.
awesome and fantastic game but please make equipments price in this game more cheap so i can upgrade equipment faster
Although its lacking the depth of an ARPG (Big Skill Trees, Class, Item, Crafting, etc.), its still a really well done game, bought the game and it was more than worth the price. I missed the Zenonia/Inotia series and this has every potential to be greater than those! I hope you guys make more games like this!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Edit: Have played this game and reached a high level and am almost near the ending, I am just hoping for the game to have Cloud Save in the next update and for my old and data to comeback, please, Kemco, if ever that you are reading our comments in this section, I want to bring back my old account, my old progress, items, and also djinns. I hope Kemco would respond to my comment. PS. I love this game so much❀
This game is so cool. It has a good story and good graphics but there is a bug that prevents me from saving the game. I really get annoyed because I would need to restart the game again and go back to my last save.
The game reminds me of the Prince of Persia games, except without the jumping and wall running. It is quite beautiful, the movements are smooth as silk, and it has a very decent story.
It's still early but so far the game plays well. Good story, controls are not crazy and it's entertaining.
Wonderful game. I love it although it doesn't support teardrop displays and also has no progress sync. Those two things keep it from a perfect score.
Hack & Slash and JRPG are dying nowadays. You can plainly see how much passion and work is poured in this Gorgeous hidden gem. This game deserves some recognition and appreciation because I rarely find this kind of RPG this great for awhile.
Great Game! only complain I have is, the DMAGE FONTS are too big, auto pick would be great too.. and adjust the range of attack, character and enemies can attack at a distance without even touching the enemy or yourself and that kills off the purpose of the dash skill. Overall,it's an awesome game.!!
I would have hoped the game would be playable. Sadly screen goes black after loading screen...also why does it say game is over 600mb in description but why i go to storage space on phone it only show it as less then a 100mb. Makes no sense.
My only problem with this game was I need a sequel, I thirst for the continuation of the story I got too attached it has perfect everything plus I can't save after the last fight I want to train my other djinns after finishing the game, but I can't seem to do it if I do the last fight overall very nice game I'd play it all over again
I can't even open the app in vivo s1, it shows developer error everytime i try to open it. i hope you will fix it
Love The Game So Much.....I Love The Story...The Gameplay...The Graphics...I Love All Of It...This Is By Far The Best RPG I Have Ever Played...KEMCO,Thank You For The Game...Hope You Make Other Games Like This...
Good game but the stability is not yet that good controls is good graphics is cool just the play timer why? it does need to watch ads?
Game won't open on galaxy A71. It requests permission to phone storage but doesn't give the option to allow permission. Even giving permission manually does not fix it. I really want to try this far but it is, quite liter6, unplayable for me.
The game are really great the graphics are really fluid that looks 3D HD, game, All in All even the controls works well, and I think it was a great game if u updated it this year! Thanks to the developer I can play offline, even rubies are totally in game while I play offline. All in All are great game!πŸ˜€
This is by far the best game I've played by Kemco. I'm very much impressed with the amount of work put into this product. I love the artwork, the characters and character development, the battle system and storyline. The only thing that slightly bothers me is the fact that I have to watch ads to extend my battle playtime. But for a free game like this? It doesn't really even matter. The experience this gave me was certainly very entertaining and enjoyable! I recommend others to try it as well and see for yourself.
A different concept game, the story , the controls , the graphics all are good. The good thing is you can play it for free. All the djinns and their abilities are good, beggar concept is also captivating. Its been a while since i enjoyed a game this much ,I am looking forward for its second part but i hope to see all twenty djinns of this game along with some new altogether in second edition which shows the continuing journey of main hero in other regions.
Cool game, fun hack n slash. one bug i found was when i hit a barrel my coins were stuck in the non walkable area :( but great story and well made game.
This game is amazing, even with the crashes and ads. If people are just patient enough, they wouldn't be complaining about those issues. The story, setting, etc. are amazing. Thank you for making this game.
A very nice game that reminds me of Zenonia 3, The monetization doesn't seem to be bad since it's free, I might get premium soon but my only complaint is that the app runs in background and consumes my battery
Total useless app that Don't even start. Show developer errer every time I try to open it says "Djinn Caster tried to request access to a permission group without having any permissions from that group in build.settings/ AndroidManifest.xml!" Fix this ASAP and I will change my review
Peoples keep complaining about the advertising, but they not even think about developers and they make this game need time and cost and u just play it FREE but still dont want to make contributions, Well if u dont want the ads just Pay For It dont demand for something u dont pay kids. . This game is fun to play and not like the other games right now (When pay to win is needed). . My Rating : 9/10 The problem because in the late story, my app sometimes crashed and i dont even can save it πŸ˜‚.
I mean this is definitely one of the best games on play store. The fact that it should be a paid game, yet it isn't, is amazing. And it's not like they shove down micro transactions down your throat. The story is really good, the environment feels amazing and the characters are really funny and likable.
I can say the game play is good. Though there is a bug in mozart desert boss when it uses its skill sand trap skill an error message will appear and it will ne stocked there. Which is annoying. Overall its a dun ge to play.
I am so confused right now... My experience with this game is way off compared to what people in the review would say. The battle system is just fine the way it is and the enemies are quite balanced. In some point, getting rubies are way easier than you think, as well as getting playtime by watching ads OFFLINE. Yes, I did watch ads every often offline. The error messages are ads that can't be played. The game stability will be fine once you press ok and wait for it to work. Love this story btw.
I would definitely like to give it a 5 star bcoz the game is so good and very likeable to play but there's one problem that u can't play it freely bcoz there is some time that u need to watch an ad just to extend ur play time for 20 mins. I think it would be great if they remove that or maybe just extend the playtime to 1 hour to be more enjoyable to play it offline.
Rpg games if you love fighting and solving problems of the story you may like it DL it see for your self!!
If this game is offline I will rate it 5 star but this is you need to have Internet connection to play. There are more games got a better graphics and storyline compared to this game while your internet or data is on.
Cant even play the game I followed the instructions and allowed the storage, but it still doesn't work.
It has amazing story line and graphics. I really had fun playing this game. Im hoping for a new game with the same features as this or a sequel of this game. Well i felt i little dissapointed coz all this time ive been waiting for him to fall in love with dunia, but instead with lila. But its okay! Still a nice gameplay i super love it!!
Well of you don't mind the game crashing every time you try to go to another area, or having to watch an ad every 10-20mins just to play for free it looks like it could be a good game. Still stuck in the begining because it ether crashes or an ad tries to play then it crashes. An i have the updated version that they clam has the crash issues fixedΒΏ
It's really great everything is fluid the animation, the story, gameplay and controls totally recommend ( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘
everything is all good, graphics, controls, gameplay, and is somewhat balanced, but the devs made a HUGE mistake here. they took off one KEY ELEMENT of rpg's, grinding. with the play time feature, players are not able to grind items for HOURS. for me that makes the game good and a good time killer. look at other rpg's, zenonia, inotia and even tour asdivine series, there is grinding to do there, which makes the game good. just for my opinion though. otherwise great game.
Amazing Game - I would consider this a Triple-A title (When I say I think of this as a Triple-A title, I mean on level with a triple-A console or PC game) ... it seems very well developed dialogued an intricate story with lots of different elements, intrigue and lots of action - And Ziv is a very enjoyable character (as is most of the characters)! I hope there will be a sequel! Well Done!!!
A very good game. However, after I beat the game it doesnt have a save function, and it will be loaded from last saved data.
Honestly, this is the best mobile game ever. I've never been so hooked to a mobile game ever before. The story and characters are just amazing. The Arabian setting feels very relaxing. The music is great too. I hope you'll make more games like THIS in the future.
Enjoyable and interesting story concept. Dialogue could be a little less general but still; so far very cool game and easy to play.
Pls help. The message "permission granted, app will boot again keeps appearing." It looks like a good game and I would really appreciate it if you can fix it.
The game is a very good for a mobile game, it could be a couple port for digital download it Kemco wanted it to be. I most definitely paid the game to show my support as I would love to see more games like this not just straight gacha. Story based games will always be my favorite great Kemco, I really hope you change your mind about an update to Android 10.
Very cool to play nd the graphics is really good... But i really love to play the next time u guys fix another app like thisπŸ‘
The game was good but after I finished the game there was no game bonuses if you want to play again just load u'r old games I hope the you made had a new story like the othere game you made thanks alot I had fun.
The game is really cool! The art, game mechanics, transparency, and other settings on this game is really unique! I love it! The theme of the middle east is also part on that unique! The game is awesome! I would love to buy this game if I have the money! Keep it up guys! Would love to see more from this dev! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ Edit : Can't believe google made it only 500 words πŸ˜’
I enjoy it without even spending a single penny. Its also offline game and that's a plus points for me.
The game had few bugs though it will never waste your time, this game is worth playing for. I love how the developer create an element of surprise within the game with cool animation. I really like how the story slowly unfold and the animation... Since there are lots of item drops from the dungeons, there should be also weapon recipe that the player could create from the black smith or the way to cook food. In that way, the material will be more usable it Just a tip. I wish for new sequel
Awesome game, I love the way the story telling and the old-school style graphics. Every detail is a surprise, the characters even blink their eyes in a conversation. You can also find the economic level of a town by checking if there are beggers. The story moved me many times and I haven't got this feeling for a long time. It would be better if I can change the position of the joystick, because I spent some time to get used to it.
This is a good company with a lot of good off line rpg games. this one gets 3 stars due to the play time limit. thay was a bad choice to go on and I know this company can do much better than that. over all a well done game. had to uninstall just cause of the time limit. I'll probably come back to this game at some point cause it is fun
The game truly feels good to play (atleast for now). The animations have a ghibli feel to it and the Djinn did make me smile the first time it spoke. However there are some aspects that I didnt like such as the weird running animation, the overall slow pace of the combat and the game in general, the unskippable cutscenes, the meagre amount of exp and coin you receive for defeating monsters compared to the super pricy equipments and the overly complicated Djinn system. However, I do like the game
can't play due to permission error, I already allow it access the storage but the error keep appearing and the game won't start.... waste of 600mb+ data
Keep asking to accept the rule aggrement before log in, after click accept still nothing happen all blank in black background.
Android 11 is out so just remove the game if you won't update it to support latest versions. In a year or 2 the version this game supports will be WAY obsolete and any smart user will not be on version <9.
Really, really good. One of those games that don't get talked about a lot despite being really polished just because it's not free. Lots of broke idiots looking for hand outs. If you liked Zenonia then you'll like this one. This doesn't have any of that Zen nonsense though.
A great mobile ARPG! Love the visuals, storyline, witty dialogs, characters (including the djinns), and gameplay. I think I spent more time than I should've because it's that enjoyable. I downloaded the free version but ended up paying a small amount to get rid of playtime limits and get 120 rubies I think. It was worth it. Plus, it's a nice gesture to support developers if you can afford it.
the game is nice. but i hate when you need to watch ad in order for you to play more. i thought that it gets recharge when close tge game for a while. but its not.
Awesome story and universe, that's a little Gem ! The genies gameplay and evolutions is freaking awesome as well as the artwork, there is even some mini games. I only regret to not be able to keep playing once finished to have a second chance at getting the genies that I didn't get. The last chapter was a bit short too. If the fights were more technics (manual combos) that would be ultimate, and less repetitive ! Thanks for such a treasure.
great game! its just the final boss is too weak while the guy with a sword's damage is op πŸ˜‚ and I didnt even manage to max level my estel. I thought I could still explore and train my team but nope, its done. If for them, the story is long, its too short for me! Hey for spoiler! Must get the wind djinn and that vampire djinn, theyre very good. Thanks For A Very Interesting Game Sir
Love this game... Absolutely love it in spite occasional crashes and ads but other than that? Simple mechanic, good graphic and story. I think I'm close to the end of the story but I really REALY wish devs can add more feature and sequel of this game.